Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello lovelies. So we’ve compiled a small but (we feel) crucial list of wedding guest etiquette.  We’ve all been a little guilty of a couple in the past (ok, more than a couple), so we shall be taking note of these also…..

Wedding Talk - Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Talk: Wedding Guest Etiquette


If the B&G have created a gift list, or registered at a store in particular, unless you’re going to go for a monetary gift instead, don’t stray from it! They have chosen items for a specific reason.  If there is no cheese board on the list, its not that they have forgotten, its that they don’t want one!

Plus one

Our rule at our wedding was ‘if you’re not in love, they’re not coming’.  The last thing I wanted was to have a face in our photographs whom none of us (even the guest who brought them) could remember!

If there isn’t a plus one written on the invite, they haven’t banked on your bringing one. Don’t make it awkward by calling them to ‘check’ they haven’t forgotten.

StationaryStationary by Love-Lee

If the children haven’t been included on the invite, they’re not invited. This is always tricky as kiddies are wonderful. But at the end of the day, if there are 25 children in total that could be invited, thats 25 friends and family that you can’t invite.  So if they’re not on the invite, treat it as a lovely day for you to enjoy just celebrating your friends, and not being on duty for a change.


For girls, its always been said that as a guest, you don’t wear white (or similar). I have to agree. Rocking up to a wedding wearing the same colour of the bride is a massive no no. I also find it a little odd when the mother of the bride wears a similar dress to their bride daughters!! Really!? You’ve had your day my love, now pipe down and stand back!

I have to say, the B&G shouldn’t have to stipulate what the attire should be on the day unless they are wanting a specific look, like black tie.  Its a wedding. You don’t roll up wearing leggings and flip flops.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new outfit, but you should definitely look smart for their big day.

Image by Maria Farrelly


Always send your RSVP back.  Being invited to a wedding a very wonderful thing and it was a decision that the bride and groom did not take lightly. It may have even meant that a member of the family isn’t coming because they would like you to instead. So don’t leave it to the B&G to chase you for acceptance. They are crazy excited about their big day, as well as stressed about the organising. The least you can do is make sure they know you’re coming.


Stock ImageRSVP RSVP

Here are are few more things to consider too:

  • Don’t be late! Running up just behind the bride as she is entering the venue to get married, and quickly scrambling to your seat, is pretty much a no no.
  • Be respectful during the service. If its not to your tastes, religious or otherwise, tough. Its the B&G’s day and this is what they chose.
  • Don’t go bonkers with social media! Just check before you go plastering the bride and groom all over Facebook etc. They may want to set up a private group where you can all add your photographs.
  • Don’t sit wherever you want. Planning the seating is a political nightmare! So just go with it, and sit where the B&G suggested, I guarantee there is avery specific reason you are where they have put you!
  • I’m saying this next with guilt in my voice, but don’t get too battered.  I did get a little too tipsy the other week and ended up falling over in front of people I don’t know. Not the end of the world, but if it goes too far, its just awful. Ive witnessed a brides dress get ripped by a drunken guest, and the bride get thrown up on, and its just grim. Don’t be the one they talk about after the big day!

Having said that..sometimes, getting tipsy with your friends can be great fun and just really funny (especially in a photo booth)

Behaviour Image by Maria Farrelly

So there you have it – some wise words there me thinks! Weddings are amazing days, we just need to bare in mind that as much fun as we’re going to have, for the bride and groom, its one of the biggest days of their lives. Lets not give them anything to worry about!

A Gentleman’s Tea

Ladies. Think we are the only ones that care about our appearance on the big day? Think again.

Today we are heading west from Cwtch HQ to Llanelli where on the back of the success of afternoon teas and hen parties The Stradey Park Hotel have spotted a gap in the market for our grooms to be and introduced a Gentleman’s Tea and grooming package.

Gentlemans tea

Daniel Bayliss, Design and Marketing manager told us how they are finding men are more prepared to try something new and are definitely looking after themselves more.  A third of all spa goers are now men.

With this in mind, they have started putting together Bachelor parties to match up with the bridal showers they currently offer. They have teamed up with local business, 6 Men’s Hub Grooming and offer a package including a hot towel shave/beard trim, haircut and nasal wax with complimentary drinks.  “These are proving really popular as a gift from the groom to his best man, ushers and fathers of the bride and groom” Damian Hart, Managing Director told us.


IMG_05186 HUB44 Now let’s get to the most important bit, the food. Gentleman’s tea has shaken up the traditional dainty sandwiches and cakes to a heartier focused menu sending their chefs out to the wilds of Carmarthenshire to assemble the finest ingredients in selection of manly treats, both savoury and sweet served on a slate board – all  washed down with a cup of tea or coffee in a moustachio’d cup and saucers.

The savoury heartiness includes

~ Chargrilled beef burger topped with Welsh cheese, rocket and apple chutney served in a crusty roll

~ Corned beef rissole served on sweet red onion marmalade

~ Coronation scotch egg with mango salsa

~ Cumberland sausage roll

Gentlemans Tea Close

And Sweet treats

~ Warm caramelised apple tart

~ Lemon sponge cake


Gentlemans Tea 2Moustache Cup

For more information please email and Daniel will be more than happy to help


Taa Dah!….

Our LUSH LIST is finally  launched!

A fabulous collection of our favourite Welsh Wedding suppliers. All hand picked by us and highly recommended by our readers.


To access this awesome directory, press the LUSH LIST icon sitting on the right hand side (if viewing on a computer or tablet)- Scroll down if you are using a phone.

It looks like this:

side bar button

Simply click on it and it will take you to a page that looks like this:

lush list iconsSelect the category you need and then choose from our list of highly recommended suppliers.

All the companies listed have links to take you to their own websites, Facebook page & Twitter feed. This is a great way to follow them if you’d like to get to know them a bit more before booking.

Vendor logo

Most of these companies will already be featuring our approved vendor badge on their websites too. This is to give you peace of mind that we’ve either worked with them, Used their services or some of our readers have highly recommend them.

So, there you have it. We do hope you love it and find it a valuable resource to your wedding planning. Have a good look around the directory, click on a few links and let us know what you think. You can send us your feedback here.

We will be adding LOTS more suppliers to our LUSH LIST throughout the year so do keep popping back. We’ll also be inspiring you more by sharing their work over on our Facebook page.

If you run a lovely welsh wedding business (especially in North Wales!) and would like us to consider you for our Lush List. You can get in touch with us here.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening xxx


Gift Ideas for Your Ushers, Groomsmen & Best Man


Struggling with what to buy the men in your wedding? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Budget DIY bride Sarah has put together a few ideas for gifts for your ushers, groomsmen and best man (or men!).

Let’s preface this with the admission that you absolutely don’t have to buy gifts for anyone in your wedding party if you don’t want to – there are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to weddings, so if this is something you want to skip then that’s perfectly okay! However, it is traditional to give the people involved in your big day a token gift to say thank you, and many people still do that.

When we got married we knew we wanted to give slightly more personal gifts to our ushers and bridesmaids, so Tzevai had some trophies engraved with his usher’s names and job role in the wedding – they seemed to go down well! It probably doesn’t hurt that most of them are sports mad ;)

What you buy, of course, is completely up to you. You might already have a firm idea of what you want to get – and that’s great! One less thing to stress about, right? But if you’re completely stuck (and trust me, you won’t be the only ones) then here’s a few ideas to help you out :) If you want to know more about a product just click on the photo for an enlarged view and a link to where it’s sold :)

A Nip & A Dram

First up, some gifts for the alcohol appreciators among us. One of the traditional gifts to buy your usher or best man is a hip flask – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

I’ve put together some of my favourite options, along with some local whiskey from Penderyn to put in them. If you’re going for a Welsh theme (and as a Welsh wedding blog we wholeheartedly suggest that you do ;) ) then the Cymru flask could be right up your street. Hip flasks can also be personalised with your wedding date or a thank you message, which is always a nice touch :)

A Bit of Maintenance

Next up, for the, perhaps, more discerning gentlemen in your life – how about some nice grooming or maintenance kits? If you know one of your ushers loves to get a wet shave or that your best man has been hankering for a swiss army knife for a while then maybe consider those as your thank you gifts.

Nobody ever said you had to buy the same thing for every person or that you gift had to have your name emblazoned across it – sometimes it’s nice just to get a gift that you know they’ll like :) I personally love these personalised hankies, but then, I am a touch old fashioned when it comes to these things. (Of course I picked C for Cwtch but you can get any letter :) )

Something to Keep

Last but not least, we have the ‘something to keep’ contenders. It’s always nice to have a keepsake from a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy something that fits with your theme, colour scheme or personalities. Sometimes a keepsake can be the thought behind the item, rather than the gift itself.

I love this Beatles lyric print from Etsy – something to remind you of your friends, or these great personalised cufflinks (you can use any map so you can really get creative! Birth place, wedding venue, place you met them for the first time, the cufflink world is your proverbial oyster). I have a massive soft spot for personalised stationery sets (I bought one for myself for my 30th birthday and love it!) so I had to include one here. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your gift choices!

If you’re Welsh and Proud and are including some Welsh language in your day, then a set of usher or best man cufflinks in Welsh might be just the thing :) I also really like the dragon pocket watch – another super traditional gift with a nice twist :)

Can’t see the galleries? If you’re reading via email then click the title link to view on the web

I hope that’s given you a bit of an idea of what to buy for your ushers and best man – especially if you’ve been panicking a bit about it! :) As long as you buy with love then I’m sure they’ll appreciate whatever you get them – after all, that’s what friends are for, right? Undying love no matter what ;)


Sarah x

DIY: Homemade Lemon Hand Scrub by Kate Petersen

Hair and make up artist Kate Petersen is back with a DIY lemon hand scrub – perfect for yourself or as a gift for your bridesmaids! :) She’s put together a step by step guide so that you can make the scrub at home, thanks Kate! :) Check out the other posts featuring her work here.
Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_011

Supplies Needed

Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_001

  • Oil – I used olive as its not too expensive but you can use anything. Grape seed, avocado and coconut oil are really nourishing for the skin.
  • Essential oil – I used lemongrass but any smell that tickles your fancy can work. Rose is really good for women and is a symbol of romance. If you’re looking for a hangover cure try 2 drops of juniper, 2 drops of cedar wood and 2 drops of grapefruit. Your guests might thanks you the day after ;)
  • Epsom salts – good for sore joints and bruises but you can also use rock salt.
  • 2 Lemons – any citrus zest will work (you can match your essential oil to the fruit you use.) One for zesting and one for packaging.
  • A zester

If you’re planning to package them as gifts or favours:

  • Empty jars – (I bought 80 jars with free delivery from an auction site and they worked out to be 41p each!)
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon

Step by Step

Step 1: Mix equal parts of oil and salt.
Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_002 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_003

Step 2: Add the essential oil a few drops at a time. You can always add more, so be sparing to start with.
Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_004

Step 3: Add the zest of the lemon and mix.
Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_005 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_006

Step 4: Put it in the jar.
Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_007

Done! :) We told you it was simple, didn’t we.

Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_012 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_013 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_014 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_015 Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_016

To use the scrub, rub a small amount over your hands. (Bonus tip: it can also be used over the rest of your body, fab!) It’s really moisturising and smells great. Use a slice of lemon to break down the oil and then rinse under some warm water. Enjoy!

To package: place your jar with another lemon on the cellophane, gather up the corners and tie them with a ribbon.

Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_008Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_009Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_010Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up - Lemon Hand Scrub_011

Kate Petersen Hair & Make Up Artist KATE PETERSEN
Kate is an experienced hair and make up artist, working all over Wales.


We hope you enjoyed our DIY – do let us know if you make it! :)