Cwtch Of The Week

“Today’s Cwtch of the week was sent to us from one of our Lush List Photographers, Christopher Morse. The thing that I love about this Cwtch, other than the beautiful autumnal leaves and her warm bobble hat, is the fact that they are totally swept up in the moment and haven’t even noticed Christopher taking this photograph. I’m going to be a little honest here but hands up who is also a little jealous of this beautiful Cwtch?” ~ Kate

Cwtch-of-the-Week-Chris-Morse-05We asked photographer, Christopher Morse to explain a bit more about this lovely cwtch. Here’s what he had to say…

This was a mini portrait session I did back in September.  I don’t normally do portraits, but I was back home and an old friend asked me to as their 2nd anniversary was coming up and they didn’t have many photos just the two of them.  My photography is all about capturing the personality of the couple.  So to do this, I asked what they liked to do on a Sunday?  They said “go for a walk, or bike ride and cook up a good roast.”  So I suggested we went for a walk! The shoot consisted of having leaf fights and climbing logs. This image was taken right at the end of the shoot. They were just having a minute to themselves and I managed to capture this before they realised.

The seven year itch?

Hello Cwtchers,

I’m hijacking my own blog this afternoon for personal reasons.

Eight years ago today, I wrapped my hair in rollers, filled my tummy with butterflies and stepped into a wedding dress. With the help of my brother, I faced that nervous walk down the aisle to marry the man I fell in love with, Nad.

Its my eighth wedding anniversary today folks, hurray!

wedding day

Image by Neil Weekes

As you read this, I am (hopefully) taking it easy, enjoying a well deserved break and thinking back to my own wedding day with fond memories.

As I enter my eighth year of marriage, what have I learnt?

Our seventh year was by far our hardest yet. We’ve had to work very hard at our relationship. We are very different people. I’m loud, he’s quiet. I make a lot of mess, he hates mess. We argue…we make up. But we have a very strong connection and that is what helps us get through the bad times.

anniversary card(Every year Nad makes me a hand-made card)

Marriage to me is about LOVE. As well as give and take, compromising, listening and being best friends.

Like many others, there are days we wake up and can’t stand each other and yet there are days we’re cwtched up so nicely we wish we could lay there all day.

In my mind, A good marriage takes effort, on both parts.

Nad_Maria copy

I’m curious to know, for those that are married, what year (so far) have you found the most difficult? Did anyone else experience the seven year itch? Maybe a three year tickle? or a twenty year rumble?

Do leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you all think.

Maria x