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Our LUSH LIST is finally  launched!

A fabulous collection of our favourite Welsh Wedding suppliers. All hand picked by us and highly recommended by our readers.


To access this awesome directory, press the LUSH LIST icon sitting on the right hand side (if viewing on a computer or tablet)- Scroll down if you are using a phone.

It looks like this:

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Simply click on it and it will take you to a page that looks like this:

lush list iconsSelect the category you need and then choose from our list of highly recommended suppliers.

All the companies listed have links to take you to their own websites, Facebook page & Twitter feed. This is a great way to follow them if you’d like to get to know them a bit more before booking.

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Most of these companies will already be featuring our approved vendor badge on their websites too. This is to give you peace of mind that we’ve either worked with them, Used their services or some of our readers have highly recommend them.

So, there you have it. We do hope you love it and find it a valuable resource to your wedding planning. Have a good look around the directory, click on a few links and let us know what you think. You can send us your feedback here.

We will be adding LOTS more suppliers to our LUSH LIST throughout the year so do keep popping back. We’ll also be inspiring you more by sharing their work over on our Facebook page.

If you run a lovely welsh wedding business (especially in North Wales!) and would like us to consider you for our Lush List. You can get in touch with us here.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening xxx


Bride to be Diary: Claire Chooses her Venue

Two weeks ago we shared the first post from one half our our dynamic bride-to-be duo, Victoria. Today we are here with Claire’s first post which takes us back to the early days of wedding planning and choosing the all important venue. It’s a great post so put your feet up and have a read! New Bride To Be Diary

Let’s Take it Back to the Start

So, my very first blog post as a bride to be for Cwtch the Bride… So much excitement is at the tips of my fingers as I type this, it’s unreal!

Before I start my post, I’d just like to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who helped me win this dreamy competition by sharing, commenting and just being downright lovely about my entry post – Just in case you didn’t see my constant sharing of the link, here it is! I appreciate every single comment so much and I am so happy to have the opportunity to share the build up to my, and Mr Double L’s, big day.

Between finding out I was one of the winners of the bride to be competition and putting together this post, I spent many an hour desperately racking my brain for ideas on what the heck I’m supposed to write about now I’m here! But then it hit me… let’s take it right the way back to what happened after we’d come back down to earth (for the record, I still haven’t yet!) after THE proposal. I think it’d be so easy to dive straight in and get to the dress part – and I will get to that eventually so stay with me – but, for me, after Christian popped the question, is where the planning really started and that’s where my first post is headed.

Everyone’s different but for Christian and I, we both knew that we didn’t want a long engagement –we wanted to be Mr and Mrs Llewellyn like, yesterday, so our first priority was setting the date. We wanted to get married on a Saturday for definite, that much we knew. We played with the idea of getting married on key dates like our first date, when we officially became C&C, when we moved in together but none of these fell on a Saturday which sort of took away the “getting married on a key date” part of things. So, instead, we picked a date that was closest to one of our keys dates and took it from there, both agreeing that if we chose a venue that wasn’t available on our preferred date then we’d go back to the drawing board.  1

Then it was venue decision time…

We both knew that we wanted a wedding that reflected us as a couple and the big, grand wedding, whilst lovely for some couples, just wasn’t for us. Thinking about it, we knew a lot about what we didn’t want but trying to then decide on what we actually wanted was really quite difficult! We both knew that we’d like to get married in Cardiff as that’s where we live and have already created so many memories together in the City but, with the option of so many amazing venues, where were we going to start?! Cue the arrival of the C&C Wedding Plans Spreadsheet! It seems quite anal but doesn’t everyone love a good spreadsheet?! This spreadsheet has been amazing and contains absolutely every decision we’ve made, and the cost, so we can keep track on our spending at the same time. We set up a sheet dedicated solely to venues, shortlisted five places that we thought suited us and then emailed each one… from our joint C&C wedding email address, of course! While cost was a factor, it wasn’t the be all and end all for us, we just wanted to find somewhere that we both loved and which gave us the freedom to have our wedding the exact way we wanted it, without being told that we had to have a certain package and eat certain food and drink certain wine… You’d think this was quite easy to achieve but it really isn’t and, from all the venues we shortlisted, only the Norwegian Church truly fitted the bill.

The venue was perfect for us, our guest numbers fitted like a glove, we have the freedom to tailor our day how we want it and the setting is amazing and just around the corner from where we live. We can’t get married at the Norwegian Church as they are only licensed for blessings so City Hall in Cardiff was our first choice for our ceremony and, on seeing the Council Chamber room, we knew that’s where we’d become Mr and Mrs Llewellyn.

Luckily for us, the Registrar, the Council Chamber Room and the Norwegian Church were all available on our chosen date so deposits were paid and we were all booked up by May! Looking at it all written down here seems like it was so easy to arrange but I was a little stressed trying to co-ordinate dates between the Registrar and two venues so Christian had to take over towards the end to save my nerves!

The main thing I learned from our whole searching for venues etc is that I quickly noticed how easy it would be to get carried away and detract completely from what we, as a couple, want from our wedding. We always went back to our original ideas on how we wanted our wedding day to be and I think that being so determined has meant that the initial foundations for our wedding planning are exactly what we had envisaged when we first started planning… So there you have it, my first piece of wedding planning advice… stick to your guns! It really could be the easiest thing in the world to end up with a completely different wedding day to that you and your bestest half had dreamed about but stick to how you want your day to be and there’s only one way it’ll turn out… Perfect!
Some great advice from Claire! We’re dying to know where you are all getting married, leave a comment telling us where you are getting married and how you chose your venue :)