Real Weddings: Felicity and Dom’s Beautiful Castle Wedding

Happy Friday Cwtchers!

Its the turn of our very own Maria Farrelly today, who brings you the stunning wedding of Felicity of Dom at their local church of St Josephs in Penarth, followed by a reception at our gorgeous capital city’s Cardiff Castle!

And the sunset!! Wow.  Over to the bride and groom to tell you about their big day….

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Felicity and Dom’s Beautiful Castle Wedding


How would you describe your wedding theme?


What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Walking down the aisle and seeing all our friends and family and my husband to be waiting there :)


Arriving in the car at Cardiff castle and seeing all our friends and family again enjoying themselves

cardiff_castle_wedding366 cardiff_castle_wedding421

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I got my dress from all about eve in Chepstow. They were lovely. So helpful. The shop was very professional and has recently been refurbished. I went with my mum and tried some on then came back with my bridesmaids and mother in law as well. It was a really lovely experience and absolutely loved wearing in on the day.

cardiff_castle_wedding011 cardiff_castle_wedding088

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

5 friends from school as bridesmaids, 4 for best men and a brother

cardiff_castle_wedding500 cardiff_castle_wedding504 cardiff_castle_wedding510 cardiff_castle_wedding514

Why did you choose your venue?

We thought it was beautiful and the castle were so professional and friendly.

cardiff_castle_wedding556 cardiff_castle_wedding564

Tell us about your photographer

Maria was brilliant. She met us beforehand to create a schedule for the day and she kept us on time thanks to this. She knew all the photos we wanted and then was fantastic on the day at spotting unique photo opportunities. She is very talented but also a lovely, friendly person who makes you feel comfortable all day. She was continuously checking I was ok which was nice and all the guests commented on how professional she was and lovely. Highly recommend!

cardiff_castle_wedding691 cardiff_castle_wedding712

How did the proposal happen? 

On a mountain in Reykjavik under the northern lights. It was beautiful.

Northern LightsImage from Guide to Iceland

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Instant print was brilliant for stickers, cards, posters. Items arrived very quickly and were really nice. Amazon sells lovely bags at good prices which can be used to make favours.


What was your first dance & why?

Sweetest Thing-U2. The groom once personalised it for me :)

cardiff_castle_wedding714 cardiff_castle_wedding718 cardiff_castle_wedding725

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?



Do you have any advice for future couples?

Enjoy every minute it goes so quickly. Make sure you like all the people who are a part of your wedding they really make the day special. We met some fantastic people. :)


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Love your life and love your wife!


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Dom: Choosing band and music.


Felicity: Pretty much everything! Enjoyed making fun games and personal bits and bobs for tables and room. Loved meeting lots of people whilst planning wedding.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Maria Farrelly Photography 
Videographer: Craig from Cherished Memories
Ceremony Venue: St Joseph’s Church
Reception Venue: Cardiff Castle
Bride’s Dress: All About Eve
Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Jewellery: Pravins
Groom’s Outfit: Perfection Bridal and Menswear
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Cake: Friend
Flowers: Deacons Chepstow
Hair: Albion House Chepstow
Make Up: MAC
Band: Bring the Noise
Transport: Champagne Wedding Cars

The Wedding Album

cardiff_castle_wedding003 cardiff_castle_wedding011 cardiff_castle_wedding016 cardiff_castle_wedding017 cardiff_castle_wedding019 cardiff_castle_wedding027 cardiff_castle_wedding046 cardiff_castle_wedding054 cardiff_castle_wedding061 cardiff_castle_wedding077 cardiff_castle_wedding088 cardiff_castle_wedding101 cardiff_castle_wedding116 cardiff_castle_wedding118 cardiff_castle_wedding120 cardiff_castle_wedding125 cardiff_castle_wedding127 cardiff_castle_wedding130 cardiff_castle_wedding141 cardiff_castle_wedding145 cardiff_castle_wedding150 cardiff_castle_wedding152 cardiff_castle_wedding167 cardiff_castle_wedding173 cardiff_castle_wedding190 cardiff_castle_wedding192 cardiff_castle_wedding200 cardiff_castle_wedding211 cardiff_castle_wedding230 cardiff_castle_wedding242 cardiff_castle_wedding245 cardiff_castle_wedding251 cardiff_castle_wedding255 cardiff_castle_wedding265 cardiff_castle_wedding286 cardiff_castle_wedding294 cardiff_castle_wedding299 cardiff_castle_wedding300 cardiff_castle_wedding307 cardiff_castle_wedding309 cardiff_castle_wedding310 cardiff_castle_wedding313 cardiff_castle_wedding328 cardiff_castle_wedding337 cardiff_castle_wedding350 cardiff_castle_wedding366 cardiff_castle_wedding373 cardiff_castle_wedding381 cardiff_castle_wedding383 cardiff_castle_wedding388 cardiff_castle_wedding393 cardiff_castle_wedding396 cardiff_castle_wedding398 cardiff_castle_wedding412 cardiff_castle_wedding416 cardiff_castle_wedding421 cardiff_castle_wedding422 cardiff_castle_wedding423 cardiff_castle_wedding426 cardiff_castle_wedding427 cardiff_castle_wedding429 cardiff_castle_wedding434 cardiff_castle_wedding437 cardiff_castle_wedding440 cardiff_castle_wedding444 cardiff_castle_wedding445 cardiff_castle_wedding449 cardiff_castle_wedding450 cardiff_castle_wedding452 cardiff_castle_wedding461 cardiff_castle_wedding463 cardiff_castle_wedding478 cardiff_castle_wedding481 cardiff_castle_wedding484 cardiff_castle_wedding486 cardiff_castle_wedding492 cardiff_castle_wedding494 cardiff_castle_wedding495 cardiff_castle_wedding500 cardiff_castle_wedding501 cardiff_castle_wedding504 cardiff_castle_wedding507 cardiff_castle_wedding508 cardiff_castle_wedding510 cardiff_castle_wedding512 cardiff_castle_wedding514 cardiff_castle_wedding529 cardiff_castle_wedding541 cardiff_castle_wedding551 cardiff_castle_wedding553 cardiff_castle_wedding554 cardiff_castle_wedding556 cardiff_castle_wedding558 cardiff_castle_wedding559 cardiff_castle_wedding560 cardiff_castle_wedding561 cardiff_castle_wedding564 cardiff_castle_wedding565 cardiff_castle_wedding566 cardiff_castle_wedding568 cardiff_castle_wedding578 cardiff_castle_wedding579 cardiff_castle_wedding582 cardiff_castle_wedding583 cardiff_castle_wedding586 cardiff_castle_wedding589 cardiff_castle_wedding590 cardiff_castle_wedding596 cardiff_castle_wedding606 cardiff_castle_wedding610 cardiff_castle_wedding612 cardiff_castle_wedding646 cardiff_castle_wedding649 cardiff_castle_wedding654 cardiff_castle_wedding670 cardiff_castle_wedding676 cardiff_castle_wedding678 cardiff_castle_wedding680 cardiff_castle_wedding682 cardiff_castle_wedding683 cardiff_castle_wedding688 cardiff_castle_wedding691 cardiff_castle_wedding712 cardiff_castle_wedding714 cardiff_castle_wedding718 cardiff_castle_wedding725 cardiff_castle_wedding731 cardiff_castle_wedding733 cardiff_castle_wedding738 cardiff_castle_wedding741 cardiff_castle_wedding748 cardiff_castle_wedding749 cardiff_castle_wedding750

Real Wedding: Claire and Tom ‘Con-Man’ Conners by Clixx Photography

Before we even mention how sensational Claire, this stunning bride, looked, having the groom as Tom ‘The Conman’ Connors was always going to mean ball skills were going to be incorporated in there somewhere!

Tom is a record breaking internet sensation, with 300,000 followers on Facebook.  His company, SBX, came along to help with the entertainment which included football skills, break dancing and were spinning basketballs on the brides heels!

All of this captured by the wonderful Les of Clixx Photography.  Over to Claire to tell us all about this fabulous day……

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Claire and Tom ‘Con-Man’ Conners Family Wedding


How would you describe your wedding theme?

We both wanted an intimate ceremony with only family and extremely close friends. We chose all the wording very carefully and both mums gave beautiful readings.


It was simple and understated with the main importance being on the words and the commitment we were making to one another.
Following the ceremony we just wanted a fun day for all our guests and the children to relax. We spent a long time choosing the right entertainment especially as it was an 11am wedding we wanted to keep the day flowing. Also as Tom owns an entertainment company it was also great to have all the SBX entertainment team involved and of course Tom also had to perform during the evening!

clixxphotographyc-0554 clixxphotographyc-0580 clixxphotographyc-0588 clixxphotographyc-0591 clixxphotographyc-0594 clixxphotographyc-0601 clixxphotographyc-0606 clixxphotographyc-0607

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

We both agree the ceremony was the favourite part of our wedding. We were both so nervous, we could not wait to say ‘I do’, we literally counted down everyday until the wedding and chose to get married early in the day so we could say ‘I do’ as soon as possible.

clixxphotographyc-0228 clixxphotographyc-0241clixxphotographyc-0001-8

Isabella, Claires youngest daughter also could not wait for the ceremony, every morning in the run up to the wedding she asked, Tom how many sleeps until the wedding?
Tom also loved signing the register, he said the reality hit him then that he had married his dream girl he was overwhelmed that he now had this amazing woman to spend the rest of his life with as his wife.
When I looked over and saw the girls crying happy tears following the signing I couldn’t hold back my own tears. Our family felt complete and I could not believe this wonderful man was now officially my husband and step father to my two beautiful daughters. We both struggled to take it all in, it was a highly emotional moment, something we both wanted from the minute we met one another and it had finally happened, neither of us could really believe it but we also loved it!


Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I loved trying many different wedding dresses on, and of course all my original ideas of what type of dress I wanted went completely out the window as soon as I got in the shops. I was somewhat limited in styles as I only had a couple of weeks to get the dress. I originally thought I wanted a long sleeve lace dress however once I got them on I realised I would not have felt comfortable all day in those styles. My maid of honour booked all our appointments and was on hand to offer opinions. We had some great days, the shop assistants were amazing. I found a Justin Alexander style online and luckily a stockist that could get my size in with the limited time frame as there was one in production in America.

clixxphotographyc-0509 clixxphotographyc-0512 clixxphotographyc-0533 clixxphotographyc-0535

Much like the ceremony I wanted to keep the dress simple and understated. I wanted a style that would be timeless. My mother came along and saw the dress when it arrived and advised on the alterations required.

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

Maid of honour was my best friend Dawn John, who has been an amazing friend for the last 10 years.
Bridesmaid was my youngest sister Charlotte Campbell, we are extremely close and both Charlotte and Dawn are always on hand to help me with whatever crazy requests I come up with. I was also extremely nervous so I needed calming influences around me on the morning of. My daughters looked gorgeous, and every time I looked at them they filled me with pride and love on the day. The first time they met Tom they said, Mum can you just marry Tom? And so I think for them they were very happy with the whole day.
Two smaller bridesmaids, Sophia (Claires eldest daughter), Lily (Tom’s sister).
Two flower girls, Isabella (Claires youngest daughter), Rihanna (Tom’s little sister)
Pageboy, Ryan Tom’s brother.

clixxphotographyc-0335 clixxphotographyc-0418 clixxphotographyc-0481
Best man, Chris Poole, Toms brother, and the person that understands how important this day was to Tom. Tom had been waiting for the one and Chris understood how much the wedding meant to him.
Toms youngest sisters and brother are adorable and get along so well with Sophia and Isabella and of course love their big brother so it was only right that they were part of the day too. They are always full of hugs and kisses for Claire and I was so proud to see them all do such a wonderful job of walking down the aisle.

Why did you choose your venue?

St David’s Spa Hotel was where Tom proposed, so it felt right to also get married there. The staff were amazing during the engagement evening and now St David’s will always hold a special place on our hearts.

clixxphotographyc-0001-2 clixxphotographyc-0329

Tell us about your photographer

Les is an amazing photographer and really had his work cut out. Due to Tom’s work he loves the camera, he’s a natural entertainer and definitely knows how to strike a pose, just check out Tom ‘Conman’ Connors on Facebook and all other social media! Claire on the other hand is extremely camera shy so poor Les had to really work hard to build confidence quickly. Not only is Claire camera shy she was also shaking with nerves. Les was a real calming influence on the day and was determined to get the shots we had discussed previously. The wind picked up whilst we were outside so we all had to fight with the veil but les kept spirits up and the veil shot is actually my favourite.

clixxphotographyc-0307 clixxphotographyc-0312 clixxphotographyc-0308

He was a complete professional but also completely up for anything, as Tom is a professional Street basketball player, currently holding 15 world records it was of course necessary to have photographs with the basketballs. He even taught me a few tricks during the evening show, such a spinning the ball on a pen and on the heel of my shoe!!! Les caught all the action and we simply adore our wedding album. Les was awesome from start to finish, which was a very long day and the images he captured blew us away, we can’t thank him enough.

How did the proposal happen? 

Tom had designed abdarranged for a ring to be made by Roger Williams, Pont canna, however he also got a TV job in Singapore during the same period. He went leaving the jeweller strict instructions as he wanted to propose as soon as he got back.
He arrived home from Singapore on the Thursday and the Friday he took me for a lunch and a pamper session. He then said just go home now, relax and tonight we will chill out in St David’s.


I was in the shower when his dad called and asked could I meet them at Castle Coch as they needed to give me something for Tom, obviously I said I couldn’t but they were welcome to come to the house and leave it with me; by which time I should have been able to throw some pj’s on 😂 his dad was a bit flustered and little did I know I had spoilt the start of the plan!!
His dad, step mum brother and younger sisters arrived, the little ones where all dressed in fairy tale costumes and looked fab! They had a card and gift but would not say one word. I thought they were going to a party and wondered why they wouldn’t answer any of my questions; apparently Tom had given them strict instructions not to give anything away. They left and so I opened the card; it read , the thing is with fairy tales is that they don’t come true…..until now! Make your way to dawns and I had some champagne and chocolates to take. I was somewhat confused but excited so made my way to my best friends house with the card. When I arrived she passed me another card with another message from Tom asking me to make my way to st David’s suite for a relaxing night together, the room key was in the card so I was super excited to get there and see him. When I got to the room I expected to see Tom but when I opened the door there was another card and gift. The card asked me to go back to reception and ask for Steph the manager. I was shaking now, Tom had been away and I just wanted to see him and have quality time together. I practically ran back down to reception and as I came through lifts Steph was waiting for me. She asked me to follow her and walked me over to the Dahl suite. As I came around the corner I saw a red carpet and then some petals. On my next step i saw Tom waiting at the end of the carpet and there was some music playing. I started crying as I walked towards him, he held me when I got to him, kissed my face then dropped to his knee and presented me with my beautiful ring; he asked me to marry him; he was shaking and crying, I said yes and started crying too. We held each other for ever. A table was set in the room for us to have an intimate meal and our waiter was great, taking hundreds of photos for us whilst also serving our meal. After the meal Tom said we should have a drink in the bar before we head up to our room, little did I know; he had arranged one final surprise and some of our family and closest friends where already there and waiting to congratulate us. It really was a fairy tale evening.

What was your first dance & why?

Craig David – Nothing like this, after out first date we both got in our cars to drive home and obviously must have been listening to the same radio station as this was the first song that we both heard, following that everytime we went somewhere together it came on, it was a sign!

clixxphotographyc-0611 clixxphotographyc-0613

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nope! 😊

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Just make sure you do everything exactly as you want. We had great fun planning everything together, wedding planning lunches became my new favourite thing! We would get to sit and eat whilst planning and we would always end up super excited. We were determined to not be guided by anyone else. The wedding was only about what Tom and I wanted and that what makes it special to us.
It was also very important to Tom that there were only guests there that were very much part of our lives. We didn’t want to be looking out to distant family or friends, we wanted everyone there to be close to us and understand our relationship and how much it truly meant to both of us.


What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

For Tom: happy wife, happy life! 😄


What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

We did every single thing possible together so it was all enjoyable, we love each others company and we are completely on the same wave length as one another so it makes decisions very easy. Claire is a psychology graduate working on building her property portfolio so we both work from the same office meaning we get lots of time together; this was great during the planning stages.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Clixx Photography
Wedding Planner: Gemma King, St David’s Hotel and Spa
Ceremony and Reception Venue: St David’s Hotel and Spa
Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander
Bride’s Shoes: Carvela by Kurt Geiger
Bride’s Headpiece: Alison Jayne
Groom’s Outfit: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Monsoon
Cake: St David’s Hotel and Spa
Comedian- George Lucus
SBX– Ash Randall, freestyle footballer, Ryan, Beatboxer,
Frankie and Ricky, breakdancers.

The Wedding Album

clixxphotographyc-0001-3 clixxphotographyc-0001-4 clixxphotographyc-0001-5
clixxphotographyc-0011 clixxphotographyc-0016 clixxphotographyc-0023 clixxphotographyc-0025 clixxphotographyc-0027 clixxphotographyc-0028 clixxphotographyc-0041 clixxphotographyc-0042 clixxphotographyc-0052 clixxphotographyc-0064 clixxphotographyc-0069 clixxphotographyc-0080 clixxphotographyc-0095 clixxphotographyc-0127 clixxphotographyc-0144 clixxphotographyc-0154 clixxphotographyc-0182 clixxphotographyc-0190 clixxphotographyc-0193 clixxphotographyc-0198 clixxphotographyc-0205 clixxphotographyc-0228 clixxphotographyc-0241 clixxphotographyc-0242 clixxphotographyc-0252 clixxphotographyc-0275 clixxphotographyc-0289 clixxphotographyc-0296 clixxphotographyc-0304 clixxphotographyc-0307 clixxphotographyc-0308 clixxphotographyc-0312 clixxphotographyc-0319 clixxphotographyc-0327 clixxphotographyc-0329 clixxphotographyc-0330 clixxphotographyc-0335 clixxphotographyc-0339 clixxphotographyc-0341clixxphotographyc-0001-8 clixxphotographyc-0001-9 clixxphotographyc-0001-3 clixxphotographyc-0353 clixxphotographyc-0360 clixxphotographyc-0364 clixxphotographyc-0372 clixxphotographyc-0374 clixxphotographyc-0379 clixxphotographyc-0385 clixxphotographyc-0398 clixxphotographyc-0399 clixxphotographyc-0400 clixxphotographyc-0401 clixxphotographyc-0409 clixxphotographyc-0417 clixxphotographyc-0418 clixxphotographyc-0424 clixxphotographyc-0458 clixxphotographyc-0459 clixxphotographyc-0460 clixxphotographyc-0462 clixxphotographyc-0465 clixxphotographyc-0481 clixxphotographyc-0490 clixxphotographyc-0491 clixxphotographyc-0492 clixxphotographyc-0497 clixxphotographyc-0500 clixxphotographyc-0505 clixxphotographyc-0508 clixxphotographyc-0509 clixxphotographyc-0511 clixxphotographyc-0512 clixxphotographyc-0520 clixxphotographyc-0533 clixxphotographyc-0535 clixxphotographyc-0544 clixxphotographyc-0545 clixxphotographyc-0546 clixxphotographyc-0549 clixxphotographyc-0554 clixxphotographyc-0556 clixxphotographyc-0560 clixxphotographyc-0562 clixxphotographyc-0567 clixxphotographyc-0573 clixxphotographyc-0576 clixxphotographyc-0577 clixxphotographyc-0580 clixxphotographyc-0588 clixxphotographyc-0591 clixxphotographyc-0594 clixxphotographyc-0601 clixxphotographyc-0606 clixxphotographyc-0607 clixxphotographyc-0611 clixxphotographyc-0613

Wedding Day Inspiration: Shoes Shoes Shoes!

To some women their shoes are (almost) as important as the man in their life, Classic Bride Charlie has gone on the hunt to find some shoe inspiration from the high street & online and managed to find some beauties!

Shoes. For some women they are top of the list of priorities and for others, well they can be the bane of their lives! This season there are some absolutely GORGEOUS shoes that would be suitable not just for the wedding day but for wearing on honeymoon and time and time again, Kurt Geiger in particular has a huge range of fabulous footwear but not just limited to them I have sourced a selection of both high street and designer footwear in low, mid and high heels. Here goes!

If you click on a photo it will take you through to the web page where you can buy the shoes :)

Kurt Geiger GlowingThese Kurt Geiger Glowing nude mid heel court shoes are sparkly beauties at a wearable heel height and a fairly reasonable price tag of £120.

Kurt Geiger Carvela AutumnI love the flash of colour on the sole of these Kurt Geiger Carvela Autumn nude high heel shoes, £110.

stuart weitzman silver glitter nudist heeled sandalAt £298 these Stuart Weitzman silver glitter nudist heeled sandal from Daniel Footwear are a show-stopper.

Jimmy Choo AddisonNo shoe post would be complete without some Choos and these Jimmy Choo Addison Gold Lamé Glitter Pointy Toe Pumps are absolutely beautiful, £395.

Jimmy Choo AlinaYou don’t need skyscrapers to be sophisticated! Jimmy Choo Alina ivory satin pointy toe flats with crystal detail are perfect for those who want a little bit of luxury but no extra height, £525.

Jimmy Choo LaurieJimmy Choo Laurie Champagne Glitter Fabric Almond Toe Platform Pumps are the height of luxury and would set off any outfit, I can even picture these with a nice pair of skinny jeans. At £475 I wouldn’t want to take them off!

Kurt Geiger GeorgiaThese Kurt Geiger Georgia gold high heeled shoes are simple but stunning, £110.

Kurt Geiger GertrudeThese Kurt Geiger Gertrude gold high heeled strappy sandals are beauties and a bargain at £65,

Kurt Geiger MajestyPerfect for a beach wedding or more casual or Grecian vibe, these Kurt Geiger Majesty nude flat sandals are £69.

Kurt Geiger LottyIf you need your “something blue” these Kurt Geiger Lotty high heel court shoes could just do the job. Reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding shoes but a snip in comparison at £125.

Kurt Geiger MitzyKurt Geiger Mitzy silver mid heeled sandals bring a vintage vibe and they are not only a comfortable height but also a comfortable price at £95.

NEW-Rachel-Simpson-Mimosa-Primrose-Yellow-£170-pair-low-res-950x950A favourite among our readers Rachel Simpson‘s new range was bound to be a hit. I love these primrose yellow Mimosa T-bar peep toe vintage wedding shoes, £170.

NEW-Rachel-Simpson-Monique-Porcelain-Rose-Gold-side-475x475Copper tones are bang en trend so I absolutely love these Rachel Simpson Monique porcelain & rose gold leather T-bar vintage wedding shoes, £175.

Office Parallel square sandalOver to the high street this Office Parallel square toe strap sandal is a towering 11.9cm high and a reasonable £65.

Ted Baker Peetch Brooch Detail ShoesThese Ted Baker Peetch brooch detail court shoes are feminine and fabulous at £140. ted baker phinium embellished cut out court shoeAnother beautiful pink colour these Ted Baker Phinium embellished cut out court shoes are mid height metallics that would look stunning under a wedding dress, £140.

Topshop Rumour cross strap sandalsBack to the high street and these Topshop Rumour cross-strap sandals are a bargain at £46.00.

Topshop Hottie heeled sandalTopshop Hottie heeled sandals come in under £30.00 and are a really fashionable and comfortable height.

Topshop JadeFinally these Topshop Jade mid heeled court shoes are a style that can be worn time and again so you’ll easily get your £42.00 worth!

Nb. all prices correct at time of editing.