A North Wales styled shoot by Tony Fanning

Brides to be of North Wales… if you are looking for some inspiration from some local suppliers, then you are going to love this!

We are sharing a gorgeous styled shoot by Tony Fanning and a team of exceptional North Wales wedding professionals. Let’s hand you over to Tony to tell you all about it! There’s even some behind the scenes images for those interested in how a styled shoot works. Enjoy! ~ Maria x 

North_Wales_bridal_shoot 35

North Wales Styled Shoot by Tony Fanning

A little while ago I brought together some of the best wedding suppliers in North Wales for a bit of a jolly, and to photograph two gorgeous ‘brides’ in the stunning location that is Caer Rhun HallNorth_Wales_bridal_shoot 1

I chose the end of April to do this shoot as we had the best chance of half decent weather. As it turned out it was the coldest it has been for ages. I cannot remember seeing models shivering quite so much. I really do have to thank them both for not throwing a diva strop and walking off.

I carefully chose the two models, Iwanted two different looks for the dresses I had chosen from Wedding Belles in Llanfair PG on Anglesey. I photographed Leanne’s wedding last year in Bryn Eisteddfod so I new I wanted her to be the ‘girl next door’ look the tea-length wedding dress. Jen was new to me but as soon as I saw a photo of her I new she would be perfect for the full length fitted wedding dress. Both of them absolutely rocked it!

Obviously we couldn’t do a shoot like this without immaculate hair and makeup. I asked Julia Nicholls Creative hair and Kay Evans make up artist along as I have worked with both of them before and I know their work is always amazing.North_Wales_bridal_shoot 5North_Wales_bridal_shoot 4

What do you need to finish off a bridal look? Flowers! I asked Sarah from Scent with love to come up with something and she certainly did not disappoint. We had a variety of bouquets to work with with, and always they were flawless.

We needed some behind the scenes video as well so Geoff from Tudno TV did his thing for us. You can check out his short video HERE.

Last but not least we had a visit from Nelly the vintage VW camper. Kindly bought along by Nelly-Weds. Nelly looked fantastic in the sunlight in front of Caer Rhun hall.

Thanks so much to all the suppliers who came along and contributed to this wonderful day. I can’t thank them enough.

I must not forget the very trusting ladies who were kind enough to lend me three pairs of Irregular Choice shoes for the shoot. I know girls like shoes, but it wasn’t until this shoot that I realised just how much girls LOVE their shoes. I knew it was a bit of an obsession but I was nicely warned to look after them with my life 

Here’s a roll of honour from the day.

Photography- Tony Fanning photography
Tony Fanning photography 01492 533869

Models- Leanne and Jennifer.
Hair- Julia Nicholls Creative Hair
Julia Nicholls 01248 353887

Make up- Kay Evans Makeup Artist
Kay Evans 07470022802

Dresses and accessories- Wedding Belles
Diane Roberts 01928 735688

Flowers- Scent with love
Sarah Hudson 01492 330105

Videographer- Tudno TV
Geoff Wiltshire 01492 862875

Venue- Caer Rhun Hall
Caer Rhun hall 01492 650012

VW camper- Nelly-weds

Emma Dallimore 01492 01492 642462


North_Wales_bridal_shoot 2 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 3North_Wales_bridal_shoot 6 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 7 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 8 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 9 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 10 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 11 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 12 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 13 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 14 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 15North_Wales_bridal_shoot 17 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 19 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 20 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 21 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 22 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 23 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 24 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 25 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 26 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 27 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 28 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 29 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 30 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 31 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 32 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 33 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 34 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 35 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 36 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 37 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 38 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 39 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 40 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 41 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 42 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 43 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 44 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 45 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 46 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 47 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 48 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 49 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 50 North_Wales_bridal_shoot 51 North_Wales_bridal suppliers

Heather and Pete Classic And Fun Wedding By Cross-Jones Photography

Sometimes there are those weddings that come across your desk and you just fall in love. Cross-Jones Photography really captured Welsh couple’s Heather & Pete’s classic wedding held in the beautiful city of Bath. Its a fun and relaxed wedding that brought friends and family together. Sit back and enjoy this little beauty with a coffee and a welsh cake. ~ Kate

Heather & Pete-229

How would you describe your wedding theme?

We wanted a classic and fun wedding.

Heather & Pete-415

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Marrying Pete. After 6years together I already felt committed to him for life so I was surprised by the strength of my emotion when saying my vows and hearing him return those promises.Heather & Pete-164

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

My mum booked the wedding dress shop and my sister chose the dress!

I went with my mum, sister, gramma, mother-in-law and one of my two Auntys.

It was a fun day, with my energy sustained by gramma’s chocolate stash!

In the first shop, my sister pulled a dress off the rack and said try this, and that was that, I loved the first one I tried on. We still went to the other appointments so I could make an informed choice – but I knew that I’d already found one I’d be happy wearing.Heather & Pete-40Heather & Pete-45

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

My lovely little sister, Charlotte, was my bridesmaid and Pete’s best man was his brother, Phil.

We are so close to our siblings and as we were having a simple wedding it was enough to have one person each for support on the day.

Charlotte’s partner Chris was also a great help to us both on the day, you could say he was a spare bridesmaid/groomsman!Heather & Pete-79

Why did you choose your venue?

The Bath Cricket Club fitted our needs… spacious, located in the centre of Bath, short walk from the Guildhall, and most importantly-reasonably priced.

Oh, and Pete is cricket mad!Heather & Pete-217Heather & Pete-1

Tell us about your photographer

Cross-Jones Photography were my only choice as we are lifelong best friends!

It’s a good thing Pete and I have always loved their work and we absolutely LOVE our photos.Heather & Pete-422

How did the proposal happen? 

Christmas Eve 2014 – Wandering through beautiful Bath on our way to a meal in our favourite Thai restaurant, Pete stopped by the river side (suspiciously also by Bath rugby ground!) and simply asked me to marry him – 7.5months later and the job was done!Heather & Pete-180

What was your first dance & why?

We decided to have a first dance about 2 weeks before the wedding. Our tastes in music differ greatly – in 6 years we have only agreed on one song; CeeLo Green’s ‘I want you ‘ …. so the choice was easy!Heather & Pete-456

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

No. I had no expectations or dreams about the day, apart from to end the 7th August 2015 married to Pete. This mind set unintentionally allowed us to have a perfect day.Heather & Pete-304

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Although I was tee total on the day (I wanted to remember it all and was already on a high), we both felt like we had massive hangovers the next day. I think the adrenalin, excitement, emotion and dancing wiped us out. I couldn’t imagine having to travel to a honeymoon destination that day.

I would advise giving yourselves a day of rest immediately after the wedding day just to chill and take it in…. and then go on hols!Heather & Pete-275

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Seeing the excitement it gave my family and friends.Heather & Pete-482Heather & Pete-423

The Suppliers

Photographer: Cross-Jones Photography
Ceremony Venue: Guildhall – Bath, Alkmaar Room
Reception Venue: Bath Cricket Club
Bride’s Dress: Elegant Occasions – Neath
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Guiger
Bride’s Headpiece: Elegant Occasions – Neath
Bride’s Jewellery: Brides Own
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Silk -Skewen
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Bridesmaids Own
Cake: Heather’s Aunty Lynne!
Flowers: Family friend –Daphne Smith
Hair: Phylosophie 
Make Up: Brides Own
DJ: Pete’s mate Will
Stationery: Paper Baker 
Any Reception Decor/Props: Mum’s handmade bunting
Transport: Our legs!

The Wedding Album

Heather & Pete-22 Heather & Pete-31 Heather & Pete-40 Heather & Pete-45Heather & Pete-94Heather & Pete-90Heather & Pete-96Heather & Pete-79Heather & Pete-62Heather & Pete-74Heather & Pete-70Heather & Pete-55Heather & Pete-53Heather & Pete-104Heather & Pete-90Heather & Pete-114Heather & Pete-119Heather & Pete-124Heather & Pete-131Heather & Pete-137Heather & Pete-159Heather & Pete-162Heather & Pete-199Heather & Pete-164Heather & Pete-175Heather & Pete-180Heather & Pete-304Heather & Pete-310Heather & Pete-316Heather & Pete-317Heather & Pete-319Heather & Pete-217Heather & Pete-229Heather & Pete-322Heather & Pete-233Heather & Pete-234Heather & Pete-275Heather & Pete-284Heather & Pete-1Heather & Pete-2Heather & Pete-3Heather & Pete-5Heather & Pete-6Heather & Pete-14Heather & Pete-395Heather & Pete-409Heather & Pete-415Heather & Pete-422Heather & Pete-333Heather & Pete-338Heather & Pete-346Heather & Pete-349Heather & Pete-385Heather & Pete-393Heather & Pete-456Heather & Pete-459Heather & Pete-472Heather & Pete-482Heather & Pete-487Heather & Pete-423Heather & Pete-429Heather & Pete-435Heather & Pete-437Heather & Pete-442Heather & Pete-447Heather & Pete-488Heather & Pete-489


See I told you it’s such a cute wedding! If you are still looking for a some inspiration you better hurry and get some tickets to Cwtchfest. The suppliers are top notch and there will be music all through the day. Buy your tickets here. ~ Kate