Lynsey & Jason’s Halloween Themed Wedding at Margam Orangery by Catherine & Angharad

As the spooky night that is Halloween approaches, we have a lovely treat for you (no tricks sorry). Lynsey & Jason had a brilliant Halloween themed wedding at Margam Orangery. We’re so excited to share this with you today. If you too are planning an unusual wedding, we think you’ll love all the effort and detail that went into making this day truly memorable. It looks such great fun, we wish we were invited!  All images by Catherine & Angharad.Bradley-412Bradley-317

What was your budget?

Our budget was £20,000 but we ended up spending an extra £14,000 my poor dad!


How would you describe your wedding theme?

Halloween… pumpkins, skulls, orange & black funBradley-377Bradley-416Bradley-387What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Travelling to the venue knowing that I was ready &: on my way 2 enjoy the day we had been waiting for for so longBradley-210

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

Loved the experience once I’d found my dress which took 3 shops… 19 dresses until I found mine which was from rowberrys swqnsea it was a princess style which I’d always wantedBradley-122Bradley-178

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I had my two sisters, two best friends & two older nieces my sisters because they’d never been bridesmaid before & my best friends be coz we are so close, jason picked his two brothers as his best men not to affend one & our oldest son was usher/ring barer & jas had 2 of his best friends as usher plus our youngest son was paige boy

Why did you choose your venue?

Because I loved margam castle it went well with our halloween theme the grounds are amazingBradley-302

How did the proposal happen?

Jas after 10 long years lol! Bought my ring & put it in a Xmas crackerBradley-557Bradley-288

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Lol we were going to attempt carving pumpkins! But we soon changes our mind when we spoke to our lovely florist who had won a pumpkin carving competition the year beforeBradley-220Bradley-420Bradley-389Bradley-363

What was your first dance & why?

My first dance was a father & daughter dance his last chance to give me to jason I chose the song celine dion my angel.. there’s wasn’t a dry eye in the house & then he gave me to jason we danced to ellie goulding how long will I love youBradley-525

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Only wish we booked the venue all Weekend so we could of enjoyed it all a little longerBradley-311

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Go with a wedding which is unique to you as a couple not just because it’s traditionBradley-568Bradley-577

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Enjoy every second of the day & make sure you make time to go with your knew husband just for 5 min to spend time with himBradley-295

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

The whole theme every time I’d find a knew halloween idea I’d get excitedBradley-392Bradley-371

The Suppliers

Photographer: Catherine & Angharad
Videographer: Steve Radcliffe
Reception Venue: Margam Orangery
Bride’s Dress: Rowberry Bridal 
Bride’s Shoes: Rowberry Bridal
Bride’s Jewellery: Diamond Centre Wales
Groom’s Outfit: white orchid
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: silk designs skewen
Cake: cakes by gemma
Flowers: eve Wetherby
Hair: halo Hair
Band: julie julz
DJ: daley bee
Stationery: clare bebb
Any Reception Decor/Props: 1st class wedding
Transport: eternity cars

The Wedding Album

Bradley-109 Bradley-110 Bradley-111 Bradley-113 Bradley-115 Bradley-116 Bradley-117 Bradley-118 Bradley-119 Bradley-120 Bradley-122 Bradley-126 Bradley-131 Bradley-135 Bradley-139 Bradley-140 Bradley-141 Bradley-143 Bradley-148 Bradley-150 Bradley-154 Bradley-157 Bradley-165 Bradley-166 Bradley-172 Bradley-173 Bradley-175 Bradley-176 Bradley-178 Bradley-185 Bradley-188 Bradley-200 Bradley-210 Bradley-211 Bradley-212 Bradley-213 Bradley-217 Bradley-219 Bradley-220 Bradley-221 Bradley-222 Bradley-223 Bradley-224 Bradley-227 Bradley-228 Bradley-229 Bradley-231 Bradley-235 Bradley-238 Bradley-242 Bradley-244 Bradley-246 Bradley-249 Bradley-255 Bradley-257 Bradley-258 Bradley-264 Bradley-266 Bradley-268 Bradley-269 Bradley-271 Bradley-276 Bradley-283 Bradley-288 Bradley-295 Bradley-296 Bradley-302 Bradley-308 Bradley-311 Bradley-312 Bradley-314 Bradley-317 Bradley-318 Bradley-319 Bradley-326 Bradley-333 Bradley-334 Bradley-343 Bradley-345 Bradley-346 Bradley-349 Bradley-363 Bradley-364 Bradley-371 Bradley-372 Bradley-373 Bradley-374 Bradley-375 Bradley-377 Bradley-378 Bradley-380 Bradley-383 Bradley-387 Bradley-389 Bradley-392 Bradley-393 Bradley-395 Bradley-402 Bradley-404 Bradley-409 Bradley-412 Bradley-416 Bradley-420 Bradley-422 Bradley-423 Bradley-427 Bradley-432 Bradley-434 Bradley-446 Bradley-451 Bradley-465 Bradley-469 Bradley-471 Bradley-484 Bradley-493 Bradley-503 Bradley-511 Bradley-523 Bradley-525 Bradley-557 Bradley-558 Bradley-568 Bradley-577 Bradley-580 Bradley-581

Featured Vendor: Pick ‘n’ Mix Circus

As tomorrow is Halloween we have a special featured vendor for you today. We have spoken to Pick ‘n’ Mix Circus‘ Ringmaster Peter Gamble to tell our Halloween brides what they have to offer. But they aren’t just for Halloween- Pick ‘n’ Mix Circus did a wonderful job entertaining the guests at our Cwtchmas Party last December, so if you are planning a Christmas wedding this is for you too, or any time of year you want a circus! 

The Ringmaster. Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

The Ringmaster. Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

Why have a Halloween Wedding?

Thinking of having a Halloween Wedding? Why not .. think of the venues you could use… that crypt , that old barn, the lovely old village hall or how about Castell Coch ? Think of THAT Back Street Boys video, think of the wedding dance you could have, or Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Why book Pick ‘n’ Mix Circus?

To set the scene and keep the heads rolling you’ll need the services of Cwtch The Bride’s recommended circus entertainers “Gamble and Wells” from Pick -N- Mix Circus, they’ll bring their friends and you can have:

An 8 ft “Lurch” from The Addams Family to meet and greet your guests, a Red Devil, or The Biker from Hell or fire swords and fire whips with fantastical stilt walkers to loom over your guest serving them a “Blood Sucker” cocktail or a “Morgue-a-Rita” or perhaps served on a ghostly glowing human table.

The Giant Red Devil and Biker from Hell

The Giant Red Devil and Biker from Hell

Masked Showgirls

Masked Showgirls

Instead of a toast master why not book a ringmaster?

The Ringmaster. Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

The Ringmaster. Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

The fun doesn’t stop there , during the Reception they‘ll teach your guests how to throw a knife to deal with the Zombie hordes or crack a whip to chase the ghoulies away, then glowing fluorescent balloon models and scary close up magic at the tables and then finish you off with a cabaret “More Danger Show” with whip cracking , fire eating, and real knife throwing!

Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

Image from our Cwtchmas Party taken by Tim Bishop

How much will it cost?

Tip: The more performers you book the cheaper it gets!

Budget £250-350+ per performer depending on how long they will be with you, or double for a good magician

You will get a discount the more you book. n711331260_1584267_8151

Thank you for talking to us Peter! Happy Halloween!

Unless otherwise stated, images were supplied by Peter Gamble.