A Vanity Affair: The finale by Maria Farrelly

Hurray, we’ve finally reached the last in this series of posts from our styled shoot: A Vanity Affair. Lets hand you over to the brains behind this, Maria Farrelly Photography for the final words…and images :) 


I’m hijacking this post to say a few words and to share my photographs taken that day.


It was important to me that this shoot related to our readers. I didn’t want to hire in models. I wanted to use ‘real women’ our actual readers.

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly33This blog has grown because of women like these that read, share and interact with us. Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly49Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly66Collaborating with you lovely lot makes this job so much more fun too!

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly60Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly52 Its also worth remembering that many of these ladies were nervous, VERY NERVOUS. They had no idea what we were going to do with their hair or make up and totally trusted us.

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly53Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly54The Shot

There was really only one image that I wanted to direct and capture. And that was My Vanity Affair. You can read all about the inspiration behind the shoot here.

Vanity AffairI was so pleased with how it all turned out and cannot wait to organise my next shoot in the New Year.


Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly01 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly02 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly03 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly09 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly15 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly16 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly17 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly18 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly19 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly20 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly21 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly23Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly25 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly26 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly27 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly28 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly29 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly30 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly31 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly32 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly33 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly34 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly37 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly38 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly39 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly41 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly42 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly43 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly44 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly45 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly46 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly47 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly48 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly49 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly50 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly51 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly52 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly53 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly54 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly55 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly56 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly58Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly60 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly62 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly63 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly64 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly65 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly66 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly69 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly70 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly72Once again, thank you to everyone that was involved in making this shoot a success. With so many great suppliers it was only right we dedicated a post to each group to really showcase just how fabulous they all are. I’d love to know which post was your favourite.

Finally, If you run a welsh wedding business and would like to be involved on my next styled shoot, leave a comment underneath and I’ll be in touch.

Many thanks

Maria x


4 thoughts on “A Vanity Affair: The finale by Maria Farrelly

  1. Such gorgeous images! You really are such a talented bunch. From the hair and make up to the props and the dresses, to the gorgeous photography! Outstanding!

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