The First Dance

The first dance can strike fear into many a bride and groom. I remember the feeling of confusion when trying to work out the perfect song. I have no clue why I put so much pressure on myself to get this right but for some reason I started to feel really overwhelmed by it all.

0972Photograph: Maria Farrelly

The first problem that we encountered is that I really wanted dance lessons. That was very quickly shot down. He hates dancing and was adamant from the start that we were going to do very traditional hugging, sway and shuffle. So basically it had to be a slower style song. I did however ask my father if he would join me for dance lessons and he couldn’t have been happier. It was a brilliant way to involve my dad, who didn’t want to know any of the details of the day, in one aspect of the wedding preparations.

0971Photograph: Maria Farrelly

Secondly there was music taste. Our taste varied greatly and trying to find a some that we both loved was quite tricky. You could say that my music choice is very eclectic. My iPod has anything from Disney to Metallica. My dear husband on the other had is vary particular about what he likes and is also very vocal about telling me what he doesn’t. Every time I suggested something he would just give me this look. We even had a night where we sat trying to find a song and after that we were still non the wiser. I was at my wits end!

0881Photograph: Maria Farrelly

One day we were driving along and I had my phone linked to the car playing music. Suddenly the song that I have been saving to walk down the aisle comes on, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Suddenly he stops what he was saying and starts to listen. Oh no…..I try and turn him off it by telling him its from Twilight. (Which he hates!) I can see that he is starting to really get in to it. He gets all emotional. Damn….I give in. Time to chose a new song to walk down the aisle!


Photograph: Maria Farrelly

“If you are like my husband and I and don’t actually have “A Song” then keep your eyes on the blog over the next few days for our First Dance Inspiration post.” KateĀ 

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