Real Wedding: Eric and Jemma’s Rustic Wedding

Happy Friday everyone!

And speaking of happy, this is such a smiley wedding for you to start off your weekend! Todays Real Wedding of Eric and Jemma’s rustic wedding, is superb.  The couple really couldn’t stop showing how overjoyed they were to be marrying each other.

Shot by Cross-Jones Photography, this wedding will really bring smile on your face!  Over to Jemma and Eric to tell you all about their lovely day.

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Eric and Jemma’s Rustic Wedding


How would you describe your wedding theme?

Our wedding theme was rustic

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Jemma: Every moment was truly magical, from the moment I arrived at Oxwich Bay, to walking down the isle with my father & seeing Eric looking very handsome in his suit.

We had amazing adventures on the beach throughout the day and were able to capture and cherish beautiful memories with close family & friends. There is honestly not one thing I would have wished to have changed.

Eric: For me I have to say that my most favourite part of our wedding day is when I stood at the alter, a bag of nerves, with my brother by my side. The harpist was playing, I turned around and saw Jem for the first time, my heart skipped a beat and I nearly started to cry. I felt amazing, my wife looked stunning as she does everyday, but on this day she blew me away. I feel like the luckiest man alive.

cross-jones-photography-27 cross-jones-photography-34

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

As a child you can only dream of a fairytale wedding with a princess dress, this made my dream complete. I had a very specific creation in mind and I was able to turn it into a reality, with the help & support of Lorraine Stone, Truly Scrumptious, a bridal boutique in North Cornelly.
I wanted a dress that was truly unique & every little detail of my dress was a part of me, from the finer flower lace detail & the colour to the magnificent grand bow at the back at the dress which was inspired from my shoes.


The dress fittings were also an opportunity to spend quality time with my beautiful mum, which helped us throughout our incredible wedding journey. The both of us decided to have daffodils on the table for the wedding day as they remind me of beautiful memories with my grandmother, therefore we spent time flower arranging together too.

cross-jones-photography-19 cross-jones-photography-20

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Eric: I choose my brother, Trevor, as I look up to him, not only is he my brother but he is my best friend. Trev is an awesome dad to his 4 girls and a fantastic husband. A great role model. Therefore I couldn’t pick a better person to stand by me on my big day.


Jemma: We both knew that we were going to have 4 beautiful flower girls, they were Eric’s Nieces:Nakisha, Tia, Lexi & Amelia.Then my 2 gorgeous nephew’s as page boys: Mason & Harley. This made it complete and they were all truly stars on the day. Well Done & a BIG thank you. We love you lots & lots.


Why did you choose your venue?

Eric:  Oxwich Bay has amazing memories from my childhood, from when my parents took me there as a child playing on the beach, it was simply perfect for us as we spend alot of time down there now as a couple. I love being outdoors and exploring amazing adventures together which I know will continue throughout time.


Jemma: We spend alot of time walking our pooch down the Gower, when we looked at venues the Oxwich Bay captured everything we could have dreamed of. The outdoors is just surrounded by natural beauty, with the sound of the ocean and the feel of the sand between your toes.


Tell us about your photographer

Eric: Cross-Jones Photography, Jon & Chantelle, were truly exceptional & we couldn’t have wished for anyone else to capture our magical moments on our wedding day. We were able to explore the surroundings of the Oxwich Bay Hotel with their support throughout the day to capture beautiful memories that will always be with us.

Jemma: We had photographs in the gardens with beautiful blossom trees enhancing our photos, but we had spectacular adventures down the beach including climbing rocks in my heels!
We cant thank Jon & Chantelle enough for everything they captured on our wedding day.

cross-jones-photography-54 cross-jones-photography-55

How did the proposal happen? 

PARIS….. At the top of the Eiffel Tower!!!

Remembering it like it was yesterday.  It was a very hot sunny day, 37 degree’s to be exact, we had waited a considerable amount of time to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. When we arrived at the top it was very busy, we had a glass of champagne and was admiring the views over Paris.

The next moment the waves of people seem to vanish & Eric got down on one knee with a stunning engagement ring in the shape of the tower. A lot of thought had obviously gone into the whole proposal, so I’m a very lucky girl.


Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Where to start on how we selected everything for our enchanting journey on our magical wedding day, below we have highlighted where we have sourced many items that may have been small however once they all came together created the bigger picture and formed a very incredible day for us both to share with our close family & friends….

The Wedding Favours had a very special meaning to us we supported 2 charities close to our hearts: Cancer Charity, where we purchased scratch cards & TY Hafan Pin Badges & Hessian bags which we used to create for children’s activity packs. Jemma currently works at Ty Hafan, Children’s Hospice as an Outreach Play Practitioner, therefore has a close connection at the hospice and in communities accross Wales with the children & families she works with and supports.

What was your first dance & why?

For our first dance song we choose, Shane Filan / Beautiful In White, the words were perfect, and we both fell in love with the song the first time we heard it, we listened to millions of love songs, but none came close.
It felt like we were in our own bubble, with the sounds of cheers and happiness as we danced through the song. It was followed by the bride dancing with her father which shared the journey.

cross-jones-photography-80 cross-jones-photography-81 cross-jones-photography-82

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Honestly, absolutely nothing, the wedding day was enchanting and we both had a magical day, there were lots of smiles & laughter with our close family & friends, some of which travelled far and wide from England & Scotland.


Do you have any advice for future couples?

Enjoy every moment of your magical day, and take time to capture a moment together, we have created forever memories from our day that we will treasure forever.

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

We have known each other for 15 years now, and have been good friends through that time, advice from others has been to keep smiling like we do & to be happy. Instead of a guest book we asked our family and friends to write down their most memorable place that they had been too, so that we can visit those places to create memorable moments also on our journey together, so we have some incredible adventures now to complete.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Eric: Jem was fantastic, she was so organised & in my opinion she could have a future job in wedding planning, but I know she is doing her dream job at present at TY Hafan. The food tasting was amAzing, to have the opportunity to spend time at Oxwich Bay with my future wife made me feel complete & I had never had that before.

cross-jones-photography-37 cross-jones-photography-38

Jemma: We worked well as a team, ideas were created by talking to each other & if something wasn’t feeling quite right we would make the decision together to change it. We had a lovely day shopping with our nieces and nephews, both were wearing their clothing / shoes from Ted Baker & Next, and looked adorable.
However at times it was difficult as I had to keep things a secret from Eric, not only was my dress a surprise, but Eric had no idea about my Unique bouquet, or his buttonhole, made personally from buttons & brooches, which was exceptionally made with love by Leesa, from I <3 Buttons.

cross-jones-photography-2 cross-jones-photography-4 cross-jones-photography-5

The Suppliers

Photographer: Cross-Jones Photography
Ceremony Venue: Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower
Reception Venue: Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower
Bride’s Dress: Lorraine Stone, Truly Scrumptious Bridal Boutique
Bride’s Shoes: Forbidden Heels
Bride’s Headpiece: Flo & Percy
Bride’s Jewellery: Fraser Hart
Groom’s Outfit: French Connection
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Ted Baker
Cake: Trellis Confectionery Port Talbot
Flowers: Jemma and her Mum
Hair: Antonia, Maples Hair & Beauty, Pyle
Make Up: Jodie Amner
DJ: Hotel Resident DJ
Stationery: Inspire Me Designs 
Any Reception Decor/Props: NiVi Designs

The Wedding Album

cross-jones-photography-2 cross-jones-photography-3 cross-jones-photography-4 cross-jones-photography-5 cross-jones-photography-6 cross-jones-photography-7 cross-jones-photography-8 cross-jones-photography-9 cross-jones-photography-10 cross-jones-photography-11 cross-jones-photography-12 cross-jones-photography-13 cross-jones-photography-14 cross-jones-photography-15 cross-jones-photography-16 cross-jones-photography-17 cross-jones-photography-18 cross-jones-photography-19 cross-jones-photography-20 cross-jones-photography-21 cross-jones-photography-22 cross-jones-photography-23 cross-jones-photography-24 cross-jones-photography-25 cross-jones-photography-26 cross-jones-photography-27 cross-jones-photography-28 cross-jones-photography-29 cross-jones-photography-30 cross-jones-photography-31 cross-jones-photography-32 cross-jones-photography-33 cross-jones-photography-34 cross-jones-photography-35 cross-jones-photography-36 cross-jones-photography-37 cross-jones-photography-38 cross-jones-photography-39 cross-jones-photography-40 cross-jones-photography-41 cross-jones-photography-42 cross-jones-photography-43 cross-jones-photography-44 cross-jones-photography-45 cross-jones-photography-46 cross-jones-photography-47 cross-jones-photography-48 cross-jones-photography-49 cross-jones-photography-50 cross-jones-photography-51 cross-jones-photography-52 cross-jones-photography-53 cross-jones-photography-54 cross-jones-photography-55 cross-jones-photography-56 cross-jones-photography-57 cross-jones-photography-58 cross-jones-photography-59 cross-jones-photography-60 cross-jones-photography-61 cross-jones-photography-62 cross-jones-photography-63 cross-jones-photography-64 cross-jones-photography-65 cross-jones-photography-66 cross-jones-photography-67 cross-jones-photography-68 cross-jones-photography-69 cross-jones-photography-70 cross-jones-photography-71 cross-jones-photography-72 cross-jones-photography-73 cross-jones-photography-74 cross-jones-photography-75 cross-jones-photography-76 cross-jones-photography-77 cross-jones-photography-78 cross-jones-photography-79 cross-jones-photography-80 cross-jones-photography-81 cross-jones-photography-82 cross-jones-photography-83 cross-jones-photography-84 cross-jones-photography-85

Cwtch Of The Week- Georgia and Emily

Morning you lovely bunch of Cwtches!

I hope you had a great weekend.

This cwtch of the week by Jake at Ryan Welch Photography is just amazing!

Emily and Georgia got married in late march this year. The beautiful spring day mirrored the incredible day that these two had. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest at one of our stunning lush list venues the Oxwich Bay Hotel, these stunning ladies enjoyed their big day by the beach. They celebrated with a walk along the shore and sparklers in the evening. The relaxed atmosphere sums up their laid back, intimate relationship perfectly.

jake ryan welch


Images by Jake of Ryan Welch Photography

Photographs like these are perfect for what we are looking for when we deciding on a cwtch of the week. If you have one that you would like us to feature please email us at

Cwtch Of The Week By Photography First

Morning you lovely lot!
Everyone needs a big old cwtch from their mum and it doesn’t matter what your age is!
Once the mother of the bride had helped her own mum with her fascinator she stepped back and grabbed a big old Cwtch. Ed from Photography First managed to catch this really happy moment and we couldn’t help but use it for Cwtch of the Week.
Ian and Stephanie got married at one of our amazing Lush List venues, the beautiful Oxwich Bay Hotel with its stunning marquee overlooking the beach.

Photography First you have a nice little cwtch of the week photo then please send it in to I would love to share them for you. I hope you have an amazing week and manage tick a bunch of things off your wedding to do list. ~ Kate


Introducing Our Traditional Bride Kath

Hello you lovely lot.
We previously mentioned that some of our Bride-to-be competition entries brought us to tears.  Well, this was one of those brides….But not sad tears….Nope! Tears rolling down our face with laughter. I would like to introduce you all to Kath, our new Traditional Bride!
This beautiful lady is getting married in September and chose our Lush List member Oxwich Bay Hotel for her nuptials. She is planning a multicoloured, sparkly, spangly wedding day and I’m sure like many of you, her husband to be is not into the planning side of things.  So far it’s been her, her and oh her again, doing everything!
She is a great story teller with loads of advice and we’re super excited to have her join our team. Lets give her a warm welcome ~ Kate.

Our Traditional Bride

Photo 18-04-2015 7 29 09 pm
Ok soooo let me tell you a bit about me!! As you’ll see, this is obviously more than 300 words…!! But it’s who I am, where I’m from, how I feel about love, marriage, and my hopes for the future.  Also, you’ll see I refer to my fiancé as “The Manfriend” which is a moniker (name) I use when discussing him on Facebook in my ridiculously long statuses… It started off as a bit of a joke, but it stuck, and my friends all know him as that now… but his real name is Rich!!Photo 04-01-2016 1 32 05 pm
My name is Kathryn (or “Kat” to The Manfriend, Kath to most other people, but under no circumstances Kathy!!) I’m 31 years old, blonde at heart, a bubbly Scorpio who loves a jäger bomb, loves my cats, and of course, loves my fiancé. But nothing compares to the love I have for the Kings of Leon. That’s probably more of an obsession.1535Photo 22-11-2013 8 49 52 pm
I grew up in a little Carmarthenshire village called Tycroes, until last year, when I moved to the bright lights city of Swansea!! My parents had me a little later in life, meaning I’ve always been a bit spoilt! Not in a bratty way, but I’ve always had “firm” (read: “loud”) opinions about what I’ve wanted in life, and planning our wedding is no different. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be – I will have to reassess this as the months pass!) The Manfriend is leaving most of the planning to me. He’s got a few ideas which I will obviously consider… but for now, he’s happy to let me plough ahead with the organisation, and that suits me just fine!!Photo 25-12-2015 4 24 53 pmPhoto 17-12-2015 10 30 56 am
I’m also pretty creative, meaning a lot of the little things like Save The Dates, Invitations, Favours and even table centrepieces are going to be DIY, where I will be channeling my inner Neil Buchannan (sorry if you don’t remember Art Attack – you should really Google it, it was amazing!!) so this will hopefully save some pennies as well as adding a really personal touch to our big day!!042
Living at home with my mum and dad taught me a lot about love. My parents were war babies and married on my mum’s 21st birthday. This year, they celebrated their Golden Anniversary (50 years!!), and the love and respect they endlessly and unconditionally share makes my heart burst with pride, and has cemented my own belief in love and marriage. Photo 17-12-2015 10 30 09 am
I had a really happy and traditional childhood, and with 2 big sisters, I was (and still am!) a very girly girl! I’d spend hours playing “Wedding Day” with my Barbie and Ken dolls and was still playing with them until second year comprehensive school (secretly!) But having such a solid family upbringing has left me with some distinctly lopsided values…Photo 18-12-2015 7 21 05 am
For instance, I believe without question that a man should hold every door open for his lady, always pay for dinner, and most importantly, take the bins out without a fight!!
But if The Manfriend was ever to suggest I spend a day cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and slaving over a hot stove preparing dinner in readiness for his arrival home from work, well… I’d laugh in his face!!
My mum is a true housewife, and my dad a true gent, but they just don’t make them like that any more!! And it’s probably just as well… The Manfriend is (literally) the chef in our household – and I’ve been known to eat off a paper towel rather than wash a plate!!Photo 22-06-2014 5 18 45 pm
And as old-school as my upbringing was, I was also brought up to believe I could be anything I wanted to be in life. So in 9 months time, I choose to be Wedding Day Barbie!! But with smaller boobs. And shorter legs. And a significantly larger waist. And I’m going to treat my very own Ken to some jolly good old fashioned downright modern loving!!Photo 05-11-2015 9 15 05 pm
So that’s pretty much me! (I would say “in a nutshell,” but it’s more like “in a coconut lorry.”) xxx
You can see why choosing a shortlist was so hard! They are all great and we cant wait for you to meet the next bride to be! Have a lovely day! ~Kate