Pets at Your Wedding: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we published the first installment of Pets At Your Wedding. If you missed this post filled with adorable cuteness then click here. This is a massive wedding trend and though it seems like a great idea at the time there are actually loads of things to think about when it comes down to it. Yes they will look brilliant in your photos but the last thing that you would ever want is for your beloved pet to suddenly get all stressed. In this post I will give you a few things to think about if you are thinking of having your four legged friend with you on you big day. dan morrisPhoto Credit: Dan Morris

Furry Friend Fashion

lloyd williams5

Photo Credit: Lloyd Williams Photography

I am all for a dog in a little outfit. Honestly, I can think of nothing cuter. There are things that you will need to think about though. Is it loose enough around their neck. Does it bother them? My parents dog hates his coat, won’t walk with it on at all. Bear this in mind when it comes to an outfit. the last thing you want is to have to drag you pet around the wedding as they are refusing to move. Keep it simple, so that it will cause the least amount of bother for them. a little bow tie or flower on their collar can look super. Lastly make sure that none flowers that you use are poisonous and that nothing will be a choking hazard for them.stevewhellerPhoto Credit: Art By Design Photography

Mutts Of Honour

Abigail Apollonio-Williams2Photo Credit: Abigail Apollonio

They say a man’s best friend is his dog, so why not make your four legged friend your best man? Ring bearers, flower girls and ‘Mutts of Honour’ are also popular roles for your beloved pets. Involving your pet at your wedding is a super cute thing to do and many couples can’t imagine their wedding day without their pets included. You may want to make your pet ring bearer, but think about whether your pet will enjoy this or will they find it a traumatic experience? Follow these tips and your pet will have just as much fun as you!maria_farrelly_cardiff_wedding_ photographer052Photo credit: Maria Farrelly

Personality Points

You need to take into consideration the type of personality your pet has before giving them a specific role. Are they excitable, aggressive or obedient? You may assume that your pet will feel comfortable in the crowd but will they feel overwhelmed around 100s of guests? The last thing that you would want is to stress them out because there is a large number of people making a fuss, the noise and all the new smells. Even if your pet is well–behaved and used to large crowds. There is no real guarantee that they’ll behave like that on the day. Being stroked, photographed or chased by kids can becoming increasingly stressful for your pet so make sure they can handle it before getting them involved.

carly turner llewellyn2Photo Credit: Carly Turner Photography

I hope that these have given you an insight of things to think about before involving your furry friends in your big day. I know it will be amazing and the photos will be great but remember, follow these tips and your pet will have just as much fun as you! ~ Kate

Bride To Be Diaries: Our Rustic Bride’s Stress Levels

Today on the blog we have the beautiful Kristy explains how she has been dealing with the stress of planning her wedding. Over to our Rustic Bride.B2B Rustic Banner

Our Rustic Bride

rustic bride

106 days to go! Arriving so close to the 100 day mark makes it seem like it’s just around the corner!

I have learned recently that every bride must be stressed…even if they don’t feel stressed they still must be stressed! Like it’s some sort of prerequisite to getting married. It’s expected! When I thought about planning our wedding I conjured the images of films watched in the past full of montages with inspirational yet romantic music, that show the prospective bride and groom having a fantastic time picking out items for their wedding. What they don’t show is the hours of time spent on the internet information gathering, pintrest browsing, quote sorting and email sending! They also don’t show the disagreements between the bride and groom when their priorities lie somewhere slightly different from each other. They definitely don’t show the moment the bride realises that she has bought the wrong wedding ring!! Yes, this happened…wasn’t much fun!

When I imagined planning our wedding I wanted to get as much done before the last few months as possible, which thankfully I have been able to do. I am one of those people that like to be prepared and hate doing things last minute when deadlines are concerned. The thought of rushing things at the last minute for me is more stressful than something going wrong! If something goes wrong that’s just the way it is and we will deal with it if it happens.july honeymoon

I haven’t actually FELT stressed for a long time, not since dress shopping time number one and two. That churning in the belly – not for me. Yet, I have been ill three times in the last four weeks! So, I have increased my stress busting behaviours to try to combat the stress I am not feeling, but must be going on underneath the surface because I usually have an immune system of steel! Thanks to where I work, I think my immune system gets to regularly flex its metaphorical muscles and stays nice and strong. So I can only put my recent rubbish health down to an immune system being kicked around a bit by my convert stress levels. I just hope it’s going to sort itself out soon!

I think I have been incredibly lucky though because I have had people to help me do this all the way through. So many people have been involved and I have loved every moment. People I never thought would lend a hand have stepped up. This wedding has brought the family together, which I think is just a beautiful thing.Photo 06-07-2016, 15 11 56

I am also so very lucky that I have a Kieron in my life. Speaking with other brides, I have been told stories where they have been mostly responsible for the planning and organising of their wedding. They tell me that their groom just wasn’t that interested! Kieron has been the complete opposite…he has wanted to be involved in everything (except the dress of course). He has gone to wedding fairs, stood around in perfume shops, tried on rings, designed and made our invites, helped with my DIY projects and completed DIY projects of his own.

Kieron was heavily involved with the booking of our honeymoon, which I was so grateful for. Sorting the honeymoon seems to be usually left to the men anyway. But I couldn’t leave it alone could I?! After a month of research we settled on Mauritius. I did so much research I think I could tell you when all the rainy, hurricane and monsoon seasons were all over the world! We are going in September, two days after the wedding and I can’t wait. It will be the perfect stress buster following the wedding. A time for sandy toes, spa days, yoga on the beach, water sports and zip lining.  To be able to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with Kieron as husband and wife, is just a dream come true.

I can only imagine how excited you are getting. I’m not at all jealous of your amazing honeymoon of yoga on the beach and spa days! ~ Kate

Introducing Our Crafty Bride Katie


Today I have the pleasure of introducing Our Crafty Bride Katie. Over the next few months she will be giving us a little glimpse into her wedding planning. Take it away Katie!Hello fellow bride’s to be! A little bit about me … Continue reading

Colour Inspiration: Peach

Today I decided to give quite a controversial colour a whirl. Colour Inspiration: Peach.
Is just so pretty, I refuse to believe that it has been packed up into a chest along side St Elmos Fire, 16 Candals and The Breakfast Club.  It will not disappear with Martika and Dave Lee Roth’s solo career. I refuse to believe it will be left in a draw alongside my leg warmers and fish net finger less gloves.
Peach is light and happy and deserves to be brought back.  I agree that many things from the 1980s should stay right there, but peach?  Peach is not one of them.  Read on and find out why.
Anna x

Features Banner Tenplate

Colour Inspiration: Peach

We know, we know. Peach! It immediately conjures up hideous poofy 1980’s bridesmaid dresses with matching over sized hats, squashing down a fresh perm. Either that, or one of those toilet roll doll cover things, that everyone’s Nana had. You know, to make the toilet roll fancy.

But seriously – Peach! Its beautiful.

Its so soft and gentle and gives a natural feel and look. Its slightly dreamy and conjures up images of ethereal, daisy chained bridesmaids, dancing through a wheat field with pollen floating around, on a warm summers day.

It definitely wouldn’t rain if you wore peach!
(*disclaimer* Cwtch The Bride can only dream like the rest of us that the sun will shine on all you lovely Brides and Grooms.  We have no actual power over the weather)

Pair with some lovely hessian and lace, and you’re all set for that gorgeous vintage country feel.

Asos Dress PEACH

Sweet Peony PEACH

Dear Florence PEACH 2

Rachel Simpson Peach Shoes JPEG

Forbesfield PEACH Peony

Bridesmaid Dress – Coast at Asos

Bride held Bouquet – Sweet Peony

Room Decor – Dear Florence

Shoes – Rachel Simpson at Elegant Steps

Bottom Bouquet – Forbesfield Flowers

I mean come on! Look how beautiful it is! So, I hereby announce that peach is once more, on trend.  Go forth and peach it up, and please, share your photos with us! xx