Emily and Morgan’s Homemade Farm Wedding By Clixx Photography

Hello you beautiful bunch!

What have you got planned to tick off your wedding “to do” list this weekend? We thought we could be of assistance and show you an amazing homemade farm wedding by Clixx Photography to get the creative juices flowing. I hope that it can help with a little bit of inspiration.
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What was your budget? 

We were on a limited budget as we had/have been busy saving for a deposit for a house. Fortunately the mother of the bride was very artistic and managed to create some beautiful bunting, arranged all the flowers for us among many more things. This allowed us to save vastly on some areas! We pulled in a lot of favours from our neighbours- we were lucky enough that one happened to have a vintage cream tractor….perfect for our vintage farm theme wedding! Let’s just say we spent under 10k in total!clixxphotography(c)-0097

How would you describe your wedding theme?

So my (now) husband is a farmer and we currently live in the idyllic location of Ystradfellte right in the heart of waterfall country…. so what better place to get married! We were fortunate enough to get married in the village church ‘St Marys’ one of the oldest churches in Wales-which had only recently been saved from going into ruin by a fantastic effort by the local community and contributing tourists. It was also the same church as Morgans mother and late father got married.
After the ceremony and exiting the church under a traditional ‘pitchfork’ arch by the young farmers we departed on our very own vintage cream Dan Brown tractor driven by one of the groomsmen, only a short stones throw away from Morgans farm where our marquee was waiting!
The exterior was surrounded by our mismatch outdoor seating- including some old church pews I managed to get my hands on from a reclamation centre! And of course no farm wedding would be complete without hay bales!
Interior was decorated with pretty bunting surrounding the marquee, tables laid with vintage embroidered table cloths (charity shop raid!!) and pretty vintage china (hired and bought). Morgans brother in law kindly used his sawing skills and created some wooden discs for our enamel jugs (Range job!) to sit on. We had our cake table all laid out with large pieces of wood. One of our friends kindly made our wedding cake which compromised of Morgan holding a sheep, then me with a orange glove on (just to explain I am a vet) ‘lambing’ the sheep- needles to say it looked epic. As I am not a so sweet person…..I couldn’t have a wedding without some cheese so I had a ‘cheese cake’ as well which my mum managed to assemble and decorate on the morning of!
To top it off we had pictures against the farm as a backdrop then we took our photographer up to the top of the farm with Pen-Y-Fan in the distance ….and the cows decided to join us! So there are some lovely pics with his cows coming and having a picture with us!clixxphotography(c)-0054clixxphotography(c)-0002

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

I’m not quite sure which was my favourite part, it all went by in a bit of a blur! It was a very relaxed day that seemed to flow effortlessly . None of it seemed real to be honest it still doesn’t! I think my favourite bit was perhaps chatting to all the guests and having a good laugh, (swift) catch ups and just seeing they were enjoying the day as much as we were. There were moments where I was truly touched and got a bit emosh-I am not a very emotional person! But yes an all round great day!clixxphotography(c)-0066

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I am a Cardiff girl at heart so still go to town to do most of my shopping. I had popped in one Saturday to get some other bits and bobs. Wedding dress shopping wasn’t even on my mind! But as I passed Alison Jayne I noticed there were huge ‘SALE’ signs up. So, me not being able to refuse a sale, I popped in to have a look. I knew you had to make appointments sometimes weeks before fittings-but I thought I’d just have a browse. Low and behold they had a spare hour so I went about trying on different dresses, I had decided what sort of style I liked and had picked out a dress that I thought was ‘The One’. I wanted to go to other stores and try on the other gowns. My day out turned into mass wedding dress shopping. None of the other dresses compared to that one and I was sure that was it. So a week later I made another appointment at the dress shop and tried on the dress…..it didn’t look the same…so I started trying on more with the help of my mum and now an extra bridesmaid. All the dresses were blurring into one and I started getting overwhelmed. Then my mum picked up a dress from the sample sale (see…sample sale amazing bargains!) my 1st reaction was ‘I hate that belt’ but when I tried it on I loved it! The only thing was it was 2 sizes too big and the under slip was in ivory…I wanted a champagne colour. My mum then pipes up she thinks she can dye the slip so I take the dress a 1/3 of the original price (I could of had if I wanted at a mere snippet at 1400. I suppose is not too bad for a dress but I wasn’t prepared to pay that much for it).
So a heads up- you can’t dye polyester….unless you want it in a primary colour…let’s just say I didn’t fancy a brick red dress! My colleague had recommended a seemstress so I got in contact with her to see if she could help. Pam, what a lovely lady based in Gross Faen she created a bespoke underslip for me in my chosen fabric did a fantastic job of altering the dress- including lifting all the lace patterns up when shortening it. My belt- which I hated she used some of the champagne underskirt material to make the loops of the belt (may I say totally my idea!) Which gave a lovely tone to the dress. So I had my ‘Sottero and Midgley’ wedding dress for half the cost of a brand new one and it looked beautiful!clixxphotography(c)-0013clixxphotography(c)-0032

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I had my two friends from school as the ‘adults’ Rachel I have known since I was 3, we were in the same school throughout primary school and remained good friends throughout high school and thereafter! We decided in year 4 we should be marriage councillors when we were older! As for Laura we first started to ‘hang’ out in year 9 and our friendship really grew later in 6th form and post A levels and as a 3 have always kept in close contact.clixxphotography(c)-0091

Morgan chose Eiffion – a good neighbour and close friend who was there for him during some difficult times, he helped to guide him when sad circumstances ment Morgan had to take over the running of the farm when he was just 21. And has been a great support since. Plus he makes good speeches.clixxphotography(c)-0008

Why did you choose your venue?

As I mentioned before we live in the heart of waterfalls country in the Beacons national parks with views of Pen Y Fan – whole wouldn’t want to get married here!! There were also sentimental links and reasoning behind our choice.

Tell us about your photographer

Les Davies of Clixx Photography Aberdare did our photographs. We met him at a wedding fayre in Penderyn after haggling with him (sorry Les!) We arranged for him to come and shoot the wedding. We both had to say how relaxed we were around him both of us hate having our photos taken and he made us feel relaxed through out the whole day. It was like he wasn’t there at times! So a massive thanks for getting some amazing shots…..and sorry you got licked by a cow!!clixxphotography(c)-0071

How did the proposal happen? 

So I had gone to the farmhouse to visit our neighbours to give them a late Christmas present- it was the 1st time they had met my newly removed dog as well so what started as a 5 min pop in turned into a 3hour chat and coffee….you know how it goes! So Morgan came knocking at 1pm to come and fetch me for dinner. He turned round and said for me to chuck my wellies on and to put the dog in the car he needed to go up the top to check the sheep before we went for dinner. So we hopped on the quad and went to the top of the farm. It was absolutely freezing (31st December 2015) he stopped the quad and he got off all I could think of was ‘I can’t see any blinking sheep up here what’s going on’ we then started talking about random rubbish and I could tell something was off (actually though he may have been breaking up with me!) Then he went to the front of the quad and went rummaging and shaking …he turned round then got down on his knee producing a very pretty ring (he apparently knew Mr better than I did!!) I of course said yes (still sat straddling the quad-not very lady like at all….Hood up and all!)clixxphotography(c)-0088

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

Just fair warning that doing it yourself is not easy! Its fun but stressful!! In fact because we (and by we I mean my mum) made most of the stuff/bought it we are now going into a small venture of hiring out vintage wedding items!
Another heads up….painting wooden furniture Ron seal is really watery and needs a million coats!!clixxphotography(c)-0043clixxphotography(c)-0050

What was your first dance & why?

Our 1st dance was Counting crows ‘big yellow taxi’ when I was a lambing student this was the song he played over and over and over again in the tractor and it kind of became our song from there.
The story behind how we met reminds me there is such thing as fate.
I was a 2nd year vet student and my friend in the year below needed a lambing placement- so through a mutual friend a farm in Ystradfellte was arranged. I had already done lambing but loved it so much I thought I’d do it again after speaking with the farmer he advised me his neighbour would be in more need as his father just passed away. So I decided to go and help out.From the minute we met we got on like a house on fire and sparks flew. We were on and off for a couple of years as I was studying in London and it was too far to travel, but a few years ago ….at a ram sale! We decided to make a proper go of it…and here we are now!clixxphotography(c)-0105

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I would have taken some more time off before work to prep!!! But to be honest I think that was the only thing I would have done. The day couldn’t have been more perfect for us and we couldn’t have ordered better weather!!!clixxphotography(c)-0089

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Ladies just accept the men are probably going to say…’you decide’ so just decide- that is what I did in the end! Just remember to enjoy yourselves and that you’ve decided to make that big commitment to one another!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

I don’t think we really had any to be honest! …..not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!!!

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

It was going to different fayres and getting ideas together it was only until the last couple of weeks that everything started to fall into place. I understand why people buy packages in hotels etc it takes away a lot of stress- an we both had strains both working full time jobs- Morg 7days a week right in the middle of lambing the month previous!! But we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as we did…we got to appreciate the fruits of our (and others!!) Labour!clixxphotography(c)-0079clixxphotography(c)-0068

The Suppliers

Photographer: Clixx Photography
Ceremony Venue: St Marys Church Ystradfellte
Reception Venue: Plas y Darren Farm
Bride’s Dress: Sottero and Midgley ‘Lara’
Bride’s Shoes: Benjamin Adams
Bride’s Headpiece: Flowers
Bride’s Jewellery: Goldsmiths-pearl and diamond pendant, and my great aunts pearl earrings
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Hobbs
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Pia
Cake: Elaine Llewellyn
Flowers: Mum-Sian Mohamad, bouquets -‘Karen the florist’
Hair and Make Up: My bridesmaid/makeup artist! Laura Beard
DJ: Chris Lauriello
Stationery: Myself and my mother Sian
Caterers: Waterfalls ‘Glynneath golf club’
Transport: Sumo taxi and Gareth on Dai Brown

The Wedding Album

clixxphotography(c)-0004 clixxphotography(c)-0005 clixxphotography(c)-0006 clixxphotography(c)-0007 clixxphotography(c)-0008 clixxphotography(c)-0009 clixxphotography(c)-0010 clixxphotography(c)-0011 clixxphotography(c)-0012 clixxphotography(c)-0013 clixxphotography(c)-0014 clixxphotography(c)-0015 clixxphotography(c)-0016 clixxphotography(c)-0017 clixxphotography(c)-0018 clixxphotography(c)-0019 clixxphotography(c)-0020 clixxphotography(c)-0021 clixxphotography(c)-0022 clixxphotography(c)-0023 clixxphotography(c)-0024 clixxphotography(c)-0025 clixxphotography(c)-0026 clixxphotography(c)-0027 clixxphotography(c)-0028 clixxphotography(c)-0029 clixxphotography(c)-0030 clixxphotography(c)-0031 clixxphotography(c)-0032 clixxphotography(c)-0033 clixxphotography(c)-0034 clixxphotography(c)-0035 clixxphotography(c)-0036 clixxphotography(c)-0037 clixxphotography(c)-0038 clixxphotography(c)-0039 clixxphotography(c)-0040 clixxphotography(c)-0041 clixxphotography(c)-0042 clixxphotography(c)-0043 clixxphotography(c)-0044 clixxphotography(c)-0045 clixxphotography(c)-0046 clixxphotography(c)-0047 clixxphotography(c)-0048 clixxphotography(c)-0049clixxphotography(c)-0050 clixxphotography(c)-0051 clixxphotography(c)-0052 clixxphotography(c)-0053 clixxphotography(c)-0054 clixxphotography(c)-0055 clixxphotography(c)-0056 clixxphotography(c)-0057 clixxphotography(c)-0058 clixxphotography(c)-0059 clixxphotography(c)-0060 clixxphotography(c)-0061 clixxphotography(c)-0062 clixxphotography(c)-0063 clixxphotography(c)-0064 clixxphotography(c)-0065 clixxphotography(c)-0066 clixxphotography(c)-0067 clixxphotography(c)-0068 clixxphotography(c)-0069 clixxphotography(c)-0070 clixxphotography(c)-0071 clixxphotography(c)-0072 clixxphotography(c)-0073 clixxphotography(c)-0074 clixxphotography(c)-0075 clixxphotography(c)-0076 clixxphotography(c)-0077 clixxphotography(c)-0078 clixxphotography(c)-0079 clixxphotography(c)-0080 clixxphotography(c)-0081 clixxphotography(c)-0082 clixxphotography(c)-0083 clixxphotography(c)-0084 clixxphotography(c)-0085 clixxphotography(c)-0086 clixxphotography(c)-0087 clixxphotography(c)-0088 clixxphotography(c)-0089 clixxphotography(c)-0090 clixxphotography(c)-0091 clixxphotography(c)-0092 clixxphotography(c)-0093 clixxphotography(c)-0094 clixxphotography(c)-0095 clixxphotography(c)-0096 clixxphotography(c)-0097 clixxphotography(c)-0098 clixxphotography(c)-0099 clixxphotography(c)-0100 clixxphotography(c)-0101 clixxphotography(c)-0102 clixxphotography(c)-0103 clixxphotography(c)-0104 clixxphotography(c)-0105 clixxphotography(c)-0106

Lizzie And Rich’s Homely, Relaxed Wedding by Jon Turtle Photography

We have such a super relaxed wedding for you today. Lizzie & Rich nailed their theme… quite literally with lots of doors and planks of wood :) They created a stunning backdrop for their reception along with many other wonderful personal touches. All brilliantly captured by Jon Turtle. Enjoy~ Maria x Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (31 of 54)What was your budget? 

We were lucky in that we had always had a similar view on what we wanted for our wedding so when we started putting ideas together we were always on the same page. We didn’t have the most lavish budget but between very generous parents and some money we had put aside we pulled together a budget. I think one of the most difficult things was deciding where we wanted to spend our budget, we knew we couldn’t afford everything we wanted so tried to always focus on the impact different elements would have on the day. Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (39 of 54)

How would you describe your wedding theme?

Having worked on quite a few events between the two of us it was great to finally be able to put our own stamp on an event. We had so many ideas, we just needed to make sure they all worked together. We always wanted the focus to be on the day being very relaxed and informal and reflecting our personalities. Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (28 of 54)

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

There were so many favourite parts of the wedding. Saying our vows in the church was very emotional and meant a lot to us both. We just kept beaming at each other. This stands out as such a wonderful moment, that we had finally made it after so much planning.
Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (15 of 54)

Tell us about your Wedding Dress

I tried three dress shops in and around Cardiff but it wasn’t until we went to the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique that we came up with the solution. Her fantastic range of Welsh designers and vintage dresses were so beautiful. After having a brilliant time trying on lots of different styles we agreed that I would have a dress that combined several dresses by Helen Rhiannon. Having the ability to choose all the aspects of the dress was such a breath of fresh air, from sleeve length to material to neckline. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result and the fact that there was only one dress ever made like this for me made me feel really special. Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (4 of 54)

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t have any bridesmaids. I have so many amazing friends (some guys) and family that the choice would have always been too difficult.

Rich had two best people, Rachel and Alex. Although some found this unconventional it seemed very logical to us. On the day and in the run up they were both amazing, we couldn’t have asked for more supportive and helpful best people! Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (9 of 54)

Why did you choose your venue?

We both knew that we wanted the reception to be in a temporary structure but didn’t want a traditional marquee. We have always loved Dome Mode structures and how they create a very unique space
The domes created the perfect ‘see through’ venue allowing the guests to enjoy the garden at my parents family home. Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (41 of 54)Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (48 of 54)

Tell us about your photographer

Our photographer was Jon Turtle, he is a good friend and brilliant photographer. We wanted to steer away from the formal family pictures and focus on shots of guests enjoying themselves. Jon was completely understanding of this and took such amazing pictures on the day. We couldn’t have asked for more!Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (23 of 54)

How did the proposal happen? 

In February 2014 Rich and I were skiing in Le Deux Alpes where he was trying to teach me to snowboard for the first time. Rich’s vision of me as a pro snow boarder rapidly went down hill as I simply couldn’t get the hand of it!

After one particular nasty fall in Rich’s ideal proposal spot, he was left with little time left to create the perfect moment. However, changing from a very out of control snowboarder to (graceful!) skier allowed for the perfect moment for Rich to go down on one knee 3000m up in the most beautiful mountains in Europe.

It was the perfect setting with blue skies and untouched fresh snowfields for the most amazing unforgettable proposal.Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (33 of 54)

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

As all of the décor was going to be our own work we began building parts of the venue five months before the wedding using my dad’s garage as a workshop. We painted and sanded old doors and used scaff planks to distress them so they could become the backdrop to the stage and the bar. Rich turned old pallets into partition walls for a seating area, we then planted brightly coloured flowers from the garden in the top. Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (43 of 54)

From the beginning I was really keen on the reception being colourful and that we were not going stick to one colour so we chose a colour pallet of five colours from some paint sample cards that were to be used on all the set.

Then added some quirky touches such as a hundred year old piano that we picked up off Gumtree which my cousin played during the reception. I got the inspiration for the heart shaped guest board from a website. I asked my brother in law to make something similar.Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (35 of 54)

My mum is great at DIY craft projects and was brilliant throughout the whole process hand making the napkins, table runners, designing and printing the church order of services, even the particular style of aprons that we wanted for the waiting staff!Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (38 of 54)

What was your first dance & why?

Our first dance was “How Long Will I love You” by The Waterboys, we both loved this song in the run up to the wedding and it seemed fitting to us.Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (50 of 54)

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

I wish I had not worried so much in the run up the wedding and enjoyed it more. It is such an exciting and unique time that really brings together your friends and family, I wish I had appreciated that more. I still feel overwhelmed by people’s generosity.Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (22 of 54)

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Just enjoy the day as much as possible, don’t focus on the small things that may or may not have gone right just enjoy every minute. Let other people sort out any mishaps that may be happening. One of the ushers had to fix the toilet unit we had hired on the day as it wasn’t working but we had no idea!

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

A good marriage is not just about marrying the right person, it is also about being the right person.Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (27 of 54)

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

I really enjoyed the planning aspects that involved friends and family, it brought us all together in a different way.

The Suppliers

Photographer: Jon Turtle 
Reception Venue: Dome Mode 
Bride’s Dress: Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique 
Bride’s Headpiece: Claire Hill 
Bride’s Jewellery: Claire Hill 
Flowers: Sweet Peony 
Hair and make up:Emma Kidby Bridal Hair and Make Up
Transport:London Bus 4 Hire

The Wedding Album

Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (1 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (2 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (3 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (4 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (5 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (6 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (7 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (8 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (9 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (10 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (11 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (12 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (13 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (14 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (15 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (16 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (17 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (18 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (19 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (20 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (21 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (22 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (23 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (24 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (25 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (26 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (27 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (28 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (29 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (30 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (31 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (32 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (33 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (34 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (35 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (36 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (37 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (38 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (39 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (40 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (41 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (42 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (43 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (44 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (45 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (46 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (47 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (48 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (49 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (50 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (51 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (52 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (53 of 54) Rich & Lizzie Rayner - By Jon Turtle - Photographer (54 of 54)

Real Wedding: Gwenllian & Matthew’s Gwydir Castle Wedding, North Wales

We are so pleased to showcase this beautiful North Wales Wedding by Stu Worrell. Gwenllian & Matthew got married in June at Gwydir Castle followed by a marquee reception on Gwenllian’s parents’ farm. Lets hand you over to this lush couple to tell you all about their wedding day. 425_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWhat was your budget?

We tried to keep costs down as we didn’t want an extravagant and over the top wedding but somehow we still managed to spend a lot! I think the final total was around £14,000. Shocking for just one day but worth every penny! We basically lived on nothing for 7 months, we got engaged in October and got married the following June so it was a massive challenge but thanks to the generosity of our parents we were able to do it!

416_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeHow would you describe your wedding theme?

I wouldn’t say we had a theme, it was just ‘us’! We knew we wanted to have our reception on my mum and dad’s farm and wanted an intimate wedding. So we decided on a marquee reception overlooking the mountain range of Snowdonia – absolute bliss! For the ceremony itself we fell in love with Gwydir Castle and it was perfect as it was on the outskirts of my home town. As it only held 75 people for the ceremony it made the decision for us regarding the size of the wedding – small and intimate. We invited 80 people to the day and that was it, no extras at night. It made it so special as we had the opportunity to mingle with every single person there!

519_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWhat was your favourite part of your wedding?

The ceremony! Without a doubt! I’ve never felt so amazing seeing Matthew waiting for me at the front and being able to say my vows to him! My first language is Welsh and even though Matthew doesn’t speak it he decided he wanted to do his vows in Welsh for me, that’s true love right there!
But the whole day was unbelieveable and I enjoyed every single second (apart from the first dance….that was majorly cringeworthy ha!)

225_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeTell us about your Wedding Dress

To be honest with you I didn’t really enjoy the process but when I found the ‘one’ everything changed! All the dresses I saw before finding the chosen one all looked the same, the same lace and bling…..and really weren’t for me :-(
Then everything changed when I walked into an amazing little boutique in West Didsbury on the outskirts of Manchester called the White Closet. I tried a few amazing dressed on but fell in love with my dress by a designer called Claire Pettibone. The lace and detail on it was out of this world but the pricetag definitely wasn’t! I’d told myself before I started looking for dresses that I was never going to spend a ridiculous amount on a wedding dress for one day but OMG when I put it on there was nothing I could do I was completely and utterly sold on it! I left the shop and couldn’t stop thinking about it, I returned a few weeks later, tried it on again and decided there and then that dress was mine, I emptied my savings and bought the dress! Ouch!
Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why?

I have quite a few best mates but I really wasn’t looking for the massive bridal party look, I really wanted to keep it simple and believe in less is more so I decided to have one bridesmaid, my sister. She’s also an amazing soprano and agreed to sing two spine tingling songs at the ceremony too which was a bonus!335_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize199_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeMat: I’ve always said if I would ever get married that I’d ask my dad to be my best man and was so thrilled when he agreed. It was such a great feeling having my dad stand with me when Gwen came in, I felt calm and relaxed. It was also great to have my best friends, Matt and Mark as my ushers and they helped with the music and confetti!! 178_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize107_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWhy did you choose your venue?

We chose Gwydir Castle for our ceremony, it was such a magical little place and the grounds had grade 1 listed gardens which was perfect for photos!

418_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWe had our reception in a marquee on mum and dad’s farm – this is where I was bought up and spent most of my childhood playing in those fields with my sister Heidi and brother Osian. It makes me smile thinking my dream of getting married somewhere so close to my heart became a reality. It really, really is a special place for me.

Tell us about your photographer

Stu Worrall was our photographer and he was amazing. He made us feel so at ease and all our guest commented at how good he and his wife were (they are a husband and wife team which makes them even better!) He stayed until really late and really gave his heart and soul to us that day, we really can’t thank him enough! It’s one thing having amazing photos but another to have such an amzing experience on your wedding day. Thanks Stu :-) 306_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeHow did the proposal happen?

It was an average Saturday afternoon and I had no idea it was going to happen!! We went to the local town in the morning as Mat thought it would be a good idea to get a dine in for two from M&S, obviously he knew what was coming! It was a lovely afternoon so he suggested that we go to a place called the viewpoint which overlooks the coast and the Conwy Valley (Mat’s from the coast and I’m from the valley which was very fitting!) It’s a really special place for us as we go there often on Sunday afternoons to get some fresh air and to take in the stunning scenery.
As we got there I knew something was going on as he was acting a bit stranger than usual (joke!) and was stumbling over his words as he was talking to me! He then made me stand on the Conwy Valley side and he was on my right, and there he went, down on one knee right on a muddy patch and asked me to marry him in Welsh (even though he’s a learner) and took an amazing box out of his pocket with even a more amazing ring in it! He got the ring custom made for me from a gorgeous jewellers called Steven Stone in a village called Hale in Cheshire. It was beautiful and he’d done so much research into diamonds and cuts (which really doesn’t surprise me) and decided on an amazing single stone ring with a stunning diamond and white gold band, it was perfect…. apart from being about 5 sizes too big for me!501_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize
We then just walked back to the house and sat on the sofa in utter shock and just looked at each other wandering what to do next! As we’d never done this engagement thing before we were a bit shell shocked. It was nice just to spend the afternoon without anyone else knowing (apart from my dad of course). Later on mum passed by and we told her the amazing news and we went to see Matthew’s parents and told them the news. Matthew’s dad took us to the local pub and we had a few drinks to celebrate! We told everyone else the following day, we just wanted to enjoy this special moment before the rest of the world knew. Neither Matthew or myself are on social media like facebook or twitter so we couldn’t just post one message for everyone! We had to text and e-mail every single person individually which in a way made it more special, I don’t think my phone has ever pinged or vibrated so much as that day!

247_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeAny DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share?

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not all fun and games, and the night before the wedding was so hard! As we were taking care of a lot of things, my sister, mum, dad and I were still carrying cakes, drinks, decorations and all kinds of things up to the marquee at midnight before the wedding day, I thought I’d have to get some matches to keep my eyes open on the wedding day!

553_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeMum made all the cakes for everyone to snack on and my sister decorated the wedding cake. My mum’s a fantastic baker so it was an obvious choice to ask her to do mine! I wanted a quirky cake so I bought a clear cake stand and mum made biscuit bases on each tier and my sister used fondant icing to look like doilly’s! Then we had all kinds of different cakes on each tier, and then a table full of different cakes for everyone to nibble on, there was definitely something for everyone! Carrot, lemon, key lime, millionaire’s shortbread, battenburg, coffee, mud pie, you name it, it was on that table!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy childhood friend, Nia made the bouquets, I just bought three different shades of limonium from a flower company who delivered a few days before, we used the same flowers for the bouquets as we did for the table arrangements, I borrowed and bought some amazing earthernware pots from family, friends and e-bay and tied some funky ribbon around each pot. I used some slate my dad had lying around on the farm to go under each pot and recycled our spare wedding invitations by punching heart shaped holes out of them and scattered them on the slate.
My dad made the easel for the table plan and we used my mum and dad’s MG as our wedding car!

011_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize159_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWe also downloaded all of our own music and used an ipod which was on for the whole day which added a real atmosphere in the marquee.
I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and let the food, drink and company do the talking!!

What was your first dance & why?

The first film Mat and I ever saw together was ‘Drive’ with Ryan Gosling in it! The soundtrack has a very special place in our hearts and reminds us of the early stages of our relationship and the time when we fell in love (bleurgh)! We both LOVE Ryan Gosling (Mat definitely has a man crush on him!) so it made perfect sense to include him in our wedding!

We used ‘Under Your Spell’ by Desire for when we walked into the reception to our table and then for our first dance we picked ‘Real Hero’ by College! We got the band to cut into the song as soon as they could so everyone would join us on the dancefloor!560_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeIn hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently?

Nothing! Not a single thing!

Do you have any advice for future couples?

The most important thing to remember is that we are all individuals and want different things! So make sure you make the day how you want it and to ignore what anyone else thinks. We decided not to have buttonholes, we didn’t bother with matching suits for the groom party, we didn’t want any speeches and although a lot of people probably didn’t understand why, we really couldn’t care less as it was our day!

568_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWhat’s the best piece of marriage advice you received?

Enjoy being someone’s wife or husband, it truly is a wonderful feeling and I never thought it would be so special! Knowing you have a partner in crime for the rest of your life is pretty cool! And just carry on as normal because nothing else really changes…….just your name!!562_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSizeWhat was your favourite thing about planning a wedding?

Ticking things off the list and seeing things come together! And my hen night in Kilkenny as I didn’t have to plan that and it was an amazing weekend thanks to my friends especially Gwawr and Mared!! To be honest with you I wasn’t thriving on this wedding business, I just wanted to marry my best friend and to have an amazing day with our friends and family. I’m glad we planned it in a short space of time and now I get to spend time with my new husband which is lovely.
We’re planning our honeymoon as we speak and will be off for a month mid October spending two weeks in Japan and then another two weeks in Burma, we cannot wait!

The Suppliers

Photographer: Stu Worrall 
Ceremony Venue: http://www.gwydircastle.co.uk/home.htm
Bride’s Dress: http://thewhitecloset.co.uk/
Bride’s Shoes: http://www.stevemadden.com/
Bride’s Jewellery: https://www.etsy.com/
Groom’s Outfit: http://www.hugoboss.com/uk
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: http://www.johnlewis.com/
Cake: Marian Roberts (mum)
Flowers: Nia Goodwin (friend)
Hair: https://www.facebook.com/christinasheridanatjeniosa
Make Up: Myself and some war paint from Selfridges
Band: Billy’s Jazz Connection
Stationery: Emma Wilson https://www.facebook.com/minniemoodesigns
Caterers: http://outsidefood.co.uk/
Any Reception Decor/Props: http://www.snowdoniamarquees.com/

The Wedding Album

004_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 005_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 006_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 010_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 011_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 012_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 017_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 024_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 025_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 035_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 049_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 057_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 065_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 072_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 079_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 089_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 107_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 115_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 127_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 131_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 139_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 142_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 154_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 159_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 160_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 166_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 170_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 175_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 178_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 180_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 183_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 191_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 199_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 203_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 219_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 225_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 228_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 232_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 238_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 243_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 247_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 250_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 256_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 281_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 286_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 292_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 297_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 306_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 321_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 330_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 331_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 332_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 335_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 343_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 350_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 364_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 366_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 374_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 384_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 389_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 414_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 416_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 418_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 425_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 439_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 445_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 446_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 455_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 482_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 484_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 488_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 494_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 501_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 511_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 519_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 542_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 546_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 550_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 551_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 552_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 553_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 560_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 562_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 568_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 570_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 571_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 572_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 576_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 581_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 591_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 593_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 595_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 602_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize 607_gwen_mat_wed_PrintSize

Real Wedding: Anna & Ben’s Summer Fete Wedding by Hannah Miles

This beautiful wedding was submitted to us by the lovely Hannah Miles Photography. Anna & Ben got married on the 26th of July 2014 and held their wedding reception on Anna’s family’s farm in Llanon in West Wales. HannahMilesPhotography_192

What was your budget? £8, 000


How would you describe your wedding theme? Alice in wonderland/summer fete

HannahMilesPhotography_1100 HannahMilesPhotography_1102 HannahMilesPhotography_1130What was your favourite part of your wedding? The ceremony and then the partaaay!

HannahMilesPhotography_169 HannahMilesPhotography_168Tell us about your Wedding Dress I bought the dress from Timeless Elegance in Cardiff. I tried on a few meringues first just for sh*ts and giggles, haha!

HannahMilesPhotography_120 HannahMilesPhotography_130 HannahMilesPhotography_198Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? My sister and best friends. My husbands’ brother and one of both of our best friends. People that we really wanted to play a part in our day.

HannahMilesPhotography_115 HannahMilesPhotography_125 HannahMilesPhotography_151Why did you choose your venue? It was on my parents farm where I grew up, a lot of memories.

HannahMilesPhotography_12How did the proposal happen? In Ibiza whilst on holiday with our friends we’d all arrived (all 16 of us) at the villa and got the decks set up. At around midnight Ben pulled me outside and declared his undying love haha (we’re not a soppy couple) he got down on one knee, then I did too as I thought he’d dropped something. He popped the question and I said yes then we all jumped in the pool fully clothed and had a fantastic holiday! :-)

HannahMilesPhotography_190Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? My sisters took control of the decorations. Making things ourselves made for a more individual event.


What was your first dance & why? Goldfrapp – Number One

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? Not got as stressed and been more organised. And not had bread for breakfast!

Do you have any advice for future couples? Enjoy it, its over so quickly. HannahMilesPhotography_182 HannahMilesPhotography_194

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? Be nice to each other.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? Spending time with friends and family. HannahMilesPhotography_174 HannahMilesPhotography_175 HannahMilesPhotography_177 HannahMilesPhotography_180 HannahMilesPhotography_1143

The Suppliers

Photographer: Hannah Miles
Wedding Planner: Jessica Keyworth
Ceremony Venue: Llansantffraid church
Reception Venue: Panthwylog farm

Bride’s Dress: Timeless Elegance, Cardiff

Bride’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Groom’s Outfit: Moss bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Cake: My mum
Flowers: Jane Grove
Hair: Tanya Mason
Make Up: own
Band: Free Beer
DJ: husband and friends
Stationery: Rose and Tim Auld/myself
Caterers: my mum
Any Reception Decor/Props: own
Transport: a friend

The Wedding Album

HannahMilesPhotography_1 HannahMilesPhotography_12 HannahMilesPhotography_13 HannahMilesPhotography_14 HannahMilesPhotography_15 HannahMilesPhotography_16 HannahMilesPhotography_17 HannahMilesPhotography_18 HannahMilesPhotography_19 HannahMilesPhotography_110 HannahMilesPhotography_111 HannahMilesPhotography_112 HannahMilesPhotography_113 HannahMilesPhotography_114 HannahMilesPhotography_115 HannahMilesPhotography_116 HannahMilesPhotography_117 HannahMilesPhotography_118 HannahMilesPhotography_119 HannahMilesPhotography_120 HannahMilesPhotography_121 HannahMilesPhotography_122 HannahMilesPhotography_123 HannahMilesPhotography_124 HannahMilesPhotography_125 HannahMilesPhotography_126 HannahMilesPhotography_127 HannahMilesPhotography_128 HannahMilesPhotography_129 HannahMilesPhotography_130 HannahMilesPhotography_131 HannahMilesPhotography_132 HannahMilesPhotography_133 HannahMilesPhotography_134 HannahMilesPhotography_135 HannahMilesPhotography_136 HannahMilesPhotography_137 HannahMilesPhotography_138 HannahMilesPhotography_139 HannahMilesPhotography_140 HannahMilesPhotography_141 HannahMilesPhotography_142 HannahMilesPhotography_143 HannahMilesPhotography_144 HannahMilesPhotography_145 HannahMilesPhotography_146 HannahMilesPhotography_147 HannahMilesPhotography_148 HannahMilesPhotography_149 HannahMilesPhotography_150 HannahMilesPhotography_151 HannahMilesPhotography_152 HannahMilesPhotography_153 HannahMilesPhotography_154 HannahMilesPhotography_155 HannahMilesPhotography_156 HannahMilesPhotography_157 HannahMilesPhotography_158 HannahMilesPhotography_159 HannahMilesPhotography_160 HannahMilesPhotography_161 HannahMilesPhotography_162 HannahMilesPhotography_163 HannahMilesPhotography_164 HannahMilesPhotography_165 HannahMilesPhotography_166 HannahMilesPhotography_167 HannahMilesPhotography_168 HannahMilesPhotography_169 HannahMilesPhotography_170 HannahMilesPhotography_171 HannahMilesPhotography_172 HannahMilesPhotography_173 HannahMilesPhotography_174 HannahMilesPhotography_175 HannahMilesPhotography_176 HannahMilesPhotography_177 HannahMilesPhotography_178 HannahMilesPhotography_179 HannahMilesPhotography_180 HannahMilesPhotography_181 HannahMilesPhotography_182 HannahMilesPhotography_183 HannahMilesPhotography_184 HannahMilesPhotography_185 HannahMilesPhotography_186 HannahMilesPhotography_187 HannahMilesPhotography_188 HannahMilesPhotography_189 HannahMilesPhotography_190 HannahMilesPhotography_191 HannahMilesPhotography_192 HannahMilesPhotography_193 HannahMilesPhotography_194 HannahMilesPhotography_195 HannahMilesPhotography_196 HannahMilesPhotography_197 HannahMilesPhotography_198 HannahMilesPhotography_199 HannahMilesPhotography_1100 HannahMilesPhotography_1101 HannahMilesPhotography_1102 HannahMilesPhotography_1103 HannahMilesPhotography_1104 HannahMilesPhotography_1105 HannahMilesPhotography_1106 HannahMilesPhotography_1107 HannahMilesPhotography_1108 HannahMilesPhotography_1109 HannahMilesPhotography_1110 HannahMilesPhotography_1111 HannahMilesPhotography_1112 HannahMilesPhotography_1113 HannahMilesPhotography_1114 HannahMilesPhotography_1115 HannahMilesPhotography_1116 HannahMilesPhotography_1117 HannahMilesPhotography_1118 HannahMilesPhotography_1119 HannahMilesPhotography_1120 HannahMilesPhotography_1121 HannahMilesPhotography_1122 HannahMilesPhotography_1123 HannahMilesPhotography_1124 HannahMilesPhotography_1125 HannahMilesPhotography_1126 HannahMilesPhotography_1127 HannahMilesPhotography_1128 HannahMilesPhotography_1129 HannahMilesPhotography_1130 HannahMilesPhotography_1131 HannahMilesPhotography_1132 HannahMilesPhotography_1133 HannahMilesPhotography_1134 HannahMilesPhotography_1135 HannahMilesPhotography_1136 HannahMilesPhotography_1137 HannahMilesPhotography_1138 HannahMilesPhotography_1139 HannahMilesPhotography_1140 HannahMilesPhotography_1141 HannahMilesPhotography_1142 HannahMilesPhotography_1143 HannahMilesPhotography_1144 HannahMilesPhotography_1145 HannahMilesPhotography_1146 HannahMilesPhotography_1147 HannahMilesPhotography_1148 HannahMilesPhotography_1149 HannahMilesPhotography_1150 HannahMilesPhotography_1151 HannahMilesPhotography_1152 HannahMilesPhotography_1153 HannahMilesPhotography_1154 HannahMilesPhotography_1155 HannahMilesPhotography_1156 HannahMilesPhotography_1157 HannahMilesPhotography_1158 HannahMilesPhotography_1159

Thank you Hannah for submitting this beautiful wedding! We are always happy to receive submissions from photographers as well as from couples, if you have a wedding you would like to see featured send it to charlie@cwtchthebride.com :)

Real Wedding: Amy & Neilson’s Country Wedding by Owen Howells

Neilson & Amy got married at their parish church in Pembrokeshire and held their country wedding reception at Amy’s home farm on the 2nd of August 2013, we asked Amy some questions about the big day. Owen Howells captured these stunning photographs.


How would you describe your wedding theme? Our wedding theme was country/rustic as the reception was held in the garden on our family dairy farm. The wedding ceremony was held in our local parish church in the village of Ambleston, we travelled the two miles back to the farm on the back of a trailer decorated with hay bales and bunting towed by our friend’s landrover. While we wanted quite a traditional wedding we didn’t want anything too formal and most of all we wanted our guests to have fun. We set up games on the lawn, had space hoppers and as Neilson is wicket keeper for his local cricket team Cresselly, we also played cricket which was good entertainment as well as producing some great photographs. Our sheepdog Max kept the children entertained by playing ball with them all day long. We had some photographs of just the two of us taken in a cornfield overlooking the farm which was fun and fitted in well with our theme. The marquee was decorated with trees, one of which was our ‘wishing tree’ guests hung their messages on it and we have now planted it in our garden at our cottage. We had pom poms suspended from the roof of the marquee, bales of hay and we had terracotta plant pots filled with country flowers and ears of corn. Our table names were terms used in cricket such as ‘Howzat’ and ‘Cow Corner.’ nacole-013 nacole-135 nacole-208

What was your favourite part of your wedding? We enjoyed every part of our wedding day, it’s difficult to pick out one particular moment, it was a beautiful sunny day and from getting ready in the morning to walking down the isle with my dad (a bit too eagerly towards Neilson!) and partying the night away in the evening with family and friends. It was just an amazing day! nacole-026 nacole-059 nacole-348

Tell us about your Wedding Dress I wanted to make the most of looking for my dream dress. I went to a number of bridal shops, a few in Cardiff one of which was quite a traumatic experience! I must have tried on at least twenty dresses which I only had on for a few seconds and then was whisked back into the changing room to try another. By the end of the visit everything was a blur and I could hardly remember one! I had decided to leave our local bridal boutique, White Bride in Narberth until last. My sister-in-law Victoria had bought her dress there the year before and recommended Sally. There was a wonderful selection of gorgeous dresses, the designers all had something different to offer. I did have an idea of what I thought my dream dress would be like but it was a good idea to try on all sorts of styles to be sure of choosing the perfect dress. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and although I loved many of the dresses, I knew as soon as I tried on ‘the one.’ My dress was called ‘Etta’ and designed by the wonderful Charlotte Balbier. A simple strapless fitted dress in a beautiful fabric with a slight sheen to it. It had covered buttons all the way down the back of the dress and along the short train. There was a pretty lace top with a ‘V’ back which I took off for the evening reception and added a Sassi Holford sash. It gave the dress a completely different look and was perfect for dancing! I also chose a delicate pretty headband which complemented the lace design on my dress and wonderfully comfortable ‘Rachel Simpson’ shoes. nacole-032 nacole-033

Who did you pick as your bridesmaids &/or best man and why? Picking our bridesmaids and best man was an easy decision for us. I had five bridesmaids, my sister-in-law, Victoria, our cousins Sara and Louisa and two best friends, Lauren and Becky. I couldn’t have imaged the day without them by my side….I didn’t want to make a decision that I would later regret so I made sure I had exactly who I wanted. They were amazing leading up to the big day and organised two fantastic hen dos!!
Neilson chose his brother Marc to be his best man. They have always been very close growing up, he organised the stag do to Edinburgh as well as making a great speech on the day. nacole-052 nacole-055nacole-298

Why did you choose your venue? I had always wanted to have my wedding reception at home on the farm, it was quite a lot of work for my family getting everything ready but they are a hard working practical lot and it was well worth it. It was so personal and special to us and Mum got some jobs done in the garden that she had wanted to do for years! We hired a marquee from my cousin George’s company called ‘Blue Sky’ who supplied a beautiful traditional pole marquee and gave us fantastic service; nothing was too much trouble or a problem. Keeping it in the family my cousin Lucy Harvey who is a trained florist with brilliant ideas decorated the marquee and made our gorgeous bouquets.  nacole-197 nacole-278

How did the proposal happen? We had known each other for about two and a half years, our first date was the first time we met (long story!) It was the day of my 24th Birthday and I certainly was not expecting a proposal as Neilson had said he would never propose on birthdays or Christmas as it was too obvious! He had told me that I had to be at his house at 11 am and I wasn’t to be late (which I usually was!) I then thought maybe he had arranged a spa day, which I love, or I had been hinting for a puppy for sometime, so I thought perhaps my persistence had paid off. When I arrived at his house he gave me a birthday card and a present. The card had a puppy on the front of it and when I opened my present, it was a dog lead and a bowl. I was so excited but checked that he had mentioned it to my parents as we were both living at home at the time and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t mind the new addition to the family! He replied “Don’t worry about it.” He then blindfolded me and said that we were going to go and choose a puppy, I was so excited that I didn’t think to ask why I had to wear a blindfold?!
It was only a short drive and when we arrived he led me by the hand with me still holding onto my lead! I heard a little child ask his mum “What are they doing Mummy?” I had no idea where I was, we must have looked a bit strange! Neilson then took me through what felt like a hedge and then said I could take my blind fold off. I took it off slowly and was greeted with a beautiful view of Carew Castle. I turned around thinking where’s the puppy? But instead found Neilson on one knee…I was so shocked, I can’t describe the feeling really, I was overjoyed when he asked me to marry him. I soon forgot the puppy!! He then poured us a glass of champagne each with strawberries….I couldn’t believe it, it was the best feeling ever! The ring he had proposed with was a ‘dummy’ as he had wanted us to choose the engagement ring together so we got back in the car and headed off to Cardiff. I then contacted my parents, who were at the local County Show, my dad knew about the proposal as Neilson had asked his permission the day before but he hadn’t told my Mum so she had a bit of a shock! We then had to tell Neilson’s parents quickly as we knew our news would quickly circulate in the show! That night I did not sleep a wink and kept looking at my engagement ring…what an amazing feeling! nacole-145 nacole-156 nacole-158

Any DIY stories/tutorials you’d like to share? We had wanted to make the most of the build up to the wedding and as I enjoy being creative thought it would be a good idea to make as much as possible ourselves which would also help with the overall cost. My Mum and I spent many hours looking through wedding magazines and gathering ideas from the internet. We made all our wedding stationery using ivory card, ribbon and lace, Neilson’s Mum Jan made jam and marmalade in small jars for the wedding favours, we covered the lids in chintzy fabrics tied with raffia and printed our own labels. We made pom poms to decorate the marquee buying coloured tissue paper in bulk from the internet and then we followed a tutorial video on how to make them. We also collected jam jars and decorated them with lace and ribbons; we put tea lights in them and hung them in the trees in the marquee and around the garden. We had a few Sunday afternoons when the bridesmaids would come to our house and put everything together. It made our day more personal was great fun, saved a considerable amount of money and it was very satisfying to see everything come together. nacole-168 nacole-173nacole-177

What was your first dance & why? Our first dance was “Marry you” by Bruno Mars which our band Swing Shift sang beautifully. They changed a few of the words to more appropriate lyrics e.g “…It’s a beautiful night, let’s look for something dumb to do” was altered to “….fun to do!”
We both like a bit of fun and are not that soppy so felt a more up beat song was most suited to us. The first dance can be quite awkward so we made sure we had a few spins and encouraged guests to join us on the dance floor half way through. nacole-337

In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently? I can honestly say that there is not one thing we would have changed…the day was truly amazing! We were very lucky that everything ran smoothly and there are no disaster stories to tell! nacole-293 nacole-328

Do you have any advice for future couples? Our advice would be to make sure you are organised! We had a year to plan our wedding and that was about right I think. A friend gave me a wedding planning book which gave a month by month list of things to do which I found useful, I listed contact numbers etc and wrote down never ending lists of ‘things to do.’ It is surprising how quickly the months pass by and you do not want to be rushing around feeling stressed at the last minute.
Make sure your wedding day is ‘YOUR’ day. Include things that are personal to both of you. Have fun and don’t worry…it will all be OK!!
I have to mention Owen Howells our photographer who was extremely calm on the day which is exactly what a bride needs, especially on the morning of the wedding. He took gorgeous pictures and was professional from start to finish. Our advice would be to definitely not skimp on photographs as our day has been captured so wonderfully. Consider where your photographs are going to be taken and if you can think of some action shots then even better (we had space hoppers, a swing at the bottom of the garden and played cricket.). Also if you can, hire a videographer. We used Ben Walton who produces excellent professional films. Good music for the evening party is important; we hired a swing band called ‘Swingshift’ from Swansea. In between their three playing slots we had downloaded our own ‘playlist’ which we played through their amplifying system saving the cost of hiring a separate disco and we were able to choose every track. The dance floor was full all night long! nacole-359

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you received? The one thing that everyone kept telling us was that the day will fly by and that was so true! We were advised to take a moment for ourselves away from everyone to really savour the experience as a couple. So on the day we made sure we did just that. We consciously took time out to register what was actually happening.

What was your favourite thing about planning a wedding? I really enjoyed thinking of ways to make our wedding unique. Mum and I went to one wedding fayre, which was enough, we spent our time gathering lots of information and it was great for ideas.
All our family and friends coming together to help with the build up was lovely.
The highlight though was choosing the dress! I loved going off for day trips with my mum, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and Nan and trying on all the different dresses…wonderful memories of a very special time. nacole-122 nacole-132 nacole-145 nacole-163 nacole-365

The Suppliers

Photographer: Owen Howells
Videographer: Ben Walton
Wedding Planner: Mum & me
Ceremony Venue: Ambleston Church
Reception Venue: Home
Bride’s Dress: White Bride
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson at White Bride
Bride’s Headpiece: White Bride
Groom’s Outfit: Dress for the Ocasions
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Rhapsody Bridal
Cake: Celia Evans Ace Cakes
Flowers: Lucy Harvey
Hair: Laroc
Make Up: Jennifer Mills
Band: Swing Shift
Stationery: home made
Caterers: Ian Eynon
Any Reception Decor/Props: homemade
Transport: landrover & trailer (friend’s)

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