Weddings on a Budget: High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

SarahDIY bride Sarah is back again, this time with a round up of some of the stunning bridesmaids dresses which (thankfully) won’t break the bank. Following on from the fantastic high street wedding dresses,  this time it’s the turn of the bridesmaids dress to get the high street treatment! :)

Some people think bridesmaids dresses are easier to shop for than wedding dresses, but in my own experience it took far longer to pick something for my girls than it did for me! Whether you give your ladies free reign, or decide to make the choice yourself – there’s no denying that it can sometimes be difficult choosing a dress for someone else.

My recommendation? Put together a Pinterest board of styles you like, and ask your girls which they think would suit them. Then you can cut out the hassle of ordering a lot of dresses only to find they’re way too short (er, this definitely didn’t happen to me…) or a colour that washes out your blonde sister, or one that makes your brunette best friend look more tanned than you’ve ever seen her. Dresses are tricky, so here’s some inspiration from the current season to help you out :)

High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

1. £30 – Topshop (sizes 10-12)
2. £35 – Topshop (sizes 16 )
3. £48 – Topshop (sizes: XS)

If you’re planning a vintage wedding and would like your bridesmaids in something to match then Topshop seems to be the place to browse for inspiration. From 50s tea dresses to 70s shifts, they’ve got a great array of sizes, prices and styles. Let us know if you do pick something up!
High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

1. £63 – BHS (sizes 6-22)
2. £60 – Topshop (sizes 8-12)
3. £65 – Monsoon (sizes 12-22)

You can never, ever beat a bit of colour blocking for a bridesmaids dress, and luckily the high street has it in spades. The world is pretty much your oyster, most high street stores will have a few solid hue dresses to choose from – your biggest problem will be narrowing down a colour. Of course, you can always go with different shades of the same colour if you don’t want everyone to end up looking too matchy matchy. I adore this yellow number from Topshop but then, yellow is my favourite ;)

High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

1. £59 – Monsoon (sizes 6-22)
2. £139 – Monsoon (sizes 8-16)
3. £79 – Monsoon (sizes 6-22)

We love patterns here at Cwtch – if was having my wedding over again I think I’d pick something like this £59 beauty from Monsoon. The great thing about patterns is that you can choose to dress everyone the same for a cohesive look, or really go wild and give everyone something different. If you choose to go down that route you can always ask everyone to wear same shoes and accessories to pull the theme together :)

High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

1. £87.50 BHS (sizes 8-22)
2. £125 BHS (sizes 6-22)
3. £179 – Monsoon (sizes 8-22)

If you’re looking for a traditional gown, you don’t have to go to the wedding shops to get them. (I think Alfred Angelo dresses are stunning, but their price tags make me a bit weak at the knees). BHS has a great range of affordable traditional bridesmaids dresses, although the colour range is fairly limited so if you’re looking for something more unusual it’s always worth checking out Monsoon as well.

High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

1. £79 – Monsoon (sizes 10-22)
2. £18 – Topshop
3. £145 – Coast (sizes 8-18)

Last but not least, it’s the turn of the florals. If you’re planning a summer wedding, or just want your girls to be wearing something more relaxed and informal, then a floral number is a good place to start. I love this dress from Coast – although it’s at the higher end of the price scale, I think it’s absolutely beautiful (and has the added bonus of being something your bridesmaids would probably get a lot of use from post wedding :) ). Topshop have some great florals in too, but you’ll have to catch them quick as a lot of them seem to be in the sale at the moment. Bargain, but they’re going fast!

As always, we’ve been busy pinning our favourite high street finds so feel free to follow the board on Pinterest if you have an account! (If you don’t, check out our ‘how to plan a wedding using Pinterest‘ post for an overview!)

3 thoughts on “Weddings on a Budget: High Street Bridesmaids Dresses

  1. Who thinks bridesmaid dress shopping is easier?! It’s such a nightmare! Especially if like me your bridesmaids are scattered all over the UK.
    I went for ‘proper’ BM dresses but it really wasn’t my intention, there didn’t seem to be such pretty styles on the high street when I was looking. If I could choose again I’d definitely be getting the florals, the one from Coast is stunning but price wise how could you beat that Top Shop bargain?!

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