Engagement Stories: Abby and Kyle’s Family Affair

Morning Cwtchers!

We have such a gorgeous engagement story for you today – AND, Abby is a new member of the Cwtch family!  Abby will be sharing her wedding planning stories with you all, so look out for her first instalment and of course, what her Cwtch Name will be!!
In the meantime, get that lovely warm and fuzzy feeling in your tummy with this….
Engagement Stories
Family Bride Engagement 4

Abby and Kyle’s Family Affair

Omg where do i actually begin… being with Kyle for 12 and half years, 2 beautiful children and a mortgage I pretty much felt i had it all, beginning to think marriage wasn’t on the cards as we were fine ‘how we were’
Wednesday 14th June, I come home after a very busy evening in work (looking a state! Lol) was greeted at the door by Kyle who said ‘come up stairs me and the kids are watching a film’
As i walked up the stairs i heard lots of giggling,and in my bedroom were the 2 children tucked up in bed with the quilt right up to their chins and kyle sat on the edge of the bed. ‘Come and sit down a sec’ he said. As i sat on the bed, both Max and Grace had big grins on their faces and my initial thought was that they were about to play a joke on me!
Kyle told me how much i meant to him, and how much he loves me. He was proud of all we had been though and couldnt wait for many more years to come.
With that he said ‘me and the kids have been talking and have something to ask you’
The kids bounced off the bed to stand right in front of me pointing to their tshirts they had on- as i was reading them, kyle is then down on 1 knee with the most perfect looking diamond ring in his had asking if i would marry him.
Family Bride Engagement 3
The kids were ecstatic shouting mummy will u marry daddy- as this is what it said on their tshirts!
Family Bride Engagement 2
After floods of tears, and grace (whos 2) thinking it was my birthday so singing happy birthday whilst im crying lol I SAID YES!!
How my heart didnt jump out of my chest in the next 20 minutes i dont know, shocked/excited/emotional/over the moon.. all in one go! Max (who’s 6) couldnt wait to ring everyone to tell them i would have the same name as him!
We had a mini break to Spain (just me and kyle) all booked already, so the next evening we were off celebrating our engagement!!
Family Bride Engagement 1

Nina & Alun’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth by Elaine Williams Photography

We love a good pre-wedding/engagement shoot on Cwtch The Bride. And today, we’re pleased to be sharing this super lovely one taken at Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth courtesy of Elaine Williams Photography.

Lets hand you other to the couple, Nina & Alun as they tell us a bit more about how they met  

“You two should get together”… we had heard this a hundred times!

How we met

Alun and I met 8 years ago in the bustling restaurant of Ikea. He was an ambitious young boy with dreadlocks and I was a very skint girl working two jobs. We got on straight away but a year and a half later I left Ikea. Alun and I didn’t really keep in touch when I left and to be honest I don’t think either of us gave each other a second thought.


2 years later and I was back at Ikea and who was still there… Alun! The dreadlocks had gone and he was now a senior co-worker. Our friendship hit it off again and we spent lots of time talking and realising we actually had a lot in common. Then came the summer party where Al and I first kissed, naturally we were the talk of the restaurant the next day but in my head that’s all it was, a drunken kiss. Fast forward to the Christmas party a year later and we were sat talking at a table where all our co-workers kept telling us we should “get together”. I remember Al looking at me and saying “why not?” I had my hesitations as we worked together but thought what have I got to lose?


We kept our relationship quiet for the first three months to see how it went but 3 years later and here we are!

The Proposal

In March 2015 Al and I took our first holiday on our own to Tenerife. Whilst we were there Al suggested we book a trip to Teide by night. They take you to the top of Teide Volcano at night and it is one of the only places in the world you can see all the star constellations. We stopped half way up to watch the sun set then carried on up the volcano. I remember stepping off the bus when we reached the top and looking up… it was absolutely breath taking, I had never seen so many stars. We spent an hour at the top with a guide pointing out all the constellations, it was pitch black and by the end I could not feel my toes from the cold. Afterwards they took us to a little Spanish restaurant for a meal. When we arrived back at the hotel I was still buzzing from the experience. I sat on the balcony trying to see if I could see any of the constellations and the next thing I know Al is on one knee in front of me. At first I thought he was joking and my response was “what are you doing you idiot” but I knew he was serious when he pulled out the most beautiful ring… of course I said YES! I couldn’t believe he had managed to keep it a secret and the ring had been in the safe the whole time… I had been in the safe a hundred times!

The Wedding

We are getting married in Greece in September 2016 and I am running round at the moment trying to organise everything. I didn’t realise how stressful planning a wedding can be, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

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