Happy Easter: Enjoy 50% off Cwtchfest tickets this weekend

happy easter

We have a lovely Easter treat for you that doesn’t involve chocolate.

If you are getting married in Wales, available on Sunday 19th April and able to drive to Bluebell Meadow in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan… then you are going to love our event called CWTCHFEST. It’s Wales’ first major Wedding Festival!

For this weekend only, we are offering our CWTCHFEST tickets for half price! Yes… 50% off, HALF PRICE…only £3.50 each!



This will be the last opportunity to buy your tickets at a reduced price. Demand has been high since we launched the event and we expect to sell out soon. If you are thinking of joining us, do take advantage of this great offer.

10 reasons why you should attend CWTCHFEST

  1. This is the first event of its kind to take place in Wales
  2. We have over 50 of the BEST wedding suppliers in Wales
  3. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, we have Tipi’s and marquees all set up for you to view (so much better than looking at pictures)
  4. There will be DIY workshops running throughout the day.
  5. Free onsite parking (If the weather is bad, we have arranged parking a few miles from the site with a free shuttle service)
  6. live music & DJ throughout the day
  7. Hot food stalls
  8. Mobile Bar
  9. Childrens entertainment tent
  10. Plus lots of expert advice and inspiration!



Don’t miss out on what is going to be such a fabulous day!

Real Wedding: Helen & Mike’s Rock Festival Wedding by Rob W May Photography

Helen & Mike got married in the Parc Thistle, Cardiff last October. They were true to themselves and their personalities and had an amazing, fun filled, rock festival themed wedding which was all captured by Rob W May Photography. A true believer that your day should be your way, Helen tells us all about their big day here. [PS We at Cwtch are loving Helen’s amazing hair!]

Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 01

What was your budget? We gave ourselves a realistic £10,000 budget but with most of the personal items made by myself it came in around £8,000 to £9,000, which Mike was happy with!

Photo 01-12-2014 16 25 46

How would you describe your wedding theme? I wanted a day that reflected us, our personalities so the main theme was a rock festival with subtle hints of our individual interests. I managed to get my favourite book into the wedding, Pride & Prejudice by decopaging the ‘Mrs’ letters and a few of the origami flowers! I felt really bad in tearing up Jane Austin book, so I bought a more expensive copy to appease my conscience! I was worried that it would be too much mismatch but they complimented each other well.

Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 06Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 20 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 37

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Our favourite part of the day is when we became man and wife. 2 and half years of planning and the moment was here, I also loved the morning after when Mike said good morning wife. It was amazing to hear that!!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 27 55

Tell us about your Wedding Dress The wedding dress shopping was a nightmare to start with. Went to a couple of shops in Cardiff where I was squeezed into dresses 2 sizes to small and near the front door where my embarrassment went off the scale, I am a plus size to start with, and nobody listened to my brief… No lace, bling and no faff on the top half of my dress. At this point my belief in finding ‘the dress’ with tears of happiness was just fairy tale and I didnt believe there was a dress for me. My bridesmaid took me to Allison Jayne which I had dismissed previously as I thought the dress prices were out of my price range, but Sarah and Debs took me to one side asked me what I wanted in a dress and they listened…. they picked 2 dresses and the first one I tried on I looked at it and it looked so rubbish on the hanger, I dismissed it. But with a little persuasion they said try it on, how wrong was I, it wasn’t even on properly when I started to cry those fabled happy tears… I had found the one, the dress! Like fairy godmothers they knew what I was after and I felt so great in the dress and let me spend the next 45 minutes wearing it. I phoned my Dad and he wanted to see it before we committed, 3 days later the deposit was paid. I had said yes to the dress!!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 51 08

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? For the best man, Mike had his school friend whom he has known since he was 3. They have done everything together from going to their school prom together to being in a band and what made his choice even better was on the day he sung a parody of Tenacious D – Tribute dedicated to Mike as part of his bestman speech, when I saw the guitar being brought to the top table I started to cry happy tears!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 53Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 48
Bridesmaids were a no brainer for me, my sister was my maid of honour. Mikes sister and my old school friend who has been there for me. It was 4 but one dropped out as she was going to be heavily pregnant, and was worried that she wouldn’t be there for me, so she said a reading and she had a baby girl 3 weeks later.

Why did you choose your venue? Originally we planned to get married in Las Vegas and do Route 66 as our honeymoon. But our witnesses, my grandparents and Mikes parents, couldnt make it so back to the drawing board we went. And the same weekend we went to the Parc Thistle, we were going to a wedding fair that turned out to be cancelled. That is when I saw the room, Whitehall Suite, fell in love with the room. Original panelling, the fire places and even the balcony. I saw the wedding pictures, I saw us becoming man and wife. So we took our respected family to see the room and then we booked!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 25 44 Photo 27-11-2014 08 27 18

How did the proposal happen? Well…. I gave Mike a deadline – 29th February 2012. It was a leap year either he ask me or I was going to ask him!! So I gave up and Mike at 11.30 at night, in bed says…. You have 30 minutes to ask me! (cheeky!) at this time I had my eyes closed but I could feel his smile, so after a few moments, and trust me it is hard to find the words. I said do you want to get married, he replied yes we gave each other a peck and turned over and went to sleep. The following day I phoned my gran and said to her ‘I think im engaged, but will have to check with Mike later to see whether it was a dream or not!’. It wasn’t and we went and chose the engagement ring that following Saturday!!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 46 00

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? I made a lot of the decorations myself but the one thing I wanted professionally done was the Table plan and the lanyards. If you are making things yourself set a time table but do take time out sometimes, as it does take over your life. I made all the bouquets, the buttonholes, the Mr & Mrs, bunting, and painted all the pine cones. And if you have an idea that you want to do to complete your theme, do it and don’t be put off. If you can’t do it I’m sure somebody you know will know how!

Photo 27-01-2015 18 59 38 Photo 27-11-2014 08 38 47 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 43

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was Superheroes by Edguy, a German rock band. The significance to this song was that Mike played this alot during the first year of our relationship and it became our song. People were shocked as they thought it was going to be a love/power ballard. And just before the song started we hugged, as soon as the song started we rocked out, air guitared (Mike was the welsh air guitar champion in 2010) moshed and fist pumped the air. After wards people were coming up to congratulate our choice that they didn’t think it would be so metal and how original it was.

Photo 27-11-2014 08 51 19

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? I wouldn’t change anything with our day. But if you are thinking of doing something, such as a videographer, do it as you will only regret it. I’m glad that we chose to have a videographer last minute, it was the best last minute decision made as it reminded me of things I had forgotten and brought back the butterflies the first time we saw the the DVD. Photo 27-11-2014 08 47 34

Do you have any advice for future couples? The only advice is take days off where you don’t think about weddings, talk about wedding and connect to one another like you used to before the engagement. Also remember that the day is about you two, put your stamp on your day and never be swayed to do something different because someone says its too different or weird. And if you get angry or upset remember the reason why your doing this wedding, its because you love one another and you want to show the world (and facebook!) how in love you really are!

Photo 27-01-2015 18 59 58 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 35Photo 27-11-2014 08 49 00Photo 27-11-2014 08 49 19

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? We didn’t receive any marriage advice but we looked at our families, Mike grandparents were married for over 60 years and my grandparents 51… Its not easy you take the good with the bad and work hard together!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 03 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 08

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Seeing it all come together as each thing that was made or bought you hope that it will work. And when it does, you can relax and smile!!

Photo 27-11-2014 08 34 24Photo 27-11-2014 08 33 25 Photo 27-11-2014 08 34 45 Photo 27-11-2014 08 48 10 Photo 27-11-2014 08 50 22Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 53

The Suppliers

Photographer: Rob W May
Videographer: Taylors Videography
Wedding Planner: Tara Morris
Ceremony Venue: Parc Thistle Cardiff
Reception Venue: Parc Thistle Cardiff
Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero, Allison Jayne
Bride’s Shoes: Irregular choice
Bride’s Headpiece: Bespoke by Sparklefizz/Seren
Bride’s Jewellery: Great grandmother’s necklace. Earrings Bespoke by sparklefizz/seren
Groom’s Outfit: Dyfed Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: BHS
Cake: The Magical Cake Cauldron
Flowers: Made by myself
Hair: Bauhaus Cardiff
Make Up: Laura from M.A.C
DJ: Chris Watson
Stationery: Sian Gallop. Table plan and Lanyards/order of service by Something Kinda Cute
Paint for the pine cones by Annie Sloan from Betti Biggs Pontcanna

The Wedding Album

Photo 01-12-2014 16 25 46 Photo 27-01-2015 18 59 38 Photo 27-01-2015 18 59 58 Photo 27-01-2015 19 00 08 Photo 27-01-2015 19 00 33 Photo 27-01-2015 19 02 59 Photo 27-01-2015 19 04 22 Photo 27-01-2015 19 04 56 Photo 27-01-2015 19 05 35 Photo 27-01-2015 19 05 57 Photo 27-01-2015 19 06 09 Photo 27-01-2015 19 06 51 Photo 27-01-2015 19 08 30 Photo 27-01-2015 19 08 55 Photo 27-01-2015 19 09 21 Photo 27-11-2014 08 12 20 Photo 27-11-2014 08 14 08 Photo 27-11-2014 08 14 22 Photo 27-11-2014 08 14 43 Photo 27-11-2014 08 25 11 Photo 27-11-2014 08 25 44 Photo 27-11-2014 08 25 59 Photo 27-11-2014 08 26 02 Photo 27-11-2014 08 26 27 Photo 27-11-2014 08 26 33 Photo 27-11-2014 08 26 39 Photo 27-11-2014 08 26 47 Photo 27-11-2014 08 27 18 Photo 27-11-2014 08 27 33 Photo 27-11-2014 08 27 55 Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 03 Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 06 Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 16 Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 33 Photo 27-11-2014 08 28 53 Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 01 Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 41 Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 45 Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 48 Photo 27-11-2014 08 29 53 Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 01 Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 24 Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 29 Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 33 Photo 27-11-2014 08 30 43 Photo 27-11-2014 08 33 25 Photo 27-11-2014 08 33 36 Photo 27-11-2014 08 34 18 Photo 27-11-2014 08 34 24 Photo 27-11-2014 08 34 45 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 03 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 08 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 26 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 35 Photo 27-11-2014 08 36 53 Photo 27-11-2014 08 37 01 Photo 27-11-2014 08 37 27 Photo 27-11-2014 08 37 38 Photo 27-11-2014 08 38 31 Photo 27-11-2014 08 38 39 (1) Photo 27-11-2014 08 38 44 Photo 27-11-2014 08 38 47 Photo 27-11-2014 08 39 53 Photo 27-11-2014 08 40 53 Photo 27-11-2014 08 40 58 Photo 27-11-2014 08 41 48 Photo 27-11-2014 08 41 51 Photo 27-11-2014 08 42 09 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 05 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 10 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 20 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 23 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 26 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 34 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 37 Photo 27-11-2014 08 45 43 Photo 27-11-2014 08 46 00 Photo 27-11-2014 08 47 29 Photo 27-11-2014 08 47 34 Photo 27-11-2014 08 48 07 Photo 27-11-2014 08 48 10 Photo 27-11-2014 08 49 00 Photo 27-11-2014 08 49 19 Photo 27-11-2014 08 50 22 Photo 27-11-2014 08 51 08 Photo 27-11-2014 08 51 19 Photo 27-11-2014 08 52 35 Photo 27-11-2014 08 53 27 Photo 27-11-2014 08 55 43 Photo 27-11-2014 08 59 38

Thank you Helen & Mike for sharing your amazing Wedfest with us! We are so glad you got in touch :)

CWTCHFEST: Sunday 19th April 2015

Here it is! we can finally reveal what we’ve spent months planning. Wales is getting its First Wedding Festival and we are organising it!

Poster Web


Cwtchfest is Wales’ first wedding festival.

For anyone planning a welsh wedding, be it outdoor, festival, vintage or modern in style, we’ve got it covered!

On Sunday 19th April 2015, a beautiful meadow near Cowbridge will play host to our event. Gates open at 11am and we have a jam-packed day organised. With free onsite parking, our event will feature live music & DJ, workshops for all you DIY brides, An exhibition marquee with over 50 of wales’ finest wedding suppliers (11-4pm), talks from wedding experts, food & drink PLUS lots more.

As the sun goes down, relax and enjoy more live entertainment & DJ, have fun in our photo booth and see our giant LOVE letters, Sounds great doesn’t it?!!

We are thrilled to be collaborating with some of the best wedding companies in Wales to bring you this unique event and we’d love to invite you to join us.

buy tickets here

Where is it taking place?

The lovely people at Bluebell Meadows have given us use of their beautiful meadow in Llancarfan (3 miles from Cowbridge).

garlands field

We also have the amazing Cariad Canvas & Wedding tipi providing their Stretch Tents,Tipis, bell tents and festival flags.

cariad canvas 6stretch tentcariad canvas1415482_714729468616702_2251508551130564568_oImages courtesy of Cariad Canvas

buy tickets here

County Marquees are also on board (hurray!) and they will be providing one of their wonderful marquees to showcase just how fabulous an outdoor wedding can be. They will also house our 50+ wedding exhibitors.

hepburn1hepburn3hepburn5weddingMarquee20weddingMarquee10weddingMarquee27Images courtesy of County Marquees 

Live music

The Igency are working with us to provide a variety of live acts to keep you entertained throughout the day and if you happened to watch The Voice last night, we can also confirm Shellyann (from Ilectric) will be performing and yes… you can also book her for your wedding too!


The fabulous wedding planner, Emma from Sylvie & Joan will be managing our workshops and we have some great DIY projects for you to try. Also, in the lead up to the festival, Emma will be our guest blogger, sharing some essential planning advice! emma-butler

How do I buy tickets?

This is a ticket only event and numbers are strictly limited, so be quick!!

click here for tickets

Over the coming weeks we will be revealing more details about this fabulous event and the wonderful businesses working with us. Seriously, there is not going to be another event like this in Wales! Do not miss out. Get your tickets today.

Want to get involved?

If you run a welsh wedding business and would like to book a stand at our festival,  we have a dedicated team handling all exhibitor bookings. Simply email cwtchfest@cwtchthebride.com for more information.

If you are are wedding business and would like to come along to socialise with the rest of the welsh wedding industry, you too can buy tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Love The Cwtch Girls!

Cwtch Girls

Illustration by Slightly Wobbly Designs