Midweek Mini: Charlie’s Wedding Memories

Hello Cwtchers!

Today we get to share Charlie’s, our former lovely Cwtch Girl, favourite memory of her and Marks big day.

Happy Anniversary guys!

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Marc and Charlie

When we decided our new midweek feature was going to be all about wedding memories I got a bit panicked because I knew it would soon be my turn to share mine. The problem with that is that my memories from my wedding day are all a bit hazy, and for once not through drink!

You know those cheesy TV programmes that use the wavy clouds around the edges just before going in to a dream sequence? That’s kind of how my wedding looks when I try and remember it, I know everyone says it but the day really does go by so quickly. The part of the day that I remember best was getting ready with my girls in the morning, I was very relaxed and had a brilliant morning (unlike poor Mark who got stuck in the barbers and ended up having to rush around!). c&m0122 c&m0275 c&m0355

But when I think of my favourite part of the day it’s not so much one specific moment it’s more a series of moments all linked by a warm fuzzy feeling. The best parts of the day were all the cwtches, all the love, all the smiles on people’s faces and most of all taking a few moments alone with my new husband and saying “we did it”. It’s hard to put this into words without being ridiculously mushy so I will share with you some of my favourite photos by our amazing photographer Maria Farrelly, honestly I look at our photos all the time even nearly two years later. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  c&m0166 c&m0170c&m0713 c&m0757 c&m0899 c&m1030 c&m1038 c&m1043 photobooth084 photobooth118 photobooth170 photobooth185 photobooth190

If you would like to see mine & Mark’s Cardiff Castle wedding in full you can click here :)

Charlie can now be found behind the camera – and she’s blummin good too! xx

Midweek Mini: Jasmine’s Favourite Memory

The lovely Jasmine has got in touch with her favourite wedding memory for our new midweek mini feature.

I found it too hard to choose between my two favourite memories so I had to send in both! My first was my dad telling me that I looked beautiful as we sat in the wedding car. He lives about 4 hours away and we don’t see each other that often, so it was special. He was thrilled when I asked him to walk me down the aisle. I was a total Daddy’s girl growing up.

Images in this post are by McDonnell Photography

Images in this post are by McDonnell Photography

My second was our first dance. We had hired these amazing medieval minstrels to do a ceilidh style dance-calling for after dinner and at the last minute they offered to teach us a very easy Pavane to have as our first dance. We learned it in a little tower away from the guests. When we performed it, it felt very romantic and different – and very apt for our Caerphilly Castle wedding. I’m usually very clumsy so as it was an easy dance, I also felt very elegant.


Thank you Jasmine! We’d love to hear more stories from our readers, please get in touch with charlie@cwtchthebride.com

Midweek Mini: Nicola & Jon’s Secret Wedding

Homemade Bride Kate is presiding over this week’s Midweek Mini to tell us all about her friends’ secret wedding…

Being in the wedding business one of the most common things that I hear is how expensive weddings are. I always tell my brides that the only part that is really important is the actual ceremony, the rest of it is all decorative. This could not have been more true for Nicola and Jon .

My friends had been engaged for years and whenever we asked when they were getting married they just keep telling us “We are getting married on Tuesday.” They never actually ever told us which Tuesday. You can imagine my surprise one day, when scrolling through Facebook, that I had a friend’s name come up that I didn’t recognise. I clicked on the profile to see that Nicola and Jon had secretly got married. It was just the two of them. They hadn’t told a soul. They had asked two random people to be their witnesses and yes, for those of you who were wondering, it was a Tuesday!

I asked Nicola what her favourite wedding day memory was and this is what she told me:

I’ve been thinking long and hard about one favourite memory and to be honest I couldn’t think of just one. Although as you know not everyone’s idea of a conventional wedding, I loved every moment of our secret day. From sneaking out of the house so the neighbours wouldn’t see us in our wedding clothes, the ceremony just being us and our lovely little honeymoon in Mid Wales. But I must say that this is my favourite photo. Caught off guard not posed, I think it shows exactly how I was feeling: complete and utter love.



We would love to hear your favourite wedding day memory or moment. Get in touch with us by emailing charlie@cwtchthebride.com