Bride To Be Diaries: Traditional Bride Kath’s RSVP Meltdown

Morning you lovely lot! Today we are handing it over to our Traditional Bride Kath who is talking all about what happens when you have an RSVP meltdown.  Our Traditional Bride My wedding is just 8 little weeks away now, … Continue reading

Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello lovelies. So we’ve compiled a small but (we feel) crucial list of wedding guest etiquette.  We’ve all been a little guilty of a couple in the past (ok, more than a couple), so we shall be taking note of these also…..

Wedding Talk - Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette


If the B&G have created a gift list, or registered at a store in particular, unless you’re going to go for a monetary gift instead, don’t stray from it! They have chosen items for a specific reason.  If there is no cheese board on the list, its not that they have forgotten, its that they don’t want one!

Plus one

Our rule at our wedding was ‘if you’re not in love, they’re not coming’.  The last thing I wanted was to have a face in our photographs whom none of us (even the guest who brought them) could remember!

If there isn’t a plus one written on the invite, they haven’t banked on your bringing one. Don’t make it awkward by calling them to ‘check’ they haven’t forgotten.

StationaryStationary by Love-Lee

If the children haven’t been included on the invite, they’re not invited. This is always tricky as kiddies are wonderful. But at the end of the day, if there are 25 children in total that could be invited, thats 25 friends and family that you can’t invite.  So if they’re not on the invite, treat it as a lovely day for you to enjoy just celebrating your friends, and not being on duty for a change.


For girls, its always been said that as a guest, you don’t wear white (or similar). I have to agree. Rocking up to a wedding wearing the same colour of the bride is a massive no no. I also find it a little odd when the mother of the bride wears a similar dress to their bride daughters!! Really!? You’ve had your day my love, now pipe down and stand back!

I have to say, the B&G shouldn’t have to stipulate what the attire should be on the day unless they are wanting a specific look, like black tie.  Its a wedding. You don’t roll up wearing leggings and flip flops.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new outfit, but you should definitely look smart for their big day.

Image by Maria Farrelly


Always send your RSVP back.  Being invited to a wedding a very wonderful thing and it was a decision that the bride and groom did not take lightly. It may have even meant that a member of the family isn’t coming because they would like you to instead. So don’t leave it to the B&G to chase you for acceptance. They are crazy excited about their big day, as well as stressed about the organising. The least you can do is make sure they know you’re coming.


Stock ImageRSVP RSVP

Here are are few more things to consider too:

  • Don’t be late! Running up just behind the bride as she is entering the venue to get married, and quickly scrambling to your seat, is pretty much a no no.
  • Be respectful during the service. If its not to your tastes, religious or otherwise, tough. Its the B&G’s day and this is what they chose.
  • Don’t go bonkers with social media! Just check before you go plastering the bride and groom all over Facebook etc. They may want to set up a private group where you can all add your photographs.
  • Don’t sit wherever you want. Planning the seating is a political nightmare! So just go with it, and sit where the B&G suggested, I guarantee there is avery specific reason you are where they have put you!
  • I’m saying this next with guilt in my voice, but don’t get too battered.  I did get a little too tipsy the other week and ended up falling over in front of people I don’t know. Not the end of the world, but if it goes too far, its just awful. Ive witnessed a brides dress get ripped by a drunken guest, and the bride get thrown up on, and its just grim. Don’t be the one they talk about after the big day!

Having said that..sometimes, getting tipsy with your friends can be great fun and just really funny (especially in a photo booth)

Behaviour Image by Maria Farrelly

So there you have it – some wise words there me thinks! Weddings are amazing days, we just need to bare in mind that as much fun as we’re going to have, for the bride and groom, its one of the biggest days of their lives. Lets not give them anything to worry about!