Wedding Traditions From Around The World Part One

When I got married I made a nod to certain wedding traditions such as my father walking me down the aisle, not seeing the groom before the wedding. Since I grew up in another country I am intrigued by different cultures. I have found a selection for you all that has made me laugh. Enjoy! 

In Wales, brides give cuttings of myrtle to their bridesmaids as a token of affection and good luck. If a bridesmaid plants her cutting and it takes root, she will be the next to marry! I have never heard of this one. Any of you?crape-myrtle-huge-photo

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In Poland, the bride and groom must pass through a series of gates or checkpoints guarded by members of their bridal party. To get through these “passing gates,” the couple must give the gatekeepers a little vodka.

Mexican weddings involve a “lassoing” of the bride and groom: the ceremony’s officiant wraps a cord around the couple in a figure eight to represent eternal love and unity.lasso


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Many couples in Italy believe getting married on a Tuesday or Friday is bad luck.

In Australian weddings, each guest holds a stone during the ceremony, then places it in a large bowl as a beautiful keepsake for the couple. I think this is a lovely gesture.oathing-stones

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Couples in the Netherlands host a pre-wedding cocktail party for their bridesmaids and groomsmen. It’s a great way to relax and set the mood for the day!

In the Czech Republic, the wedding party plants a tree on the couple’s big day, decorating it with technicolor ribbons and painted eggshells.czech-decorated-tree-for-bride

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It used to be common practice in French villages for the groom to walk with his bride through the streets on their wedding day. Children would string white ribbons across the road in front of the couple that the bride would cut as she passed through.

In Scotland, some brides endure the “blackening of the bride,” or a public humiliation ritual in which she is covered in molasses, mud, paint, and feathers—all to prepare her for the trials of lifelong commitment.blackening

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In parts of China, it’s customary for brides to wear three distinct looks for their wedding: a traditional embroidered gown for the ceremony, a Western-style wedding dress for the reception, and a cocktail dress for an after party. How much fun would that be!

I hope that you have enjoyed the reading about these golbal wedding traditions. I find it so intriguing at how different we all are. ~ Kate 

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