Adam and Greg’s Engagement Shoot by Photography First


On Monday we gave you a sneaky peek from this lovely post. This cute couple are getting married later on in the year. During Adam and Greg’s engagement shoot Ed had  a mini camera emergency…Lucky it wasn’t on the wedding day! Thank you Photography First for these beautiful images. ~ Kate
South Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding Photographer

It’s always a pleasure and an honour when I am referred for wedding photography in South Wales, and it’s even more so when it’s a referral from someone who’s wedding I have shot in the past.  Adam and Greg enquired about their wedding photography after I photographed his mum’s wedding – Diplomat Hotel Wedding South Wales – it’s nice to have some confirmation that I’m doing something right.South Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding Photographer

So we met up for their pre-wedding shoot at Parc Howard in Llanelli in the summer, yes, we did have a summer in Sunny South Wales!  I love engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots, as there’s so much time for creativity and as photographers know it, Off Camera Flash.  This is a technique used to manipulate light and is often used my professional photographers.  Anyway, half-way through our shoot, my lens decided to jam into position, and I couldn’t take my Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II off my camera body (it’s fixed now)!!  So I was stuck with this lens for the rest of the shoot, it was a great opportunity to get the most out of my lens, and to get a variety of shots with it too.   Having years of experience, if this happened at a wedding, I know I would have coped absolutely fine, should this have happened during a wedding, not to mention I have a backup camera body with me at every wedding anyway!South Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerSouth Wales Wedding PhotographerI would love to share some more of your engagement shoots. Drop me an email at If you are still looking for some inspiration for your wedding then you would be silly to miss out on CwtchFest. Get your tickets here.


Engagement Shoot: Emma & Mikey by Carly Turner Photography

Today we are sharing Emma & Mikey’s very cool engagement shoot by Carly Turner Photography 


 Our Proposal story

We have been together for nearly 5 years & lived together for nearly 3. Having known each other since our early years in high school (12+years), we used to hang out with the same crowd of friends, both have a massive passion for the alternative scene from heavy music to conventions, massive collectors & would be classed as heavily tattooed.

Mikey is the shop manager & body piercer at Nu Rose Tattoos and I work for Sainsbury’s as a customer assistant & baker. On the side we also own a small Etsy store called Pinderella Plugs & Accessories so we have very busy lives.

We always see the fun side of life and love to do things as a family. Mikey & I discussed getting engaged back in September 2013 , the final moment was when I arrived home after a friends wedding at 3am Sunday 22nd September. I was shocked to see Mikey had waited up for me all night, as I climbed into bed he asked me this question…

“Would you like to go into town tomorrow and buy an engagement ring? ”

I wasn’t expecting it & started crying with joy. It was so sweet of him; he had obviously been planning on asking me for a little while as he had already saved up all the money to buy the ring. So the next day we went into town to find my beautiful ring. It didn’t take us long to find, I was pretty open on the design, with the perfect amount of sparkle my eyes lit up, I just knew it was the one .

Mikey gave me a cwtch & a kiss as he handed the engagement ring to me.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life.We then rushed home to let our families know the big news, then shared a photo on Facebook of the ring. Which in turn had hundreds of good wishes from all our friends & families, it was fantastic to see how much support we had as a newly engaged couple!

Emma & Mikey

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Pre- Wedding Shoot: Ruth & Brad on Rhosili Beach by Howell Jones Photography

We have an epic engagement shoot for you today from the talented Howell Jones Photography. Brad & Ruth got engaged on the 5th of August 2013 and this shoot with Warren from Howell Jones Photography was photographed last September on the stunning Rhosili Beach. Groom Bradley tells us all about his proposal and how it nearly all went wrong!

The Proposal

B&R16To say the ‘engagement’ process was intense for me is an understatement!

B&R12I am really lucky to have not only a legend of a now wife but also to have inherited an amazing family! So, when we booked a family holiday in Cornwall that year I knew that was when I wanted to do it. We rented a beautiful little cottage on the small port of Boscastle and even upto the day we arrived I had no idea how I was going to propose. However, knowing that my insurance company informed me it wasn’t insured until it was either on her finger or in our home, I was eager to get it on her finger. Paranoid that it was going to get stolen in our cottage, I carried the ring in my camera bag EVERYWHERE for two days. I then had a genius idea that I was going to do it when we went stand up paddle boarding later that day and was quickly dissuaded when her mum highlighted Ruth’s lack balance and my butter fingers!
So I then decided that I’d encourage her to come with me to take photos on top of Boscastle’s cliff top at sunset and pop the question there. Factors to include her parents horrendous acting, when she asked them to come with us and me acting weird, led her to be suspicious instantly. We didn’t speak the whole way up and I knew she had busted onto me. We got to the top of the cliff, I took a whopping two photos and we sat in silence whilst her parents peered from our cottage 500metres away waiting for me to drop to one knee. To add to my dilemma I not only spotted her looking at my pockets for a boxy bulge but then a couple decided to join us whilst their dog persisted to sniff around us for 5 minutes! I instantly decided to BAIL and to her clear disappointment we walk back down the path to the bottom of the cliff.
It then suddenly dawned on me, that her parents might greet us with a CONGRATULATIONS and bubbly and ruin it completely! So down the narrow paths I let her go in front and dropped to one knee. I had recited what I was going to say a thousand times and called her name to get her to turn around. After saying ‘Are you kidding me?’ a thousand times, she finally said YES and we could hear the squeal of her family in the distance as they watched with locals. As if we couldn’t have planned it better, we drank bubbly on the port until it was dark and carried on the celebrations in a local pub dancing until the early hours with a local fiddle band. The band announced our engagement and I don’t think we paid for a single drink all night. B&R10

The Shoot

B&R01 B&R02 B&R03 B&R04 B&R05 B&R06 B&R07 B&R08 B&R09 B&R10 B&R11 B&R12 B&R13 B&R14 B&R15 B&R16 B&R17 B&R18 B&R19 B&R20 B&R21 B&R22 B&R23 B&R24

All images in this post are by Howell Jones Photography


Lush List Vendor: A Midsummer’s Day Pre-Wedding Shoot by Martin Phillips

Today’s stunning pre-wedding shoot by Martin Phillips really shows off why every couple should have one!


With Midsummer’s Day approaching this weekend, photographer and LUSH LIST member Martin Phillips is sharing this shoot from exactly a year ago. With a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous location this shoot is extra special to Martin because the bride is his daughter! We will be featuring the full wedding in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled! SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0019

The Story

Could there be a more idyllic setting for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot? A champagne picnic followed by a bit of gallivanting, amongst wildflowers and grasses next to a woodland stream? SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0003

On Midsummer’s Day exactly a year ago, we travelled to a picture-perfect and quintessentially English oak forest in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. As the summer sunlight filtered through ancient trees, with dandelion clocks drifting in the breeze, we captured the essence of the wedding that was to come that summer in nearby Cornbury ParkSouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0014

Having met on a blind date just over two years before, Benoit & Jessica’s carnival of a love story combines their passions for food, music, fun and creativity. So it’s no wonder that their wedding plans were pretty original. Just six weeks after this photoshoot they took their entire wedding party (of 80 family and friends) and transplanted it into the award winning Wilderness Festival for a wedding extravaganza! The week encompassed Michelin Star chefs, Mercury music prize winning bands, early morning lake swims, and dancing under the stars until dawn. An exclusive post about the wedding will follow in a couple of weeks to mark the anniversary of this wonderful festival wedding week.  SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0012

Any down sides to having a father who is a professional wedding photographer? Not many, as you’ll see from how relaxed and happy these two look after spending a few lovely hours with us getting these gorgeous images. Although Martin trying to maintain a professional and non ‘Dad-like’ composure whilst trying to stop Benoit from putting his hand on his daughter’s bum in some of the shots caused a few giggles!! SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0015

The Shoot

SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0001 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0002 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0003 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0004 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0005 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0006 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0007 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0008 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0009 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0010 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0011 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0012 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0013 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0014 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0015 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0016 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0017 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0018 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0019 SouthWalesWeddingPhotographer-0020

Huge thanks to Martin for sending in this gorgeous shoot! We love Martin’s work here at Cwtch the Bride which is why he comes as one of our highly recommended LUSH LIST members. Visit his website here and don’t forget to look out for his daughter and son in law’s fabulous wedding feature which will be coming soon.

Pre Wedding Shoot: Beth & Paul at Mumbles Pier by Maria Farrelly

On Monday we briefly introduced you to Beth & Paul, today we have their Pre-Wedding Shoot by our own favourite Maria Farrelly. We also hear all about the proposal, and how they got to it, from the lovely couple. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly008


Our proposal story is really less about the proposal and more about how we got there. It was really improbable that we would ever meet, or maybe it was fate and we always would have.

In 2007 I had come out of a long relationship and needed a fresh start. I found a houseshare online and bravely moved in with a couple of strangers. Paul was a good friend of one of my new housemates. We moved in the same friendship group for a few months, sharing our love of photography. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly084

On Paul’s birthday that year we went for a carvery with our group of friends. Paul suggested going to Mumbles for dessert. I didn’t know him that well at the time and laughed at the prospect of driving for an hour each way to get pudding. When I found out he was serious and we did indeed go to Mumbles for pudding I knew this was a man who was going to be important in my life.

Two weeks after we started officially dating, I was offered a job in London. This could have been the end of the early seeds of our relationship. Instead, it was the start of 18 months of driving up and down the M4 every weekend before Paul quit his job and moved to London. London is a difficult and expensive place to live and after living together there and then apart again for a bit we realised that our future only made sense together and in Wales. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly064


One of my first encounters with Beth was at a party where she complimented me on my shoes.  I later discovered that shoes are a big thing in Beth’s life.

I knew that I had to pick a place that was special to us when I proposed so it was a choice of two places: the location of our first date out to Raglan Castle, or Mumbles which has always been special to us.  I engineered a weekend that involved both locations on consecutive days and bravely bottled it at the top of Raglan Castle, so on to the Mumbles it was. Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly071

Back to the shoes obsession… as I was plucking up the courage to pop the question by the lighthouse in Mumbles, Beth was being all romantic; listing how many shoes of different colours she owned.  When she added that we had to head back to top up the car parking ticket, the romance was palpable so down on one knee I got.  Presenting the ring, I was mugged by Beth’s inner magpie which swooped in and took the ring before then apologising and saying “yes”.

As Maria quickly discovered on our photoshoot, our relationship is built on laughter. I guess it runs in the family given Beth’s Dad’s reaction to us announcing our engagement. “Mumbles? Oooh nice…. Did you have pudding?” Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly029

The Shoot

Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly003 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly004 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly006 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly008 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly013 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly015 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly026 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly029 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly032 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly036 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly037 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly039 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly040 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly041 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly044 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly046 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly048 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly051 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly052 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly064 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly067 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly069 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly071 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly074 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly077 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly082 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly084 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly088 Mumbles_Maria_Farrelly089