Bride To Be Diaries: Graceful Bride Gives Thanks

There is an I in wedding but more importantly there is a WE. When you start planning our big day, you make a plan to do all of these crafts and DIYs. You quickly realise that you will need help. If you don’t you will end up stressing yourself out and you will lose the enjoyment of the whole wedding process. Well the beautiful Graceful Bride gives thanks to those who have helped out. Take it away Vicky.

B2B Graceful BannerOur Graceful Bride Gives Thanks

Graceful bride
I’ve hijacked this post slightly as it doesn’t have a lot to do with wedding planning and is more of a public thank you to the people who have supported me throughout this journey. I’m a bit of a control freak, I like things done early and done right so I find it very hard to allow other people to help. Obviously when it comes to weddings you see and hear time and time again that you should get people involved, delegate tasks, that people want to help. This is hard for me though so I probably didn’t do it enough!
So firstly I want to thank family with a huge thank you going to my mum. Her and my dads wedding was taken over by my grandma so she vowed never to do the same which meant a lot of having to ask her to come to things and her going on about if I really wanted her there! She came to all the venues with me, all the dress shops, got dad up to Essex for a suit fitting, has put up with who knows how many phone calls over 18 months, allowed the spare room to be filled with boxes of stuff and made a financial contribution as well. Thank you to my dad for pretty much the same thing, that and occasionally pausing a car program on tv to talk about important stuff like nail varnish colour! I won’t be able to ever say thank you enough to you both or tell you how much I love you (if you’re not crying by now mum then I want an explanation!!)
Thank you to Robs mum and sister for all the invaluable advice during what was a tough year for both. The many cups of tea and Diet Coke (which I’m suspecting was now kept for me!) were always appreciated whenever we appeared on the doorstep with 5 minutes warning, generally with overly excitable dog in tow! The incredibly generous financial contribution as well means so much so huge love and thanks for that.
To my cousins, my bridesmaids. I didn’t have much of a choice on who to ask given that from as soon as I met Rob I was told to hurry up and marry him so they could be bridesmaids! Personally I think you’ve had it easy and I’ve not been too bridezilla but thank you for allowing me to talk weddings at you virtually weekly for over a year! With shift work, jobs and a PhD it’s been a mission to get together easily but thank you for trying whenever you could. file-13-10-2016-11-38-55
Thank you to Robs best man Paul and his partner Ann for all their help. Ann especially who virtually organised every activity we wanted to try and do in the week leading up to the wedding. It looked like a nightmare and seeing the many emails and phone calls it took I’m very glad you sorted it all for me! And Paul, who is probably on the opposite end of the organisation spectrum to me, for pulling together a stag for Rob in pretty much a week!file-13-10-2016-11-39-11
My wonderful uni friends! Not really wanting a hen do as most of my friends are male and spread throughout Europe they gave me a hen don’t! Quite frankly I’m still amazed at the thought they put into the whole thing and the organisation it must have taken. They made me feel so loved for the weekend and allowed me to have time where wedding planning was not first and foremost on my mind for over 24 hours which is quite a feat! Big love to you all. file-13-10-2016-11-39-54file-13-10-2016-11-39-43
To all our guests, the fact that you’re all giving up your time to come to Wales is really humbling. So much love and thanks to you all for wanting to spend the day with us.
Finally thank you to Rob, I’m sure I’ve been a pain in the butt plenty of times (I still maintain I could have been a lot worse!). You are my rock, you keep me sane (mostly) and I don’t know what I’d be without you. Thank you for wanting to marry me, you can’t back out now lol!!!
Awww….I love this. I know I couldn’t have planned any of my big day without the help of my family and friends. If you missed the last post from our Graceful Bride click here

Bride To Be Diaries: Spring Bride Ali Does All Or Nothing

Our Spring Bride Ali tells us about all the life adventures she has planned as well as planning a wedding! There is nothing like doing all at everything at once.

B2B Spring BannerOur Spring Bride Ali

spring bride profile

All Or Nothing

Ladies, how are we?

Where do I begin?

Weddings, are, stressful. Fact.
Tell you what’s more stressful?
Thinking it’s a good idea to change jobs, plan a wedding and sell and buy a new house all in the same 6 months.
Yeah. So, our lives have become even crazier recently.
Photo 15-07-2016, 17 40 26
We decided at the beginning of the month to look in to the Help To Buy Wales scheme and a New Build property near our current house. At first, it was purely out of interest. We wondered how much it would cost, and how far in the future a move could be realistic.
It turned out it was doable, well, now.
So of course, we decided to go for it.
So, our house sold for the full asking price after a week on the market, the mortgage for the new house is agreed, and the house will be ready in January… just under 3 months before I Do’s. As if moving house isn’t stressful enough.
But, it is ridiculously exciting. And I need to remind myself of that.
Photo 10-08-2016, 10 23 24
Also, I decided a few months back to start focusing on looking for a new job, as the commute to my current base is slowly driving me insane. Anyone who’s ever done the West to East or vice versa will know how mind numbing and soul destroying that stretch of the M4 is.
I applied for the perfect role, much closer to home, and am overjoyed to have been offered the job. Super exciting. Of course that meant a hoohah with the new mortgage. It is all sorted now but it was a bit manic.
Again, changing jobs is quite stressful in its self….
Wedding things… I did have all in hand. And I felt much more on top of it all when it was the only thing I was dealing with.
Finding it a little more difficult now that the house and the job are factors too!
I managed to get a little crafting done!
I’ve made out guest book frame…
Had a play about with calligraphy for our place cards…
We’re booked in to register intent…
And today I’ve contacted the venue to try to work out timings for the day so I can send out invites and schedules.Photo 22-08-2016, 13 56 38
Has anyone moved house close to their wedding day before? (I mean of you ladies reading as oppose to ever in the history of mankind haha)When we change address, it will be after we’ve registered intent etc. We’ll be in the same county, but will we need to contact the Registrar to change address?
I really do need to keep remembering that this is all very exciting. And try not to label it as stressful/ scary etc… I’m prone to anxiety so keeping my head above the water with all this is going to be a challenge… any coping strategies welcome.
At least I’m getting it all out of the way in one go hey?Babies next… haha!
Wow I think you will agree that Our Spring Bride has taken quite a lot on. You can do it Ali! If you missed Ali’s last post click here

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