Real Wedding: 1950’s Vintage Tea Party – Sophie & Gareth

Good morning you beauts,

A classic wedding never goes out of fashion! Especially the one from our very now Sophie! Just having a little throw back moment, so, sit back and enjoy…

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Sophie and Gareth knew they wanted a vintage wedding, and worked hard to make their day as personal as possible on a small budget. They got married on the 26th May 2012, and Sophie tells their story for us here.

Inspiration and Styling: 


We took most of our inspiration from our love of vintage (predominantly 50’s) styling. The guests knew what to expect and dressed in their finest 50’s-style glad rags. Gareth and I met at university eight years ago (I studied Fine Art and he studied English) and we wanted to touch on this also. I used my creativity to make and style as much as I could and we collected and used vintage books. Our rings were held in our favourite ‘old book find’. We love all things vintage so we spent a good year trawling charity shops, antique fairs and car boots looking for lace and vintage tablecloths, glass vases and accessories. My mother bought us an old Singer sewing machine as a wedding gift which we used and we even found an old wind-up gramophone and lots of 78’s from the 50’s which we left outside for guests to play with. We found 2 old postcards of our home towns (Leicester and Neath) which we framed and displayed too.


Another theme we touched on was the fact that it was the Queen’s Jubilee year. She was crowned Queen in the 50’s and one of our favourite props was a calendar we found at a flea market from 1953 celebrating the Coronation. We used this in our engagement shoot and on the day too. The vintage mis-matched china we hired sat perfectly with my tablecloths and vases and really added to the vintage tea party feel we were going for. Each guest had a tea cup on their place setting with their name attached to the handle. I also spent days making felt hearts which were attached to the teabags – it all looked gorgeous. Hot water was served in vintage teapots and we toasted the speeches with tea.

We hired an old typewriter which we used to ask guests to leave us advice on. This sat on a vintage wooden tea trolley and it went down a treat!



One of my favourite touches was a last minute idea to write our love story. We wrote this together and printed it on to recycled brown card ourselves. We left these on the ceremony seats so guests could read it before the ceremony (we’re not fans of the traditional order-of-service). We heard it left a few in tears.


But by far my favourite item was the 1950s rug I found. We stood on this during the ceremony and the idea behind it was that we could keep the spot we got married on forever.  It is now one of our most treasured possessions.

Vintage Wedding Sophie and Gareth - Brecon Beacons


Peonies – my favourite flower with Sweet Peas (my late Grandfather used to grow them in his garden, entering them into competitions, and I couldn’t have had a bouquet without them). The bouquets were tied with lace ribbon which belonged to my late Grandmother.



The bouquets were arranged by our florist (who grows the flowers on her farm) and she supplied boxes of flowers which the bridesmaids and I arranged into vases and around the barn the day before the wedding.



Vintage Wedding Sophie and Gareth - Brecon Beacons




Obviously we couldn’t handle doing EVERYTHING ourselves but we insisted on using local companies.

All photos in this post were taken by our very own, award winning Maria Farrelly :) (who did not write this bio herself!) Maria is located in Newport, but is always willing to travel. You can see all posts featuring her photography here.

Dress – Bardot by Stephanie Allin purchased at White Bride
Brides’ shoes – Venetia by Rachel Simpson
Bride’s jewellery, bag & ladies gloves – Vintage
Bridesmaid dresses – Tara Starlet
Bridesmaids’ shoes – Just Because by Seychelles Footwear
Bridemaids’ bags – Disaster Designs
Groom & Groomsmen’s suits – Slaters
Groom & Groomsmen’s brooches – Vintage – Sophie’s Grandmothers
Wedding Rings –  Sophie’s ring is vintage Tiffany & Co and Gareth’s ring was from Clive Ranger in Swansea
Ice Cream – Rowlestone Court Dairy – run by a husband and wife who make the award winning ice cream on their farm with milk from their own cows.
Food – Sugarloaf Catering – we had a BBQ in the day and a hog roast in the evening.
Venue – The Barn @ Brynich, Brecon
Music (band) – The Brothel Creepers (a local band who only play 50’s & 60’s music)
Invites – Old Black Hen
Flowers – Brecon Blooms
China Hire, Tandem bike hire, Typewriter hire – Sipping Pretty
Hair – Esme Walton, Sheer Madness
Make up – My friend Katie

The video my talented brother put together for us:


Ceremony – Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
Signing the register – The Beach Boys – God only Knows & Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
First Dance – Andy Williams – Moon River – we LOVE Breakfast at Tiffanys and my engagement and wedding ring were Tiffany too.

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Cwtch of the Week: A Mother and Daughter

I have a tendency to stalk Welsh photographers a little bit, so when I came across this gorgeous shot by Gareth Scanlon, I had to have it on the blog.  Its so lovely, its not just the gorgeousness of the little girl, its the look on her Mummy’s face, just contented joy.  Its so gentle yet full of that secure, safe and fierce love that a Mummy can give. I completely adore this. Over to Gareth to tell us a little bit about it….. Enjoy! 

A Mother and Daughter Banner


Cwtch of the Week: A Mother and Daughter

The Wedding was on the 13th May this year at Swansea Registrar of Births & Marriages at the Civic Centre Swansea.  The couples, Tom and Natasha and their little girl, Galah-Rae, where an absolute dream to photograph. It was an absolutely beautiful day with beaming sunshine, so these photos were taken directly into the sun allowing the lovely warm tones to filter through the trees.  I’m absolutely thrilled the way it came out – just love the pastel tones!
Gareth Scanlon COTW 1
 Ahhhhhhhhhhh, just looking at this makes me feel peaceful.  Its just so pretty.
As a little added treat, Gareth wonderfully also sent the following image of Mother and daughter, which was just too lovely not to accompany this cwtch.
Gareth Scanlon-COTW-2
Just wonderful. Thank you for sharing Gareth.  x

Cwtch of the Week: Beautiful Rainy Gower

This is beautiful. As well as it feeling like we are watching a gorgeous cwtch from afar, look at beautiful Wales in all its glory. Not only do we have this for you, we have the entire Engagement Shoot for you to look out for. Over to the talented Richard Savage, who took this beautiful image, to tell us about this weeks Cwtch of the Week: Beautiful Rainy Gower…..
Beautiful Rainy Gower Banner

Cwtch of the Week: Beautiful Rainy Gower

As Rhian & Daniel are from Cardiff, for their engagement shoot  they wanted a beach location. After suggesting a few places around by the gower Coast they decided on Three Cliffs Bay. Anyone who knows this beautiful piece of the Gower Coast will know its not easy to get to.
After arranging a date and time, we checked the weather forecast on the morning of the shoot and it was rain all day. As you can see it didn’t put these two off, with the tide in we climbed and scrambled to the highest point to get the view.
Thank you Rhian, Daniel and Richard for braving the elements and rough Welsh terrain to capture this beautiful shot.  Even in the rain, Wales is blooming lush!

Our Rustic Bride Kristy

I am a massive believer in fate and Our Rustic Bride Kristy is the perfect example of this. How many of us can say we are marrying our university sweetheart. This beautiful lady is going to have a wedding with lots of handmade items but the thing that is going to play a big part of the day is music…cuddle up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and fall in love with Kristy the way we have…..!!! 

IMAG0976Hi there, my name is Kristy and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to share my experiences over the next 9 months heading towards our wedding!! I am now 30 years old and have been waiting for the day that my perfect man would ask me to marry him since I was a teenager. I was lucky enough  to find my English man Kieron when I was 18. It was the day I left home for Cardiff university. Not originally the university I wanted to get into I must admit, but a last minute effort to apply through clearing secured me a place. Unfortunately due to it being a bit rushed I didn’t get into student residences and had to find my own accommodation. The day I arrived (18.09.04) I knocked on the door and this tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boy answered and introduced himself as Kieron. We both went about the business of moving in. When our families left I found myself nervously standing in the kitchen alone, I decided I didn’t want to be alone so I spent the afternoon in Kierons room chatting away. I knew instantly that I really liked him. It was later that night while watching Shrek we had our first kiss. We have never lived apart since. We are best friends and soul mates and I can’t wait to become his wife a day before our 12th anniversary together. As you can see, I have waited a long time for this!


I was born and have always lived in Wales. I was brought up in a small town outside Carmarthen before moving to Cardiff for university (where Kieron and I met). Since then we have been living in an even smaller town outside of Swansea.IMAG1231

I qualified as a midwife just over two years ago. I think it is definately a calling and I love it. I work both day and night shifts, and going for bridal appointments following night shifts has led to some very entertaining conversations and I think some unusual decisions!more recent 2015

I am an active girl –  I enjoy yoga and pilates. I love to dance, and don my ballet shoes often. I like to get out and about with Kieron and our fur baby Indi. She’s a relatively new addition to the unit, she is the most ridiculous little thing but definitely keeps us on our toes!indi pup

This year, I just cant wait to finally become a Mrs. To have both of our families in one place at the same time. Our families being seperated by the river Severn has not allowed this before. And of course the HONEYMOON!P1020959

Introducing Our Traditional Bride Kath

Hello you lovely lot.
We previously mentioned that some of our Bride-to-be competition entries brought us to tears.  Well, this was one of those brides….But not sad tears….Nope! Tears rolling down our face with laughter. I would like to introduce you all to Kath, our new Traditional Bride!
This beautiful lady is getting married in September and chose our Lush List member Oxwich Bay Hotel for her nuptials. She is planning a multicoloured, sparkly, spangly wedding day and I’m sure like many of you, her husband to be is not into the planning side of things.  So far it’s been her, her and oh her again, doing everything!
She is a great story teller with loads of advice and we’re super excited to have her join our team. Lets give her a warm welcome ~ Kate.

Our Traditional Bride

Photo 18-04-2015 7 29 09 pm
Ok soooo let me tell you a bit about me!! As you’ll see, this is obviously more than 300 words…!! But it’s who I am, where I’m from, how I feel about love, marriage, and my hopes for the future.  Also, you’ll see I refer to my fiancé as “The Manfriend” which is a moniker (name) I use when discussing him on Facebook in my ridiculously long statuses… It started off as a bit of a joke, but it stuck, and my friends all know him as that now… but his real name is Rich!!Photo 04-01-2016 1 32 05 pm
My name is Kathryn (or “Kat” to The Manfriend, Kath to most other people, but under no circumstances Kathy!!) I’m 31 years old, blonde at heart, a bubbly Scorpio who loves a jäger bomb, loves my cats, and of course, loves my fiancé. But nothing compares to the love I have for the Kings of Leon. That’s probably more of an obsession.1535Photo 22-11-2013 8 49 52 pm
I grew up in a little Carmarthenshire village called Tycroes, until last year, when I moved to the bright lights city of Swansea!! My parents had me a little later in life, meaning I’ve always been a bit spoilt! Not in a bratty way, but I’ve always had “firm” (read: “loud”) opinions about what I’ve wanted in life, and planning our wedding is no different. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be – I will have to reassess this as the months pass!) The Manfriend is leaving most of the planning to me. He’s got a few ideas which I will obviously consider… but for now, he’s happy to let me plough ahead with the organisation, and that suits me just fine!!Photo 25-12-2015 4 24 53 pmPhoto 17-12-2015 10 30 56 am
I’m also pretty creative, meaning a lot of the little things like Save The Dates, Invitations, Favours and even table centrepieces are going to be DIY, where I will be channeling my inner Neil Buchannan (sorry if you don’t remember Art Attack – you should really Google it, it was amazing!!) so this will hopefully save some pennies as well as adding a really personal touch to our big day!!042
Living at home with my mum and dad taught me a lot about love. My parents were war babies and married on my mum’s 21st birthday. This year, they celebrated their Golden Anniversary (50 years!!), and the love and respect they endlessly and unconditionally share makes my heart burst with pride, and has cemented my own belief in love and marriage. Photo 17-12-2015 10 30 09 am
I had a really happy and traditional childhood, and with 2 big sisters, I was (and still am!) a very girly girl! I’d spend hours playing “Wedding Day” with my Barbie and Ken dolls and was still playing with them until second year comprehensive school (secretly!) But having such a solid family upbringing has left me with some distinctly lopsided values…Photo 18-12-2015 7 21 05 am
For instance, I believe without question that a man should hold every door open for his lady, always pay for dinner, and most importantly, take the bins out without a fight!!
But if The Manfriend was ever to suggest I spend a day cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and slaving over a hot stove preparing dinner in readiness for his arrival home from work, well… I’d laugh in his face!!
My mum is a true housewife, and my dad a true gent, but they just don’t make them like that any more!! And it’s probably just as well… The Manfriend is (literally) the chef in our household – and I’ve been known to eat off a paper towel rather than wash a plate!!Photo 22-06-2014 5 18 45 pm
And as old-school as my upbringing was, I was also brought up to believe I could be anything I wanted to be in life. So in 9 months time, I choose to be Wedding Day Barbie!! But with smaller boobs. And shorter legs. And a significantly larger waist. And I’m going to treat my very own Ken to some jolly good old fashioned downright modern loving!!Photo 05-11-2015 9 15 05 pm
So that’s pretty much me! (I would say “in a nutshell,” but it’s more like “in a coconut lorry.”) xxx
You can see why choosing a shortlist was so hard! They are all great and we cant wait for you to meet the next bride to be! Have a lovely day! ~Kate