Wedding Planning: Advice and Tips from Sylvie & Joan

Here at Cwtch the Bride we are super busy preparing for CWTCHFEST – our massive wedding festival that’s being held on the 19th of April (you can buy tickets here!). On the day we will be holding DIY workshops from Sylvie & Joan which we’re sure will prove massively valuable to all you DIY brides to be, until then the lovely Emma from Sylvie & Joan will be sharing budget advice, styling inspiration and tips for planning a festival themed wedding on the blog. Over to you, Emma! 


Wedding Planning – Where to Start?

So you’re getting married? It’s exciting, right? Maybe a little daunting too? The possibilities for holding your idea of the perfect wedding are endless! With the ever-increasing sources of wedding inspiration at our fingertips, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Today I’m sharing some tips to help you pin down exactly what it is that you do want and how to stay true to that vision throughout the planning process.

At Sylvie and Joan we work with our lovely couples to design and plan creative weddings that reflect their unique personalities. We find out exactly what is important to them and what it is that they want their wedding to say about them. Here are some questions to help you decide on the type of wedding that’s right for you.

What sort of Wedding do we want?

It seems like an obvious one right?  But take some time to think and talk about this as a couple before you start looking for a venue, picking a dress or discussing it with friends and family. Everyone will all have a well-meaning opinion on the sort of wedding you should have but it’s your wedding.

  • Have you always dreamed of a grand and formal occasion? Or is it an intimate, heartfelt and romantic day you want? Maybe your idea of wedding happiness is a fun-filled joyful fete? Do you want an informal festival feel to your celebration?
  • Are there traditions you want to incorporate or are you throwing the rule book out the window?
  • Would you feel most comfortable marrying in a wedding venue or are you looking for something a bit different with the freedom and flexibility to do exactly as you please?

Whatever you choose, it should be reflective of you. You will be the centre of attention on the day and you must be comfortable with your choices. Don’t be swayed by what others believe is ‘the right thing to do’.

What time of year would we like to get married?

Have you always loved spring flowers and imagine marrying amongst the daffodils? Do you picture summer picnics and saying your ‘I-dos’ outdoors? Maybe you love the romance of autumn with its shimmering golds and russet hues? Or do you picture yourselves as a cosy winter bride sipping hot cider around the fire? Every season bursts at the seams with beautiful and romantic wedding possibilities, but take time to think about when would best suit you.

What’s our budget?

Talk honestly and realistically about your wedding budget and start making a list of your essential guests. These will be deciding factors in choosing potential venues. Start making a list of the aspects which are most important to you and then prioritise. For some couples the food and wine is incredibly important, whilst others may have a particular love of music and therefore make this a budget priority on their day. Others may choose to prioritise location, decor or photography.

What don’t we want?

Make a list of things you definitely don’t want and support each other in communicating those decisions. You may decide that you don’t want formal speeches for example. Friends and family will start lending well intentioned advice, offering opinions or even raising objections. Accept early on that you cannot please everyone. You can certainly try to accommodate everyone. But you will not please everyone. Try not to get stressed and upset attempting to do so. This day is about you. Have faith that you know what will make you most comfortable and your nearest and dearest will take joy in your happiness.

Define your vision

Once you’ve addressed these questions, you have a pretty good idea of your vision of the day. You can now start thinking about your theme or colour scheme. Your ‘theme’ encapsulates the styling choices you chose for all aspects of the day. Whatever your theme it should be personal to you. That is what will make it memorable for your guests rather than just another pretty wedding. Be creative! This is your opportunity to let your personalities shine! Take plenty of time to research and assemble your team of local suppliers. They will deliver all the elements making up your vision of the day.

Enjoy it

You should enjoy the process of being engaged and planning your wedding, not stressed and frazzled, or obsessing over every detail. If you feel you’d like support research planners and stylists who inspire you. A wedding planner deals in details and minutiae, leaving you to enjoy the process.

On the day, be present in the moment. Take time to enjoy it. Allow your planner, co-ordinator or those you’ve assigned designated roles to worry about the details. Don’t allow yourself to become anxious about perfection. Some of the most joyful moments are those you don’t plan for! And remember…

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In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing budget advice, styling inspiration, tips for planning a festival-style wedding and lots of exciting news in the run up to Cwtchfest!

Much love,

Emma x buy tickets here

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