Today we have a little thank you post to the exhibitors from our events that support our lovely blog.   This week we celebrate our 4th Birthday and we have met some amazing people throughout Wales who have incredible businesses and truly LOVE what they do.Cwtchfest-April-2016-Owen-Mathias-Photography-221-500x332Written in Lights

Our next event is on April 9th in the beautiful St Fagans National History Museum and if you are yet to get your tickets you can find them HERE

click here for ticketsWhen we arrange events like #Cwtchfest2017 our main aim was to organise events we would enjoy when we were planning our weddings.

Owen Mathias Photography

We want you, our lovely brides and grooms to be, to have an amazing experience where the wedding industry in Wales shows you what they can offer.  Live music, workshops, demos, samples and more in a fun, relaxed and inspiring environment.

Cwtch_Workshops_Cwtchfest_Cwtch the Bride042                                                        id&c

In order to offer a different kind of event we like to attract like minded businesses and offer them support through our lovely blog so they get more than just a stand when they attend our events.

We hope (and so far its worked) that because they get so much from our events and because they are MEGA lovely people they plough their efforts into ensuring you get the most from the day.  We work with 100’s of businesses throughout the year and it is impossible to name them all in one post but from the bottom of our hearts WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Owen Mathias Photography

All images are by our very own honorary Cwtch lad – Owen Mathias Photography

If you are an amazing business and would like to get involved in a Cwtch event email Lindsey at

Owen Mathias Photography

Sweet Peony Floral Design

Owen Mathias PhotographyDyfed Menswear

Owen Mathias Photography

Owen Mathias Photography

And last but not least the lovely Grant from the fabulous Boutique Disco

Wedding Festival Tips

Happy weekend you lovely lot! To get you in the mood for #Cwtchfest2016, we’ve got our very own, very fabulous, Maria Farrelly, to give you a few wedding festival tips, based on what she has witnessed this summer as a busy photographer. I think you will agree, these images are crazy inspiring! I want to get married again so I can do it like this! Over to you Maria………..Anna x 

All images by Maria Farrelly

As we start gearing up for our next Cwtchfest wedding festival, We thought it would be a great idea to help you all with some ideas if you are planning an outdoor /festival style wedding.

What I love most about organising Cwtchfest is bringing together some of Wales’ most talented suppliers and giving them a platform to be as creative as they like to inspire you all. We have some great treats in stall for you all! Watch this space. In the meantime,


I’m a huge believer that a wedding should be a celebration of what you both love most. Family, friends, favourite food & drink and music to make you lose yourself in. Lets face it, dancing the night away to your favourite song, in a beautiful dress with all your favourite people around you is a pretty good feeling. And then there is all the little touches, the personal ones. The ones that your guests look at and go… “thats SO YOU’.

I’ve put together a compilation of some of the best ideas I’ve seen at weddings I’ve photographed recently. I hope it inspires you to put your own stamp on your wedding day. As styles and trends evolve, it really is a case of ‘anything goes’ and its totally ok to break with tradition! At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you get married!

festival wedding 091maria_farrelly_cardiff_wedding_ photographer071festival wedding 5

A Ceilidh (Kay-lee) band is an awesome idea to get EVERYONE up and moving! The best thing about one is that you don’t even have to be a good dancer.

Sarah_Oli_Wedding033 Sarah_Oli_Wedding034Sarah_Oli_Wedding036 Sarah_Oli_Wedding037

When it comes to fashion, wearing something comfortable will help you relax and enjoy the day more…

maria_farrelly_cardiff_wedding_ photographer062

…even if that does include an umbrella hat! festival wedding 2

If you love horses like Louise & Iolo do then hire a beautiful horse and carriage.

100811when it comes to entertaining your guests… space hoppers are great fun!

748 433or maybe rope dad into performing…

festival wedding 3…or the groom!

630Maybe plant a tree on your wedding day?! 
festival wedding 4and as the evening draws in, nothing beats an open fire with surrounding hay bales for all your guests to cwtch up on.


 So much loveliness Maria thank you! The band and that tree planting!? What amazing ideas and beautiful touches to what will already be, a fantastic day!

Colour Inspiration: Peach

Today I decided to give quite a controversial colour a whirl. Colour Inspiration: Peach.
Is just so pretty, I refuse to believe that it has been packed up into a chest along side St Elmos Fire, 16 Candals and The Breakfast Club.  It will not disappear with Martika and Dave Lee Roth’s solo career. I refuse to believe it will be left in a draw alongside my leg warmers and fish net finger less gloves.
Peach is light and happy and deserves to be brought back.  I agree that many things from the 1980s should stay right there, but peach?  Peach is not one of them.  Read on and find out why.
Anna x

Features Banner Tenplate

Colour Inspiration: Peach

We know, we know. Peach! It immediately conjures up hideous poofy 1980’s bridesmaid dresses with matching over sized hats, squashing down a fresh perm. Either that, or one of those toilet roll doll cover things, that everyone’s Nana had. You know, to make the toilet roll fancy.

But seriously – Peach! Its beautiful.

Its so soft and gentle and gives a natural feel and look. Its slightly dreamy and conjures up images of ethereal, daisy chained bridesmaids, dancing through a wheat field with pollen floating around, on a warm summers day.

It definitely wouldn’t rain if you wore peach!
(*disclaimer* Cwtch The Bride can only dream like the rest of us that the sun will shine on all you lovely Brides and Grooms.  We have no actual power over the weather)

Pair with some lovely hessian and lace, and you’re all set for that gorgeous vintage country feel.

Asos Dress PEACH

Sweet Peony PEACH

Dear Florence PEACH 2

Rachel Simpson Peach Shoes JPEG

Forbesfield PEACH Peony

Bridesmaid Dress – Coast at Asos

Bride held Bouquet – Sweet Peony

Room Decor – Dear Florence

Shoes – Rachel Simpson at Elegant Steps

Bottom Bouquet – Forbesfield Flowers

I mean come on! Look how beautiful it is! So, I hereby announce that peach is once more, on trend.  Go forth and peach it up, and please, share your photos with us! xx 


Tarzan Inspired Non Religious Reading

When you get married you can find inspiration from so many different places. Today’s Tarzan inspired non religious reading is from Disney’s animated movie. It has beautiful words and wouldn’t be out of place at any wedding. ~ Kate

Tarzan Inspired Non Religious Reading

You Will Be In My Heart- From Tarzan

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

I will protect you
from all around you
I will be here
Don’t you cry

For one so small,
you seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
can’t be broken
I will be here
Don’t you cry

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here
in my heart always

tarzanPhoto Credit: Disney

 Absolutely gorgeous isn’t it. Disney is just awesome, for so many reason, this is one of  them, their amazing music. As well as making me want to be a mermaid.

But mainly the music x

The Graceful Bride- Finds her beauty inspiration

We all have that moment as Brides to be that inspires how we want to ‘look’ on the day.  

Whether it is an old photo of your beautiful mum on her day, a picture in a magazine, or a collection of images found on pinterest or in the case of our Graceful Bride Vicky an Instagram picture.  Here she explains how one image helped her find her beauty inspiration and put her back track looking after her body and skin ahead of her big day…

I’ve never been a small girl. I’m pushing 6ft tall (and have been for as long as I can remember) and I inherited my Dads shoulders and he used to be a prop! Therefore I’ve accepted that a size 8 I ain’t and never will be!

Not too long into the start of our relationship I moved out to Paris for work so spent 15 months going back and forth between the UK and France. When I was in Paris I spent all my time living off meals in restaurants, junk food, bread and cheese (who wouldn’t!) and crew food, which isn’t great! By the time I’d get back home for my days off I’d be exhausted and again just live off junk and any exercise regime went out the window.

File 21-03-2016, 09 41 37

When I eventually moved back I was the biggest I’d ever been and really needed to sort it out. I spent a few years just watching what I was eating and exercising more and eventually got to a weight I’d not been at since I was a teenager but then I stalled and couldn’t lose any more. Trouble is I was still eating a load of sugar (I would live off chocolate if I could) and not really putting good stuff in my body.

A few months after we got engaged an Australian brand called Grace Loves Lace came to London on a special one off with their wedding dresses (well worth a look if you’ve not heard of them but want a slinky/flowing lace boho style dress). I was looking through their Instagram one night and came across one photo and Rob was like, hide it, I don’t want to see you in any dresses. It wasn’t me in the photo though so I clicked on the models Instagram page (good bit of stalking lol), didn’t know how he could think I looked like this stunning girl (granted the picture was from behind) until I got to one of the official modelling ones and discovered we were virtually the same measurements everywhere.

File 21-03-2016, 09 42 39

Photo Credit: BREE WARREN

She though was toned and looked amazing in a bikini, me, not so much. So she’s become my body inspiration for the wedding, (#belikeBree!) I kinda put myself in a bad position after Christmas as well, we were both ill so just ate whatever was around, mainly out of comfort, and I put on a fair bit of weight. Standard January diet was on the cards until I heard of Joe Wicks and his Lean in 15 book so that is what I’m trying. Although I’m finding it hard to stick strictly to it with my shifts so am half doing it at the moment, the weightloss is going though so I must be doing something right.

File 21-03-2016, 09 42 10

As I’ve mentioned before I love a bit of Pinterest but one day was really shocked when I came across a wedding timeline for beauty that involved things like when to get your teeth whitened and top up your Botox!! One good thing about living in Paris was having ample time to try nearly every skincare brand you can find in a French pharmacy.

I’ve always been a bit obsessive about my skin, anyone who’s been on a long flight will know how drying it can be and I didn’t want to end up looking twice my age so French pharmacies are an absolute goldmine! The U.K. is beginning to cotton on to some of these brands and you can get them now online and from certain shops/spas. Well worth a look if you want to treat yourself to some new skincare, it may seem pricey but a little goes a long way.

File 21-03-2016, 09 44 57

This picture is the ones you’ll always find on my dressing table, I can’t live without them! Plus, and this might sound a bit extravagant, but I’d also recommend seeing a good beauty therapist for a facial if you want any advice on your skin. I’m lucky where we live and we have a fantastic day spa where I spend way too much time and money but their advice has just been invaluable! But if you can’t pamper yourself and have a little bit of de-stressing me time in the run up to your wedding then when can you!!

File 21-03-2016, 09 44 40
Find out more about our Graceful bride Vicky by following her Bride to be diaries here