Bride to be Diaries: Empowered Bride part 6

Those of you who have been on a wedding weight loss plan may have been following our Empowered Bride’s story. Here she is with the next installment.


I have been losing weight for a few months now and feeling so much better within my skin. I have a whole new set of clothes that I have found at the back of my wardrobe. They used to be called my skinny clothes. So technically does this make me skinny?

Certain things have been so much easier since starting this journey. Little everyday things that you don’t normally notice. Such as running to the car when it is hammering down with rain, carrying the shopping bags in from the car in one go (a small challenge I set myself) and dragging the vacuum around the house.

The problem is nobody talks to you about the things that aren’t easier while losing weight. One particular problem arose while doing a food shop.

Normally I go shopping on my own. The reason behind it is that I can decide what goes in. If it doesn’t make it into trolley it won’t become a temptation when I get home. I also do all the cooking in the house so it’s easier for me to do all of the menu planning.

One particular day my other half decided to “help” me do a food shop. It was a debate all the way round as to what was allowed to come home with us and what was going to set  me off track. I do feel for him as he has been having an enforced cut down since I have on my diet, so I let a few things slip through.

As we were unloading I noticed we had forgotten the bin liners and I gave him a little nudge to quickly go and grab some. I never knew my other half was secretly on an episode of supermarket sweep! Within minutes he was back proudly balancing the bin liners on top of the each and every item I had said no to. He promptly dumped them in front of the cashier who rang them all through.

So the rest of the week I spent strengthening my willpower and avoiding all the treats in the cupboard! Remember that dress!

Bride to Be Diaries: The Empowered Bride, Part 5

Our anonymous contributor The Empowered Bride is back with the next instalment in her series on how she is losing weight in advance of her big day. Why is she called The Empowered Bride? “To empower” is defined as “[To] make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights” which is exactly what she is doing! scales

I have a problem!

The problem is that since my body has changed I have nothing to wear. Since baggy and saggy chic hasn’t quite become a craze yet I’m a bit lost as to what to wear. Everyone thinks that losing weight is fantastic but there is a side to it that is rubbish. I currently have this eclectic fashion sense of nothing quite matching. So I’m embracing this look and trying to convince myself that stripes and checks are a fashion statement and clashing patterns are all the rage right now! My jeans hang and I have some tops that are too big and hang close to me exposing myself but hey, everyone is telling me how good I look! I must be rocking this dashing homeless trend.

Now this would be the perfect time for me to buy some new clothes. This is where another problem arises. We have a wedding to pay for so do I get some clothes to tide me over or pay for a DJ? I do however have two wardrobes. A big one and a slim one. I’m not a hoarder but there are just some clothes that are far too good to throw out just because they no longer fit. You still love them and they looked lovely on you until they got a little too cosy.

Now I would love to start wearing the beautiful pieces that I have been coveting for the last couple of years so I decided to try some of them on again and surprisingly one or two of them fit but others! I have muffin tops and impromptu body con outfits that no amount of spanks will help. I finally bit the bullet and bought a couple of new clothes items this weekend. I did a little fashion show for my other half. After walking in to the lounge in my new jeans he just said “Finally, clothes that actually fit you!”

Argh, the in-between sizes dilemma! I have been through phases where nothing in my wardrobe fits me, in fact when I was saving for a wedding I went through a very similar thing! The great news is that obviously the diet is working. Does anyone have any similar stories to share? A problem shared and all that…