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Our LUSH LIST is finally  launched!

A fabulous collection of our favourite Welsh Wedding suppliers. All hand picked by us and highly recommended by our readers.


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All the companies listed have links to take you to their own websites, Facebook page & Twitter feed. This is a great way to follow them if you’d like to get to know them a bit more before booking.

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Most of these companies will already be featuring our approved vendor badge on their websites too. This is to give you peace of mind that we’ve either worked with them, Used their services or some of our readers have highly recommend them.

So, there you have it. We do hope you love it and find it a valuable resource to your wedding planning. Have a good look around the directory, click on a few links and let us know what you think. You can send us your feedback here.

We will be adding LOTS more suppliers to our LUSH LIST throughout the year so do keep popping back. We’ll also be inspiring you more by sharing their work over on our Facebook page.

If you run a lovely welsh wedding business (especially in North Wales!) and would like us to consider you for our Lush List. You can get in touch with us here.

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How To Plan Your Table Plan by White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s newest post – hurrah! (Missed her other posts? You can find them all here.) She’s been here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s giving us the low down on table plans, escort cards and top tables! :)

whitecraftslogo quality

The plan for planning your table plan!

Every bride LOVES to plan but when it comes to the Table Plan panic sets in!!

vintage frame

“I can’t sit Jane & Pete on the same table as they ‘cuddled’ once in the first year at uni and now he’s married Jane’s cousin and Jane is dating Pete’s best friend, neither of whom know about the ‘cuddle’ because I’m the ONLY person who knows and I’ve been sworn to take this secret to my grave!

So if I don’t sit them together am I making a point (and increasing everyone’s interest in Jane & Pete) or do I just sit them together and hope no-one gets too drunk to and ruins MY wedding.”

PS Jane & Pete are fictional characters and are definitely NOT based on anyone I know ;)

brown table planphoto credit Nigel Bloomer Photography

So you see the dilemma of the table plan!! Well don’t worry I’m here help :)

Just say ‘balls to it’! No really, it’s your blinking wedding and if two fully grown adults can’t be polite to one another for 2 hours while they sit and eat their food then none of them should be at your wedding! They should be there solely to support you and enjoy spending this VERY special day with you and if you feel anyone can’t do that without having a screaming match then they really shouldn’t’ t be there :(

Now we’ve dealt with those who can ‘do one’ we can get on to the good stuff!!

wicker heart table plan bunting Photo credit Maria Farrelly

Do I really need to tell a room of adults where to sit?

Yes, yes you do!

Or actually no you don’t as long as you don’t mind your Grandma having to sit with all your old school pals at the back of the room where she can’t hear the speeches!

Or you don’t mind all your work mates are sat next to the top table and your brother who was meant to be saying a few words can’t get to the mic during speeches or your sister with the new born has to sit in the bar because she can’t get the pram in due to the musical chairs game that went on when the doors were opened. :)

You get my point! Don’t go all ‘we’re having an informal do’ here ok just tell people where to plant their bums for a couple hours!

birdcage table plan photo credit ALS Photography

vintage mirror table plan

Our venue is taking care of our table plan for us

Some hotels ‘include’ a table plan with your wedding package. Please please please look at one of these BEFORE your wedding day! I’ve had so many desperate calls at the last minute to create table plans because the one that the venue provide is unreadable, wrong, or just darn right ugly and it’s the first thing all our guests are going to see and the one thing every single guest is going to HAVE to look at to find their seat.

(I’m sure some venues do a really good job, but just check it out before hand so you’re not stressing out on the day)!

blue table plan

mirror table plan  Photo credit Maria Farrelly

How many per table?

For a traditional 5 ft circular table please don’t try and squeeze any more than 10 per table and if all your friends are part of the rugby team or the ladies sumo-wrestling club then 8 per table max (stereotypes I know (don’t bother complaining) but use your common sense people)!! Check with your venue or your wedding planner on their recommendations for your particular reception. Also make sure that your brother in law (who broke his ankle last week and is now in wheel chair) is able to get to his seat without having to rearrange the room whilst on route! People with kids either have space so they can get down from the table without disturbing everyone and can slip anyway to the loos or remove a screaming child throughout the speeches!

tree table planphoto credit ALS Photography

Top table formal stuff!

This is the traditional top table layout, but you darling bride can do whatever the hell you want to do! It’s your wedding after all!

traditional top table

wicker heart table plan

Escort Cards…what the hell are these?!

escort cardsCommonly used in America, they’re little cards or envelopes sporting your guests names and what table they’ll be sat on. Usually displayed on a table in alphabetical order but you can have some darn right gorgeous things just check out this awesome tree from Essential Event Hire!

essential escort tree

Best thing about escort cards are that you can literally change them right up to the second before your wedding, where as table plans need to be printed way before the wedding.

The entire ‘look’ (darling)

Whether you decide if escort cards or a traditional table plan is best for you just consider the entire ‘look’ of your seating chart and make it a feature (all be it a practical, readable feature). Think about the frame, colours, what font you want to use, and the easel you’ll use to hold your table plan (we have some to hire if your venues’ one is gross!).

Here at White Crafts I do traditional framed, mirrored table plans, wicker heart rustic look, sparkly trees, birdcage, escort cards and pretty much anything else you can think of. Get in touch with me (Kelly) to chat about your seating chart :)
I’m nice honest!
07841 623403

mint green table plan

black table planphoto credit ALS Photography

Let me know you’re a real person and ask a question or leave me a comment below :)

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How to Write an Order of Service – by White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s latest post – yay! (Missed her other posts? You can find them here!) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s giving us tips on how to write an order of service :)

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Order of Service: What the heck are they and what the hell goes in them?!

order of service

 The Order of Service is a step by step account on what your guests can expect throughout your ceremony.

rustic order of service

It’s always best to check with the person conducting the ceremony to make sure that everything is covered, but today we’re just giving you some rough guidelines on things to look out for when sorting your Order of Service.

Church Weddings

Photo credit Ellis Photography

Photo credit Ellis Photography

If you’re having a church wedding, here at White Crafts we always ask you to start getting the wording for your Order of Service sorted sooner rather than later!


You might find you have your friends and family volunteer to perform a reading then bicker over which reading they want to do then drop out and have to replace them at the last minute.

Readings should be stated in the order of service and who is reading them, but please try and refrain from putting the whole reading in there. It can put off the person doing the reading as everyone is looking down and following the words and they feel like no-one is listening (plus if they have a little slip up EVERYONE knows)!

Popular church readings are:

  • Corinthians Chapter 13 (verses 1-7)
  • Colossians 3 (verses 12-17)

Just on a side note PLEASE consider what your friend or family member is going to read from to recite their reading. It’s quite unsightly to see them approaching the front of your meticulously designed and beautifully decorated church with a piece of screwed up paper and with what looks like tea stains on the reverse (exactly to section the whole congregation can see while they’re performing their reading) We want them to be listening and enjoying your reading dedicated to you on your wedding day, not playing guess that stain!

Other Messages

Some couples like to leave a little message of thanks to their friends and family for taking time out to share their special day with them. Others like to introduce the bridal party (although if you’re a White Crafts bride you can do this before hand on your web page)

Try and keep your order of service down to 4 pages. This doesn’t over whelm your guests and yet holds all the information they need, remember they don’t have to follow the service word for word they just need a basic guideline of what’s going on and the words to your hymns.

rustic Collage order of serviceAbove all make sure you use a font that your guests can actually read! It’s all very well it being pretty but if they can’t read it then it’s totally useless!

kid order of serviceHymns

Include your hymns in your order of service to save fussing about with hymn books as well as your order of services. Your hymns might change daily as certain songs start to whiz you back in time and force you to recall that frightful time when you were 8 and standing in church at the Harvest Festival when you accidently knocked over the whole display of collected fruit and veg (who’s stupid idea was it to tower them anyway)!! OK – Maybe that one is only me :)

You find out that your Aunt (who you don’t talk to anymore & is now divorced) had that hymn at her wedding, and you’ll be darned if you’ll be having it at yours. Or your sister made that passing comment of ‘isn’t that a funeral song’ Anyhow I think you get the idea, everyone starts having an opinion of what hymns you should or shouldn’t have so just pick the hymns YOU like and feel are fitting for you as a couple. Good sing along hymns (which most of us were forced to sing in school, so we all know them) tend to go down well, such as

  • ‘Give me Joy in my Heart’
  • ‘Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer’
  • ‘Amazing Grace’
  • (you just sang a little bit of these –didn’t you :))

These are all common wedding hymns, the typical number of hymns for a church service is between 2-3.

lace order of service

Procession & Recessional music

If you want to keep this a surprise for your wedding guests then you might not want to include it in your order of service however if you going with one of the traditional one’s then it’s a good idea to pop it in there. If you have a choir, string quartet, organist or harpist playing throughout the ceremony it is also nice to give them a mention in your order of service.

Typical Procession music is:

  • ‘Te Deum Prelude’
  • ‘Conon in D’ Pachelbel
  • ‘Bridal Chorus’ Wagner

Typical Recessional music is:

  • ‘Wedding March’ Mendelssohn
  • ‘Trumpet Tune’ Purcell

Order more than you think you’ll need

Now I know this is coming from a stationer but it’s true! You’ll always use more than you think. Remember churches are open to the public so anyone is within their right to come and see you wed (and they do)! Your Vicar will have one (and the Vicar’s helper, there is always at least one), you and your partner will have one each, your bridesmaids, and ushers are likely to not be sitting with their partners so they’ll take one each (instead of usually sharing).

If you have a choir, string quartet, harpist or organist they will have at least one, and if you have bell ringers they will want one too to know where in the service you are! Ordering half the number to you have guests just doesn’t work with Orders of Service.

yellow order of service

Civil Ceremonies

We are seeing HUGE increase in couples planning a civil ceremony still having an order of service, as it helps to bring some more formality to the proceedings. Obviously these needn’t include so much information but just give guests a more basic outline.

For example:

  • procession music
  • readings (which can be funny poems or stories, such as ‘Yes I’ll marry you’ by Pam Ayres)
  • declaratory words
  • contracting words
  • signing of the register
  • and recessional music (which needn’t be the traditional type but can just be one of your favourite songs)

Again if you have anyone performing any music then it’s good to include in this as well.

mini order of service

Brides and grooms have also used these to include a run down of the rest of the day as well, letting guests know when and where drinks and canapés & the wedding breakfast will be served, where and when throwing of confetti will take place, when & where a group photo is going to be taken etc. This allows any guests who need to nip off to get cash out or get changed from any wardrobe malfunction to do so without missing all the best bits!

photo credit ALS Photography

photo credit ALS Photography

Are you having a church wedding? What hymns have you chosen? What readings are you having? Have you got any more tips? Join the discussion below!

If you have more questions or need to order your order of services then just drop us an email on kelly@whitecrafts.com :)

Signing off for now

Kelly :)


A Guide To Wedding Invitation Styles by Kelly from White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s third post – yay! (Missed her other post? You can find them here!) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s talking us through the many (many!) different wedding invitation styles you can get from White Crafts :)

whitecraftslogo quality
Good day lovely cwtch readers!
I started writing a blog post about all the different types of wedding invitations you can have and that we offer at White Crafts, but I started sounding like a crazy person trying to write down where certain folds were and how they looked. So I decided to make a video showing you all a few different types of wedding invitations that you can have instead! :) You lucky things ;)

So here it is my first ever video on wedding invitation ideas (you can all have a good laugh at my expense)! :)

Can’t see the video? If you’re reading via email click the title of the post to view it on the web.

I hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your own wedding invitations :) I’d love it if you could like the video on YouTube or leave (nice) comments (simply to help boost my ego) :)

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below. (or if you’re a little shy email me on kelly@whitecrafts.com :) )

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White Crafts

Everything You Need to Know About Save the Dates by Kelly from White Crafts

It’s time for Kelly’s second post – hurrah! (Missed her first post? You can find it here!) She’ll be here every fortnight, talking about all things wedding stationery related – this week she’s talking us through Save the Dates :)

whitecraftslogo quality

me surprised smallSave the dates – what, What WHAT?! When I first became a wedding stationer I have to say I was a little surprised at the number of couples who had no idea what a ‘save the date’ was (I always thought the clue was in the name, but weddings do funny things to peoples heads)! These are some of the questions I often get when it comes to save the dates, and if you’re unclear on anything – don’t worry we’re here to set the record straight!

What the hell are save the dates?

They are a message to your guests to let them know that you are getting married and on what date. Then your guest can make sure that they have dates booked off work or don’t plan to go away and miss your big day!

What on earth needs to go on them?

All you need is the names of the people getting married, and your wedding date and that’s it! At this stage they don’t need to know where it is (unless it’s aboard), what time, or any of the other details.

Typical wording often goes like this.
(Take notes guys)!

std typical wording

Of course you can word them however you want. (Side note – in the wedding industry save the dates are commonly shortened to ‘std’ this can cause some confusion so I would avoid writing ‘std meeting’ in your diary, the other half might get a little concerned)!! :)

alternative wording std

Yeah that’s all great but what the heck do they look like?

You can have them to match your wedding colour scheme, theme or any other style you’re going for, or if you haven’t decided on this yet then just keep it plain and simple.

Here’s some ideas for you.

flat card std

magnet save the date

rustic save the date

tiffany blue save the date

If you can sing, can write music, have access to a recording studio, can film yourselves, and are good looking then you could do something like this:

Do I HAVE to have save the dates?

No! :) If you’re getting married within a year of planning then don’t worry about it. Some couples like to send them anyway just to be on the super safe side that no-one is going to miss it.

If you’re planning your big day for a weekday, during peak holiday times (e.g. summer holidays, or Christmas), or if there is a BIG national event happening (e.g. sporting events, bank holidays, or royal wedding (although this one isn’t likely to happen again for while))! Then it might be a good idea just to pre-warn people before you roll out the formal invites.

So I’ve decided I need them, when do I send them out?

As soon as you’ve confirmed your church/registry office/venue and have your dream reception all booked (with deposits paid) then you can send them as soon as you like. You’re guests can never have too much warning that your wedding is coming!

What ever you decide is best for your wedding is the right thing to do, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! Hope you enjoyed this look into Save the Dates – just leave your questions in the comments below or if you’re a little shy email me on kelly@whitecrafts.com :)

Signing off for now



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