Bride to Be Diaries: Introducing Jenine, The Tinder Bride

Good morning Cwtchers!
I cannot tell you how excited I have been to start introducing you properly to our amazing new Brides and Groom to Be!
Their stories were wonderful! All inspiring, endearing, sweet and real.
So, to start us off, without further ado, let me introduce to you to the gorgeous Jenine! We fell in love with Jenine after reading about her and Tom’s meeting story.  I won’t tell you anymore, I will instead hand you over.
Over to you Jenine……
B2B Tinder Banner

Hello and welcome to my first bridezilla, I mean Bride filled, blog. My name is Jenine and I am 32 years old and getting married to my best friend Tom in September 2018 at Hensol Castle.

Just cannot already wait for it to be here as it currently feels like a lifetime away which I’m sure is a feeling echoed by most brides and grooms!
Both Tom and I are from Cardiff and met via Tinder in February 2014…hence the name “Tinder Bride”. Tom has his own residential and commercial painting and decorating company and I’m a Family Law Solicitor.
I was so happy to have been selected to blog for Cwtch the Bride as it’s nice to be involved with happiness, rainbows and hope as sadly my day job involves me divorcing people which can be quite emotionally draining. The most common question I left asked is whether I believe in marriage when people find out what I do for a living; my answer is obviously no! Thankfully it actually makes me want to make sure that Tom is the right person I’m marrying for all the right reasons even more!
February 2014 was really random! At the time I was in Leeds finishing the last few months of my professional training. It hit new year and me and 4 other best friends (a mix of boys and girls) decided to have some fun on Tinder. It was a New Years resolution for me and my intention was to have some fun and be on there for 31 days only!
On 30 January 2014, my Grandma passed away and I returned home to see my family. It was during that time there one of my best friends who was part of our Tinder crew told me to have a look at the men in Cardiff as I would know a few people on there to. So as I was home, I did, and came across the man I am today marrying! Tom had coincidentally just come home himself from Australia as he had just obtained residence to live there; he was only home for his brother’s wedding.
Fast forward 3 years and we are still on an engagement high after popped the question in Paris 2 years to the day we became an “official item”…I had to get the seal of approval of his late beautiful Nan and Mother  before of course! An aspect which made me love him even more because family is everything to me. Plus I knew I only had to past a test involving two important people; my family is like being thrown into a pit with lions! Thankfully he survived.
Tom would say the proposal did not go to plan! Paris was a surprise trip as I thought we were heading to Bordeaux as Tom had not long come back from watching the Euros there and he said he loved it; it was our two year anniversary gift and he knew my favourite city was Paris.
A four hour delayed flight to Paris meant getting to The hotel very late and a very grumpy bride to be not want to get out of bed the next morning. Not even the showered, dressed and very anxious man sitting at the end of my bed make me want to get up earlier. An argument and a few hours later, we ended up heading towards “The proposal destination”..the Eiffel Tower. A panicked Tom said he will never forget feeling like the tower was falling down on him when he realised he couldn’t get passed the additional and heavy security due to the Euro final day) without taking a ring out of his pocket. His intention was to ask me under the tower or on the third floor! So down a little lane Tom dropped on one knee and despite his pale, anxious, worried self (bless him!) it was the best proposal ever.
However instead of crying I did laugh due to be so shocked that Tom did such a big display as that usually is not him! That then led onto toasting and calling our loved ones sat in a bar by the Tower and the river. Onto a river cruise and lunch. A Tuk-tuk ride (who beeped through a heavy melting pot of different people to tell them we were engaged) back to the hotel to get changed and our again for the Euro football finals.
It’s our special story and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
From JOM (aka Jenine and Tom) xxx
Aaaaaahhhh Jenine we just adore you two already! And we cannot wait to find out all about your planning!
We are too excited for our lovely  new bloggers!

Featured Post: Victoria & Olivers Hensol Castle Wedding Film by Aurora

Good morning one and all!

A question we ask our Brides and Grooms for our ‘Real Weddings’ feature is ‘Is there anything you would change about your big day?’  

Often the answer is ‘No, we wouldn’t change a thing’, but more and more, we are getting the answer, ‘We wish we had booked a videographer.’

25 years ago or so, a wedding video was often quite cheesy, with a mixture of still images and video, showcasing the day to the sound of the Peter Cetera’s ‘Glory of Love’ (actually, that song is epic!)

But lately, wedding films are incredible. With new awesome technology that I don’t even begin to try and understand, what you are left with is a beautiful cinema look, with emotive music and the most breathtaking result.

Aurora Wedding Films creates the most stunning films you will ever see.  Richard Shelton of Aurora has shot well over 300 films, throughout Wales and the rest of the UK, as well as destination weddings, and with 12 years experience, you’re guaranteed a wonderful result. 

We have the pleasure of sharing one of Richard’s latest films, of Victoria and Olivers wedding, shot earlier this year.  So I will hand over to Richard himself to tell you all about it, before you feast your eyes on this delight – you’re going to need a tissue.  

Its  exquisite…….

Victoria & Olivers Wedding Film by Aurora

After meeting whilst studying at Millfield School, Victoria and Oliver were married at Hensol Castle in June this year. What promised to be a warm summers day changed dramatically when the skies opened and we had some of the most torrential rain I’ve seen in years, just as Victoria arrived at the church in Cowbridge!

Luckily, it was just a short shower and the guests were treated to warm sunshine for the rest of the day at Hensol. They booked us after seeing one of their friends wedding films, which we shot in 2014. They were so pleased that they’d got one too and had a special ‘screening night’ at Victoria’s parents for all their family and friends.

I will be honest, I do cry at the drop of a hat, adverts, cardigan inside out, but I defy anyone to not shed a romantic slow tear down the cheek at this film! Beautiful Richard.  Just beautiful  x

A Vanity Affair: The finale by Maria Farrelly

Hurray, we’ve finally reached the last in this series of posts from our styled shoot: A Vanity Affair. Lets hand you over to the brains behind this, Maria Farrelly Photography for the final words…and images :) 


I’m hijacking this post to say a few words and to share my photographs taken that day.


It was important to me that this shoot related to our readers. I didn’t want to hire in models. I wanted to use ‘real women’ our actual readers.

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly33This blog has grown because of women like these that read, share and interact with us. Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly49Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly66Collaborating with you lovely lot makes this job so much more fun too!

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly60Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly52 Its also worth remembering that many of these ladies were nervous, VERY NERVOUS. They had no idea what we were going to do with their hair or make up and totally trusted us.

Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly53Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly54The Shot

There was really only one image that I wanted to direct and capture. And that was My Vanity Affair. You can read all about the inspiration behind the shoot here.

Vanity AffairI was so pleased with how it all turned out and cannot wait to organise my next shoot in the New Year.


Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly01 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly02 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly03 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly09 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly15 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly16 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly17 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly18 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly19 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly20 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly21 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly23Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly25 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly26 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly27 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly28 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly29 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly30 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly31 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly32 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly33 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly34 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly37 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly38 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly39 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly41 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly42 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly43 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly44 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly45 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly46 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly47 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly48 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly49 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly50 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly51 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly52 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly53 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly54 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly55 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly56 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly58Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly60 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly62 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly63 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly64 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly65 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly66 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly69 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly70 Hensol_Castle_maria_farrelly72Once again, thank you to everyone that was involved in making this shoot a success. With so many great suppliers it was only right we dedicated a post to each group to really showcase just how fabulous they all are. I’d love to know which post was your favourite.

Finally, If you run a welsh wedding business and would like to be involved on my next styled shoot, leave a comment underneath and I’ll be in touch.

Many thanks

Maria x


Styled Shoot: A Vanity Affair- Part 6 Vintage Props and Stationery

If you are planning a vintage wedding then this post is for you! The China Library and Belle Journée supplied beautiful vintage china and props for our recent styled shoot at the stunning Hensol Castle and these take centre stage for this post, complimented perfectly by handmade stationery from Byjo.

Photographed beautifully by Catherine & Angharad from Cashiona Photography and Angharad Gwenter Photographycwtch the bridecwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the bride cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the bride cwtch the bride C&A_HENSOL_218Hensol - cwtch the bride_0056 cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the bride C&A_HENSOL_236Hensol - cwtch the bride_0059 cwtch the bride Weddingcwtch the bride Hensol - cwtch the bride_0062cwtch the bridecwtch the bride Hensol - cwtch the bride_0068 cwtch the brideHensol - cwtch the bride_0067 Hensol - cwtch the bride_0066 Hensol - cwtch the bride_0065 Hensol - cwtch the bride_0064cwtch the brideIf you can imagine these beautiful props fitting in to your vision of your vintage wedding then make sure you get in touch with Belle Journée AND The China Library! For vintage, boutique and bespoke wedding stationery look no further than Byjo.

Huge thanks to these amazing companies for getting involved with our styled shoot, and massive thanks to our readers who modelled for this shoot by Catherine & Angharad.

Featured Suppliers

To see the Inspiration behind our incredible shoot and a full list of all suppliers involved click here and for all of our styled shoot posts which show off so much more beautiful inspiration from these suppliers click here.


Styled Shoot: A Vanity Affair- Part 5 Beautiful Blooms by Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art

Our styled shoot posts are well underway now! We have shared with you the inspiration behind the shoot at Hensol Castle, gorgeous Two Birds bridesmaid dresses and Mooshki bridal gowns from Laura May Bridal, beautiful headpieces from our very own Kate Petersen and this week we are showing you the fabulous flowers that Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art showcased beautifully on the day.

Whether you are looking for a bridal bouquet or floral venue décor, our talented featured florists will definitely have some inspiration for you. Massive thanks to Hilary’s Flowers and Blush Floral Art for allowing us to use your beautiful creations for our shoot. All images in this post are by Catherine and Angharad, the talented collaboration from Cashiona Photography and Angharad Gwenter Photography. Featuring gorgeous props from The China Library and Belle Journée and stationery from Byjo, we’ll be featuring more from these great companies soon.

I don’t really need to say any more… these photographs speak for themselves!

Bouquetscwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL171 cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL169 C&A_HENSOL170C&A_HENSOL175 cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL166Venue Decoration cwtch the bride cwtch the bride cwtch the bridecwtch the bride cwtch the brideC&A_HENSOL163 C&A_HENSOL164 C&A_HENSOL165 C&A_HENSOL168Dress Decoration!

We absolutely loved this unique way to dress up a bridemaid dress a little bit differently by Hilary’s Flowers.C&A_HENSOL172 C&A_HENSOL173 C&A_HENSOL174We have enjoyed sharing these posts with our readers so much, if you have enjoyed them too please drop a comment in the box :) We have more to come! Including amazing cakes, stationery, props, hair and make up, behind the scenes photos and a fabulous video… it really is VERY good!