Emma’s Hen Party!

On the blog today we have the gorgeous Emma from Emma Philips Bridal Studio. Yes…Bridal boutique owners get married too! and they have rather awesome hen parties hahaha 

Wedding-66All images in the post by: Maria Farrelly Photography

I’ve known Emma for a number of years and was thrilled when she asked if I could come along and photograph part of her Hen do.

In all honesty, It was the first hen do i’ve ever photographed. Amongst the numerous weddings, pre-wedding shoots and family portraits I am commissioned for, this was a refreshing change and one I knew would be hilarious. I’ll hand you over to Emma and she can tell you all about it. But before I do… Ladies, if you’d like your hen party photographed, give me a shout, I had great fun with this one and would love to do more :) ~ Maria x 

Hello Cwtchers!


To be fair, my Hendo was kept pretty much like a secret military operation by my sister Lucy!

Wedding-64I was only allowed to know that it was Cardiff, and that was it! Even the other girls didn’t know (Apart from the bridesmaids – and some of my friends hate surprises!) so it was great fun just jumping in the car & heading off….once we had met at my house, dressed head to toe in “Geek Chic”!

We actually started the day off in my favourite way – EATING! We were booked into the brilliantly fun, Mexican street -food restaurant Wahaca’s, where we munched on crickets (yes crickets!), taco’s, churros & lots of Mexican beers & cocktails (mocktails for my two, yes TWO pregnant bridesmaids!).

Wedding-63After plenty of amusement there, we then headed to the utterly fabulous Lab 22 on Mill Lane for a superb cocktail masterclass!

Now, I spent years working for Revolution cocktail bars, so I knew a thing or two myself but this blew us away….smoke filled teapots, trickery & tom foolery, and heavenly cocktails made by us! And to top it all off….the beautiful (& talented!) Maria Farrelly was there to catch us in the action, right in the thick of it! For me, having these pictures from my Hen Party was invaluable. You always get the beautiful wedding day pictures, but its rare to have a fab photographer to capture all the giggles and mishaps of a fun girls night out!

After consuming all the cocktails…I’m struggling to remember where we went next! I do know it involved pretending to watch the rugby whilst drinking more beers & then checking into the gorgeous Park Plaza for the evening, getting dolled up & out once again. Sunday was a fabulous wind down, with Gentlemans Afternoon Tea in the Park Plaza hotel which (as a complete foodie!) was EPIC!

Thank you so much to all my beautiful bridesmaids, and friends who made it a brilliant weekend…and of course to Maria for capturing us in such hilarious style, Emma xx

Lab 22

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If you would like Maria Farrelly to photograph your Hen Party, you can contact her here

Featured Venue: Lab 22

When you’re a professional working in the wedding industry its very rare you get the opportunity to meet up with other industry peeps unless its in passing at an actual wedding itself. With this in mind, I thought it high time I took a break and convinced some of my favourite wedding professionals to do the same. A mid week social, some cocktails, chat and lots of laughter.

I, along with the talented Cardiff based florist Beth Forbes-Simpson arranged the evening. Beth spoke to the lovely people at Lab 22 and they agreed to host the event for us. So, if you ever wondered what all us wedding professionals get up to on a night out over cocktails…take a look.

In all honesty, I never imagined so many would turn up. But then I thought the same thing when we organised the Cwtchmas Party!

life outside of work1026

Huge thanks to Aga Tomaszek for taking all these images! and to Lab 22 for looking after us all so well. We’re looking forward to coming back and working our way through your cocktail menu…again!

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life outside of work1018

As the evening progressed, The cocktails did take over and it all got a little posey. heres a few more images taken by Ryan Welch photography






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Maria x