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It’s time for Kelly’s newest post – hurrah! (Missed her other posts? You can find them all here.) She’s been here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s giving us the low down on table plans, escort cards and top tables! :)

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The plan for planning your table plan!

Every bride LOVES to plan but when it comes to the Table Plan panic sets in!!

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“I can’t sit Jane & Pete on the same table as they ‘cuddled’ once in the first year at uni and now he’s married Jane’s cousin and Jane is dating Pete’s best friend, neither of whom know about the ‘cuddle’ because I’m the ONLY person who knows and I’ve been sworn to take this secret to my grave!

So if I don’t sit them together am I making a point (and increasing everyone’s interest in Jane & Pete) or do I just sit them together and hope no-one gets too drunk to and ruins MY wedding.”

PS Jane & Pete are fictional characters and are definitely NOT based on anyone I know ;)

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So you see the dilemma of the table plan!! Well don’t worry I’m here help :)

Just say ‘balls to it’! No really, it’s your blinking wedding and if two fully grown adults can’t be polite to one another for 2 hours while they sit and eat their food then none of them should be at your wedding! They should be there solely to support you and enjoy spending this VERY special day with you and if you feel anyone can’t do that without having a screaming match then they really shouldn’t’ t be there :(

Now we’ve dealt with those who can ‘do one’ we can get on to the good stuff!!

wicker heart table plan bunting Photo credit Maria Farrelly

Do I really need to tell a room of adults where to sit?

Yes, yes you do!

Or actually no you don’t as long as you don’t mind your Grandma having to sit with all your old school pals at the back of the room where she can’t hear the speeches!

Or you don’t mind all your work mates are sat next to the top table and your brother who was meant to be saying a few words can’t get to the mic during speeches or your sister with the new born has to sit in the bar because she can’t get the pram in due to the musical chairs game that went on when the doors were opened. :)

You get my point! Don’t go all ‘we’re having an informal do’ here ok just tell people where to plant their bums for a couple hours!

birdcage table plan photo credit ALS Photography

vintage mirror table plan

Our venue is taking care of our table plan for us

Some hotels ‘include’ a table plan with your wedding package. Please please please look at one of these BEFORE your wedding day! I’ve had so many desperate calls at the last minute to create table plans because the one that the venue provide is unreadable, wrong, or just darn right ugly and it’s the first thing all our guests are going to see and the one thing every single guest is going to HAVE to look at to find their seat.

(I’m sure some venues do a really good job, but just check it out before hand so you’re not stressing out on the day)!

blue table plan

mirror table plan  Photo credit Maria Farrelly

How many per table?

For a traditional 5 ft circular table please don’t try and squeeze any more than 10 per table and if all your friends are part of the rugby team or the ladies sumo-wrestling club then 8 per table max (stereotypes I know (don’t bother complaining) but use your common sense people)!! Check with your venue or your wedding planner on their recommendations for your particular reception. Also make sure that your brother in law (who broke his ankle last week and is now in wheel chair) is able to get to his seat without having to rearrange the room whilst on route! People with kids either have space so they can get down from the table without disturbing everyone and can slip anyway to the loos or remove a screaming child throughout the speeches!

tree table planphoto credit ALS Photography

Top table formal stuff!

This is the traditional top table layout, but you darling bride can do whatever the hell you want to do! It’s your wedding after all!

traditional top table

wicker heart table plan

Escort Cards…what the hell are these?!

escort cardsCommonly used in America, they’re little cards or envelopes sporting your guests names and what table they’ll be sat on. Usually displayed on a table in alphabetical order but you can have some darn right gorgeous things just check out this awesome tree from Essential Event Hire!

essential escort tree

Best thing about escort cards are that you can literally change them right up to the second before your wedding, where as table plans need to be printed way before the wedding.

The entire ‘look’ (darling)

Whether you decide if escort cards or a traditional table plan is best for you just consider the entire ‘look’ of your seating chart and make it a feature (all be it a practical, readable feature). Think about the frame, colours, what font you want to use, and the easel you’ll use to hold your table plan (we have some to hire if your venues’ one is gross!).

Here at White Crafts I do traditional framed, mirrored table plans, wicker heart rustic look, sparkly trees, birdcage, escort cards and pretty much anything else you can think of. Get in touch with me (Kelly) to chat about your seating chart :)
I’m nice honest!
07841 623403

mint green table plan

black table planphoto credit ALS Photography

Let me know you’re a real person and ask a question or leave me a comment below :)

Signing off for now


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