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Today Cwtchers we have our fabulous Lush Listers Guest who who do an alternative to the usual photo booth.  They have their top 3 tips for brides to be but first they explain a little of what they do so very well…

In a nutshell we (Dylan and Leanne) provide a lightweight, pop-up mobile studio, a fresh alternative to the usual photo booths, you know the ones we mean (black box.. in the corner of room… 4 people in like sardines…)


We like to think that the ‘Guest Who’ Photo Booth has a touch of the handmade, DIY quality that fits in with many current wedding styles, but with all the professionalism of a commercial photo booth machine.

Whatever theme or style you have for your wedding, we can incorporate it into the booth…. you could say that we are style chameleons!


Based in South Wales, but we do travel all over the UK, Guest Who prides itself on being more personal than all the ‘others’.


We love crazy prop requests (we make specific signs for in jokes, phrases) in addition to the usual Photo booth sayings, we source specific prop requests (provided we can get it) to the needs of the happy couple.


We do all this through a meeting (ideally at the venue) prior to the event… just to iron out all the info, such as timings, so we don’t bring in our stuff in the middle of the grooms (or Brides) speech, where the booth will go (so we don’t set up in the middle of the buffet area) and any other issues… But also, its great to put a names to faces.

Our top 3 tips for Brides

1.  Get involved in the speeches. Why let tradition dictate

2.  Take flat shoes for the evening so you can dance all night

3.  Hire a Photo booth, your guests will love it, especially ours

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Free Download: DIY Welsh Photo Booth Props

We’ve got our first free download on Cwtch the Bride today – how exciting! :) Remember Guest Who, the boutique photo booth company? (If not then take a read of our company profile on them here). They very kindly put together this set of DIY Welsh photo booth props, featuring everything from a dragon’s hat and flames to a, frankly amazing, leek beard.


If you’d like to use them at your wedding (or next party even!) then you can download the set for free by clicking the button below:


Then all you need to do is print, cut and stick!

Leanne from Guest Who provided these instructions for getting the most from your props:

  • The props will will work best printed on card or photo paper (matte not glossy) and spray mounted onto foam paper.
  • Then cut out, using a craft knife if possible instead of scissors.
  • You can use dowelling rods or kebab sticks for rods (editors note: we’ve used pencils in a pinch so don’t be afraid to experiment if you have to :) )
  • We’ve found electrical tape is the best way to stick it to the back as it’s disguised against the black foam back and is strong. You can also reinforce with a glue gun :)


Do let us know if you download them and use them, we’d LOVE to see some photos of them in action! :D

Featured Vendor: Guest Who – Boutique Photo Booths

Today’s featured Vendor are Dylan and Leanne – otherwise known as Guest Who, a pop-up style photobooth company based in Cardiff :)

guest who logo

Tell us a little bit about yourself :)


We are Dylan and Leanne of ‘Guest Who’, a small and unique pop-up studio style photobooth company based in South Wales. Not only business partners, but we are a couple and we love the fact that our job allows us to work together, it allows us to be creative together and gave us a reason to buy our very own camper van (well what else could we use to ferry our equipment round – a stinky van? I don’t think so!)

We both have photography degrees, and Leanne is also a trained graphic designer and seamstress. A jack of all trades you may say, whilst Dylan currently lectures Photography part time in a local college. We love to walk our dog, take photos of our dog (some times in the booth), and generally live an easy going life in the very beautiful Vale of Glamorgan.

How long have you been running Guest Who? What made you decide to start?


We have been running Guest Who for just over a year now. We saw the trend of Photo booths growing in the UK, and to be honest, everything over here seemed very corporate and formal. With us both having degrees in photography and Leanne being very crafty and loving to sew, we thought that we could offer something in Wales and beyond, that would suit the weddings of the alternative bride and groom.

We wanted our photo booth business to be more handmade, pretty and, most importantly, personal. It has been a great way for us to pool all our skills, work together and bring happiness to ourselves and to others. This year has seen our service grow and develop in ways we didn’t imagine. We started with a simple package offering a disc of all images, but we are now able to offer instant print outs, so quick you are barely able to put your props back before the image is in your hand :)

What does Guest Who offer?


Pure entertainment.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?


We love gatecrashing weddings! Ha ha, of course we are always working, but it is such fun to be a part of someones big day and help to make special memories that can be treasured. You never know who is coming in the booth or what they are going to do.

Guest Who helps to bring out the fun side of everyone, even people who at first protest (they usually end up the booth addicts by the way). Setting up and watching the magic happen is something we never tire of.

What can your clients expect from you?


We bend over backwards to accommodate our clients needs, we will tailor backdrops and props to any theme or colour scheme, personalise the images with names and dates, etc, and do all we can to ensure smooth running on the day. We like to have at least one meeting, preferably in the venue, before the wedding so that we can fine tune all details, see the space and know what to expect on the day. Although running a business like this seems nothing but fun, it is our attention to detail and professional planning that enables the fun to happen without any stress during the wedding.

What’s your price range?


We have two basic packages, both for three hours hire of the booth. One is a disc only package at £350 and the other includes unlimited prints for £450. We have additional add ons to both these packages such as tailored backdrops and props, guest books, favours, more hours, etc. We are happy to find a way to provide anything our client wants and will quote individually for any extra requests.

What makes you different to other photobooth businesses?


With Guest Who, you get two qualified photographers taking the picture instead of a machine. Unlike many of the ‘booths’ we are more than an ugly plastic box in the corner. Our pop- up studio has unique backdrops that can compliment and, dare we say, even add to the look of your wedding!

Because Leanne is a trained seamstress she makes all our backdrops and we like to make them quirky and standout as apposed to plain and generic. We also make a lot of our own props, design our graphic signs, and source unique items to add a more personal touch to the booth and pictures.We pride ourselves on a high quality product from production to the finished outcome.

What’s your favourite thing about working in Wales?


The glorious weather of course! Joking aside, Mae Cymru yn ein calon (Wales is in our heart). Dylan is a born and bred Welshman, Welsh being his first language so we offer a bilingual service if needed. Leanne, an English girl (shhh…don’t tell anyone) has lived in Wales since 2000 and has never looked back. What’s not to love?!

What locations do you cover?


Anywhere and everywhere, we are local to Wales, but will cross the border too. If you are getting married in any country abroad we are happy to attend if you buy the plane ticket! :)

Get in touch


Facebook: facebook.com/guestwhobiz

Email: guestwhobiz@gmail.com

Phone: 07718 637266

What do you think guys? Are you planning on hiring a photo booth for your wedding? Let us know in the comments :)

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