Cwtch of the Week: A Steaming Hot Cwtch!

Good morning Cwtchers!

So this is a toe curler! Two sexy as hell people in a steaming hot cwtch! Happy Monday to you!!! Shot by the very lovely Les from Clixx Photography, this is a super romantic Cwtch of the Week! And we will have the pleasure of featuring the engagement shoot in its entirety very soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

Over to Les! Enjoy everyone!


A Steaming Hot Cwtch!

COTW Les Cixx Small

After a model call on my Facebook page, I was inundated with lots of couples wanting to take advantage of a super cool day out at Aberavon beach and getting romantic with a loved one and of course getting some kick ass images to remember forever. The brief to the couple was simple. “We are heading to the beach and I will need you to sit in the sea and just be your selves” . Emily and Luke did not let me down.

The reason I wanted a real couple is because I wanted to see how the couple interacted with each other and not for me to help pose or direct.

Thank you so much for sharing Les!

Cwtch Of The Week: Penarth Pier Cwtch by Maria Farrelly

Good morning!

We’re back once again with the renegade master, nope, no we’re not. Cwtch of the Week! Thats what we have here. And its a lovely one.  From our fabulous creator, Maria Farrelly, not only is this a delicious cwtch, but its at one of our favourite spots; Penarth Pier.  
Over to Maria to tell us all about it.



Its been a while but i’m back… sharing more of my work with all you lovely Cwtchers.

Cwtches can mean so many things to so many people. Here we have one that I adore. I photographed Cary & Ross’s wedding on Penarth Pier back in October. It was a beautiful intimate ceremony followed with fish n Chips and a visit to that fabulous traditional sweet shop.

Penarth Pier Cwtch by Maria Farrelly


I took this shot just after finishing some lovely images of them walking along the Pier.  Its was starting to get very cold and I suggested they grab a seat on the bench. Carys instantly began to cwtch into Ross and he naturally opened his arms to warm her up. They didn’t know I took this one. Expressions like this can’t be staged, they just happen. It’s his expression on his face I love the most. She’s so happy and he looks just so damn content. Perfect.

Cwtch of the Week: A Greenhouse Cwtch

 Oh its another Monday! but don’t worry.. we’re here with our Cwtch of the Week to put a smile on your face. And this weeks is another beauty! Shot by the talented Carly Turner. Jen and Mike shared this lovely moment during their engagement shoot in a breathtaking botanical garden. Over to Carly to tell us all about it…….

Greenhouse Cwtch Banner

 Cwtch of the Week: A Greenhouse Cwtch

Carly Turner COTW (Jen and Mike)

This is Jen & Mike. Shot at Singleton Park in Swansea, botanical gardens. I love this shot because I love this couple! They are so sweet, genuine and easy going. They are due to get married in December and I love talking the details over with them. They are just beautiful people, inside and out.

I also love that they chose this place as a location for their engagement shots. It was raining that day which was no problem as all this is indoors! And because it’s a giant greenhouse, the lighting is perfect! I should also mention, they love collecting cactus (cactai?) and even naming the ones they have … and there is an entire part of the greenhouse filled with them! xx

As a little bonus, we have the wonderful proposal story sent in by Jenny herself, over to you lovely girl……

Mike and I met around 7 years ago when I was working as a barmaid in a pub in Furnace, Llanelli. A year after we met he asked me over to see his Christmas Tree, I’m a big fan of Christmas Trees so I graciously accepted and after admiring his tree we went to a comedy show in the Uplands, Swansea.
Fast forward 3 and half years later and we’re on holiday in Krakow. It had been a lovely day of exploring the city and in the evening Mike took me to a wonderful little restaurant off the main square in the city centre where we ate 7 courses (though one course was a vodka course which was made up entirely of different vodka shots!)
After the meal we wondered through the city as it was getting dark and then finished off the evening with cocktails at the rooftop bar at the Sheraton. The view overlooking the city and Wawel Castle was incredible. As we were walking back to our apartment along the river, he stopped me just in front of the castle’s fire breathing dragon and that was where he asked me to marry him! I think I might have even said yes before he had finished asking the question! We celebrated afterwards at an absinthe bar.
I couldn’t wait to tell our friends and family when we got back home, but it turned out Mike had already told a lot of them that he was going to propose when we were in Krakow and had also showed a few of them the ring! It turns out that he had bought the ring about 6 months before our holiday and was keeping it in the spare wheel of the car as he thought that would be the only place I wouldn’t look (He was right!) He said he was too excited and had to show someone. But he did buy me a custom ring from Artemer Studio which he designed himself so I couldn’t complain too much. We’re getting married this year at Llwynhall, Llanelli on Saturday 3rd December, and I’m soooo excited!

What a stunning location Carly! This is so beautiful and happy.  And the proposal story!! We absolutely adore it. Well done Mike, excellent proposal skills mate!  Congratulations to you both.
We cannot wait to see the wedding photographs! x


Cwtch of the Week: A Newgale Cwtch

Happy Monday Cwtchers! To get rid of those Monday morning blues, we have this beautiful Cwtch of the Week.  Meet Jonathan and Abigail.  This dreamy cwtch was captured on the gorgeous beach at Newgale, West Wales, by the fabulous Angharad Thomas.  So, over to Angharad to tell us more about this loveliness….

Newgale Cwtch Banner

Cwtch of the Week: A Newgale Cwtch

9 small


I shot Jonathan and Abigail’s engagement shoot at Easter when they were down in Pembrokeshire for the week. We decided to shoot on Newgale beach as its their personal favourite and a beautiful beach. It was an overcast yet dry day so they got their coats and wellies on and we all went for a stroll! After deciding to have a paddle in the sea, the waves came in and carried their wellies off halfway down the beach which made for some amusing photographs.

They live in Southampton but are getting married on the 20th of August 2016 at the Emmanuel Christian Centre in Haverfordwest and having a gorgeous Tipi reception with Pims and cake at Southwood Farm, Wood Hill, Newgale. Abigail is originally from Haverfordwest. I love this image not only because they’re a fantastic couple but you can really feel the emotion and love in the image. I think black and white photos always tells a story.

Thank you so much for sharing Angharad.  And you’re so right. So much emotion showed in this image, Abigails contently in love soft smile, is like something out of a movie!  Just gorgeous! x

Cwtch of the Week: A Seaside Cwtch

Happy Monday you fabulous lot!

So we have a wonderful cwtch for you today, that is sure to warm your cockles.  Hannah Evans of Rocksalt Photography captured this beauty on Sully Island. Becky and Lyndsey took their dog Toby Han, to this beautiful part of the world for their engagement shoot.  Not only do you have this gorgeous cwtch of the pair, but we just had to include the gorgeously handsome boy that is Toby!

COTW Banner

Cwtch of the Week: Becky and Lyndsey’s Beach Cwtch

Rocksalt COTW - Becky and Lyndsey

Becky and Lyndsey Dog

If that doesn’t start your week off on a lovely note, I’m not sure what will! xx