Engagement Shoot: Anna and Richie by Maria Farrelly

Good Morning you lovely lot!

Its throwback Thursday time! And today its all about me! Well, and my now husband, but you know, mainly me!

Shot by our very own wonderful Maria Farrelly, this was our Pre Wedding Shoot.  Shot in August 2011, if you can believe it! Originally published in March 2013, I am very excited to be sharing this again.  I cannot recommend an pre wedding shoot enough. Its so much fun, gets you excited for the big day and you get to know you photographer brilliantly!

Enjoy! x

Engagement Shoot Slim

Anna and Richie’s Urban Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria Farrelly

I’d like to introduce you to a super cool couple; Anna & Richie. I photographed their wedding back in Sept 2011 and this shoot was taken in and around Newport a few months prior to their big day.

Anna Is a Newport girl and Richie is a Cardiff boy. They met in the Meze Lounge in Newport and now they live in Paradise…I kid you not…the Turks & Caicos Islands to be precise!

They were quite happy for me to choose the locations for this shoot and boy did we have some fun, they were up for anything. I decided to take them to places around Newport that I love, such as The Waterloo  (an amazing hotel & bistro thats right next to the amazing Transporter Bridge!).

I also photographed them in places that had been playing on my mind for a while. Places you see while driving around or sat in traffic, the sort of places you never actually get out of the car to take a proper look at. Anna & Richie went along with all my crazy ideas and added a few of their own too such as ‘planking’.  We had such a great time and laughed so much. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them!

Enjoy x

Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria FarrellyPre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria FarrellyPre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria FarrellyPre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria FarrellyPre-Wedding Engagement Shoot: Anna & Richie - Newport by Maria Farrelly0018002100230026002900350040004500470050005200550063006700730074007600790081008500880092009700990101010401070120012501320136014401470149

A Vintage Era: Barrie and Judith 1963

Who doesn’t love a vintage wedding?! So imagine a genuine 60’s wedding to gush over! Well you’re in for a treat.  Meet my wonderful Mum and Dad, Barrie and Judy.  I have spent my entire life looking at these gorgeous images of their big day.

I used to sit up in the attic in my Mums wedding dress, holding the wedding favour of the cats you can see in one of the images, flicking through their album. So I am now over the moon to be able to share this load of gorgeousness with the rest of you.

I have only recently realised however, just how remarkable it is to have them and just how lucky we are. Not only do we have this moment in time captured to treasure whenever we want, but there are also some in colour!

I have always been inspired by my Mum and Dad’s big day, loving the colours and my Mum’s shoes! (I can remember asking where they were and if I could have them. I was met with laughter).  I also love that my husband Richie was inspired by the images, and chose his suit based on my Dads! So, over to my Mum and Dad to tell you more about their big day….

A Vintage Era

Barrie and Judith 1963


How old were you when you met?

16 and Barrie was 19

How did you meet?

We met in the Royal Albert in Newport. Its doesn’t exist anymore, its where River Island or something is now. Barrie was with his friend Ted, and he told his friend not to turn around as there was two girls (myself and my friend Pam) coming in and they’re only after your money. They ended up coming over to us while we sat their looking coy, and buying us a drink.  Then he asked me if he could take me home. Barrie walked me to the door and asked me out on another date. Because he took me home, I wondered if Ted had taken Pam home and was asking her out, so wasn’t sure whether to say yes if Pam hadn’t said yes!! We didn’t know them from Adam.

I decided to say yes anyway!

Tell us abut your first date

Judy: *laughs* I can’t remember! I can’t even remember where we went! Logically we would have gone to the pictures because everybody did in those days. That or the pub, were the only places to go. It was just me and your Dad in the end, although Pam and Ted did end up marrying as well!

How did the proposal go?

Judy: Its funny as we were talking about that a while ago. He never actually did! He ask my Dad and we just decided to get in engaged. He never actually asked ‘will you marry me’. We just thought, ‘lets get engaged’. We went shopping for the ring together, a diamond solitaire, a very lovely ring. Who knows where it is now! The last thing I remember about it, we had a gas fire on the wall in our first family home, and I took it off and put it on there while I was vacuuming and it vanished! We even took the fire off the wall to look and it was gone! Im on my third engagement ring now, after various replacements.

Tell us about your wedding planning

Judy:  *big sigh* We went to see the Dean of Monmouth because where we lived was associated with the cathedral, so had to go for lessons on how to be married.

My Uncle Bobby was the florist in the market so he supplied the flowers – spring flowers; daffodils, freesias and iris.

My Dad had a friend, Arthur, who worked at the South Wales Argus office as a photographer, so he asked if he could do the photographs. He said he would and also took coloured photos which was ever so fancy at the time!


I think we only had one car and that was probably a Daimler! It was cream anyway. And that took me and my Dad to the Cathedral and I think, my Mum and the bridesmaids were in a black one. No idea what that was though!

Barrie’s Dad was a baker, and I asked if he could make our cake to match our bridesmaids who were in pale lemon, pale blue and pink. He made a beautiful job. He did it in a wedgwood style, absolutely beautifully done.


Planning was only a big deal if you had a lot of money. If you didn’t, like us, you asked favours off family or they offer, like my cousin Marilyn did my hair (she did every week anyway mind).

I never knew exactly what I wanted, but I do know it was always up to us. My Mum and Dad and Barrie’s Mum and Dad didn’t really get involved except if we asked for their help.

Barrie: I had arranged the wedding car/cars ? with Cookson taxis, giving them a detailed map where to collect the Bride etc with eta’s


Where did you get married?

Barrie: We got married at St Woolos Cathedral in Newport, and had the reception up the road at the Stow Hill Hotel. The hotel is now apartments!

What was your budget?

Barrie: I cannot remember what budget we had, but would have been in proportion to my wage as a draughtsman which then was about £8.00 a week.

Tell us about your dress?

Judy: It was white lace, long, and with little white rose buds around the neck line, and long sleeves. A dress I will never part with. I wore a short veil and a diamond tiara. White lace shoes.


Tell us about your bridal party (bridesmaids, best men etc)

Judy:  I had my friend, Wendy (Barrie’s Best Man John’s fiancé), Barrie’s sister Sue and as a flower girl, Lorraine who was Barrie’s cousin.


Whats your most lasting memory of your big day?

Judy: The sun shone all day. At that time there were no evening parties. So after the reception we left and drove straight up to London.

Barrie: Amongst the wonderful bits, I remember I was hungover! The night before the wedding, as was normal then, I had my stag party which turned out to be a tour of the pubs in Caerleon. There would have been about 20 blokes including my best man John Golding. I managed to lose my Dad`s raincoat which I had borrowed, and throw a dart that bounced back off the dartboard and into a ladies boob. Not very popular with her husband.

After the wedding, we drove up to Paddington London (Sussex Gardens) for our short honeymoon. The car was a “Morris Cowley” which cost £200 paid for by Judy’s Mum & Dad.  There was no Severn Bridge crossings then, so we had to go via Gloucester, Witney, Oxford, Beaconsfield, and into west London. On the following day (Sunday) we went to Pettycoat lane, and Wapping Wharf and watched Watney`s brewery loading barrels of beer onto horse drawn wagons for deliveries to pubs. We had lunch at “The Whitney Arms” at the wharf looking over the river Thames.

Which is your favourite wedding photograph and why?

Judy: They were all of lovely memories, and we were lucky enough to have some in colour, which was quite unusual at the time.  Barrie had a friend at the Argus who brought the coloured camera! We’re so lucky.

Do you have any tips for a long lasting marriage

Barrie: I do as I am told!

Wedding Album


Barrie and Judy went on to have three gorgeous children (the third born was particularly amazing!!!), a boy and two girls, and as of this March, have been happily married for 52 years!  I am constantly amazed by my parents, and being able to sit and look through their wedding pictures and being reminded that they too were (very) young once, is such a pleasure and a privilege, one I will never get bored of.  Love you Mum and Dad xx

Real Wedding: Yana & David’s 1920s Art Deco Wedding by Silver Oak Studios

Remember Yana and David from their incredible 1920s styled engagement shoot? Well on the 7th September 2013 they tied the knot in Newport with an absolutely spectacular 1920s Art Deco wedding! :D Shot by Dan from Silver Oak Studios.

yana & david

What was your budget? We didn’t really set a budget for our big day (we went against everyone’s advice!) but including our honeymoon our wedding was around £18,000.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_045

We were quite realistic and did bargain hunt when required but there were a few occasions when we had to stop ourselves from getting carried away. At one point I wanted peacocks to wander around the grounds, and to hire a vintage carousel for all the wedding guests!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_010

There are so many amazing things available these days for weddings that you couldn’t get years ago, it’s easy to get swept away! But we found the best way was to think about the things that were more important to spend our money on – like the dress.

How would you describe your wedding theme? Our wedding was styled around the 1920s Art Deco era. I just love this glamorous and timeless era but our theme was largely inspired by our wedding venue. As soon as we booked it I could instantly see characters from The Great Gatsby mingling outside with champagne, so just like that our theme was born.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_046

We had so much fun sourcing amazing Art Deco ideas and really getting in to the roaring twenties, not to mention watching countless episodes of Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey to inspire us! I just couldn’t wait to have my bridesmaids styled as elegant flappers!!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_013Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_016

The problem I faced was finding the perfect 1920s Deco dress. I didn’t seem to have the “this is the one” moment when I was dress shopping, mostly because the dresses I loved didn’t suit me (unfortunately, I do not resemble the tall and willowy silhouettes that suit a 1920s style dress). Luckily the man I was to marry proved why he was worth marrying and suggested I talk to one of his work friend’s partners that studied fashion. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_012

From a simple sketch over a glass of wine at my kitchen table, this utterly stylish, elegant and ridiculously talented lady namely Talis Bell designed the most unique, perfectly 1920s, vintage champagne lace wedding dress that I could have ever imagined. The passion Talis has for wedding dress design is seen through her work. I felt truly privileged to have worn a dress handmade and designed by the talented Talis Bell.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_040

Not only did I have a bespoke wedding dress, I had the pleasure of designing my vintage bridal headpiece with super cool Ashley aka With Love From Bobbin (a Cwtch the Bride featured vendor!). I looked forward to every one of our catch ups in Bunkhouse, Cardiff, where we would chat about weddings (often to calm me down!) and to discuss the designs for my headpiece.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_001Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_042

I cannot recommend Ashley enough, she was absolutely amazing, she used part of my wedding dress lace and fabric to make a perfect bridal cap and veil, and made sure I was completely happy every step of the way. She was another truly talented lady I had the privilege of working with.

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Everyone was invited to join in with the Gatsby theme with the specific instructions to “Don your 20s best – just not fancy dress” so one of my favourite moments was when we arrived at our venue to see how amazing our guests looked. My vision when booking the venue of Gatsby characters mingling with champagne coupes had come to life. Not to mention the relief of not seeing everyone dressed as fancy dress flapper and Al Capone gangsters!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_008Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_027Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_054Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_056

By far the funniest moment was outside of the ceremony venue at The Mansion House in Newport. As we were preparing for the big wedding guest shot, the father of the bride decides to pull out a brass bugle and announce that “The Eagle has landed” following this code word, Dave’s best man and my step-brother decided to pull out 100 celebrity masks and make the entire party put them on for a few funny snaps.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_025Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_026

We had every celebrity you could think of from the Spice Girls to the entire cast of Only Fools and Horses. The funniest has to be my five year old brother as Victor Meldrew right at the front of the shot. Even Dan our photographer couldn’t keep a straight face when taking the photo!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_028

Needless to say my father’s prank went down a treat and is still being talked about now!

Why did you choose your venue? We chose to get married in the Mansion House in Newport, simply due to a suggestion made by my dad. We didn’t expect what we saw when we went in as to us it was simply a registry office. But after looking around and realising how grand the building was it was the perfect setting to start off our day.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_019Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_053Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_043

We had already booked the New House Country Hotel in Cardiff for our wedding reception, as the views were breathtaking, and the house itself inspired our 1920s theme. We also wanted a reception somewhere that our friends and families hadn’t been to before so it was perfect!

How did the proposal happen?  You can read our full proposal story in our engagement shoot post! :)

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_015Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_022

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? I am not the most creative of people, and I find DIY quite stressful. We created and printed our own wedding invitations, but this proved quite demanding and put us off a lot of DIY for the wedding. David did however source our vintage suitcases for our table plan and cards, and hand painted them himself. He also designed and printed the table plans to hang in the suitcases.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_048

Luckily I came across Jade from Forever Vintage when looking for vintage prop hire. Jade’s Cardiff based company Forever Vintage has a range of packages from basic vintage china hire to full on complete wedding packages. Jade has a passion for baking cakes and is a lover of all things vintage.
Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_049Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_044

Her mother has a vintage shop so has access to a plethora of vintage paraphernalia. Jade also designed our flowers, cake, vintage china, venue styling i.e. props (which included an amazing vintage gramophone!), signage and vintage photo booth.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_059

Any ideas I had (and I had a lot from trawling Pinterest and wedding blogs) Jade could do, I would show her a picture of what we wanted and it was done. It took so much stress out of the big day, it still let us be creative without having to worry about actually having to do it all!

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was to Oasis – Champagne Supernova.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_060

This was the first song we said we would have for our first dance when we got engaged but decided against it after thinking it was inappropriate for a romantic first song. When the Great Gatsby film was released we thought of having Emilie Sande’s Jazz version of Beyoncé – Crazy in Love, but realised we have to pull out a few quickstep/Charleston moves which just added too much pressure.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_061

After listening to 100’s of usual wedding songs and realising none of them meant anything to us, two days before the wedding we decided to go with Champagne Supernova, realising that it was a special song for both of us even though its not typically appropriate! It went down well with the guests, with everyone singing along and joining us on the dance floor.

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? No, although I wish I made time to drink an entire glass of champagne!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_032Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_055

We loved every part of the day, even the bits that didn’t go to plan still make us laugh today!

Do you have any advice for future couples? Enjoy and savour all the planning. You’ll feel like a loose end when its all over!

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_021

It’s great to have your wedding make a statement (and fun throwing a party for your friends and family) but essentially your wedding day is about making a wonderful commitment to the person you love and spending the day with your close friends and family all together.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_036

Make sure throughout the day you take a step back and take in what is going on around you. It’s a wonderful day that feels only like a moment so absorb every last drop (not just the champagne!)

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? My favourite part of the wedding planning was being able to be creative and fun with ideas. Not to mention being able to meet and work with some of the most creative people I have ever met.

Newport Cardiff 1920s Art Deco Vintage Wedding_064

Our wedding has brought another side out in me. From someone that used to be all for modern, I have developed a huge appreciation for bygone eras (particularly the 20’s), and now my whole house is starting to replicate Downton Abbey! :)

Photography: Dan Weston at Silver Oak Studios
Wedding Planner: Jade – Forever Vintage
Ceremony Venue: The Mansion House, Newport
Reception Venue: The New House Country Hotel, Cardiff
Bride’s Dress: Bespoke – Talis Bell
Bride’s Shoes: Ballroom Jazz Shoes
Bride’s Headpiece: Ashley – With Love from Bobbin | Featured Vendor
Bride’s Jewellery: Tiffany
Groom’s Outfit: Next
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Mango
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Etsy
Cake & Flowers: Jade – Forever Vintage
Hair: Annie (Family Friend)
Make Up: MAC
Stationery: Designed by us
Any Reception Decor/Props: Jade – Forever Vintage
Transport: VW Beetle and Campervan – LoveDub Weddings, Vintage Double Decker Bus Hired from Newport Transport
Other: Champagne Coupes – Rented

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Rhiannon and Nathan’s Vintage Wedding on a Budget by Picture Studios

We love that Rhiannon & Nathan created  a beautiful vintage wedding on a budget :) Shot by Picture Studio. This is our first bilingual post on Cwtch the Bride – we hope all you Welsh speakers out there enjoy it! :)

rhiannon & nathan

We asked them some questions about their day…

What was your budget? We are both sensible with money and had agreed from early on that spending £20,000 on one day just wasn’t for us. With a mortgage to pay, and rabbit to feed, we agreed that for £5,000 we could organise our dream day without having to spend the next few years struggling to make ends meet.

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_035Thank you cards

In order to save money we opted to get married at 5pm therefore skipping the formal sit-down-meal and decided on a BBQ for after the service, this also gave our day a more relaxed feel.

Being creative, and with the help of our wonderful family and friends, we were able to hand make a lot of the ‘personal touches’ in order to keep costs low – from the invites and table plans to the favours and sweet table… Every little helps!

How would you describe your wedding theme? Homemade Vintage Charm (even though it did end up as a Wonderfully Wet Welsh Wedding!)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_033Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_001Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_038

When we got engaged I knew straight away that I didn’t want a prim and proper wedding with everything perfect and in its place. We both wanted a relaxed, personal day that would be a bit rough around the edges. I wanted to show my creative side and show that you can have an unforgettable day on a budget – which I think we managed to achieve :)

What was your favourite part of your wedding? For me it has to be the service. It had hammered it down with rain all day (you have to love the Welsh weather) but stopped just as I left the house and as I walked down the aisle the sun started shining through the beautiful antique windows – divine!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_012Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_018

We decided to have a bilingual ceremony with readings in both Welsh and English as we wanted to honour the fact that we both ‘siarad Cymraeg’ (are Welsh speaking). This made the ceremony really special and personal to us. We also included Welsh and English readings and songs as background music whilst signing the register (a bit of an eclectic mix ranging from a beautiful Welsh song called ‘Harbwr Diogel’ by Elin Fflur to an acoustic version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_019

For Nathan however, his favourite part was the Only Fools and Horses three-wheeler van which I had arranged as a surprise wedding present to take him to Tredegar House – Lovely Jubbly!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_007

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? I had two bridesmaids and two flowers girls. For my beautiful bridesmaids I chose Nathan’s sister Ffion and Eirian, my good friend from university. For my even more beautiful flower girls I chose Caitlin, our niece and Ffreuer, Nathan’s cousin. All four looked absolutely stunning – syfrdanol!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_005Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_009

Nathan choose Matthew as his best man, who we’d both known for 12 years, since starting Gwynllyw (our secondary school) together. He did us very proud with an outstanding best man speech… Diolch yn fawr!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_008Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_044

Roedd gen i ddwy forwyn briodas a dwy ferch blodau. Ar gyfer fy morwynion hardd dewisais Ffion, sef chwaer Nathan, ac Eirian, ffrind da i mi o’r brifysgol. Ar gyfer fy merched blodau, a oedd hyd yn oed yn fwy prydferth, dewisais Caitlin, fy nith, a Ffreuer, cyfnither Nathan. Roedd y pedair yn edrych yn gwbl syfrdanol!

Dewisodd Nathan ar gyfer ei was priodas Matthew, sydd wedi bod yn ffrind i ni am 12 mlynedd, ers i ni ddechrau ein hysgol uwchradd, Gwynllyw, gyda’n gilydd. Roedd ei araith yn benigamp… Diolch yn fawr!

Why did you choose your venue? As Tredegar House was close to our home we used to walk around the stunning grounds on sunny Sunday afternoons and had always said how beautiful it looked. When we decided to get married this was the first place we looked at. It was perfect and had packages that suited our needs and budget.

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_025Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_037

How did the proposal happen? I shall set the scene: A romantic private beach hut on the beautiful island of Kos, Greece. Just after dusk and the warm summery breeze was sweeping in off the deep blue waves. I turn and see Nathan down on one knee with a ring in his hand…


Me: “Well aren’t you going to say anything?”
Nathan: “Oh yeah, will you marry me… And can I get up now because my knee is sunburnt?”

Yes and yes!!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_016

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? Whenever I ask people what their favourite part of our wedding was they always reply with (after the amazing best man speech and the three wheeler van) all the personal touches that we managed to bring to the wedding. These little details make such a big difference on the big day and most of them we made ourselves.

Invitations: One of the pupils in school drew a picture of a bride and groom (and little rabbit). I scanned it and printed it off onto some blank cards. Printed the middle (one side was Welsh the other was English) and 16 hours later with the help of some glue, coloured paper, ribbon, wooden hearts, paper cutters, string, sticky pads and mini bunting we had perfect, personal wedding invitations!


Order of Service: We kept them simple, 1/3 of an A4 page each with our names along with the best man, bridesmaids, readers and witnesses names and time and place of the wedding. I glued on a square of pretty vintage style paper and a confetti heart (which were hearts cut from vintage romance novels – bought on eBay).

Order of Service

Table Plan: For our table plan we choose couples from television shows that we liked so we had Ross & Rachel (Friends), Bones & Booth (Bones), Gavin & Stacey, House & Cuddy (House), Kermit & Miss Piggy (The Muppets), Carrie & Big (Sex and the City), Sara & Grissom (CSI) Rachel & Finn (Glee) Del Boy & Raquel (Only Fools and Horses) and Mike & Ed (Wheeler Dealers – ok, not a real couple but a little joke about Nathan’s love of the show!)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_040
I stamped individual luggage style tags with all of our guests names on them to hang next to their table on the plan – time consuming but worth it as our table plan is now on display in our home :)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_041Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_042

Centrepieces: I bought large jars from IKEA and filled them with some pebbles and beautiful hydrangeas from the gardens of our family (don’t worry I did ask first!) I then hung little laminated baby pictures of the two of us around the rim.

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_039

Favours: The place names were pebbles that I had painted and written the guests names on. I created seed packets to plant in the Spring. We also had heart shaped Welsh cakes made by a friend’s mum and Cookie Monster cupcakes made my me.

Place SettingsPicture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_036

Sweet Table: I collected various jars and vases from charity shops and filled them with a range of sweets from the wholesalers and I bought some cheap scoops and bags off eBay. This was a real hit, especially with the children (and best man!)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_032

Window sill decorations: I filled bird cages with flowers, candles, pearls and lace. I also used lots of vintage style tea cups and saucers (sought from local charity shops) and little stuffed hanging hearts made by my friends.

Suitcase for cards: I managed to find a lovely blue, vintage suitcase on eBay for £5 and I placed a table runner that Nathan’s Nan had crocheted (she also crocheted our ring cushion) in it and cut out the word ‘Cards’ from vintage style paper.

Suitcase for Cards 2 Suitcase for Cards

Mini lanterns: I collected different jars and after washing them placed a confetti heart on the front, some wire around the rim to make a handle and popped a tea light inside to light in the outside seating area when it got dark. Simple but very effective.

Mini Lanterns

Bunting: Miles and miles of bunting. A word of warning: before you start make sure you ask the RIGHT person if you are allowed to hang bunting (because of health & safety)… So only a little was used :(


I was very lucky as I’m a teacher and school had finished a full fortnight before the wedding so I had plenty of time to make all of these little personal touches. I had also spent the Easter holidays and half terms starting on all of the little projects and loved every second of it <3

Gan fy mod yn athrawes, roeddwn i’n ffodus iawn bod yr ysgol wedi gorffen bythefnos llawn cyn y briodas. Roedd gen i ddigon o amser, felly, i greu’r holl bethau bach personol. Hefyd treuliais i’r gwyliau Pasg a hanner tymor yn dechrau’r holl brosiectau bach hyn – mwynheais bob eiliad ohono! <3

What was your first dance & why? Dusty Springfield – I Only Wanna Be With You. Neither of us wanted a slow dance so we chose this lovely song because the lyrics are sweet but it still has a kick to it – and who doesn’t love a bit of Dusty?

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? Not really. I just wish that I had taken a few more moments to sit down and take everything in on the day and not stress about the little things. So what if we forgot to cut the cake? So what if we didn’t have our first dance until 10:30? So what if people were sat in the wrong place during the service?

All of these things were out of my control on the day and are completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We had a magical day and that’s all that is important. Cawsom ddiwrnod bythgofiadwy!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_030

Do you have any advice for future couples? This is a hard one. I think I would just try and keep these points in mind:

1. Stop. Look. Think. Do you really need it?

2. Try and involve family and friends because not only will you enjoy spending quality time with them it can also save you money. You never know, you may unlock hidden talents.

3. Don’t let too many people influence your wedding. It’s your special day, a celebration of your love, not a chance for them to re-live their special day! If you’re not comfortable with it, bin it!

… and pack an umbrella just in case! (It doesn’t matter how long you spend agonising over weather forecasts, it’s it wants to rain, it’s going to rain!)

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_027Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_028

What did you enjoy most about planning a wedding? Having the freedom to be totally creative and spending quality time with family and friends on the build up to the big day. Having a spare bedroom that looked like a craft bomb had exploded in for the entire fortnight before the wedding… Creative bliss!

Picture Studios Newport Wedding Nathan & Rhiannon_043

Fy hoff ran o gynllunio’r briodas oedd cael y rhyddid i fod yn gwbl greadigol a hefyd treulio’r cyfnod gwerthfawr hwn, yn arwain at y diwrnod mawr, gyda fy nheulu a’m ffrindiau. Ar ôl hynny, cael ystafell wely sbâr a oedd yn edrych fel ffrwydrad celf a chrefft am bythefnos cyn y briodas … Hafan greadigol!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’d love to share a little bit of the Welsh poem that we had for the reading, as it’s beautiful but not truly appreciated as it is in Welsh:

“Mi gerddaf gyda thi dros lwybrau maith
A blodau can a breuddwyd ar ein taith
I’th lygaid syllaf a dal dy law
Mi gerddaf gyda thi beth bynnag ddaw”.

“I will walk with you across distant paths
Flowers and dreams will bless our journey
Into your eyes I will gaze and holding your hand
I will walk with you whatever may come”.

Photographer: Picture Studio, Cwmbran
Ceremony Venue: Tredegar House, Newport
Bride’s Dress: The Phil Collins Collection at Brides of Elegance
Bride’s Shoes: Oasis
Bride’s Headpiece: Brides of Elegance
Bride’s Jewellery: Accessorize
Groom’s Outfit: Suits: Slaters, Cardiff. Ties: Primark – bargain!
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast (half price sale)
Flower girl Dresses:
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Used their own shoes. Necklaces from Primark 
Cake: Family friend
Flowers: Ring o Roses in Risca
Hair: Natasha’s Home Hair
Make Up: Blush 
DJ: Magnum Discos
Any Reception Decor/Props: Table and chair covers with sash, bay trees and large bird cage: Emma Hall Designs
Transport: Me: family friend. Nathan: Trotter Van Hire

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Vintage Style Newport Engagement Shoot: Yana & Dave by Diamond Wedding Photography

We’ve got a special treat for you all today – a 1920s inspired engagement shoot! Yana & Dave are planning a vintage wedding and decided to have an engagement shoot to match. We love these guys! Big thanks to Yana for sending their shoot in – all photographs in this post are by Dan Weston from Diamond Wedding Photography.

Yana & David (53 of 171)

How we met

How we met is a bit of a strange story… you could say that it was all planned by my Dad but in a twist of fate we ended up crossing paths on our own, even though my Dad still likes to take the glory!

Dave and I knew of each other a few years before we officially met. Dave and my Dad were friendly through their mutual love of VWs and although I had never met Dave, my Dad had always sung his praises for being “such a nice guy”. One random night in 2004 at a mutual friend’s house party (another lover of VWs) Dave and I finally met. I saw Dave and was instantly attracted to him….despite the pink shirt he was wearing! As the night went on we got on like a house on fire and realised that we had a lot in common (other than my Dad!). We went on a number of dates throughout that summer and the rest is history.

How the proposal happened

Yana & David (106 of 171)

People laugh when I tell how the proposal happened, as although it was truly a surprise when it did happen, I had already spent time in Tiffany’s in London picking my favourite ring and we’d also already booked the wedding!

We’ve been together for such a long time and knew we wanted to get married. After buying our house in 2010, we knew that this is what we wanted next. I’d joked that I’d wanted a Tiffany ring since visiting NYC with Dave but never imagined that I’d ever be in Harrods London choosing my favourite (within budget!) a few years later. After our trip to London, and making my final choices, I left it up to Dave to pick the right ring, time and place (to at least keep some mystery!). As the weeks went on, my excitement took over and jumped a step to looking at wedding venues! We ended up booking our venue a few weeks later minus the ring!

I’m not sure whether this hurried Dave up but two weeks later around Christmas time, I came home from work to Dave telling me to go in to the living room to look at something new on the tree. As I walked in to the living room I saw a small blue Tiffany Box complete with white ribbon on one of the branches. I opened the box to find it empty…as I turn round to scold Dave for his mean joke, he was on one knee with the ring. He simply asked me to marry him in the middle of our living room, and of course I said yes (being as the wedding was already booked!). Dave later admitted that he actually intended to propose that morning, and had put the box on the tree for me to see when I was leaving to go to work, but as usual I was always late and rushed out the house that morning completely overlooking the box on the tree!! We still laugh about that now!

 Why we chose our engagement shoot location

Yana & David (7 of 171)

 For our engagement shoot, we just wanted to have lots of fun. We chose a 20s theme to match our wedding and since we’ve been planning the wedding, we’ve both fallen more and more in love with the era (and accumulated props), so thought it would be the perfect time to have a bit of fun. We chose Bellevue Park in Newport for our shoot as it’s such a beautiful and romantic park. The Bandstand and Pavilion look quintessentially vintage and the trees look like a backdrop to Downton Abbey. It was also particularly special to me as I spent many days in Bellevue Park as a child with my parents. I think it’s also nice to enjoy Newport’s beauty spots as they are often under-appreciated  We were so pleased with the final result, it worked so well with our theme and we want to have our wedding photos there too!

Our wedding is on the 7th September 2013 :) The ceremony is going to be held in the Mansion House, Newport Registry Office, followed by a reception in the New House County Hotel, Cardiff.

We can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Thanks again, guys! :)

Yana & David (1 of 171) Yana & David (8 of 171) Yana & David (13 of 171) Yana & David (19 of 171) Yana & David (26 of 171) Yana & David (30 of 171) Yana & David (48 of 171) Yana & David (89 of 171) Yana & David (101 of 171) Yana & David (112 of 171) Yana & David (117 of 171) Yana & David (122 of 171) Yana & David (132 of 171) Yana & David (139 of 171) Yana & David (161 of 171) Yana & David (163 of 171)-1 Yana & David (168 of 171)

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