Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Charlie & Mark

It’s the turn of our Bride-to-be Charlie to tell her proposal and engagement shoot story. It’s a good one!


Charlie & Mark’s Proposal Story

Our proposal story isn’t all that romantic – it probably would have been if I wasn’t so impatient but I have a habit of ruining Mark’s surprises and his lovely plan to propose to me at the Grand Canyon in June 2011 didn’t get a chance to happen.

Charlie & Mark's Pembrokeshire Engagement Shoot - Shot by Maria Farrelly

Cast your mind back to the end of April 2011, a gorgeous couple called Kate and Wills were getting married (you may have heard of them) and Mark was in full blown “Chandler from Friends” mode. Remember when Chandler was trying to throw Monica off the scent of his imminent proposal by pretending he hated marriage? It didn’t go so well for him, Mark thought he could do better, he was wrong. As I mentioned in my intro post, Mark and I lived together as housemates for about a year before getting together, by the time we finally got together we were already best friends and this means that I knew from quite early on that I wanted us to get married, the Royal Wedding MAY have prompted me to go on about it a little too much…

Charlie & Mark's Pembrokeshire Engagement Shoot - Shot by Maria Farrelly

Not long after the Royal Wedding I was still feeling hurt by Mark’s charade, not knowing that he already had a ring (he had taken his late mother’s engagement ring to be re-sized, I can’t describe how touched I was) and spoken to my dad! One Sunday afternoon after he’d pushed his routine just that little bit too far (I’m not proud of this) I got a little over-emotional and did the whole “Well if we both want different things maybe we shouldn’t be together” thing, ten minutes later I was sitting on the sofa and saw Mark on the floor in front of me out of the corner of my eye. All of a sudden he asked me to marry him, at first I thought it was a joke and then I realised that he was on one knee and had a ring box in his hand, my mouth went into perfect O shape! Of course I said yes, and then felt terrible for ruining the plan!

Charlie & Mark's Pembrokeshire Engagement Shoot - Shot by Maria Farrelly

The Engagement Shoot

We booked a pre-wedding engagement shoot with Maria and decided to do it a year to the day before the wedding as a way to celebrate the year-to-go mark. As it was we did it a day early but weather wise that proved to be a lucky decision! We decided to have the shoot in our favourite place in Wales – St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. We had such a fun day, Maria stayed until sunset and took so many beautiful pictures for us and here they are (excuse the hair, it was VERY windy!)


All photos in this post were taken by our very own, award winning Maria Farrelly :) (who did not write this bio herself!) Maria is located in Newport, but is always willing to travel. You can see all posts featuring her photography here.

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21 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Charlie & Mark

  1. Oh Chazzer I do love your e-shoot! You both look fantastic and you look gorgeois dahling. You rock the Russian Red like no-one else, Dita included.

    I love the colours in this shoot and the windswept loveliness, and your story is hilarious :) xx

  2. Wow chazza I love it. And don’t worry I totes had the engagement meltdown too. It just means your ready! (Hahaha)

    The photographs are beautiful and I love all your outfit changes! Giving me some good inspiration for our shoot is still to be decided on.

    Can’t wait to see the wedding!

  3. Charlie!!! You look fantastic. I love love love your engagement shoot. Can’t believe you got ready in a tent for this!! Amazing. xxx

    • Aw thanks Charlotte, I can’t believe it either! That was a stressful morning, the ONE time you could really do with electricity! Xx

  4. I *love* your photos, Charlie :) especially the ones of you guys in the water – they remind me so much of The Notebook (“if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” etc).

    I bet you can’t wait until your wedding day now! :) Not long to go!

  5. Charlie this is so ace! Looks like you had a blast and you’ve definitely made me want to visit St Davids, I’ve never been! I can’t wait to hear more about the wedding plans! x

    • Thanks Sophie! You should definitely visit, it’s such a beautiful place. We did have so much fun, wish we could do it again! X

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  7. Charlie, you should feel so proud of this photo shoot. You look absolutely amazing. I love the clothes you are wearing, and your make up (and gorgeous red lipstick) compliments the naturalness of the backdrops.. You obviously enjoyed every minute and it shows.. Mark is a natural too… Cannot wait now for the “Big Day” Lots of Love Tina xxxxxxxx

  8. Charlie- what an amazing shoot! You must be so proud when you look at the pictures, absolutly stunning! Cannot wait for your wedding updates! x

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