Cwtch of the Week: Aaron and Sarahs Moment by Anderson Photography

Welcome to another week Cwtchers

Well this Cwtch is just gloriously romanic isn’t it! That hold, the closed eyes, the field, the sun setting, the tear down her face….aaaahhhh dreamy.

Aaron and Sarah got married a few weeks ago, but this was taken on their engagement shoot, shot by the fabulous David at Anderson Photography.  Over to David to tell us a bit of how this image happened……


Aaron and Sarahs Moment

Anderson Cwtch Aasron and Sarah 5L8B7266

The one of of them both, Sarah had a tear running down her cheek as the wind was so intense.
The wind was so intense it brought tears to her eyes, so they pulled eachother in for the cwtch of all cwtches xxx

We have to agree David, its just stunningly breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing x

Cwtch of the Week: A Forestry Cwtch by Kate Richards

Good morning one and all!

Nice weekend? I know, I know, its Monday again. But fear not, we are hear to do what we do best, and thats give you a little wry smile by showing you a lovely Cwtch of the Week.

Shot by the lovely Kate Richards, this is like the end of every 80’s romance movie we ever sat and wished we were part of! Its just gorgeous.
Over to Kate to tell us all bout this lovely moment of Alan and Beck…..

A Forestry Cwtch

This photo was captured during a pre-wedding photoshoot in the woodland at Dunraven Bay. The couple picked this location as it was a place they had both spent a lot of time at growing up, and held a lot of fond memories for them.
After various posed shots, I asked Alan to give Beck a kiss, he then decided to go one step further, grabbed her around the waist, picked her up and gave her a huge cwtch and a kiss! Who could miss a moment like that?! click.
I love this photo because although obviously photographed, it looks like the couple are in their own little woodland bubble, not a care in the world – just the two of them, truly happy.

Thank you so much for sharing Kate xx

Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch

The lovely Melanie from Enfys Photography sent us over this gorgeous cwtch.  Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch is exactly what it says on the tin.  A fresh spring day with rain in the air, the lovely Melanie captured this shot before everyone got drenched!  Its just so gorgeous, full of love.  Melanie had the pleasure of also shooting Catherine and Terry’s engagement shoot.  
Cwatch The Bride - Cwtch of the Week Submission - Enfys Photography - 3
Over to Melanie to tell us more about the wedding day cwtch…..
Springtime Rain COTW
This beautiful cwtch was taken shortly after Catherine and Terry were done practicing their first dance outside of their reception venue, Fairwater Rugby Club, on their wedding day 30th April 2016. We had already battled a little bit of springtime rain and we only had another ten minutes or so before the reception guests were due to arrive.
I love this photograph purely because it shows a good old fashioned cuddle and you can clearly see the love Terry has for his beautiful bride.

Cwtch of the Week: Springtime Rain Cwtch

Cwatch The Bride - Cwtch of the Week Submission - Enfys Photography - Resized - 2

This is just so lovey Melanie.  Those safe arms wrapped around his new wife- thank you for sharing – and congratulations Catherine and Terry! x



Cwtch of the Week: A Mother and Daughter

I have a tendency to stalk Welsh photographers a little bit, so when I came across this gorgeous shot by Gareth Scanlon, I had to have it on the blog.  Its so lovely, its not just the gorgeousness of the little girl, its the look on her Mummy’s face, just contented joy.  Its so gentle yet full of that secure, safe and fierce love that a Mummy can give. I completely adore this. Over to Gareth to tell us a little bit about it….. Enjoy! 

A Mother and Daughter Banner


Cwtch of the Week: A Mother and Daughter

The Wedding was on the 13th May this year at Swansea Registrar of Births & Marriages at the Civic Centre Swansea.  The couples, Tom and Natasha and their little girl, Galah-Rae, where an absolute dream to photograph. It was an absolutely beautiful day with beaming sunshine, so these photos were taken directly into the sun allowing the lovely warm tones to filter through the trees.  I’m absolutely thrilled the way it came out – just love the pastel tones!
Gareth Scanlon COTW 1
 Ahhhhhhhhhhh, just looking at this makes me feel peaceful.  Its just so pretty.
As a little added treat, Gareth wonderfully also sent the following image of Mother and daughter, which was just too lovely not to accompany this cwtch.
Gareth Scanlon-COTW-2
Just wonderful. Thank you for sharing Gareth.  x

Cwtch Of The Week: Snap Festival Wedding

This weeks Cwtch of the Week is a bit different. When choosing your wedding photographer, unless you have an unlimited budget, most of us take our time. We compare styles and get in quotes. Take a look at what experience they have shooting weddings etc… There is a lot to consider before making one of the biggest decisions for the wedding.

With a show of hands tell me how many of you would go into your wedding without even knowing who was going to be there to photograph it? This brave and amazing couple made that choice. They got married at Snap Photography Festival, that takes place in the breathtaking Fforest.

This is where it becomes a little bit more intriguing. Ro and Xeco are actually a photography couple, of Click and Pum and so surprised the many other photographers in attendance, who had no clue what so ever, that they were going to be attending an actual wedding during their time at the festival.

As a result, this lovely couple actually had 100 wedding photographers!

The following image that we are featuring however, comes from just the one photographer, Lukas Piatek, and we think you will agree, it is simply beautiful.

Enjoy! x

Snap Festival Cwtch of the Week

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

And even though this isn’t technically a Cwtch, we just had to include it.  The intimacy of the moment, the hand on her shoulder, her anticipation, the sinking sunlight – we cannot gush about this image enough.  Its just so beautiful.  Lets all be honest, we’re more than a little green with envy!


Image Credit: Lukas Piatek

We are always on the look out for beautiful cwtches. If you have one that you would like us to share then please email it to us at I hope that you have a lovely week and that the sun keeps shining. ~ Kate