Weddings on a Budget: High Street Wedding Dresses

Budget bride Sarah is here to offer some high street inspiration!


We all know about the beautiful wedding dresses that are on offer in the UK. Hundreds of styles, designs, colours – there’s so much to choose from that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention, er, sometimes a bit pricey. If you’re a budget bride or just aren’t that bothered about spending a large portion of your budget on a dress you’ll wear for a matter of hours then hopefully this high street wedding dress selection might be more up your street :) First up, the traditional dresses!


1. £299 – Monsoon (sizes 8-22)
2. £399 – Monsoon (sizes 8-18)
3. £239 – Monsoon (sizes 8-22)

Monsoon have a dedicated bridal section (which means the majority of their stores will have a good selection, useful) – a lot of their styles are traditional, long white gowns, so if you’re looking for something simple on a budget it’d be a good place  to start. They also have quite a good size range, too.


1. £395 – Coast (sizes 8-14)
2.£225 – John Lewis (sizes XS – L) Comes in 15 colours
3. £195 – Coast (sizes 6-18)

If you want a traditional look but are thinking more slinky than grecian then Coast have a great range of silk and satin dresses, at fairly reasonable prices. We also love this dress from Ghost at  John Lewis because it comes in 15 colours! Fab.

short 1. £65 – Topshop (sizes 8-12)
2. £159 – Monsoon (sizes 8-22)
3. £195 – Coast (sizes 6-18)

If you’re a shorty like me then a long gown might not be what you’re after (especially if you want to buy something and not have to pay to have it altered afterwards).There are a variety of great short styles out at the moment, from the demure tea-dress length to something slightly shorter. Try on a few and see what suits you – we love this scalloped hem dress from coast, so pretty!

1. £250 – Debenham (sizes 8-18)
2. £150 – Coast (sizes 6-18)
3. £42 – Dorothy Perkins (sizes 10-20)

If you’re not interested in buying a traditional wedding dress then the high street is probably going to be your best friend while you hunt for a dress. Don’t want a meringue? Frightened of trains? Go off-piste and grab something completely different. Colours, styles, length – if you’re wearing it at your wedding then it’s a wedding dress, don’t let anyone tell you different. Anything goes! My wedding dress fell into this category: it was £90, knee length and champagne coloured and I couldn’t have loved it more. (We love alternative wedding dresses at Cwtch the Bride, so if you do pick something different let us know! :) )


1. £59 – Miss Selfridge (sizes 4-14)
2. £495 – Coast (sizes 6-18)
3. £195 – Coast (sizes 6-18)

Last but not least – how about a little sparkle? These would make great evening dresses if you fancy having an outfit change (and who doesn’t? So Hollywood!) or you love the idea but aren’t quite sure about shimmying down the aisle covered in glitter (although for the record, I totally would). Fantastic for photos and also for wearing again after your wedding as a party dress! :) Perfect.

We’ve been busy pinning our favourite high street finds so feel free to follow the board on Pinterest if you have an account! (If you don’t, check out our ‘how to plan a wedding using Pinterest‘ post for an overview!)

7 thoughts on “Weddings on a Budget: High Street Wedding Dresses

  1. Great feature Sarah. Just wanted to mention Vegas Brides Queens Arcade, Cardiff. A red, black & white tartan bridal gown with huge ruffles & roses caught my eye in their shop window a few weeks ago and, not everyones cuppa, but for someone looking for something different an absolute show stopper! All their dresses (and there’s a huge selection) are priced at £399!

  2. Ooh, that first Monsoon one is b e a u t i f u l ! Gonna email this post to my mum right now, she’s very excited about dress shopping when I’m home this Summer, and you’ve given us some new leads! Thanks :)

    • You’re very welcome! :) I’m so excited for you, do let me know what you end up picking – not sure I can wait until September to find out! :)

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