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Its been a while but she’s back! Our beautiful Vintage Bride Sophie is here today talking about all things floral. All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography, Enjoy! 

Hey Cwtchers! It seems like a lifetime since my last post (huge apologies!), but I’m back and following on from Charlie’s post on floral high street fashion, I will be exploring the wacky world of floral traditions.

imageI wanted to start by explaining how the tradition of using flowers at weddings began, but having spent evening up on evening looking for a definitive answer, I can only provide a couple of theories…

My personal favourite and perhaps the most comical, is that the bridal bouquet was used as a way of camouflaging bad odour. Of course, flowers look pretty which is always a bonus, but during the unhygienic days of the plague, unfortunately the bride didn’t always smell the best. Now, if you’re opting for a bouquet, please don’t skip the deodorant, I do not believe carrying flowers would suffice.

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0004 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0023 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0001The second theory is that back in the day, brides were considered lucky. Guests used to rip the brides’ dress and garments to take home as a lucky keepsake, leaving her with a mutilated wedding dress. Understandably, this practice had to stop and the tradition of throwing the garter was born. Men being men ;-) often couldn’t wait for the ‘throwing of the garter’ and would remove it from the bride before the big event. Imagine the fights they used to have! Understandably, this practice also had to stop and the tradition of ‘throwing a bouquet’ was born! Obviously a much safer activity (for most) this is still a popular tradition today. 

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0015throwing the bouquet
Picking flowers for your big day can be as easy as choosing something which compliments your colour scheme but for others it can be much more personal. For me, sweet peas were a must as my late grandfather used to grow them in his garden and would enter them into competitions. If you have no personal connection to a particular flower but still wish to create some meaning in your bouquet, you could look to the various meanings of flowers. You’ll find a list below of some of the better known varieties but you can pop ‘flower meanings’ into a search engine for more detailed results. If that doesn’t inspire you, why not ask your mother, grandmother or someone close to you what they chose on their big day and honour the ladies in your life by using the same?

In my quest to become a professional flower analyser, I also asked the Cwtch girls which flowers they chose for their bouquets and the results are in…

Sophie ~ Sweet peas, peonies, pink carnations and white lilacs

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0019 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0020Maria ~ White roses

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0016Charlie ~ Purple and pink roses, lilacs and sweet peas

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0017 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0018Pippa ~ Lilac, yellow, pink and cream roses and hydrangeaMaria_farrelly_PhotographyJemma ~ Roses

maria farrelly 30
And of course, not forgetting, we have two brides-to-be on the team but we couldn’t possibly give away their plans ;-)

Flowers And Their Meanings

Amaryllis – splendid beauty, pride
Arum lily, calla – magnificent beauty
Bluebell – constancy, forgive and forget
Campanula – white – gratitude
Carnation – red – ‘alas for my poor heart’; striped – refusal; yellow – disdain; pink – woman’s love
Chrysanthemum – red – ‘I love you’; yellow – slighted love; white – truth
Daffodil – regard, chivalry
Dahlia – good taste
Forget-me-not – true love, ‘the key to my heart’
Freesia – friendship
Gladiolus – strength of character
Hyacinth – blue – constancy; white – unobtrusive loveliness
Iris – yellow – flame of love
Lilac – purple – first emotions of love; white – youthful innocence
Lily of the valley – return of happiness
Orchid – longevity, elegance
Peony – bashfulness, romance, good health, happy marriage
Rose – symbolises love and good fortune and the colours have meaning too:
white – truth
white with pink blush – ‘only for thee’
bright pink – ‘meet me by moonlight’
single stem – simplicity
red and white – unity
red – eternal love
Snowdrop – hope
Sunflower dwarf – adulation
Sweet pea – departure, delicate pleasures
Tulip – red – declaration of love; striped – beautiful eyes
Violet – faithfulness, modesty

I hope this helps to inspire you! We’d love to know what you chose or have chosen for your big day :-) Flower analysis is officially hip you know!

Heres a little more inspiration from Maria Farrelly’s collection of weddings.

Maria_Farrelly_Photography0002 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0003 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0008 Maria_Farrelly_Photography0014Till next time, much love x

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