Featured Post: Favours Inspiration Part 1

Good morning Cwtchers!

Today we have the first of a little series of favour inspiration! Its one of those lovely traditions, to gift your guests to say thank you for coming and celebrating with you.

The tradition is steeped in history and began in 16th century France as sugared almonds. The intention behind this gesture was meaningful, as it was believed that sugar had health-giving properties.

Sugared almonds also carried additional significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

This lovely ritual has remained as a perfect opportunity thank guests, for centuries.

However, the prospect of finding a small something for each and every guest can be daunting. You want to find something meaningful, that won’t be thrown away and that will remind your guests of your day.

Well fear not.  We are here to help you and inspire you.  The first we have is a wonderful little business, Mrs Browns Bakes.  She makes the most beautiful (and delicious) biscuits, with personal messages stamped on. Its can say anything you like, the couples names, date of the wedding, a special message to your guests, really, anything.

So, over to Paula to tell you all about herself and the gorgeous biscuits you can have for favours….

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Favours Inspiration: Mrs Browns Bakes

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember.

Baking, for me is like this

“…..when she baked, she could feel herself coming back to centre,
that everything else fell away, and she remembered who she was supposed to be”

(from ‘Handle with Care’ by Jodi Picoult)

So starting a bespoke biscuit company that includes working with couples to create a favour that is unique to them as they plan their special day, has been an absolute joy.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making bespoke biscuit wedding favours with the wide range of cutters available.


One recent example is wedding favours I made for Michelle & Kathy. They are intrepid explorers and had travel as their wedding theme, including boarding pass invitations.


We worked with lots of different ideas but in the end they chose aeroplanes with their initials and wedding date on trimmed with ribbon to match their colour theme.
Their wedding was in Northern Ireland and was my very first wedding favour postal order. They landed safe and sound and so now I now feel confident and able to offer that service to other couples across the UK.

Working with wedding venues and organisations, such has Pride Cymru, is exciting.   They hosted a ‘Wedding Fayre for All’ early this year.


Then working  with Wye Life magazine who worked with Glewstone Court in Ross of Wye to host a wedding fayre this month, has also been an exciting development of my new business.

As well as giving couples and their families an opportunity to taste the product and see what I offer it’s also a great networking opportunity, which is an important aspect for any business.

Particularly when, like me, you are a lone worker. It helps to make you feel part of a team and to promote one other’s business & celebrate in one other’s success.

So I am excited about the future, for all the couples I have yet to meet and all the memories I will have a part in making.

mbbakes7 mbbakes6 mbbakes5 mbbakes8

To find out more, make sure you contact Mrs Browns Bakes, they truly are gorgeous and a wonderful addition to any wedding.




Featured Vendor: id&c

We have the fabulous id&c on the blog today, they are suppliers of wristbands ~ the perfect favour at a festival themed wedding ~ and they can’t wait to show you all of what they do.

Get Creative with Wristbands

So it’s finally happened, you’ve had the proposal, the engagement ring is twinkling on your finger and now you get to plan the best event anyone has ever been to!

Well, we might be just be able to help you there.

Photo credit Anna Clarke Photography

Photo credit Anna Clarke Photography

We’re a family company with more than 20 years experience supplying wristbands, VIP passes and lanyards to the crème de la crème of music festivals and events across the world (Inlcuding Cwtchfest).

Our expertise doesn’t finish there though. Brides across Britain have seized the opportunity to create their own bespoke wedding accreditation and wristband favours using our nifty online tool.

From the ultimate VIP invites to snazzy save the dates and wristband favours, we can do it all…. Actually we can do one step better; we can pantone match all your full colour print items to your colour theme and even add glitter!

And, if you’re feeling clever you can even add a QR code that links to your online guest book or shared photo area. 19

If you came along to this year’s Cwtch Fest you may have nabbed a free fabric sample. If not get in touch and we will post one out to you. Wristband4

So, what are you waiting for get online and start designing.


DIY Tutorial: Wedding Dress Sugar Cookies

Homemade Bride Kate is back with another tutorial this week, this time it’s DIY cookie favours. This tutorial shows each step in detail and it looks super easy (I haven’t actually tried it myself so I could end up eating my words instead of the cookies!). All images in this post are by Maria Farrelly. For more DIY tutorials click here.

These cookies are so tasty and can be a perfect favour for the girls or an extra treat with the coffee at your wedding. They have that wow factor and people love anything home baked. It’s even something you can get your children or bridesmaids involved in to share the decorating with you. These are also things that I make around Christmas time and give a presents. Get creative!


What you will need

A baking tray
Electric mixer (I only have a hand held one)
Cup measures
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Greaseproof paper
Heart shaped cutter
Piping bag


2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat your oven to 190°C . Cream your butter and sugar together. Now if you have a big fancy food processor then this is easy. If like me you only have a little hand held one then it is a little bit of an issue. A little tip to stop it flying around the room and covering you in a buttery sugar mess wrap your mixer with a tea towel. It should look light yellow and fluffy. cookie_favours004 cookie_favours006 cookie_favours007 cookie_favours009 cookie_favours0122. Add your vanilla extract. I used a vanilla bean paste and it is delicious.cookie_favours014

3. Beat in your eggs. 
cookie_favours016 cookie_favours019

4. Add the flour, baking soda and the baking powder. And mix all the ingredients together. Try not to cover your kitchen in a fine dust of flour like I did!  cookie_favours022 cookie_favours023 cookie_favours025 cookie_favours026 cookie_favours0275. If the ingredients are not coming together you can use your hands and rub them together. This is where the food processor comes in handy! 
cookie_favours0326. Keep working the dough. It will come together. Even if it doesn’t look like it will. At this point, if you can chill them for about an hour they will hold their shape better in the oven. 
cookie_favours034 cookie_favours037 cookie_favours038 cookie_favours0397. Line your baking tray with the grease proof paper to stop it sticking. cookie_favours040

8. Roll out a small amount of dough. You don’t want it to warm up too much and spread in the oven. You want the dough to be the thickness of a pound coin. cookie_favours041 cookie_favours043

9. Cut out the cookies with your heart shaped cutter. 
cookie_favours045 cookie_favours048 cookie_favours050

10. Lay them on your lined baking tray. Make sure you don’t place them too close together as they will just melt together and become one big cookie. 
cookie_favours05611. Place your cookies in your preheated oven for 8 minutes.  cookie_favours058 cookie_favours06012. They should be golden brown when they come out. Leave them to cool on the baking sheet for two minutes before moving them onto a wire rack to cool properly. At this point don’t be temped to eat them all. They smell amazing! cookie_favours061 cookie_favours064

13. For the royal icing, whisk one egg white until it is stiff.  cookie_favours066 cookie_favours068 cookie_favours074


14. Sift in 250g of icing sugar. If for any reason it’s still a bit runny you can always add some more. It’s hard to take it out. Whisk it until it is stiff and there are no lumps of icing sugar. 
cookie_favours076 cookie_favours078 cookie_favours079 cookie_favours08115. Fill your piping with your royal icing and cut the end point off. The more you cut off the bigger the hole and the larger your decorations will be. cookie_favours083

16. By squeezing the piping bag start designing your dress. Any design that you like. Each one can be different. Enjoy it. It can be something you get your children involved with. You could add food colouring to match your wedding colours. Go wild. Enjoy it! The icing can take a while to dry so make sure you don’t stack or wrap them too soon as all your beautiful decorations will be ruined. 
cookie_favours086 cookie_favours088 cookie_favours089 cookie_favours091 cookie_favours092 cookie_favours095 cookie_favours097 cookie_favours099 cookie_favours100 cookie_favours102 cookie_favours106 cookie_favours107Have fun!

Thank you Kate, you made it look very easy! Do let us know if you try this one at home :) x









DIY: Heart Shaped Magnet Wedding Favours



You Will Need

  • Fimo (or a different brand of oven bake clay)
  • Magnets (we bought ours from eBay)
  • Cookie cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Glue
  • Craft knife
  • An oven

Step by Step

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven according to the instructions on your clay

Step 2: Pick your chosen colour of Fimo and start kneading the clay to warm it up. This can take a little while.

Step 3: Use your rolling pin to create a flat base – much like rolling out dough! You don’t want the Fimo too thin, about 2mm is about right

Step 4: Use your cookie cutter to cut out your shapes. It’s best to turn the shape over (if you’re using letters for example) so that any marks you make on the Fimo will be on the back of your magnets,not the front). Tap the top of the shape lightly to get it to release from the cutter if it gets stuck.

Step 5: Put your shapes onto a baking tray – best to line it with greaseproof paper if your tray isn’t new, you don’t want any food stuck on your magnets!

Step 6: Cook in the oven following the instructions on the packet (every type of clay is different).

Step 7: Leave the shapes to cool

Step 8: Glue your magnets to the back and hold lightly into place until the glue sets. Leave for a few hours to set completely.

Ta-da! Done :)