Living the Las Vegas Wedding Dream…by Best Man Baz

Our Best Man contributor Baz from Best Man Beacon is back on the blog today telling us all about a very important Las Vegas wedding…

As to Alan’s historical conundrum “Did Caesar actually live here?” The search for truth continues.

This is my account of my Best Man experience for my legend of a cousin. Viva Las Vegas, you are a monumental slice of incredible.

Ta-ta Wales, hola U, S of A.  Every one of my senses were titillated to the max by Planet Vegas.

We landed around 9pm Nevada time, dropped our luggage off at the ‘Vdara’ and ‘The Wynne’ respectively and within half a hour I was attacking a ‘Half a yard’ of beer at Planet Hollywood.


Everywhere I looked, everything I heard, tasted and touched was a little slice of “Wa-wa-weewa”.  Just incredibly barmy and magnificent. Everything is so absurdly over the top that my little brain couldn’t keep up.  Just to add an extra banana skin to the weak minded and easily influenced gentleman there are no clocks anywhere. Everything is bright 24/7 and I swear they must pump oxygen in as alertness levels were Meerkat-esque.

The Cocktail Waitresses were hotter than a leather convertible car seat on a mid-summer’s afternoon. You are plied with free drinks as long as you are gambling. The question “Would you like a drink Sir?” to which I replied “You bet.” grew thin on several Cocktail waitresses throughout my week. Oh well, when in Rome.


I spent three days livin la vida loca until the Wednesday lunch time when I crashed ‘Mr Magoo’ style half way through my Club Sandwich.  After an extended trip to the ‘Land of Nod’ in my King Sized bed in my bedroom which had a glass wall overlooking part of The Strip, I was ready to attach the wheels back on to the wagon and have another bite at the Vegas cherry, just in time for the Wedding preparation.

The Stag Do consisted of a cheeky visit to Mandalay Bay to watch an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event. Not too shabby I might add. An electric atmosphere, gifted sports people and pints of Rum made for a ruddy ace experience.

As for the hen do, the ladies ventured to a Cirque De Soleil tumbling spectacular which they loved.

The wedding took place on the Friday in the Wynne’s wedding chapel. The atmosphere and environment were opulent and classy. The hotel wedding crew were so professional, stress free and tailored the day to the couple’s requests. The morning of the wedding was arguably the most chilled out wedding day preparation I’ve ever experienced.  It was Makeover o’clock for the ladies; while the Groom and I had a few steady tipples and played a little Roulette.

The wedding was uploaded live on the internet so that the family could all watch it back home in the UK. My duties consisted of the basic formalities of looking after the wedding rings and making a congratulatory toast post wedding breakfast. Simples.


The only negative experience I had was that I got hit on a number of times each and every night by women who am not ashamed to say were solid 9’s compared to my ‘6 on a good hair day’. “Poor old you.” I hear you say. The conversations usually took the path of “I love your British accent” “Wow you must look after yourself” “Are you going to buy me a drink” to… “So, I’m $300 for the first hour then $250 dollars for each additional hour”!!!

They were ‘Ladies of the Night’ (or Ladies of the day, it was hard to know without a clock) If you don’t weigh in, you don’t Wrestle. I had no intentions of weighing in and my self-esteem was lowered no end. On numerous occasions I was nearly caught in a trap and by the end of the week I couldn’t tell if I was coming or going when talking to women. Were they ‘Painted Ladies’ or just tipsy hot women who were lowering their standards a tad? One thing’s for sure, I had a suspicious mind with each and every conversation.


“You’re only supposed to blow the bloody wedding shoot.” Mr Caine offered his congratulation during the Wedding photos, no big deal. Top bloke.

In a nutshell

Planet Las Vegas is amazing. It comes at a pretty penny and if you’re not a drinker, gambler or appreciator of beautiful people then shy away from the idea. It’s a Stag haven. There is nothing you can’t do. The rule-book has been thrown out. In fact I would go a step further and say the rule-book has been buried in an unmarked shallow grave in the Mojave Desert somewhere. The Wedding Day experience was finely tuned, stress free and stunning. ‘Viva Las Vegas’.


Real Wedding: Jemma & Jim’s Destination Wedding in Las Vegas

Cardiff dwelling couple Jemma & Jim got married in fabulous Las Vegas in April last year. As always we love to hear the reasons behind choosing a destination wedding and are so thrilled to be able to share these super cool images by Joey Allen with you! We asked Jemma a few questions about their big day. 043 - Hurray!

What was your budget?  We didn’t have a specific budget but we knew we didn’t want to spend loads of money on our wedding – we wanted something small and simple. Getting married in Las Vegas may not seem like a simple wedding, but we already had a Vegas – San Francisco road trip planned for my 30th birthday which we didn’t want to sacrifice in order to save for a wedding, so getting married whilst we were out there and turning the rest of the road trip into our honeymoon seemed the perfect plan! We were very lucky that most of our nearest and dearest were able to join us too. 044 - The Bus
I should point out that destination weddings aren’t necessarily a cheap option – if you get married abroad in a hotel, it is pretty much as expensive as most wedding venues in the UK. You might have fewer guests attending so costs are reduced there but when you factor in flights etc it all adds up. In Vegas you have options other than hotels, there are chapels everywhere and their prices are competitive – our ceremony cost around £900 and included limo transport from our hotel, flowers for me (24 roses) and my bridesmaids (8 roses each) and corsages, webcasting of the ceremony, a CD of photos from the ceremony, the dvd video of the ceremony, and a canvas print. We kept other costs down by having our wedding breakfast in a private room at one of the hotel buffets which didn’t incur a room cost, and we booked a large hotel suite as our accommodation and had our evening reception in there, buying in the drinks from supermarkets a couple of days before the wedding. 088 - Reception 103 - Reception

How would you describe your wedding theme? We didn’t really have a theme; other than being in Vegas we just wanted to keep things simple. Our wedding colours were red, pink and white – that’s about as far as our theme went! 052 - On The Bus106 - Photobooth

What was your favourite part of your wedding? Every single second of the day was amazing – everything went so perfectly to plan, I don’t think I can pick out one part. The best thing is that we were surrounded by our wonderful family and friends who made the amazing effort to be there – the 5 days that we were in Vegas were like one awesome group holiday! The minute we arrived we were meeting up with our guests who were already there for drinks and food. I had a Champagne afternoon tea with my ladies the day before the wedding and Jim went to a shooting range with the guys. Most people were staying in the same hotel as us, so they joined us for breakfast on the day of the wedding and hung out with us at our pool cabana the day after. It was all so much fun. 042 - The Entourage 050 - More Cheering On The Bus

Tell us about your Wedding Dress In keeping with the simplicity of our wedding I wanted a fairly understated dress and did not want to spend very much money on it. I knew I wanted a lace dress that was short, and there were quite a few options out there for me on the high street. The one I bought was the second one I tried on and cost a bargain £100. It was so comfortable to wear all day (and again at our home reception). I love it so much that I’m trying to work out ways of being able to get more wears out of it! 011 - The Dresses 014 - The Bow 016 - Getting Ready 018 - Getting Ready 032 - Ceremony 048 - On The Bus

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? We weren’t sure that we were going to have bridesmaids or a best man – again we just wanted to keep things simple. But when I knew that both of my sisters were going to be able to make the trip out to Vegas I knew I wanted to have them as my bridesmaids and by my side all day. The same went for Jim and his best mate Charlie.  017 - Getting Ready109 - Photobooth003 - Best Man Gift039 - Bridesmaids & Best Man

Why did you choose your venue? Our Chapel – we fell in love with this place the moment we saw photos of it, the whole thing is made of California redwood, including the seating, and it is the oldest chapel on the Strip. It has so much charm and character compared to most of the other chapels in Vegas.  037 - The Chapel
Venue for the Wedding Breakfast – The Wynn hotel buffet is one of the top rated hotel buffets in Vegas and has a private room that doesn’t have a budget minimum or added cost for the room. The whole buffet restaurant is lavishly decorated so we didn’t need to add any of our own decorations in the room.  070 - Wedding Breakfast
Venue for the Reception – The Mirage hotel had the most suitable and affordable suites for our needs. They are bigger than most other hotel suites of a similar price and the layout was perfect for what we wanted for our party. We booked a suite with an additional adjoining bedroom so that we could go our separate ways after breakfast and get ready separately, but then open it all up for more space during the party. 004 - The Suite 118 - Reception 121 - Reception

How did the proposal happen?  Jim proposed to me on the evening of our 4 year anniversary – we were in London for a few days and he brought the ring along with him. He had it with him when we went out for our anniversary meal, but waited until we were back at our hotel room to pop the question – it took me completely by surprise but I immediately said yes! 001 - The Rings

What was your first dance & why? We danced to ‘It’s Always You’ by Chet Baker. When Jim proposed in London we’d been in our hotel room drinking wine listening to Chet Baker, I remember shortly after the proposal hearing the words of the song that was playing and it stayed with me, so when it came to picking a first dance that was the first thing I thought of.  095 - Dancing

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? Not a thing!  024 - In the Limo046 - Cheering On The Bus057 - On The Strip 058 - Walking To The Bellagio 059 - Bellagio Fountains 083 - Casino

Do you have any advice for future couples? For couples thinking of getting married in the USA, get on forums! They have state-specific sub forums and the Nevada one was full of Vegas brides and brides-to-be sharing tips, advice, and their reviews of vendors, it was invaluable. Also one of the men on the forum (there aren’t many!) has a website with loads of useful information too. Also, give people a good 12 months’ notice so that they can plan accordingly in terms of their travel costs and annual leave if they’re going to join you. Most of our guests worked our wedding into their own trips – some started in Vegas and went on elsewhere afterwards, others ended their holiday there after visiting places in California, and some had a week of pure Vegas!  082 - Casino

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Spending time with Jim discussing plans and watching videos of possible venues, and locations for our honeymoon road trip, watching movies that feature Vegas and pointing out locations that we knew we were going to visit or that were going to be part of our wedding. 047 - Serenading Jim 050 - On The Bus 063 - Bellagio055 - Walking On The Strip

The Suppliers

Photographer: Joey Allen
Ceremony Venue: Little Church of the West, Las Vegas
Reception Venue: Wynn, Las Vegas; The Mirage, Las Vegas
Bride’s Shoes: Nine West
Bride’s Jewellery: Etsy
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Hair: Las Vegas Wedding Make-up
Make Up: Las Vegas Wedding Make-up
Stationery: Stationery design by Jimmu, Invites printed by Overnight Prints
Transport: Earth Limos

We had a ‘home reception’ when we got back from our honeymoon so we could celebrate with those who didn’t come to Vegas.
Venue: Novotel
Cakes: Cakes 2b Seen
Band: Capital City Ska
Balloon centrepieces: Rolfes the Florist

The Wedding Album

001 - The Rings 002 - The Boys Getting Ready 003 - Best Man Gift 004 - The Suite 005 - The Suite 006 - The Decorations 007 - The Decorations 008 - The Decorations 009 - The Favours 010 - The Photobooth Table 011 - The Dresses 012 - The Wedding Dress 013 - Getting Ready 014 - The Bow 015 - Getting Ready 016 - Getting Ready 017 - Getting Ready 018 - Getting Ready 019 - Gifts 020 - Gifts 021 - Bridal Party 022 - Mom and Daughter 023 - In The Limo 024 - In the Limo 025 - Arrival 026 - The Ceremony 027 - The Ceremony 028 Here Comes The Bride 029 - Here Comes The Bride 030 - Ceremony 031 - Ceremony 032 - Ceremony 033 - Married 034 - Married 035 - Married 036 - Married 037 - The Chapel 038 - Husband & Wife 039 - Bridesmaids & Best Man 040 - The Parents 041 - Waiting At The Sign 042 - The Entourage 043 - Hurray! 044 - The Bus 045 - J&J On The Bus 046 - Cheering On The Bus 047 - Serenading Jim 048 - On The Bus 049 - Cheering On The Bus 050 - More Cheering On The Bus 050 - On The Bus 051 - On The Bus 052 - On The Bus 053 - On The Bus 054 - On The Bus 055 - Walking On The Strip 056 - Mid Road Shot 057 - On The Strip 058 - Walking To The Bellagio 059 - Bellagio Fountains 060 - Bellagio Fountains 061 - Strolling 062 - Strolling 063 - Bellagio 064 - Bellagio 065 - Looking At The Paris 066 - Bouqet 067 - Walking To The Wynn 068 - In The Wynn 069 - Wedding Breakfast 070 - Wedding Breakfast 071 - Wedding Breakfast 072 - Wedding Breakfast 073 - Wedding Breakfast 074 - Wedding Breakfast 075 - Massive Limo 076 - In The Limo 077 - In The Limo 078 - In The Limo 079 - Outside Circus Circus 080 - Circus Circus 081 - Circus Circus 082 - Casino 083 - Casino 084 - Lift 085 - Lift 086 - Reception 087 - Reception 088 - Reception 089 - Speeches 090 - Speeches 091 - Speeches 092 - Speeches 093 - Speeches 094 - Speeches 095 - Dancing 096 - Dancing 097 - Dancing 098 - Dancing 099 - Dancing 100 - Reception 101 - Reception 102 - Reception 103 - Reception 104 - Reception 105 - Reception 106 - Photobooth 107 - Photobooth 108 - Photobooth 109 - Photobooth 110 - Photobooth 111 - Photobooth 112 - Reception 113 - Reception 114 - Reception 115 - Reception 116 - Reception 117 Reception 118 - Reception 119 - Reception 120 - Reception 121 - Reception 122 - Reception 123 - Reception

I absolutely LOVE this wedding! Am suffering from destination envy! Are any of you lovely cwtchers planning a destination wedding? Drop a comment in the box to tell us where and why :) xx

Cwtch of the Week: Jemma & Jim in Vegas by Joey Allen

Today’s super cool Cwtch of the Week comes all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada! Jemma & Jim’s wedding at Little Church of the West, Las Vegas will be hitting the blog on Friday and trust me you won’t want to miss it. For now here is a Cwtch from the big day, with photography by Joey Allen, Las Vegas Wedding Photographer.

051 - On The Bus

Love it!

Gemma & Gavin’s Las Vegas Wedding by Ryan Welch

Today we have a stunning destination wedding for you courtesy of Ryan Welch Photography. Gemma and Gavin were married on 15th October 2013 in Las Vegas! Yes… LAS VEGAS! and yes…they flew their local photographer out with them! (A big thumbs up to the B&G  for investing in local Welsh talent instead of hiring a Vegas photographer).

We asked the Bride, Gemma some questions about her gorgeous wedding…


What was your budget? 


How would you describe your wedding theme?

We did not choose a theme as we were travelling to Las Vegas. We knew that the location would be colourful and sparkly. Nevertheless the dress and flower girls were very traditional. The guests added much glamour with their fabulous outfits. The bouquet featured pastel colours, mainly pinks which coordinated with the flower girl dresses.
The reception was at The Four Seasons Las Vegas, Verrandah restaurant. The decor and attention to detail was amazing, therefore were did not need anything extra.


What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Bride Gemma: Getting ready in the morning was very exciting. We enjoyed lots of laughs and bubbles whilst prepping ourselves. The butterflies in my tummy lasted all day. The memories from the morning will last forever!


Groom Gavin: I stopped for a moment to take it all in during the reception. This was the best bit. Family and friends all around whilst we were enjoying spectacular food and drink.


Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

We did not have a best man. This was because Gavin had six of his closest friends and his two brothers attending. He wanted them all to take an equal part in the day. They were very flattered and the kind Huw gave a speech during the toasts.

We did not have official bridesmaids either. Our daughters, Evelyn age 3 and Gwenny age 1 were our flower girls. They were a handful but they looked beautiful and we had lots of help thankfully. My three friends, Kirsty, Nadine and Hayley played a huge part in the day. They helped so much in the morning I could not have got ready in time without them.

las_vegas_wedding028las_vegas_wedding060 las_vegas_wedding067las_vegas_wedding061

Why did you choose your venue?

We looked at venues in the UK but we were disappointed with the prices. We would have been upset spending so much money on one day. We decided to get married in Las Vegas and immediately booked our flights and hotel followed by a honeymoon in Hawaii. We then emailed family and friends giving them 9 months notice. We were very suprised and delighted to have 40 guests accompany us.


How did the proposal happen? 

I was taken on a surprise trip to Paris. Very cliche however I didn’t guess because it was 21st Dec so it was Gavin’s idea to go Christmas shopping. We travelled on the Eurostar to Paris and left the children for 2 nights. This was difficult because our youngest was under 1, although we made the most of our trip. The first day we wanted to sightsee and the second day to do some christmas shopping. We arrived at the Eiffel Tower in the evening (by this time we were exhausted). It was ever so busy and cold at the Tower. Gavin kept asking to stop but I was tired and wanted to get back to the hotel. We arrived back to the hotel and Gavin was very nervous. He explained that he wanted to ask me something. I knew then what was coming so I was anxious to see the ring! I was an extremely happy lady.


Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I was very impressed with the bouquet. This was handmade by my mother in law. The flowers were handpicked to tie in with the flower girl dresses. This was very last minute but I was so very greatful. It saved me the stress of finding a florist in Las Vegas. Additionally the flowers were all personally picked by myself. I was extremely happy as in the photos you cannot tell the difference between this and a real bouquet. I was looking forward to bringing it home but unfortunately I misplaced it on my travels.


What was your first dance & why?

Our meal finished at 8pm and as we were in Las Vegas we didn’t book an evening party. Ourselves and the guests freshened up and headed through the Mandalay Bay Casino. A little gamble and then a lift ride to the 40th floor took us to Mix Bar. Mix Bar has some of the most magnificent views of the strip. They served fabulous cocktails and had a dance floor. We didn’t have an official first dance unfortunately.

las_vegas_wedding093 las_vegas_wedding092 las_vegas_wedding091las_vegas_wedding045 las_vegas_wedding047

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

The day and the holiday was fabulous. We wouldn’t change anything about the day.
The only downfall was rushing between the hotel and the chapel. We guessed the amount of time needed to get there and back. Brides shouldn’t have to rush! Take everything in and try to enjoy every element of the big day.


Do you have any advice for future couples?

It was great knowing and taking our photographer with us. This was definitely a cheaper option. The photographers in Las Vegas were extortionate and we were worried that we would never get all of our pictures before we left. We had heard horror stories about this.
We were able to discuss and plan what we wanted with Ryan, who was professional and reliable throughout. At the end of the holiday he was genuinely a true friend.

ryan welch

las_vegas_wedding056 las_vegas_wedding057

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Never go to bed on a argument.


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Dress shopping was definitely the most exciting part of the whole experience. I travelled to most bridal shops in the South Wales area trying different styles and designers. I fell in love with ‘Kelly’ by Stephanie Allin as soon as I saw my reflection in the mirror. The dress was equisite and the style was very flattering.
I purchased the dress from High Society in Cowbridge and my accessories from The Mews, Clifton.

las_vegas_wedding002 las_vegas_wedding003 las_vegas_wedding004las_vegas_wedding058


Photographer: Ryan Welch Photography
Ceremony Venue: The Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas
Reception Venue: The Four Seasons Las Vegas
Bride’s Dress: Stephanie Allin ‘Kelly’ from High Society, Cowbridge
Bride’s Shoes: Jenny Packham
Bride’s Headpiece: Brand unknown- purchased at The Mews Clifton
Bride’s Jewellery: Gifts& borrowed
Groom’s Outfit: Reiss
Bridesmaid’s Dresses:
Flowers: Handmade by mother in law
Hair: Friend
Stationery: Hobbycraft & M&M world las vegas
Transport: Limos & yellow taxis

The Wedding Album

WOW, what a fabulous wedding! Thank you to Gemma & Gavin for sharing their big day with us and to Ryan Welch for creating such stunning images! 

If you would like your wedding to feature on Cwtch the Bride, Simply get your photographer to send us 20 images from your wedding (550px wide 72dpi). If selected, we will be in touch for more information :)