Traditional Groomsmen and Best Man gifts- by Best Man Baz

Our Best Man contributor Baz from Best Man Beacon is on the blog today talking all about Groomsmen and Best Man gifts…

If you imagine your average Joe stereotypical bloke; they are usually as emotionally forthcoming as a grizzly with a Migraine (Not very)

Therefore when it comes to a Groom making a grand warm gesture, there’s no bigger sentiment than choosing your Best Man and Groomsmen for one of the most important days in his ‘Big Boy’ life. This public declaration displays the love, admiration and trust the Groom (and maybe the Bride too, maybe) has for the wedding guy crew.


Image by Maria Farrelly Photography

When you consider that from the moment the Best Man and Ushers accept the accolade they have entered a verbal contract to ensure that the Groom will be chaperoned to the Wedding venue sober, in one piece, looking presentable and metaphorically wrapped up in cotton wool like a new-born Panda.


Image by Maria Farrelly Photography

As with any Super Power, with great power comes great responsibility. Therefore in the spirit of Karma just remember that ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.’  You may well be a Groom in the future and in need of some trusted allies.

Best Man gifts

From my experience in the role of being a Best Man on four occasions I have been spoilt rotten. I have been given two engraved silver Hip-Flasks, a watch and an engraved Handle Pint glass.


Hip flask found here

Groomsmen gifts

From my days of being an Usher I have had ace gifts ranging from Wedding Shoes, Hip Flasks, Cuff-links, Pocket Watch and Tie Clips. All of the above gifts have taken pride of place on my mantelpiece and all have been used and been with me on further occasions. I always remember where they came from and they regularly remind me of some life long memories.



Pocket watch found here


Cufflinks found here

Other gift ideas veering away from the traditional.

If you are a quirky non-traditionalist why not have a think about one of these Bad Boys –

Personalised alcohol bottle, Golf tees, engraved money clip, personalised Cuff-links box, personalised Collar Stiffeners, Cigar, personalised socks, engraved Shot glasses, Best Man medal, Home Brew Kit, a professional caricature, personalised wine bottle Stopper or a personalised Drink Decanter.


Drinks decanter found here


Money clip found here


Stainless steel collar stiffeners found here

In a nutshell

Just remember, the biggest and most precious gift a Bride and Groom can give to their Best Man and Ushers is the proverbial ‘tip of the cap to them’ in acknowledgement of how important they are in their lives and they want to celebrate this by inviting them into the inner circle of loved ones on one of the most important days of their lives.


Image by Maria Farrelly Photography

Any additional tangible mementos are a bonus. When you consider that the journey of the Best Man and Usher involves anything from being a Stag Do babysitter to dealing with Cold Feet, to surviving a Bridezilla or snarling Mother In-law then they deserve all the honours they receive.


Image by Maria Farrelly Photography




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