Penarth Pier Proposal

“You may have heard about this in the local press recently. However, we’re thrilled to have the shocked bride-to-be Louisa sharing her side of the story for all of us here at Cwtch The Bride.  We LOVE a good proposal story and this boy certainly did good!  Lets hand you over to Louisa to tell you all about it.” 

penarth pier proposal 02It’s been almost two weeks and I am still in shock about how my boyfriend proposed to me. It was the night of our first year anniversary and I was really looking forward to going out for a meal to celebrate, little did I know though about what he was planning.

We went to one of my favourite local restaurants by the pier called the Fig Tree, and half way through our meal I noticed that the pier looked all lit up with fairy lights, thinking nothing of it I pointed it out to my boyfriend and he casually remarked we should go and have a look at what’s going on there after we had finished our meal. It never once crossed my mind that those lights could be for me.

penarth pier proposal 08

Once we had finished our meal, I did start to think he was acting a little twitchy as he was really insistent that he wanted to go outside and have a look at the pier.  I went along with it, but I left my bag in the restaurant as I thought we were going back, when he found this out he raced back in a grabbed my bag for me.  We walked up to the gates of the pier and it was locked, but luckily the pier master arrived with the key to let us in, it was only after the proposal that I found out that the pier is usually shut by this time and that Andrew had arranged it especially to be open just for us.

Once we got to the entrance of the pier, I could see that there was a run way lit up with tea lights, I still had no idea as I just thought there was something going on on the pier, but then he pointed to the side, and there surrounded by tea lights in a shape of a heart was a warm hot water bottle and fleece which he picked up and said this is for you.  I just looked at him bewildered and said why’s this for me?  He just took me by the hand and led me round the corner.  Once we turned the corner I could see the whole pier had been lit up and there was a pathway of lights leading to the end, it all looked so magical.  Then music started playing and I realised it was Jose Gonzalez’s Heartbeats, which is our special song.  I turned to him again and said did you do this?  He just smiled and laughed a little and said no no not me.  We carried on walking and by this stage I really didn’t know what to think, I was so confused, I was just looking round at all the lights a bit too shocked to speak.  Then he stopped at the first table and gave me a bunch of red roses, and then asked if I would like some champagne which was on the next table.

penarth pier proposal 11

I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it was finally sinking in that he had done all this for me!  I was speechless.  Finally he led me to the end of the pier where there was a red heart lit up on the floor and a little table covered in lights, then he reached over and picked up a box from the table, hidden underneath a bag of popcorn (my favourite food).

penarth pier proposal-01

Then he got down on one knee, I don’t think the words will you marry me had left his mouth before I blurted out oh my god yes!  By this point I thought I really couldn’t believe what was happening!  The first thing he did was give me a big hug and a kiss then spun me round to watch the fireworks he had prepared for this moment.  The fireworks were beautiful and it was such a brilliant way to finish off the proposal.  What makes this proposal even more special, is that Andrew was my first ever boyfriend when I was a teenager and now I can say he will be my last boyfriend too.

penarth pier proposal12


I think you can agree with me that Louisa is one lucky lady. If you would like to share your proposal story please email 

Pre-Wedding Shoot – Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim

Remember Louise & Osmaan from their Cwtch of the Week last week? Well they’re back with they’re engagement shoot (shot by Bence & Kedochim) and their epic proposal story! :) We’ll leave them to tell it to you…

Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim

Louise’s story

It all happened on Saturday 13 October, a week before my birthday. I went to get my hair done around 12ish and had planned for one of my lovely Welsh-mates-living-in-London to come over to my flat (near the Tate Modern) at around 3pm. She is known as “Sophie Lovely” (this will make sense in the photos!). I got home early from the salon, around 14:30 to find a note on the door saying “Little one, your plans for the rest of the day have changed”. I immediately felt excited and nervous and the thought “is this it? Is it actually happening?” did cross my mind. But I shoved it away, reminding myself that my birthday was a week away and this must be an elaborate birthday surprise.


What followed was an exciting little “treasure hunt” involving me running around the flat like a mad woman, following little notes and instructions, finding the right dress (luckily, I had recently bought a pretty dress that I hadn’t yet worn), and packing an overnight bag. I didn’t have time to think too much other than “I am going to want to remember all of this, whatever happens at the end” so I started taking photos. I then started tweeting them and the replies I got were so funny and heartwarming. SO many people were excited for me and desperate to know what was happening!


I tottered down my street in search of a cab and finally pulled one over on Southwark Street. I gave the cabby his note, which I saw included a generous tip, and he took me to my destination…En route, I had sweets and nuts to keep me going and my now-fiancé had put together a photo album of all the pics we had had together over the previous two years and 3 months. It was lovely. Before long, we pulled up outside The Savoy. Having lived in London for almost ten years, I had always loved this hotel. It is the epitome of glamour and the most famous London hotel with the first cocktail bar. I love it and had mentioned to Os before that I would love to stay there one day.


The doorman asked if I was staying there but I had to say “I have no idea!”. The cabby told him “You have to take ‘er to the concierge, mate!”, then said to me “Fair play, love, your fella is a legend”. I think he was quite excited about his undercover role. Within the hotel, the concierge took my bag and walked me to the room. I have never received such a nice welcome in a hotel before. She chatted the whole way although I was a bit dazed at that point.


We stopped in front of the Maria Callas suite, one of only five suites in the hotel. Os opened the door and the place was enormous, about as big as our flat! It had incredible views over the river, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament…  Os showed me the bedroom and sat me in an armchair by the window, got down on one knee and proposed! I was just utterly shocked and kept repeating “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”. Somewhere in between I managed to say “yes”! The ring was perfect and everything I had ever wanted. What was most touching was that, two days before, Os had travelled to Wales to ask my parents’ permission. And I had had absolutely no idea!


Os had brought my favourite champagne – Veuve Cliquot – which was chilling on ice and we celebrated. That night, we wandered over to Polpo, one of our favourite restaurants, had a lovely dinner, then made use of The Savoy’s American Bar for some excellently-made cocktails.


The next morning, we had breakfast in our room overlooking the river. It was just perfect although we were a bit sad we had to leave! But we had a lovely walk along the river on the Southbank back to our flat and basked in the sunshine and our happiness. I honestly couldn’t have planned or wished for a better proposal myself.


Osmaan’s story

Planning took a fair while. Luckily I’d just taken a sabbatical from work to study music, so I had a bit of time on my hands. I’d always wanted to do something special in London – where we live – so that we can be reminded of it more often. I had considered a nice restaurant, but that would be over too quickly and wouldn’t be private. A hotel would be better and less rushed. I knew Louise liked the Savoy, so I went there to scout it out and eventually booked a room. But how to get her there with overnight bags to the room without giving it away? Then I thought that a ‘treasure hunt’-style plan would be great as she would do it alone, with the anticipation and excitement building to make the moment more special.

In the meantime I had been up and down the country finding the right stone and having it made into a ring. When it was all ready and the hotel was booked I made a day trip to Wales to go and see Louise’s parents to ask for their blessing. They really appreciated the effort which made it all worthwhile. I hadn’t told another soul.

So, fast forward to THE DAY. Louise went out for her hair appointment, which I knew was perfect as she’d come back feeling and looking great. As soon as she left I put the notes that I’d written the previous day in a treasure hunt round the flat, grabbed my things and headed to the Savoy. The concierge took me to my room – which was nice enough – and on the way we discussed what I was about to do. Ten minutes later I had a call from him saying he had something special for me – and took me up to the amazing suite which was ours for the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

I had at least an hour to wait – but it felt like a day. Eventually I received a text from Louise “Eeek, this is exciting!” and knew she must be in the taxi. Ten minutes later I got a call from the concierge saying she’d be up in two minutes and “good luck”. I opened the door and she was there, looking beautiful as ever. I thought I should propose straight away as it was the most exciting way to do it and I thought Louise must know what was coming anyway. So I sat her down in a chair I had moved to the window overlooking the Thames, got down on one knee and the rest is history.

What was fantastic is that this happened at  around 3pm. We then had the rest of the afternoon, evening, night and next day to enjoy the hotel and really bask in the moment.

Isn’t that the most fabulous proposal?! Louise and Osmaan are getting married in Glanusk in July and if the wedding is anything like the proposal then it’ll be something very special indeed :)

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Louise and Osmaan have booked London duo Bence & Kedochim to document their day, and had a sweet little shoot in St James Park to get warmed up!

Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim Louise & Osmaan by Bence & Kedochim