Floral Headband Hair Tutorial

It has been too long since I shared a hair tutorial with you and I thank Maria Farrelly for photographing this easy peasy Floral Headband Hair Tutorial for us! Honestly it took me 5/10 minutes and it is something that would look amazing during the festive period! Please give it a go and share your selfies with us. ~ Kate 

What You Will Need

  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray
  • Back combing brush or comb
  • A floral headband of your choice. We used one from the Kate Petersen Collection.


I started by curling Charlie’s hair but you can do it from straight if you are in a hurry. The other little tip that I have for you is that I always make sure that my clients hair is clean. This is a very soft and romantic look and feel that clean hair works better. If you find that your hair is a little too slippery then a light mist of hairspray makes the world of difference.


Taking small sections of the hair, backcomb the hair to give it some volume. You can go as big as you like. Amy Winehouse eat your heart out!!


Brush over the backcombing and ensure its smooth. Add a little bit of hairspray to help hold it in place.

JZ0C8582JZ0C8584Place the floral headband like a halo on the head. You might need an extra set of hands to help get it in place.


Using your bobby pins to secure the hair in place, start folding and tucking the hair over the headband.


Keep going all the way round. keep tucking and pinning the hair until you can’t see any of the elastic band part. Remember that this is a really relaxed look so don’t worry if it is not perfect.

JZ0C8591JZ0C8594JZ0C8599JZ0C8607I left a little bit of hair out at the front round Charlie’s face but its up to you how much you want to leave. I know some people who would get so annoyed with anything left out and would insist that it was all back. Mist with some hairspray to keep it in place. With the miserable weather that we have been having you might need a little bit more than you would normally use.

JZ0C8614Ta Da!!!! How simple was that? It honestly took me about 5 minutes and I think it looks like you spent ages at the hairdressers!!


I think you will agree with me that it is very easy. It looks lovely with a beautiful sparkly headband and it works well for the bride and for bridesmaids. send us a photograph once you have tried it. Hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit! ~ Kate


Taa Dah!….

Our LUSH LIST is finally  launched!

A fabulous collection of our favourite Welsh Wedding suppliers. All hand picked by us and highly recommended by our readers.


To access this awesome directory, press the LUSH LIST icon sitting on the right hand side (if viewing on a computer or tablet)- Scroll down if you are using a phone.

It looks like this:

side bar button

Simply click on it and it will take you to a page that looks like this:

lush list iconsSelect the category you need and then choose from our list of highly recommended suppliers.

All the companies listed have links to take you to their own websites, Facebook page & Twitter feed. This is a great way to follow them if you’d like to get to know them a bit more before booking.

Vendor logo

Most of these companies will already be featuring our approved vendor badge on their websites too. This is to give you peace of mind that we’ve either worked with them, Used their services or some of our readers have highly recommend them.

So, there you have it. We do hope you love it and find it a valuable resource to your wedding planning. Have a good look around the directory, click on a few links and let us know what you think. You can send us your feedback here.

We will be adding LOTS more suppliers to our LUSH LIST throughout the year so do keep popping back. We’ll also be inspiring you more by sharing their work over on our Facebook page.

If you run a lovely welsh wedding business (especially in North Wales!) and would like us to consider you for our Lush List. You can get in touch with us here.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening xxx


Cwtch Approved Vendor: YUME Hair

Today we reveal yet another amazing wedding company that is taking part in next weeks styled shoot with us. The fabulous Yume

Yume LgAD

We big fans of this lovely Cardiff based Salon. We caught up with the lovely Giovanna (one of the Salon’s owners) and asked her a few questions. All images supplied by Yume.

Hi Giovanna, we’re so excited to have you on Cwtch the Bride today; can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? :)

Hi, I am very excited to be on Cwtch the bride too! I am a very busy mum of two as well as a business woman stylist. I feel lucky to have achieved many of my personal goals within my hairdressing career, these include Salon Management, Fashion shows, Teaching Hairdressing up to NVQ Level 3, and the most enjoyable – Bridal hair and beauty.


I am now in the process of combining all of these skills into the teaching, directing and management side of the constantly growing, Hair Health and Beauty Business – Yume, a vision of a concept that makes people look and feel their best – all under one roof.

I thrive on making a difference to the way people look and feel, and enjoy a lengthy consultation where I can advice the very best to maintain healthy and beautiful looking hair.

I feel proud of my team especially the Wedding hair and make up team, they have a very important job…..and they have excelled year after year and are now doing more weddings than me!!


How and when did you start Yume?

Yume was a dream that was waiting to happen. Jacqui and myself met at the beginning of  our hairdressing career and after 19 years and a multitude of hairdressing ventures together and apart, we created Yume in August 2006.


What’s the best bit about being a part of the wedding industry?

It’s exciting, and even though extremely important it’s very pretty, fluffy, playful and girlie! Its wonderful to be an important part of someone’s very special day!


Have you had any hairy moments?

Well there was this one time that literally the second the bride and her large bridal party walked though the doors of the salon on her wedding day….All the lights went out!…the music stopped! computers went down! Hairdryers went silent!….. the whole salon was in silence and darkness! A moment of not knowing whether to laugh or cry was very quickly taken over with a fantastic Yume team that….did the following…Mel investigated the electricity box, Mary calmed the bride, I phoned a friend! (an electrician) Jac called a friend too (a salon owner to ask if we could lend his salon!!…meanwhile I asked Charlie to call the wedding Venue (The Cardiff Museum) to see if we could use one of their rooms complete with electricity!! However whilst we were all running around calmly of course!….as if by magic one by one the lights, music, hairdryers, computers and of course smiles!….all came  back on!! No time lost just a good story to tell!!


Do you have any quirky wedding related stories to share?

Not too sure on this one…I guess its a matter of opinion on whats people regard as normal, or not!?

I remember one bride that had the most amazing kurt Geiger shoes sat looking beautifully ready to put on near her dress. Then I looked a little further and saw Crocs!!! yes Crocs!!! White ones with letters attached to them saying ‘the bride’ or ‘just married’ can’t quite remember, Im still trying to get over the Crocs!! If you are out there reading this (I hope not) then I know they were for the wedding night to be comfy for all the dancing  – and yes I do agree comfort is important!

photo[2] photo[3]

Have you noticed any emerging trends wedding hair and beauty for 2014/15?

Yes I have, there seems to be a lot of casual, soft up do’s. Messy but tidy – if you know what I mean….with maybe a braid thrown in there too! So not too fussy, not too much structure. Also seeing a lot of the Vintage look, and we love this look!!!

Do you have any advice for brides and of course the bridesmaids etc…when choosing hair and beauty styles for the big day?

Yes, look at as many pics as possible, magazines and of course on-line…..bring them in to us, or better still send them to us so we can be one step ahead with our thinking even before you come in. A trial run is an absolute must!! We love to get to know you and your wedding plan/party/style as much as possible to get the look absolutely perfect for you and your wedding needs. And of course the more you know your stylist the more confidence you will have with us and the more relaxed you will be on the day.

photo_3 photo (9)

Thanks Giovanna! We can’t wait to work with you next week on our styled shoot! And to all our readers, If you are thinking of hiring a hair stylist for your big day, why not give Yume a call, they are super lovely ladies that come highly recommended by us!