#Cwtchfest2017 Spotlight: Ffwrnes

Cwtchfest2017 Spotlight


We are Ffwrnes. Two friends from school, one from Llanelli, the other from Trimsaran, making traditional Neapolitan pizza with a nod to Wales. Everything is handmade!
Our dough is traditional Neapolitan, homemade from a family recipe and always fermented two ways for a minimum of 24 hours, giving it a deep flavour and light texture. This is topped with our sauce, sweet, deep red San Marzano tomatoes(DOP), a must for true Neapolitan pizza.
For our toppings we use a variety of producers that span the length and breadth of Wales. The Jiawl Bach(our take on a classic Diavola), uses spicy pepperoni from an amazing, award winning charcuterie in Monmouthshire and the chillies are grown and picked in Merthyr Tydfil. This theme runs through all our pizzas. We like to think that this is a brilliant combination, old-school Italian know-how meets the best locally sourced Welsh produce for the toppings.

The final piece of this jigsaw is the oven. This is what turns our Welsh-Italian combination from ‘brilliant’ to perfect! Our ovens are wood fired and are housed in our Piaggio vans, the Ape and Porter. Our little 3 wheel Ape, Smokey Pete, and his larger brother, the Porter, are regular fixtures in Italian towns and villages and their playful, and suitably quirky appearance would be an ideal fit for any occasion. This charm, style and playfulness represents what Ffwrnes is all about.

Rosedew Farm wedding

#Cwtchfest2017 Spotlight: Bwydiful

Cwtchfest2017 Spotlight


At Bwydiful, we’re all about hand-crafted, gourmet Welsh steak burgers cooked to order in freshly baked sourdough rolls with a range of mouth-watering, delicious artisan toppings.

Bwydiful Three Burgers

We are founded on a few simple principles:

We love local.

Produce is locally sourced, with a strong focus on high quality Welsh ingredients. We always serve the best food that we can through an on-going mission to find the best produce that South Wales has to offer.

Fresh is best.

Fresh, quality ingredients brought together using artisan techniques guarantees the best end product every time.

Bwydiful Medelicious

Recycle money locally.

Independent businesses offer unrivalled produce and a personal service. Money earned locally is spent locally to support the community.

We’re a small, independent business so we can promise you our personal attention and excellent service to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day.

Bwydiful Trailer

Our hand-formed, artisan steak burgers will impress your guests and, trust us, they’ll be raving about the food for weeks… With a range of affordable, bespoke packages, let us add the excitement of street food to your big day.

And rest assured that our charges are the same whatever the event – we don’t ask for more just because it’s a wedding!