Wedding Video: Megan & Shaun’s Valentine’s Day Wedding by Aurora Wedding Films

We have a gorgeous wedding video for you today brought to us by the fabulous Aurora Wedding Films.

Megan & Shaun got married on Valentines day at the fabulous Nanteos Country House in Aberystwyth and their wedding featured a HELICOPTER! Amazing. We hope you love this film as much as we do, I’m a huge advocate for having a wedding video and I think after seeing this you will probably see why!


nb. watch in full screen to get the full effect!

What do you think? Isn’t this gorgeous! Have you decided to book a Videographer for your wedding? Join us in the comments as we’d love to hear your reasons why or why not.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Video: Megan & Shaun’s Valentine’s Day Wedding by Aurora Wedding Films

  1. Looking back, the one regret I have is not booking a videographer. My brother did a great job putting a little something together for us but seeing professional videos like this leaves me a little miffed. If I could do it all over, I would probably rate the videographer as highly in importance as the photographer! My advice, if you’re considering it… do it! ~ Sophie x

  2. We all value things differently and not everyone understands the true value of documenting their wedding. Sometimes its not until after the event and hindsight sets in and you get ‘uncle bob’s’ pictures/ shakey footage back.
    My advice is, if you think you might regret it, you probably will.
    its all about prioritising whats important to you.
    Once the day is over, the honeymoon is finished, the suits returned, dress packed away and the cake all eaten… you are left with your memories. How you choose to remember your wedding is entirely up to you.
    Personally, professional Photography & film is (in my opinion) a top priority.

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