Cwtch of the Week: Aaron and Sarahs Moment by Anderson Photography

Welcome to another week Cwtchers

Well this Cwtch is just gloriously romanic isn’t it! That hold, the closed eyes, the field, the sun setting, the tear down her face….aaaahhhh dreamy.

Aaron and Sarah got married a few weeks ago, but this was taken on their engagement shoot, shot by the fabulous David at Anderson Photography.  Over to David to tell us a bit of how this image happened……


Aaron and Sarahs Moment

Anderson Cwtch Aasron and Sarah 5L8B7266

The one of of them both, Sarah had a tear running down her cheek as the wind was so intense.
The wind was so intense it brought tears to her eyes, so they pulled eachother in for the cwtch of all cwtches xxx

We have to agree David, its just stunningly breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing x

Cwtch of the Week: A Rainy Day Cwtch by Kate Richards

And another new week begins! Hello Cwtchers!

With the promise of April on the horizon, this is a wonderful cwtch of Victoria and Ryan, embracing the rainy weather, or rather, ignoring it and enjoying each other in a gorgeous cwtch.  The lovely Kate Richards shared this gorgeous shot with us just before they got married last weekend (3rd March 2017)……


Victoria and Ryan’s Rainy Cwtch

Kate Richards Cwtch 2

Victoria and Ryan, from Pontypool and getting married in Bryngarw House, Bridgend. We did this pre-wedding shoot at Dare Valley Country Park on a very rainy day, but they hardly noticed the weather!

We’re very excited to see some the wedding images that Kate will be sharing with us soon, so watch this space, and congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs, Victoria and Ryan xx

Cwtch of the Week – A Kissing Cwtch

Gosh is it Monday again already!?!?!
Well, let me brighten it up for you! Steve Wheller of Art by Design has captured this beautiful shot of Sabine and Craig on the Engagement Shoot at Roath Park in Cardiff.  Its all so ‘end of a movie kiss’, its just lovely! Over to Steve to tell us a bit about it…….

A Kissing Cwtch

Meet Sabine & Craig. They got married this July and wanted a pre wedding shoot at Roath park to calm the nerves. These shoots are great for couples who are a bit shy in front of the camera. We took a stroll around the park and it didn’t take long for Craig to feel relaxed in my company and in front of the camera thus capturing this beautiful moment between them both.
Thank you so much to you all for sharing! We find this more and more, an engagement shoot is a fantastic way to get used to being photographed. I mean, apart form a selfie, who on earth (unless you’re a celeb!) gets photographed all the time and is just so used to it, another day of it happening is nothing! I was so nervous, and my husband was ridiculous! He just went all rigid! But because we had an e-shoot, he warmed up and by the time of the wedding, felt so comfortable, it really shows in the wedding photographs!
We cannot recommend an engagement shoot enough!

Engagement Shoot: Lisa & Craig by Larissa Joice

Morning Cwtchers!

Following on from our gorgeously romantic Cwtch of the Week on Monday, we give you the entire engagement shoot of Lisa and Craig at Roath Park, taken by Larissa Joice of Larissa Joice Photography! Its it just loveliness! And don’t worry, I am on the case and it won’t be long until we can show you the couples big day as well! So stay posted to the final piece of this pairs story. 

Engagement Shoot Slim

Lisa and Craig had their engagement shoot at Roath Park and were then married at Bryngarw House on 16th July this summer. Lisa & Craig were a joy to photograph, two lovely people who trusted me to get the photographs they wanted.

Engagement Shoot: Lisa & Craig by Larissa Joice

craig_lisa_eshoot-1-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-2-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-3-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-4-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-5-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-6-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-7-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-8-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-9-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-10-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-11-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-12-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-13-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-14-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-15-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-16-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-17-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-18-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-19-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-20-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-21-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-22-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-23-of-24 craig_lisa_eshoot-24-of-24


I think you will agree, these are just lovely! Thank you so much to you all for sharing and we cannot wait to see Lisa and Craig on their big day! X

Cwtch of the Week: A Mountainous Cwtch

Good morning lovelies. Well have we got a treat of you this morning.  Christopher Ian has captured a gorgeous Cwtch of the Week during Rebecca and Dave’s Engagement Shoot, in the heart of the beautiful craggy and rugged Welsh countryside near Pen Y Pass.  It looks absolutely incredible in this one image, so imagine what the entire shoot looks like!? 

Well, you don’t have to imagine. Just take a look on 28th September for the rest of this gorgeous shoot. Over to the talented Christopher to tell a bit about this image…

COTW Banner

Cwtch of the Week: A Mountainous Cwtch

Engagement shoots are an excellent way to ‘break the ice’ or to get you used to being photographed. If you’re nervous about having your photos taken then this is a superb way of getting a feel for how it will happen and more importantly how I work with you. I am your photographer, yes, but I also want to be your friend. It is far better to produce amazing images if you feel at ease with my presence and how photography is approached in a natural, simple way. These guys really wanted to create images that were full of dramatic backdrops and really appreciated the fine art photography approach and we definitely managed it!



Its absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the entire shoot! Thank you so much to Christopher, Rebecca and Dave for sharing! x