Wedding Film: Homemade Bride Kate’s Wedding Highlights & Marryoke!

Homemade Bride Kate is sharing her gorgeous wedding with us this week, on Friday we’ll be showing you the beautiful wedding photos but today is all about the videos – plural! Kate & Sean are not only sharing their highlights video with us but also one of the funniest things I’ve seen – their marryoke video! To find out what this is keep reading! Huge thanks to Apricot Tree Weddings¬†who filmed them.


Sean and I are very lucky to have tremendously talented friends. So when Sean’s best friends offered to do our wedding video I was so excited. Not only do I know that they are amazing at what they do but I knew I would feel comfortable with having them there on the day. It’s a very strange feeling trying to imagine how stressed you will be on the day and coming from a hair and make up background I have known many occasions where the bride is very self conscious of the camera. I was actually excited about spending the morning with our closest friends even if they did arrive with two cameras. Casey even helped me put my eyelashes on before I started to panic that things weren’t going to plan.

There is a big debate when you are planning about weather or not you have a videographer or not. My husband wasn’t sure it was something that he wanted so we decided to ask some of the other Cwtch girls their opinion. The thing that swayed him was when is was the men that said it was the one thing that were so glad that they had done. Then there was the other one who had said how disappointed they were not having one. He was sold!
This is where I get to say thank you to our amazing friends Sean and Casey at Apricot Tree.When Sean and I saw it for the first time we were in awe. You captured the day perfectly but not just documented it you got the feeling of the day! I’m so thankful that you are the perfectionist that you are!
Here it is! Thank you Apricot Tree!

Our amazing videographers also offered us the option to have a Marryoke. Now for those who have no clue what that is, it is when your guests mouth the words and they very cleverly edit the real song over it. Watching this back was the funniest thing. It was great to see your friends and family letting loose and enjoying the day. I love feeling like I was in my very own music video!

Thanks again to Apricot Tree.

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