A Romantic Proposal in Paris

A few weeks ago we featured this proposal shoot in Tintern Abbey and I loved it so much that I followed it up the week after with this post talking about why I love proposal and pre-wedding shoots. We also put a plea up on our Facebook page for brides with proposal photographs to get in touch. Reader Jess answered this plea and this week she is here telling us all about her romantic proposal in Paris with surprise photos by Lindsey of Pictours Paris, take it away Jess.


Phil and I went to secondary school together and were part of the same friendship group all the way through. We were the only two from the group to end up in Swansea University and I think the fact he was a familiar face and the fact all my housemates quite fancied him meant that we began spending more time together and eventually he asked me out on a date. The date was a bit of a disaster, we were both very awkward! Doors, escalators and ticket machines tried to scupper us, but at the end of the night when he nearly missed his bus because he ran back to give me a good night kiss I knew he was pretty special. We have been together for more than five years now, all through uni and graduating, getting our first jobs and finally moved in together last year. 


On our fifth anniversary of being together Phil surprised me with a trip to Paris, he is usually pretty useless at keeping secrets so when I accidentally found out about the trip a few weeks early I thought I had it all figured out. On Wednesday 8th of April, he told me he was taking me out for a special meal near the Pont des Arts and thought we could stop by there to place our padlock on the bridge. So we dressed up nicely and headed out, we picked the perfect place for our padlock to stay forever and I attached it, feeling all romantic and lovely!


Then I turned back to Phil and he was down on one knee saying something about being happy and being in love and spending our lives together (his exact wording has been completely lost on both of us since!) he then produced my gorgeous 1950s vintage diamond ring.

1 5Apparently I didn’t say yes I just grabbed it and cried and squealed and he had to ask if that was meant to be a yes! We were cuddling and I was all in a bit of a blur with the whole thing when out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone taking photos of us. Phil told me to ignore it but she started coming closer and congratulating us, she told me she had been asked by Phil weeks ago to capture the whole thing and wondered if I would be happy to have a few more photos taken, after Phil confirmed this was all really happening we set off to have some beautiful photos taken near the Louvre and catching the golden hour light. 
My lovely Phil who I didn’t think was capable of keeping secrets managed to organise the whole thing, searching for an English speaking photographer in Paris, sending her a photo of us so she knew who to look for, emailing and texting her all day to catch the right time for the photos. Secretly buying the ring I had fallen in love with weeks before and cheekily showed him and meeting my dad in Sainsbury’s cafe to ask his permission. 

We both told our families that night (although my dad couldn’t keep a secret like Phil so most of them already knew!) but kept the news to ourselves for a little while so we could tell as many people in person as possible. We left Paris the next day and Phil received an email from the lovely Lindsey from Pictours Paris with a link to all our photos, so as soon as we got home and had a decent internet connection again, we had a nose through them and relived it all again tears included! 

We have spent a little time enjoying being engaged, showing off our photos and sharing our lovely story since then and finally started planning this month. So far we have booked our venue the lovely Ty Mawr in Lisvane for August 2015, next on the list to find is a photographer that can ensure our wedding day photos live up to the incredible engagement photos! 

3Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jess, I absolutely love your photos and can’t wait to drag Mark to the Pont des Arts to hang up a love lock now! I am still dying to see more proposal shoots – these are my new favourite thing. If you have one, or if you have a proposal story with a pre-wedding shoot to boot then contact me at charlie@cwtchthebride.com



Why You Should Have an Engagement (or Proposal) Shoot

We’ve featured many gorgeous engagement shoots here on Cwtch The Bride and even an incredible proposal shoot, this week Charlie is giving her opinion on why these are such a good idea.

When I read about this gorgeous proposal shoot last week I was fairly blown away, knowing the amount of planning and effort it took and then seeing it unfold in front of our eyes was pretty magical.

Image by Claire at Loveseen Photography

Image by Claire at Loveseen Photography

Just think about it guys (or girls as the case may be), you have spent ages planning the perfect, romantic proposal but then it’s all over in a blur of emotion- how amazing would it be to have photos and/or a video of the whole thing to look back on?! These two went to the effort of planning to propose on the London Eye and just happened to be lucky enough to propose within eyeline of a talented photographer, our very own Maria Farrelly!

Images by Maria Farrelly

Images by Maria Farrelly

london eye proposal

I recently asked talented videographer Ben Walton if he had ever been asked to film a proposal and he said disappointingly he hadn’t been, it’s just not something people think of. But I have a feeling this kind of stealth shooting is going to really take off and I can’t wait to start seeing the results!

Image by Claire at Loveseen Photography

Image by Claire at Loveseen Photography

However if you are reading this post on Cwtch the Bride then chances are you have already had your proposal so instead of a proposal shoot it’s time to decide whether or not you want to have an engagement shoot.

When we first got engaged I really couldn’t see the point of an engagement shoot, it seemed to be just one more thing to spend money on unnecessarily. But once we met Maria (our photographer and creator of Cwtch the Bride!) I couldn’t wait to have one! For one thing, Mark and I didn’t have any really nice photos of the two of us and I couldn’t wait until the wedding photos for that! But more importantly we really couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to get to know our photographer and learn to relax in front of the camera.

I genuinely believe that a good rapport between photographer and client means that you get the best out of the photographs, being with a person you can relax and have a giggle with is such an important thing on your big day. As important as it is for you to get to know them, it is equally as important for them to get to know you. They will see how you interact with one another, how relaxed (or not) you are in front of the camera and what you do and don’t like.

I really recommend getting the engagement shoot done fairly early on, that way you get more time to enjoy your pictures and can think of ways that you want to incorporate them into the day if you want to. We had a guest book made out of our E shoot photos and now it sits proudly along with our wedding albums. We also used one on our wedding website and for our table numbers, and on our Facebook profile pictures too of course! Luxury bride Pippa had one of her photos blown up and turned into wallpaper for the bar area- it looked incredible!


Above images both by Maria Farelly

Above images both by Maria Farelly

I thoroughly enjoyed our engagement shoot and can’t recommend it highly enough. Aside from the practical reasons above, it’s good fun too! You get to choose a location that’s special to you, dress up in whatever clothes you like (not quite the same as the wedding day!) and you get to spend a day laughing and smiling with your other half and get some lovely pictures at the end of it. Still not convinced? Maybe some of these gorgeous images will help change your mind.

Making table numbers: Leah & Ollie by Marie Lloyd

Making table numbers: Leah & Ollie by Marie Lloyd

We love featuring pre-wedding shoots here at Cwtch the Bride, if you have had one and would like to see it featured here we would really love you to get in touch with us on info@cwtchthebride.com