Bride to Be Diaries: Our Spring Bride is Having Hair Issues

Good morning everyone!

Our Spring Bride, Ali, is having hair issues! But the plus side, there is not long to go to the big day, and we are getting excited!!!
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Our Spring Bride is Having Hair Issues

Hello beautiful ladies and gents …
I cannot believe, reading back over my old posts, how quickly time has gone! And I know, I know you all told me so, but jeeeeez louise?
When we got engaged we had 20 months until the big day… 20… we now have 4. 117 days!
With a house move, Christmas and New Year in the middle of it too! Madness.
Photo 28-11-2016, 22 27 15
We’re pretty much all on track. As you’ll know if you read some of my previous posts, I have lots all ready sorted. I have though, bought another new pair of shoes… they are my final official pair though. And they do say 3rd time lucky? Haha I’ve just got to work out what my girls wear now, as I have one 5ft 11, one 5ft 2 and one 5ft nothing haha! Nightmare.
I had all my gorgeous girls down this weekend for our hair trials. Getting them all in one place at one time is a bit of a mare. Ones living in London, the other in Worcester, the other 20 minutes away but with my favourite tiny diva (2 year old Layla) … so yeah, not straight forward ha! Also, my amazing friend Charlotte is doing our hair (she’s incredible and self taught through YouTube tutorials!) and she lives in Cheltenham. I love a challange!
Anyway, difficulties aside, I did manage to get them all here Saturday and we had the BEST day. Charlotte tried a different up do on each bridesmaid and a few loose curled styles on me and we just laughed and gossiped and ate snacks all day! We had such a good time I totally forgot to take any pictures! But I have some that I pinned as ideas, and they were very similar, and my friend Michaela took a few.
My hair, is my ultimate pride and joy! Like, if my hair isn’t ok, I’m not ok. You know? So how I wore my hair on the big day was actually a bigger deal to me than my make up, or ever dare I say it… my dress. (I hear echoing gasps all across Wales haha)
Photo 25-11-2016, 15 48 35
The biggest issue I have (which is entirely my own fault) is that I’d set my heart on a long flowing curls down style, with braids and flowers and sparkles… then I cut all my hair off. Like an idiot.
Photo 31-10-2016, 18 27 16
Themost annoying thing being, I cut it back in March to give it a year to grow through healthier for the Wedding… its now November (as I’m writting, sure it’ll be December while you read… and that makes me feel a bit ill) and has it grown? Has it heck. Not a stitch. If anything, I think it was in better condition before I cut it. I feel like it’s mocking me… paying me back for the years of peroxide damage!
Photo 28-11-2016, 22 20 55 Photo 28-11-2016, 22 20 49 Photo 28-11-2016, 22 20 46 Photo 28-11-2016, 22 20 39 Photo 26-11-2016, 18 47 27
So a lot of the styles I’d set my hopes on had to be shelved… I did buy some extensions so we can do a loose, fally down style… and I love what I’ve found, so I guess it isn’t all that bad.
The next big thing is for Mr to get his butt in gear and sort their suits! He’s adamant that he’s getting them in the January sales (he love a bargain) and I just really hopes he finds what he’s looking for. Because lord knows I’ll never hear the end of it if he doesn’t haha!
Photo 28-11-2016, 22 26 41
It’s all very exciting this wedding business, isn’t it?
Lots of love ’till next time!
Ali, x

Bride To Be Diaries: Crafty Bride Katie’s Crafting Advise

Wedding crafting seems to be a right of passage these days when organising your big day but it can become a total nightmare! Today our Crafty Bride Katie has a whole heap of crafting advise. Over to you Katie.


The Crafty Bride Kate’s Crafting Advise


I thought I’d share with you all my wedding craft mishap that happened to me this week! For those of you that don’t know me, I like to consider myself to be a true crafter, I love nothing better than strolling around Hobby craft, making bespoke gifts for my friends birthdays, and perusing on the Pinterest app. If there’s anything to be made, rather than paying top dollar for someone in Taiwan to mass produce it, I’d much rather roll up my sleeves and make one myself, now with 10 months to go until the wedding I’ve now stupidly surrounded myself with what feels like a never ending cycle of unfinished wedding projects, I will now finally admit … even I have bitten off more than I can chew!


As I type this I am currently sitting in my craft room (aka my tip of a Back bedroom!) surrounded by, 5 unfinished wooden gift boxes for my bridesmaids, 3 half painted wooden initials, 1 half sketched “Finger Print Tree”, 5 mock ups of our order of service awaiting my decision, 4 half decorated confetti cone holders, 100 unfinished wedding invitations, 500 Tiffany blue embellishment buttons (for what purpose even I have forgotten!), 300 recently varnished vintage key pendants ready to be applied to a nonexistent seating plan, and finally 1 wedding mood board (of which half the content upon it I have changed my mind on!) … all I’m missing now is a Partridge in a Pear tree!20161005_23023420160727_221223

None the less after having throwing a huge wobbler and downing a glass of wine (…. or two) I have now regrouped my thoughts and developed an action plan to get them all sorted.

On reflection of this I thought I’d devise a “What NOT To Do Guide” with a few hints and tips for getting crafty with your wedding DIY projects … So to avoid any wobblers and mini breakdowns along the way follow my easy guide….

Firstly Ask Yourself….

Do you have the right skills to make the craft you want?

Be open and honest with yourself; don’t embark on an oil painting if you struggle to draw stick men! Confide in an honest family member or friend that isn’t afraid of telling you straight if your craft piece is not looking up to par! My Mum has defiantly saved me making these mistakes on many occasions! It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re crafting skills are not on par with Picasso, but I’d much rather not have the craft piece in my wedding than make it myself and have my guests thinking to themselves on the day “OMG what was she thinking that looks awful!” … Or “OMG did a 3 year old help her make that?”


Do I have the time to make it?

It’s all well and good making 100 wedding crafts yourself, but do you realistically have the time to do it? Try and set a goal, Make a check list and go through them one by one, try and do it during your spare time, and do it at a time and place where you can focus 100% and not be interrupted.

Does the craft fit in with your wedding budget?

There’s no point making something yourself, if buying the completed craft in the first place will cost less than the materials to make it! The only exception to this rule I would say is; if you need somthing personalised and bespoke to your needs, for example; my wedding theme is an odd colour (Tiffany Blue), so the majority of my little touches for the wedding, I have to make myself to get the right colour, If you can buy what you need/want and its cheap enough on its own, Don’t make it just for the sake of it and make more work for yourself.



The Pinterest App can be your best friend and your worst enemy!

Like most people, I have a wedding Pinterest account currently holding over 6000 pins mostly containing fab wedding ideas! Most of which I will never have the funds/time/skill to make! (A girl can dream though!). Be aware of Pintrocities! (This is a slang term where ambitious Pinterest ideas/crafts can turn into something ugly!) I myself have had my own “Pintrocity moment” where I followed a “Heat-less beach curls” tutorial, the result of which turned me into Diana Ross tribute act over night! – Heed my warning; follow the step by step instruction, if it looks too fiddly for your unskilled hands, save yourself the time/stress and don’t bother!


(Ummmm….Oh Dear.)

DO NOT start another Craft project until you finish the current one!

Simple one really, but it’s easier said than done! I know I’ve been there! Some crafts can be more enjoyable than others, but persevere with the task in hand, it will make the next task even more enjoyable knowing that the previous task is all completed! Just make sure to be strict with yourself, do not deviate from your list!


Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

No woman is an island! Don’t be afraid to get some help from friends and family, any excuse to have your bridesmaids over for a gossip (get an assembly line going!), just make sure that the wine isn’t flowing too much whilst you do your crafts! That has disaster written all over it!

And Finally…img_20160815_134039


Crafting is meant to be fun and enjoyable experience, if it’s causing you to pull your hair out then it’s probably not worth doing, it’s pointless adding more stress to what already can be a stressful time for us Brides to be!.

I hope my hints and tips have been helpful for someone, all the best with your crafting, wither you buy it or DIY it; I hope everything turns out fab for you all.

Katie, this is wonderful! So many good tips and advice, as well as admitting to those little faux pars! Brilliant, thank you so so much for sharing xx

Tips For Planning An Authentic Vintage Wedding – 1930s


Vintage bride Sophie is back with the next installment of her ‘how to plan a vintage wedding‘ series. This time we’re heading back down memory lane to the 1930s – where money was tight but the dresses were fabulous. Take it away, Soph! :)

I hope you’re all suitably excited about the release of the Great Gatsby on 16th May! I for one can’t wait. If you didn’t catch my last post, I delved into the lives and fashions of the roaring 1920s. If you see the Great Gatsby and are inspired to plan a 1920s wedding of your own please check out my Pinterest page which should give you a good starting point.

The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

Today it’s the turn of the 1930s. As decades go, the 1930s was a difficult one. The Great Depression cast a dark shadow over the era leaving millions unemployed and down in the dumps. The ‘golden age’ of Hollywood, however, ensured that glamour and grace lived to fight another day and thankfully the 1930s are remembered for its fashion, fabulous films and movie stars.

1930s Chicago Wedding

1930s Chicago Wedding © Chicagogeek

Following the thrills of the 20s and all that went with them the 30s weren’t quite so extravagant. The depression took its toll and cinemas were crammed with people looking to escape their mundane lives. Hollywood had issues of its own in the form of censorship. Women were required to cover their bosoms so clever costume designers dressed the stars in womanly, figure hugging fabrics to exaggerate the female form. I think sexy was born!

I could write and write about the screen sirens I’ve been inspired by. However, today we are talking weddings so the question I must ask is ‘How DO you create a 1930s wedding?’

June, 1932 Ladies' Home Journal

June, 1932 Ladies’ Home Journal © Genibee

Personally, I love the idea of putting myself in the shoes of a regular 30s citizen. Money would have been tight (as it is now!) but I know I would have aspired to be as elegant and demure as a screen siren. I would have found someone to make my dress or better still, made it myself. I’d have picked wild flowers and hand tied them, found a friend to make my cake and borrowed as much as possible. I just love the romance of it all, making it fabulous against all odds. It would be a challenge but hey, no one said planning a wedding would be easy!

However, if money is no object then the world is your oyster! This is an era you can really go all out on. Think diamonds, think fine silk, think personalised cocktails. Try to find a 1932 Ford V-8 Cabriolet to drive you (too cool for school), hire a Big Band and find a deliciously Art Deco venue. Dress-wise, I would have to recommend our very own Stephanie Allin. This is her favourite era and her inspiration for so many of her dresses.

After Midnight from Stephanie Allin

Serenade from Stephanie Allin

I adore After Midnight and Serenade from her upcoming collection. Jenny Packham also has gowns which totally fit the bill.

Heliconcia from Jenny Packham's 2013 Collection

Ruby from Jenny Packham's 2013 Collection

Have a look at Heliconcia and Ruby from her 2013 collection.

Patrick at a Wedding

Guests at a 1930s Wedding © Herry Lawford

My ultimate advice is to put down that wedding folder, check out IMDB’s catalogue of 1930s films, cwtch up with your fiance and really get a feel for the era. What man doesn’t like a film night eh?

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.54.25

My 1930s Pinterest board is available to view so please head over for visual inspiration on hairstyles, dresses, jewellery and details.

See you in the 40s! x

How To Plan A Wedding Using Pinterest

DIY Bride Sarah is here to give you the low down on how to plan a wedding using Pinterest – the hottest new way to keep track of all your ideas and links in the run up to your big day :)

How to Plan A Wedding Using Pinterest

If you read Sophie’s post yesterday on planning an authentic vintage wedding then you’ll probably have noticed that she’s a big fan of Pinterest. Well – I am, too! When people ask me what it is I tell them that it’s “visual bookmarking” – you know how you can add a website to your favourites so you can go back and look at it later? It’s just like that, but with photos :)

I planned pretty much our entire wedding online and Pinterest was a really big part of that. You organise your pins into boards and I had boards for the wedding, boards for photo ideas, make up ideas, hairstyle ideas etc etc. Boards for everthing! It really helped as the wedding got closer, we spent time going through my pins and creating our theme from the ideas I’d saved.

I’m going to give you the low down on how to sign up, create a board, pin and repin – after that you’ll be ready to use Pinterest to plan your wedding too! :)

Important note: I am using the ‘new look’ Pinterest, which is a trial version – although they’ll hopefully be rolling it out to all users soon. Your account may look slightly different, but all the steps should still work!

If you already have an account you can skip to step three, otherwise:

Step 1: Create an Account

This is the screen you see when you go to sign up to Pinterest.

Pinterest Create An Account

Depending on your prefence you can either sign up through your Facebook account:
Pinterest Authorise Facebook

Your Twitter account:

Pinterest Authorise Twitter

Or by good old fashioned email address. Signing up is easy, quick and you can choose what details you share with who so don’t worry about it plastering your pins all over Facebook, it won’t do it unless you tell it to! (Top tip: don’t share every pin with Facebook, your friends and family might not be so happy!)

Step 2: Welcome to Pinterest

Pinterest will probably try and help you during the sign up by asking what categories you’re interested it. It’ll follow a few users that pin to those categories to get you started, but you don’t have to follow those people so don’t worry if they don’t pin things to your taste, you can unfollow them at any time. This is your feed:
Pinterest Feed

It works in a similar way to Facebook, so all the new pins from the people you’re following will arrive at the top. The more people you follow, the more pins you’ll see.

Step 3: Create some boards

Now you’ve signed up you can start to create boards – that way you can organise your pins which will make it easier to find what you’re looking for later. I’d recommend a board for each section of the wedding – ceremony, reception, evening – plus boards for the individual elements that you need to plan like dresses, jewellery, catering, venues, photograph ideas, favours, flowers – the works! There are no limits to the amount of boards you can have so be as niche as you like :)

To create a board click on your username at the top right of the screen to load your profile (below) then hit ‘create a board’.

Pinterest Profile

Some of the Cwtch the Bride boards

Step 4: Repin Something

The idea of Pinterest is that you pin things, but you can also repin, which means taking a pin already on Pinterest (one that Cwtch the Bride has pinned for example) and pinning it to one of your boards. You can do this in two ways.

1. When you click on a pin anywhere on the site it’ll load a larger preview for you, with information about where the pin came from and any comments from users. Just hit that red ‘pin it’ button to grab that pin for yourself.

Pinterest Pin Detail

Pinterest Hover

2. Alternatively, when you hover over a pin in your feed you’ll see these two buttons. (Again) hit the ‘pin it’ button and then you’ll see this screen:

Pinterest Repin Details

Here you can edit the description and pick the board you want to add it to. Then hit ‘pin it’ once more and you’re done!

Step 5: Do some searching

Pinterest is really useful because you can search for pretty much anything. Be mindful when you’re entering your descriptions as this is how Pinterest searches, so try and be descriptive rather than just saying “I love this!” as the search function won’t know what ‘this’ is! :) If you want to search just use the box in the top left corner – you can search for pins, boards or people this way.
Pinterest Search Results

Step 6: Take a look around

Clicking on the drop down menu on the top right will give you an array of options worth exploring. You can access your settings and your profile here, as well as the help centre and the option to find any of your friends who are also on the site.

Pinterest Settings

Step 7: Add a pin from another website

If you see a photo on a website that you like the look of, or just want to save that page for future reference (maybe it’s a DIY tutorial you want to try or they have a great list of vendors you want to go through later on) – as long as the website hasn’t disabled pinning then you can save those photos to Pinterest too. (Some websites have disabled pinning but it’s not very many and it’ll be obvious when you come to pin something from them so don’t worry about getting in trouble :) )

We allow pinning of all our images at Cwtch the Bride. If you hover over any of the photos on the site you’ll see a grey ‘pin it’ button.

Pinterest Pin From A Website

Hit that and then you’ll see the same dialogue you see on the Pinterest website itself – a chance to change the description if you want to and to choose a board to pin to. Pinterest Pin From A Website Details

You can also install a ‘pin it’ bookmark on your toolbar, which is a quicker way of pinning an image (and useful if the website hasn’t set up a pin it function for their photos). You can find instructions on how to install this button here – it’s very easy, I promise! Then when you want to pin something you can just click on that instead – nice and quick!

Pinterest Pin It Badge

When you want to find out where a pin came from (time to actually make the DIYs instead of just looking at them saying “how pretty are these?!”) all you need to do is click twice on your pin – once to bring up the large preview and then once again to take you to the original site :)

Step 8: Follow other users

Pinterest is more fun when you’re following other people, so have a look for your friends and see if anyone is there. If not, don’t worry – there are plenty of users around who’ll share your tastes. Try doing a search for some things and take a look at the users who’ve pinned them. You’ll see a big red ‘follow all’ button – perfect if you like the look of all of their boards.

Pinterest Follow A User

If you’d rather not follow everything then you can click on the individual boards you’re interested in and just follow those instead.

Pinterest Follow A Board

Ta-da! That’s it folks – you now know how to plan a wedding using Pinterest :)

The best way to use Pinterest is to think of it as part social network, part file system. I found it very helpful to be able to scroll through my boards as seeing all of the photos together really helped to cement our theme in my mind. Plus then when I wanted to know how to make something or where to buy that gorgeous dress all I had to do was click twice on the pin and I had all the information I needed :)

One last thing:

Don’t pin a photo if you don’t know where it came from. If you saved an image on your computer ages ago, don’t then upload it to Pinterest without a credit. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t want someone to download your photo and upload it without saying it was yours, right? :)

We’re more than happy to answer any of your Pinterest queries so if you have any questions give us a shout :) If you’d like to follow our boards you can find us here. The Cwtch the Bride team is on Pinterest too – you can follow Sophie here, Charlie here, Hannah here and my account is here.

Tips For Planning An Authentic Vintage Wedding – 1920s

Our vintage bride Sophie is here with her first post in a series on how to plan an authentic vintage wedding. First up: the roaring 20s!

So, you’ve chosen a vintage themed wedding (great choice by the way!) and your next big decision is the era to choose. I can’t stress enough that ‘vintage’ itself is not a theme. If you’re planning an authentic vintage wedding and want it to be truly authentic I’m afraid more decisions will need to be made, eep.

Fear not, over the next few months I will be sampling themes from the 20s through to the 80s to hopefully help you with your planning. If you are as impatient as me you can pop over to my Pinterest page where you’ll find boards for each era and an array of images to use ;)

Planning an Authentic Vintage Wedding - 1920s

Sophie’s Pinterest account. Not sure what Pinterest is? Sarah will be explaining all about it tomorrow!

Now to business! I’ll be starting with the Roaring 20s so let’s set the scene… The Great War is over and Britain is booming. After years of heartbreak and loss, Europe was in recovery mode and the 1920s saw the start of partying as we know it today.

Nightclubs were packed full of beautiful young girls more commonly known as Flappers, dancing and drinking the night away. Dances such as the Charleston, Shimmy and Heebie-Jeebie were hugely popular (first dance alert!) and cities had never seen so many trumpets and Jazz musicians. Women wore shorter, more daring dresses and stopped conforming to stuffy Edwardian ideals. Art Deco design was evident everywhere and this just oozed class. Hairstyles were intricate, pride in appearance was paramount and the fashionista was born!

Planning an Authentic Vintage Wedding - 1920s

1928 Wedding. Source: Sam Fam

If I were choosing this era as the theme for my wedding there would be a small(ish) list of essentials. Firstly, I would insist on the presence of a trumpet. Whether I would walk down the aisle to this or just hire a jazz band for the evening I’m not sure but a bit of brass never hurt anyone. Secondly, a city centre venue. I would want to be in the heart of a bustling city with shoppers gasping at my outrageous head wear. I feel it’s what the Flappers would have wanted. Thirdly, a fancy car. The Leyland Eight was the most expensive car at the time so if you can find one, perfect. Failing that a Rolls Royce should do the job. Fourthly, a Jenny Packham dress.

Esme from Jenny Packham 2013 CollectionAspen from Jenny Packham 2012 Collection

I love Esme from her 2013 collection or Aspen and Imari from 2012! Fifthly, a four or five tier wedding cake. Extravagance was key. When sizing up a cake no height is too high. Sixthly, pearls, pearls and more pearls and then a pearl or two extra.

Planning an Authentic Vintage Wedding - 1920s

1921 Bridal Gazette. Source: Clotho98

But please, if you take anything away from this post do NOT get married without something wonderful on your head. Check out some amazing 20s head wear on my 1920’s wedding inspiration pinboard!

If you’re looking for some genuine 1920s wedding photos then check out this Flickr group, it’s got some real gems! :)

Happy planning Flappers! x

We’d love to know if you’re planning a vintage wedding! Don’t forget to pop in to the Something Kinda Vintage Wedding Fayre on Sunday 17th if you are :)