Lets Hear It For The Boys: The Line Up by Oliver J Photography

Good morning you lovely bunch.

We haven’t had the pleasure of showing a LHIFTB image for quite a while, and quite frankly, I miss those dapper looking men!

So this morning we have an absolute beauty for you. A very moody, stylish and cool shot of the boys of the day.

But rather than me tell you about it, feast your eyes on this gorgeous image, and allow the fabulously talented photographer, Oliver Jenkins from Oliver J Photography, tell you all about it…….

Lets Hear it for the Boys

The Line Up

Oliver J Photography LHIFTB

So this is the dashing Anton with ‘the boys’ at his wedding to Ffion last April (fourth from right)

This image was taken in the evening at the wedding reception, Sosban, after the breakfast and speeches when the boys congregated to toast their newly married friend with a a couple of cigars and puzzled looks!

The original idea was that they would all take a drag form the cigars and puff it out the same time for effect! Unfortunately, a little breeze and some inebriated blokes couldn’t quite get the timing right but the laughs and moments between made for some pretty great shots – this being one of them 🙂

I completely adore this! Thank you for sharing and congratulations to Anton and Ffion xx

Lets Hear It For The Boys: The Boyband

So, we haven’t had a ‘Lets Hear It For The Boys’ in a while, so it was about time we had another little nod to the men in our lives.  I  mean, it is the grooms day too…….sort of ;-)
So below we have a superb ‘posey’ one for you from the groomsmen, in one of the most beautiful spots in South Wales! Shot by Hannah at Rocksalt Photography, I will hand over to her to tell you about these fine specimens of the male variety……
Lets Hear it for the Boys
Tamsin & Dan got married in April 2016. They were married in Chepstow and then had their reception at The Anchor Inn in Tintern.
As we were so close to Tintern Abbey, it made sense to go there for some shots.  This image of the boys doing their best boy band poses!
We love this Hannah! Thank you for sharing.  We can almost imagine they’ve stood up from their stools and walked forwards whilst doing a key change! 

Lets Hear it for there Boys: The Heel Kicks

 Hello lovely people!
Its Let’s Hear It for the Boys again! Our little nod to the men of the big day! Today, the fabulous Steve Wheller of Art by Design is sharing an absolute peach!  I love a heel kick shot, especially when they don’t all actually nail it! Its brilliant! Over to Steve to tell us a bit about it………
Lets Hear it for the Boys

The Heel Kicks

This was taken at Llansantffraed Court. Luke is in the marines so was in full uniform but I wanted to have a bot more fun as  lot of the guys were wearing braces and the theme was vintage. So we took them for a walk around the grounds and typical groomsman just walk like bouncers so to fresher it up I always ask them to have little jump in the air and click their heals like Fred Astair. They all feel silly at the time but it breaks the ice and I get to capture some relaxed shots with the boys.
Steve Wheller LHIFTB Heel Kicks
And are you lot in for a treat! On the 28th of this month, we will be showing the whole of Luke and his gorgeous bride Kirsty’s entire wedding – and it is a stunner! Imagine, a vintage bride, a handsome in uniform…….aaaaaaahhhhhh dreamy!

Lets Hear it for the Boys: ‘The Leap of Faith’

So many brides and grooms theses days, love the reportage approach to wedding photography. Where the photographer captures the images of the day by working their weary legs off, and running around creating the Bride and Grooms Wedding Day story without anyone even noticing them there.  A lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, the posing etc, is just not for them, so this suits them down to the ground.

Then there is this bunch of lads.  At the wedding held at Caer Llan, clearly performing for the camera is in no way an issue, and it frankly resulted in Paul Marbrook capturing one of my favourite ‘Boys’ shots of all time!

Taken from Paul’s blog, here he is telling us about that gorgeous day!

Lets Hear it for the Boys: ‘The Leap of Faith’

Paul Marbrooke LHIFTB Pool Shot 1

These guys really could not have chosen a better day for their south Wales wedding.  It was late July and by the time I arrived which was pretty early the boys were already on the beers and enjoying the hot sunshine and dazzling blue pool that makes Caer Llan one of the most unique wedding venues in Wales.

One of the hottest days we had in 2014. It was the perfect day to be a Caer Llan wedding photographer and this was my second time at this wonderful venue run by the very lovely Vicky & Jake Carpenter.

Caer Llan is in Monmouthshire which has been lovingly and painstakingly restored and developed by its current owners into a fabulous wedding venue set in the heart of Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley.

For me Caer Llan is one of my favourite wedding venues in South Wales, North Wales or indeed anywhere in Wales! It really does have something for everyone from the grand rustic interiors, the lawned gardens, surrounding woods and hills, landscape views with drama and the pool. Indeed the outdoor swimming pool could quite convincingly have been in the Italian mountains on that day.

Paul Marbrooke - Lets Hear it for the boys!

I think you will agree, this is just superb! And no doubt, if you’re getting married somewhere with a pool like Caer Llan, you may be inspired to do the time! x

Lets Hear it for the Boys: The Poker Game

Good morning lovely people. So as you seen, we started collecting images of you handsome boys at the big day.  Today’s is just fabulous. Captured by the talented Steve from Art By Design, I shall hand over to him to tell us all about it. Over to you Steve……..

Let’s Hear It For The Boys – The Poker Game

This image was of the boys playing poker was taken at the Bear Hotel in Cowbridge and I always like to include a photo in a wedding that shows the couples personality or include a hobby. In this wedding the groom was a big poker player and so wanted to create a moody image with his mates. So at the end of the evening we took them into the courtyard and set up a game. I let them carry on playing whilst trying to capture the atmosphere and banter between them.
Steve Wheller - LHIFTB Poke Game
 Thank you so much for sharing Steve.  I love an image that shows us a bit of personality of the subject. This is brilliant, feeling inspired boys!?