Bride To Be Diaries: Our Graceful Bride’s Hen Don’t

My hen do was one of the best weekends of my life. My sister did an amazing job and when it came time for me to return the favour I found it so much pressure make it as special as my one was. Today Our Graceful Bride tells us all about her hen do. Take it away Vicky. 


Our Graceful Bride


Hen Don’t

Before anyone gets too concerned, this isn’t a post on what not to do at a hen party! I didn’t want a hen do, a lot of my friends are male.
I have friends spread all over Europe so organising something seemed impossible, the thought of dressing up in tacky outfits and going to get drunk at numerous clubs fills me with dread and don’t get me started on my feelings on male strippers!
I really wasn’t fussed on the whole thing. This all changed after a rather boozy meal in East London one night (burgers in donuts is a thing, who knew!) when my friends from uni decided, in their cocktail infused state, that we should do something.
Seen as most of them are guys we felt it couldn’t be named a hen do, hence the birth of the hen don’t! file-07-11-2016-10-39-36Given that I’d also participated in a cocktail or 2 I then did the unthinkable, I gave them full control to organise the whole thing, I’d have no involvement!
I assumed it would either be forgotten about when everyone sobered up or we’d just do a variation on our usual meal out in London. I was wrong, very very wrong!
Months of Facebook groups and WhatsApp conversations I wasn’t allowed to be part of ensued whilst they enjoyed my panic! I was allowed my cousins and friend Nikki to join me the night before to help me pack (needless to say the giant clock and snorkelling gear didn’t go in, I did have bug spray though!) but I was still completely in the dark.
So Saturday morning, I’m banished and locked in the kitchen having to listen to everyone giggling away and Rob just saying “I don’t get it” numerous times before the giggling turned to fits of laughter as the boys arrive, an arrival that brought out half our neighbours! Jones Jet had landed (otherwise known as a mini van hired from the airport) and with it a fully fancy dressed ‘crew’! file-07-11-2016-10-38-50file-07-11-2016-10-39-17They’d really gone for it, I was presented with a boarding card before being ushered into the van and away, marshalled out of the drive with some glow sticks whilst listening to fake safety announcements they’d created.We had a variety of comedy in flight magazines, airline blankets, pillows and vanity sets and a full tray of breakfast!file-07-11-2016-10-39-02 An ’emergency landing’ into Reading service station finally revealed that we were going to Bristol, where I was also presented with a t shirt and relatively tasteful bride to be banner I was forced to wear.file-07-11-2016-10-39-26 Many hours later we pulled up outside an actual hotel complete with swimming pool and spa (they’d had me convinced for a while that we were going camping) and promptly decided to make use of them! With a night that then continued on with a meal in a steak restaurant, an exclusive cocktail bar where we were joined by some of my other friends who live in Bristol, a bar and finally a crappy club they really did outdo themselves!file-07-11-2016-10-39-46file-07-11-2016-10-40-00 I spent most of the weekend in absolute amazement that a) they loved me enough to plan the weekend and b) that they actually had really good organisational skills when left to their own devices! Trouble is though I’m never going to plan anything ever again now I know they can do it! So I’m now a full advocate for the hen don’t (should probably copyright that!) everyone should have one and I have the numbers of a couple of good planners!!file-07-11-2016-10-40-11
Awww I love that they made such an effort. Who says that your hen do can’t be a hen don’t!

Bride To Be Diaries: Our Graceful Bride Talks Readings

 Today we are handing the blog over to our Graceful Bride talks readings. Take it away Vicky.B2B Graceful Banner

 Our Graceful Bride

File 08-06-2016, 19 33 09

Wedding Readings

I had another post all ready and waiting to go but ended up changing my mind to write this in a fit of annoyance and procrastination. I’m currently sitting in a Gatwick hotel with a lovely view over a nondescript roundabout in Crawley and really should be re-reading the Air Asia accident report before finishing my biannual simulator check tomorrow but instead I’m doing the one thing that seems to take up most of my time at the moment, wedding readings! That and flicking through wedding magazines but that’s beside the point, I need the occasional break! File 29-06-2016, 12 15 16See we have a problem, in one weeks time we’re meeting up with the vicar to discuss the order of service for the wedding day and we have nothing! It’s not from lack of trying, I’ve had millions of tabs open for weeks on end full of ideas, my Pinterest really should warrant a new board for them (favourites currently being filed under table plans/signs which annoys the organisational side of me!) but I still don’t know. I think Rob half wants us to write our own for people to read out and whereas he is quite wordy and good at that, I’m not.File 29-06-2016, 12 14 10 Case points being cards for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc, his full of lovely heartfelt passages, mine going along the lines of this: To Rob, happy birthday/Christmas/anniversary, lots of love, Vicky. On the other hand I read, a lot, so have so many favourite passages from books and poems that I’d love to have included. Whereas they all mean something to me and I have a connection with them, Rob finds he doesn’t and that he can’t find one that describes the feelings he wants to get across. So we’re struggling. Reading from Phillip Pullman’s Amber Spyglass (one of my all time favourite books), deemed too morbid by my mum. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, too wordy. Edward Monkton’s Lovely Love Story, done by our friends last year. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Us Two (the Winnie the Pooh one), The Velveteen Rabbit, Shakespeare, Bronte etc etc seem to just be done time and time again so just don’t feel special to me personally.File 29-06-2016, 12 15 01
Photo Credit: Edward Monkton
Then you look at poetry, I love some of Pablo Neruda’s but they’re probably a bit risqué. Do you go down the funny route of Pam Ayres and others, do you look to the classics, the choice feels never ending! And don’t even get me started on the biblical side of it! We’re getting married in church so have to have at least one religious reading but so many of them I just don’t like! We’re off to snowdonia for a few days between me finishing down here and seeing the vicar so my current plan is to just drive ourselves nuts reading out as many as I can possibly find in the hope that something clicks, I’m thinking to start in the car on the long drive up as there’s no way to escape then!!File 29-06-2016, 12 14 51
Photo Credit: Timothy Boomer
Some time later….
So after a week of discussions in various parts of Wales, (reading out bible passages sitting on Tan-y-Bwlch railway station getting some odd looks being a personal fave!) and we got there! I think we’ve got a good mix to cover all bases and our vicar seems happy which is good, trouble now though is we’ve ended up with 3 rather than our original plan of 2 so we need to find someone else willing to get up and talk!File 29-06-2016, 12 14 30
 I remember the problems that I had with deciding on which readings to have. Thanks you Graceful Bride for your insight. ~ Kate

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