Midweek Mini: Charlie’s Wedding Memories

Hello Cwtchers!

Today we get to share Charlie’s, our former lovely Cwtch Girl, favourite memory of her and Marks big day.

Happy Anniversary guys!

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Marc and Charlie

When we decided our new midweek feature was going to be all about wedding memories I got a bit panicked because I knew it would soon be my turn to share mine. The problem with that is that my memories from my wedding day are all a bit hazy, and for once not through drink!

You know those cheesy TV programmes that use the wavy clouds around the edges just before going in to a dream sequence? That’s kind of how my wedding looks when I try and remember it, I know everyone says it but the day really does go by so quickly. The part of the day that I remember best was getting ready with my girls in the morning, I was very relaxed and had a brilliant morning (unlike poor Mark who got stuck in the barbers and ended up having to rush around!). c&m0122 c&m0275 c&m0355

But when I think of my favourite part of the day it’s not so much one specific moment it’s more a series of moments all linked by a warm fuzzy feeling. The best parts of the day were all the cwtches, all the love, all the smiles on people’s faces and most of all taking a few moments alone with my new husband and saying “we did it”. It’s hard to put this into words without being ridiculously mushy so I will share with you some of my favourite photos by our amazing photographer Maria Farrelly, honestly I look at our photos all the time even nearly two years later. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  c&m0166 c&m0170c&m0713 c&m0757 c&m0899 c&m1030 c&m1038 c&m1043 photobooth084 photobooth118 photobooth170 photobooth185 photobooth190

If you would like to see mine & Mark’s Cardiff Castle wedding in full you can click here :)

Charlie can now be found behind the camera – and she’s blummin good too! xx

Mid-week Mini

Today’s Mid-Week Mini is a sweet little insight to a lovely wedding. Thank  you to Leah Millinship for capturing every last detail of the event, including all the gorgeous favours, handmade by bride. Laura and Martin got married in St. Augustine’s church, Rumney, Cardiff where both her parents and sister also got married. Just a quick drive to their reception in the Oakdale Workmen’s Institute, St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff.

LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (216)

Laura and Martin met in 2007 when Martin came to work at the school as the football coach where Laura was teaching. Martin proposed to Laura, 3 years after their first date in 2010, when they were holidaying in Santorini. One evening, Martin hired a car and drove Laura to the edge of Akrotiri near the lighthouse and popped the question just as the sun was setting.

When choosing their wedding venue, Laura and Martin didn’t want a typical hotel wedding so instead they started looking for venues with more individual character. Laura had visited St Fagans as a child, and the Oakdale Institute onsite was the perfect venue for their vintage themed wedding. They booked the wedding for exactly one year after Martin proposed. Laura comments: “I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my wedding day than walking through the stunning grounds of St Fagans.”LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (487)

The dress was the perfect find for Laura, a Lillian West piece finished off with a gorgeous cathedral veil. The bridesmaid dress was by Sorella Vita in Dusky Rose, followed by the flowers arranged by Pip at Rolfe’s the Florist in Splott, Cardiff. The bridesmaid was Laura’s big sister Caroline.LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (68)LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (51)

With a little help from her family and friends, Laura kept herself busy with wedding DIY projects, in keeping with the desired rustic feel for the day. She made everything from the invitations to the wedding favours and as a team, they prepared the Order of Service together.

On the day of the wedding, the Heavens opened and Laura’s walk up the church was accompanied by a host of umbrellas. Needless to say, this didn’t spoil the day, and by the time the ceremony had ended, the sun was glowing across the grounds of St Fagans allowing Laura, Martin and guests to experience the landscape gardens in all their glory, just as Laura had hoped. LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (219)

LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (373)The wedding meal was prepared and served by on-site specialist caterers. Elior, using locally sourced ingredients. He worked closely with Laura and Martin to develop a menu. They decided on a starter of goat’s cheese, baby leek and crispy bacon salad, followed by roasted chicken breast filled with Pont Gar cheese, wrapped in Carmarthen ham on a bed of creamy mash.

LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (400)LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (409)LauraMartinWEDDING2014 (401)

Mid-Week Mini By Chris Morse


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Midweek Mini: Lindsey, Mark & Raspberry Jam

Our midweek mini feature this week was written by the lovely Lindsey. Lindsey was one half of the amazing duo who worked so hard to help make CWTCHFEST a reality and you will be seeing a lot more of this lady on the blog in the future.

All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly Photography.


There are so many wonderful moments from our day that I will hold dear.


One of my favourites that I want to share with you guys on Cwtch was a moment on the dance floor in the middle of our band’s second set.

Our band Raspberry Jam blew us all away- we had been so relaxed about the whole wedding planning process we had managed to find a band that we didn’t even have to pay a deposit.  We were not even sure they would show up  and when they did and were awesome we could not believe our luck! 935
Mark put his arm around me and we looked around and he asked ‘Happy?’
And we took that moment to absorb all the happy smiling faces of all we loved crazily dancing to Mumford and Sons and felt the absolute pure love in that room. 9519581002
There are not many moments in your life when all you love dearly are together in that joyous way.  I can close my eyes and still remember that feeling of utter happiness and I am so grateful to have experienced it. 951 958 9671002
And if you want to see Lindsey’s gorgeous St Fagans wedding in full click on this link :)