Vintage Bride: Men’s Vintage Inspired Attire from the High Street

Vintage Bride Sophie is back this week with an in depth look into some of the hottest men from days gone by, a real hardship of course! All in the name of men’s vintage fashion for the groom to be…

Hello all!

Today I’m here to help out the often forgotten, left to the last minute, not-given-as-much-budget gentlemen amongst you. I think wedding attire is hard for a lot of men, it certainly was for mine! Gareth had never spent much on clothes. He bought things when he needed them and would never spend much (the wedding changed that; he’s now a shopaholic). Our wedding was the first time he’d ever been out to source an entire look, he didn’t know where to begin. If your man isn’t fashion conscious and is taking a backseat in the planning, it is likely he’ll be guided by a brief you deliver (and may need an nudge in the right direction).

Image by Maria Farrelly

Gareth AKA Mr Vintage Bride! Image by Maria Farrelly

Ladies: Please place ipad or other reading device in husband-to-be’s hand. In the meantime, I would love to know… How involved has your man been? How soon into planning did he choose his outfit? Did YOU choose his outfit or was it left to him? Can your man be trusted (with shopping, obviously)?

Men: Fear not, you are in luck! There are so many vintage-inspired pieces on the high street at the moment!

I’ve taken a look at some legendary style icons of days gone by. Just for you lovely lot I’ve been looking through image, after image, after image, after image of James Dean, Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. I know, I have a tough life These hotties oozed class. I can’t think of a better bunch of lads to show us how it’s done! So, please find below the best high street buys I can find to recreate these looks on your big day (with the odd luxury item thrown in – the boys deserve a splurge too, right?)

Elvis Presley

Image Source: Pnterest

Elvis & Priscilla. Image Source: Pinterest

Who knew his wedding suit was paisley print?! Well I tracked down a pretty good match!

Click any photo to see a larger size and, where appropriate, a link to purchase

 James Dean

James Dean. Image Source: Pinterest

James Dean. Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

This man makes a classic black suit look SO cool (and those glasses! SWOON!!!)

Steve McQueen

Image Source: Pinterest

Steve McQueen wearing Persol Sunglasses. Image Source: Pinterest

Dressed like a gentleman, drove cars like a man!

I have another post coming up shortly with some more vintage mens’ looks to consider but if there are any old school looks (male or female) that you would like me to look at and recreate do let me know! This was fun!!!

Happy planning lovelies x

Wow thank you Sophie, what do you think cwtchers? Girl did good! Can you see your man wearing one of these looks on your wedding day? My personal favourite would be the James Dean look, although it’s hard to choose! x

2 thoughts on “Vintage Bride: Men’s Vintage Inspired Attire from the High Street

  1. At the risk of entering a war of words here, I think you’ll find a lot more Men are quite “savvy” about their choices of attire for all sorts of ocassion, including Weddings, plus much, much more!

    I was very fortunate, as being a member of the Army Reserve, I was given permission to wear my Ceremonial Uniform, so the process was a lot easier and we had a “Military” themed Wedding throughout the day, including the Reception, which all our guests constantly remind us, was the best Wedding that they have ever attended! Sorry for the bragging, but it does make me feel incredibly proud when they remind me.

    The one additional fact that might either amaze, stun, horrify or put future Brides in to a cold sweat, was that Mrs. Wife was happy to let me arrange every facet of the day, including …… chosing her dress.
    Yes, she was there with me at the time, but after a bit of bullying, sorry, “negotiating” she did finally agree that she looked stunning in it and that she would wear it on our “big day”.
    Oh, just to tip you further over the edge, we were Engaged April 2010 – Married August 2010! And we moved house in the month of the Wedding!

    I know this is predominantly a site for Ladies, but I just felt that I should try and re-dress the balance for us Men and say that we are more than capable of making one or two keys decisions for OUR Wedding Day, if given the chance. There will be however, I’m sure, be quite a few who are happy to let their future Wife just get on with it, whilst they have a cold beer watching the footie on TV!


    • Haha no war of words on Cwtch I’m afraid! I know plenty of men who are fashion savvy! I also know plenty who aren’t. I like to think of myself as fashion concious but I still like to look at blogs and magazines for inspiration and this is a vintage inspiration post for men! We have plenty of similar posts for women who need inspiration too so please don’t feel like we’re singling out and categorising men!

      Your wedding sounds great, I love that you did the planning! So as a fashion conscious gentleman, were my picks ok? ;-)

      Sophie x

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