Engagement Shoot: Rebecca & Dave by Christopher Ian

Good morning all! You will remember, 10 days ago, we featured Rebecca and Daves Cwtch of the Week, taken from their Engagement Shoot in the breathtaking Pen Y Pass  in North Wales with Christopher Ian. Well today, we get to show you the entire, beautiful shoot!  These two, along with Christopher, chose an absolutely beautiful backdrop in which to have this shoot. Its rugged beauty is such a contrast to the gentle cwtches Rebecca and Dave give each other.  But don’t listen to me, listen to Christopher, and have a look for yourself……..  

Engagement Shoot Slim

Engagement Shoot: Rebecca & Dave by Christopher Ian

 Rebecca & Dave had their engagement shoot in the heart of the welsh countryside near Pen y Pass, a stunning mountainous region with incredible views. These guys really wanted to create images that were full of dramatic backdrops and really appreciated the fine art photography approach.
The environment really sells that so easily but what made it truly amazing were these guys, I have never laughed so much in all my time photographing engagements and weddings! Their wedding is going to be incredible, a wonderful location in Criccieth in Cardigan Bay, in the Eifionydd area of Gwynedd in Wales. Come back soon to see how their wedding was just as awesome as their engagement…

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Its just beautiful guys! What a stunning setting for such an exciting shoot! Thank you for sharing x


Cwtch of the Week : Kerry & Tom’s Snowdonia Cwtch of the Week

This week we have the gorgeously snuggly Cwtch of the Week from Kerry and Tom.  This beautiful pair had their e-shoot by the very talented and ever so lovely Amy & Omid Photography.  After a fabulous day around the breathtakingly picturesque Snowdonia with the photographers, Kerry and Tom finished it off with this fabulous squiggy and super tight cwtch. I think you will agree, its absolute perfection!

Cwtch of the Week: Kerry & Tom’s Snowdonia Cwtch


Image by Amy and Omid Photography

Aaaaaahhhh its super dreamy. Her lovely smile, and closed eyes and his protective arms holding her tight.  Delicious cwtch indeed! And we have their lovely engagement story, so over to you Kerry….

Ah, Tom did a wonderful proposal! We’d been going out 8 months and planned a short break in Barcelona for Tom’s birthday. One day we took a metro just outside of the city to a romantic gardens with a labyrinth. I love the fun of walking around mazes so I suggested we go different routes and meet in the middle. Well, I ended up being a bit lost for a while and Tom was already there.

After having a picnic at the centre of the maze which has a statue of Eros, God of love, Tom began talking about us, our relationship and I had no idea that he would propose but just then he got down on his knee and pulled out a ring box! I was utterly surprised – but said yes of course! It was the most perfect proposal I could have ever wished for!

Aaaahhhhhch wonderful.  Well done Tom! And guess what? We are super lucky. Not only do we have this lovely cwtch of the week, but we also have Kerry and Tom’s entire engagement shoot coming up tomorrow. If this is anything to go by, we are in for an absolute treat!

So, treat this as a warm up, a stretch, if you will. As your eyes are in for a delight tomorrow. We absolutely cannot wait!